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Eliminating the Competition

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; drug; capture; wrap; bandages; sheets; cocoon; gag; cupboard; revenge; stuck; nc; X

This story was inspired by a series of pictures that Bonida did for a Yahoo group a while back. I liked them so much that I wrote a story for them. Hope you all enjoy! 

It was a glorious day outside. Soft and fluffy clouds drifted through the sky up above. Birds chirped as they flew from tree to tree over a green field. 

Loren heard nor saw any of those things. She was walking through the aisles at her favorite bed and furnishings store, hunting for just the right bed sheets. 

Quiet music was piped through the stores loudspeaker system as Loren went down another aisle, her eyes expertly browsing over the numerous bed sheets of cotton and silk. The right one had to be here somewhere… 

“Loren!” A woman jogged up to her, looking far too excited. “I never thought I’d run into you here! What are you doing?” 

Loren fought the urge to groan at this woman’s appearance. For the two were enemies, fighting to get a new position at the local news company. The coveted position of newscaster was open, and the competition had been fierce. Now only Loren and her arch nemesis Jane were the only ones left. 

“I’m searching for bed sheets. Now if you don’t mind, I’m in a hurry and can’t afford to talk right now.” 

“Well, OK.” Jane joked. “Say, you ready for the interview tomorrow? I’m all set to go.” A devilish grin spread across her face. “How about you?” 

“I am perfectly ready to beat you.” Loren replied. “You have no chance against my supreme talents.” 

“Oh really? Then it’ll be a pleasure to put you in your place.” With that, Jane turned and walked away. “Oh, and by the way, what sheets are you looking for?” 

Loren glared at her. “I’m looking for cotton ones, with a minimum one hundred and eighty thread count. Why?” 

Jane only chuckled to herself. “See you tomorrow!” And with that, she walked away. 

Loren tried to think of anything that woman might do to sabotage her chances of nailing the interview tomorrow. There were many things, but she didn’t think that Jane would try anything illegal. She wasn’t that dumb. At least, she thought Jane wasn’t that dumb. 

Turning her attention back to the shelves, Loren gave a small squeal of delight as she spotted a particularly lovely set of white silk sheets. 

The next day dawned early, with dark storm clouds covering the sky. “Perfect.” Loren thought as she drove down to the station, munching on a waffle. “The perfect weather for me to practice on tonight, after I nail the job.” 

Turning off the freeway, she spotted the large business tower where the news station was based. The thirtieth floor was high up in the air, but the height didn’t worry Loren. It was the nervousness leading up to the interview. 

She finished munching on the waffle as she put on her overcoat, careful to not stain her long blue skirt with crumbs. Jogging across the parking lot, she reached the front door. The main lobby buzzed with activity, with no one looking to greet the new arrival as she quickly walked to an elevator. 

Pressing the “30” button, she took a deep breath as the elevator began its journey upwards. “OK Loren.” She said to herself. “Nothing to worry about. It’s just a little interview. Some questions, some talking, nothing to worry yourself sick over.” She glanced at her watch. She was going to arrive precisely on time. 

Once outside the interview room, she looked at her watch, waiting for the precise moment to go inside. 9:59:55. Only five more seconds. Had to time it perfectly. Fifty-six…fifty-seven…fifty-eight…fifty-nine…now! 

She calmly opened the door and stepped inside at precisely ten o’ clock in the morning. “Ah, Mrs. Daniel, welcome.” The chief interviewer said. “And right on time too. A very nice touch.” He smiled, and Loren smiled as well. A good start. The rain started coming down outside as the interview commenced. 

An hour later, Loren left the room. She glanced down the hallway in both directions. Nobody was around. With that out of the way, Loren let out a squeal of joy and leapt into the air. She had nailed the interview, and had now gotten the job. 

At that moment, Jane ran into the hallway, panting and soaking wet. She staggered to the door and looked at her own watch. 

“Afraid you’re too late.” Loren said smugly. “For I just got the job!” 

“No way!” Jane gasped. “You beat me?” 

“Oh yes I did!” Loren boasted. She was swelling and couldn’t resist boasting to the loser. “I arrived precisely on time and put on a fabulous show. But apparently, you didn’t care enough to show up.” 

Loren’s words really got Jane fuming. Anger flowed through her veins, and she wanted to drop her handbag and strangle the high and mighty Loren for embarrassing her. All she had to do was drop and squeeze… 

No. She couldn’t. She may have lost the battle, but she had not lost the war. Loren was walking into a trap, one that would ensure Jane’s victory. 

“Well then.” Jane said quietly. “I guess you beat me. Congratulations.” She turned and walked down the corridor towards the stairs. “I guess I’ll be seeing you this evening on the news. Looking forward to it.” A loud thunderclap shook the hallway as Jane left. 

Loren didn’t bother hanging around to celebrate further. She had to get ready for the broadcast at five. But first… a little food was in order. 

The door to the small cafeteria was open at the end of the hallway, across from a storage closet. A delicious smell of warm food drifted towards Loren as she walked towards the smell. Mmm… so good. 

Still euphoric from her triumphant interview, she didn’t hear Jane sneaking up behind her. As a result, Jane was able to grab Loren and stuff a rag across her face before Loren could realize what was going on and fight back. 

The chloroform took effect as Jane dragged her competitor into the storage closet. After the two vanished inside, Jane quickly dropped the unconscious Loren and glanced outside. Nobody was there. Nobody had seen them. She smiled to herself. Perfect. 

With a quick pull, she closed the door and locked it from the inside. The rain and thunder continued to pour down outside the building. 

Inside the spacious closet, Jane grinned mischievously as she took a box from a shelf. Cutting it open with her pocketknife, she found exactly what she was looking for. Several dozen rolls of linen bandages, kept here in case of a medical emergency. 

Taking one roll, she unwound it a little and pulled it, testing its stretching capability. It was tight and firm, thanks to the elastic woven into the fabric. It snapped perfectly back into place when she let it go. This was perfect, she thought. That little snob won’t be able to escape this! 

Going over to the unconscious weather woman, she began to strip off Loren’s business clothes. Tossing them to the side, she looked over the nude and unconscious woman. Instead of looking smug and full of herself, she looked quite peaceful and quiet, now that she was asleep. 

Shaking her head, Jane looked away. She couldn’t let this woman’s natural beauty distract her. She had to work quickly. She had no idea how long this would take, and she had no intentions of letting Loren get away halfway through. 

For the next hour, Jane performed the painstaking, but pleasurable task of winding the elastic bandages around Loren’s body, the process compressing her beautiful body into a tight and nice package under the tight grip of the elastic windings. 

After two layers, the tight wrappings had transformed the weather woman into what looked like an Egyptian mummy, wrapped up nice and tight in white bandages that compressed and contained whatever they embraced. 

Jane kept Loren’s head unwrapped. As she had never done this before, Jane didn’t want to suffocate Loren. She simply wanted to keep Loren captive and out of the way long enough so that she could complete her mission. Taking Lorens arms, Jane placed them across her bandaged chest in an “X” position. As she wrapped and locked them down in place, Jane thought to herself. “She does look rather good as a mummy.” She mused. “I wonder what she will think of herself when she sees the predicament she’s in.” 

Finishing off the roll of bandages, she tied them down tightly, her captive’s arms held firmly in place in an intricate web of wrappings. 

Loren chose that moment to move slightly, smiling from an unknown dream. Jane almost panicked upon seeing her prisoner stir. The chloroform wasn’t going to keep her under much longer. When she woke up, it would make her job much harder. Sweating, Jane realized she would have to move quickly. 

She grabbed another fresh roll of bandages and began another total body layer. She wanted everything to be nice and tight before Loren woke up. 

Ten minutes later, she had managed to wrap the next layer up to Loren’s cheek when the chloroform finally wore off. 

Loren’s head swam as she slowly woke up. “What happened?” She thought to herself. “Did I pass out?” She shook her head and tried to sit up. To her surprise, she couldn’t move her arms. “Wha?” She muttered, trying to figure out what was going on. 

“You’re awake, but it’s too late to escape.” Jane said, seeing her captive’s confusion. She grinned in delight as she decided it was time for payback. 

“You thought were so high and mighty.” Jane sneered. “Well, I said I’d put you in your place, and I’m doing that right now!” 

Loren was now fully awake. Glancing down at her body, she gasped when she saw it. Wrapped from cheek to toe, she was swathed in white bandages. Instinctively, she moved her legs. Or rather, tried to move her legs. For a first time wrapper, Jane had done her job well, wrapping the elastic bandages so tightly that movement was all but impossible. 

The surprise continued as Loren realized that her arms were pinned down under an inescapable web of inter-woven bandages. 

“What the hell are you doing?!” Loren shouted. 

“Ah ah ah!” Jane teased. “Prisoners are not to speak unless spoken too.” Taking a large wad of leftover bandages, she grabbed Lorens nose and held both of her nasal ducts closed. “Open wide!” Jane giggled as she stuffed the wrappings into Loren’s mouth. 

Loren gasped and tried to shout, trying to attract attention from wherever she was. But the bandages quickly filled her mouth and made all of her efforts to speak and protest futile. 

“You might as well have your vocal cords removed for all the good speaking will do you.” Jane giggled as she wrapped more bandages around Loren’s mouth, sealing the gag in. “Nobody will be able to hear you outside of this storage closet.” Her wrapped captive squirmed and struggled from under her body wrappings. Jane had to admit that despite her gag, Loren was putting up a good fuss. 

“But we’re only getting started!” She said as she stood up, stretching her muscles. Loren wiggled on the floor, trying to escape the bandages that held her tightly. 

Walking over to a rather large suitcase that had been placed in the room the night before, Jane snapped open the locks and opened the case. “Recognize these?” Janet asked innocently. 

Loren stopped struggling for a moment as she stared at what Jane was holding. A very large king sized bed sheet. 

“One hundred percent cotton.” Jane said. “With a thread count of one hundred and fifty, just as you like it.” She rubbed her hand over the soft fabric. “Oh so heavenly soft and luxurious. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being wrapped up in it.” 

“Is she mad?!” Loren gasped to herself. “I can’t get out of these wrappings, and she plans to wrap me in that?! She wants to turn me into a linen mummy! This can’t be happening!” 

“Well, I’m sure you’d like to be wrapped in your desires, so lets get it on!” Jane said, doing her best announcer impersonation. 

Rolling the bound woman out of the way, Jane placed the sheet down on the floor and arranged it flat. Measuring Loren’s length and width, she folded parts of the sheet until it was approximately the right shape and size. 

Jane picked up the wrapped woman and dragged her onto the sheet, placing her on it. “Now, let’s tuck you in!” Jane giggled as she began to roll Loren across the floor, rolling her up in the sheet as she went. 

After three rolls, the sheet was now wrapped tightly around Loren’s body, creating a smooth outer sheath that hid the rough wrappings beneath. 

Now encased in this tight cocoon of wrappings and a bed sheet, Loren realized with horror that it was impossible for her to escape this prison by herself. But…why was this happening? 

“We’re not done yet!” Jane boasted, picking out another bed sheet. “Ninety percent cotton, nine percent silk, and one percent spandex with a one hundred and seventy thread count! Don’t you just love it?” 

And so the process went on. Loren was wrapped in two more bed sheets as Jane continued her mad raving. With each sheet, Loren was compressed mercilessly, as her body cocoon became tighter and tighter. 

“I love bed sheets and all.” Loren thought to herself as she was wrapped in the fourth bed sheet. “But this is ridiculous. I never thought I’d be wrapped up completely in my desires.” 

Jane wiped some sweat off her brow as she finished wrapping the helpless woman in the last bed sheet. “Whew.” She panted. “One hundred percent silk with a two hundred and fifty thread count. Five star hotel quality. And you’ve got it all to yourself.” Gagged and mute, Loren could only stare angrily at her captor. 

“Only one more step to go.” Jane said. “One more trap.” She reached down on a shelf and pulled out the biggest roll of black vinyl tape the company had in the building. 

“Time to tie you up in black tape!” Moving slowly and surely to ensure that the tape was applied tightly and firmly, Jane wound the tape roll around Loren’s mammothly tight cocooned body. More and more tape was applied, with Loren’s frightened eyes watching the entire process. With each foot of tape applied, escape became more and more of a hopeless cause. 

Finally, after three hundred feet of black tape, Jane was finished with Loren’s mummification. 

“Well, since you’re all wrapped up, I guess it’s time I told you what’s going on.” She sat on the ground right next to her bound captive, who tried to squirm and succeeded only at confirming how tight her body cocoon was. 

“As you can probably tell, I’m ticked off that you got the job.” Jane said happily, as if the two were sharing coffee at a café for lunch. “And I remembered that the studio fires those who fail to show up. Such is the demand for perfection on the news that even high quality broadcasters are fired if they are late.” 

She leaned in close to her prisoner. “So I decided that in case I failed the interview, I’d have a back up plan. And since you like bed sheets, I thought I’d wrap you up to keep you from getting to your first session.” 

At that revelation, Loren let out the loudest scream of anger she could manage. It came out as a barely audible mmmpphh. 

“Speaking of which, your session starts in two hours. I’ll show up, you won’t, and they’ll hire me to take your place.” She stood up and straightened her work clothes. 

“You’ll stay here. But don’t worry, I’ve made it so you’ll be comfortable.” She reached into the suitcase and pulled out a large and fluffy pillow. Placing the pillow on the ground, she reached down and dragged the now helpless mummy over to it. Jane revealed her motherly side as she gently placed Loren’s head on the supportive pillow. 

“You can rest here until the show begins. I’ve put that T.V. there so you can watch the whole thing, and watch your career go bye bye.” 

Again, Loren tried to shout her rage at her captor. She tried to roll, thinking that perhaps she could at least knock Jane down. But the cocoon was so tight that even a roll was impossible. 

“Rest up, and I’ll be back to free you tomorrow.” Jane pulled out a small syringe. “And thanks to this potent drug I found at the pharmaceutical company I currently work at, you won’t remember any of this!” 

Moving a small portable T.V. onto a shelf in Loren’s field of vision, Jane turned it on and set it to the news channel, turning the volume to low. 

Jane crouched next to her captive and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Sleep well, once your career is gone.” With that, she walked to the door, unlocked it and stepped outside. The door was closed, and then locked again. 

It was quiet in the room. The only sounds that reached Lorens ears were the rain falling outside. The portable T.V. displayed the current news, the very program that was being broadcast right now in this building, all of its occupants unaware that there was a mummified woman in their midst. 

Loren struggled for a few more minutes, well aware that it was pointless, but wanting to do something to take her mind off loosing her career. 

Soon she stopped struggling, her strength giving out. She lay quietly on the floor, her head resting on the supportive pillow. Time began to drift quietly by. She could do nothing but lie there, wrapped up and helpless, with only her wrappings, the T.V., and her pillow to keep her company. 

Loren soon found herself drifting off to sleep, lulled by the gentle sound of falling rain, and the warmth that embraced her. 

That lull was broken when the news switched to the local weather. To Loren’s fury, Jane strolled onto the screen, looking smart in her business outfit. She was smiling ear to ear, happy for her new job, and happy that her rival was watching it. 

For the next three minutes, Loren could only watch in fury as her archrival claimed the job that should have been hers. Through her anger, Loren had to admit that Jane did a pretty good job. 

Mercifully, the report soon ended, and went back to local news. Loren could take no more. Angry, sad, and tired, she went to sleep, the TV continuing its silent vigil. 

Jane walked in late that night, and found her prisoner sleeping quietly on the ground. Jane found that all of her anger was gone. She felt… satisfied… content. Her plan had been pulled off without a hitch. “You won’t have to worry about anything anymore.” Jane said to the sleeping woman as she pulled out her syringe. “This is all just a bad dream.” 

She leaned down and quickly injected Loren in the neck with the cocktail of drugs that she had mixed. When the janitors came in the next morning, they would find her, but poor Loren wouldn’t remember a thing about the last week. That should stir things up a bit. 

Smiling, Jane turned off the TV and went into the hallway. She gave a last look at the sleeping, mummified form of Loren. She looked peaceful. “Sleep well.” Jane said, as she closed the door.

Hope you all enjoyed the story!  Please let me know what you think of it, as it’s my first story based off of some pictures.


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