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Emily’s Folly

by Tom

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© Copyright 2002 - Tom - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drug; kidnap; wrap; plastic; tape; gag; machine; susp; revenge; nc; XX

The Piccadilly Circus Underground was packed. People thronged through the small tunnels in droves pushing and pulling each other in the rush to get home for the day. Friday was reaching its end and the weekend was just around the corner as Emily squeezed onto the already tightly packed train. The mass of stuffed bodies created a stench of sweat and smoke that got into every one of her pores. She felt tired and so dirty that she felt nauseous. This was a typical Friday and she was aching to slip into a warm bubble bath with a novel and relax.

Emily worked for a large Distribution Company that supplied all the factories in the south with packing and wrapping materials and was a high profit business with many perks. She had been working her way up the career ladder until she was assistant manager and at 25 years of age she was earning a good amount of money. She lived on her own in a large flat situated near Camden Market, which is a huge open air market mainly for teenagers and young people. She loved her life but she hated the trip to and from Work.

As she pushed the stiff door of her flat open and slipped her heels off digging her toes into the thick shag carpet she noticed her answer phone was bleeping. Strolling over to the phone grabbing an apple from a bowl on a side table, she pressed the message button and wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. 
'Bleep'.. "Hi honey its Mum" 
"Great" thought Emily gloomily, I wonder what she wants now. 
"Just ringing to see how you are dear and I hope I'll hear from you at the weekend" said the message. "Bye".

The kettle had boiled and Emily poured the water in and left the tea to settle while she opened the fridge and got out the vegetables for her dinner.
'Bleep'... "Hi Emily it's John, could you give me a ring tomorrow morning at the office, I need to go through some figures with you. Bye".
"Bloody typical" she fumed "Now the manager wants me to tell him how to do his job". 

There were no more messages and after a nice dinner and a soothing bath she hit the sack, falling into a deep relaxing sleep.
Emily's alarm clock blared into life wrenching her from peaceful rest. Rolling over she looked at the time through blurry eyes. 10:30am. 
"Damn" I have to ring John thought Emily still shaking the sleep out of her head. Reaching over she grabbed the phone of the hook and speed dialled John's office.
Three rings and John picked up.

"Hello"? John's gruff voice came over the phone.
"It's Emily, you wanted to go over some figures" Emily replied.
"It might be better if you came in" suggested John
"But its Saturday John and I wanted a relaxing weekend" moaned Emily.
"Please because it is really important." John pleaded
"Ok I'll be over in and hour and a half" said Emily begrudgingly and hung up the phone.

John had been the manager of the company's factory for as long as Emily had been there. He was a light hearted bloke and treated his workers with respect and was considered one of the guys. Emily had been thinking about getting promoted to manager herself but this would mean that John would either have to be transferred or be made redundant. John knew nothing of her plans to usurp his position and she wanted to keep it that way so things didn't become too tense in the office.

Emily arrived an hour and 45 minutes later and walked up the grey concrete steps to the warehouse door. Pushing them open she wondered why the lights were off. Then she remembered that on Saturday the whole workforce was off. Flicking the shiny white light switch on, the whole warehouse was illuminated in a yellowy orange tinge. Off to one side stood a huge office complex where all the orders etc where dealt with. Emily made her way through the maze of corridors until she came to John's office. She entered and marvelled as she did every time how clean and tidy the office was. John was no where to be seen. A bright orange post-it note caught her eye attached to the door.

'I'm in the back storage room' was written in Johns scrawling hand writing. So Emily walked through the dim complex to the doors that lead into the storage area. As she strolled into the airy dark storeroom she felt a sharp pain in her arm and turning she made out a syringe that was pumping a yellowish liquid into her upper arm. The syringe was being held by a scuffed leather clad hand that quickly withdrew the needle. As Emily's vision blurred she caught a quick glance at her assailant. John stood grinning at his prize as she slumped to the floor. "So far so good" he though.

John dragged a brown pallet across from the corner of the room and set it next to Emily's unconscious form. The warehouse sported a pallet wrapping machine that wrapped the loaded pallets with a black extra sticky extra thick wrap to stop them collapsing. With this particular variety of machine it was possible to dangle an item such as some poles from a winch so the machine could wrap them when not on a pallet. 

John lifted Emily's body off the floor and laid her on the pallet, being careful not to hurt her in the process. He then used a pump truck to move the pallet from the store room into the main warehouse. The floor was smooth and shiny so that the pallet moved swiftly and easily. Bang, he let the pallet drop onto the floor. The drug would wear of in 15 minutes so he worked fast. Taking Emily's shoes and socks off he encircled her ankles with layers off bubble wrap and connected a winch cable to her feet. With the winch portable control he raised the winch until her head was 3 foot off of the floor. She dangled with her arms above her head swinging as the cable settled down. Her face was already beginning to turn a nice shade of red from the blood. 

As she swayed like a willow branch John took some strong black gaffer tape from out of a nearby tatty cardboard box and proceeded to tape her wrists together so that her hands were in a praying shape. He then continued to wrap the tape around her hands so she had no use of her fingers and couldn't move her wrists. The tearing noise as the tape unravelled sent wild shivers down his spine and he felt a familiar warm sensation between his legs as his penis began to stir. He was loving this.

Sitting down on a pile of old boxes John began to play with himself through his jeans rubbing and squeezing his dick almost to the point of climax. Just then a moan escaped Emily's lips as she began to stir. John walked over to her upside down hanging body and squatted down by her face, his nose only centimetres away from her forehead. Her blue green eyes slowly opened and closed again. She felt dizzy. She opened her eyes again and realised she was looking at John. Why was he upside-down, and why was she still feeling light headed? Then her head cleared and she realised it was her who was upside down.

"What the hell is going on John"? She spat at him.

"Well before I tell you that I have to make sure you can't talk back to me bitch" replied John with just a hint of maliciousness that did not go unnoticed by Emily. She couldn't even move her hands and the reason why became strikingly apparent as she looked down at her arms stretched below her. Then she screamed. 

"Shut it Emily, no one can hear you you stupid cow" John calmly replied after she had worn herself out. 

From her vantage point she saw John reach into a duffle bag he had with him and take out a pot. He came back over and scooped what looked like putty out of the container. Just as Emily was about to scream again he took her chin and held her mouth open while he pushed the putty like substance into it. As soon as it connected with the saliva it expanded rapidly filling her mouth with a doughy sponge like filling. 

"Close your mouth" shouted John whilst struggling to stop her writhing about and hitting him with her bound hands. He finally managed to get her mouth shut and grabbed the tape, winding it about her head until the bottom half of her face was covered in a strong tight seal. Emily's eyes were wide realising that she couldn't move her mouth and couldn't even utter a sound. She was still swinging from her attempts to stop John but now she was defeated. 

John was nursing a bleeding nose given to him while Emily was struggling. Angry at his own foolishness he went over to his back and got out another syringe, this one filled with a muscle relaxant. He injected Emily with the liquid and she almost instantly became floppy. John brought her dangling tied arms up against her body and secured them to her waist using more tape.

"This is all your own fault Emily, if you hadn't been trying to push me out of my job this would never have happened" John said. Emily's eyes went even wider with the realisation that he knew.

"I've been with this company for 20 years and I will not be pushed out by some tart in a skirt who thinks she's Gods gift to everything, DO YOU HEAR ME EMILY" John shouted at her. "Well now we'll see who is going get her just desserts." And with that he ran over and turned on the pallet wrapping machine. It whirled into life and hummed ready to do its thing. Emily had seen the machine in action hundreds of times and knew what it was capable of. This knowledge made her extremely uncomfortable. The machine would wrap a pallet tighter and tighter in the black wrap moving up and down. It would then wrap the top and the bottom completely covering the surface area.

John came over to Emily and with a Stanley knife cut of all of her clothes until she was completely naked and her skin had goose bumps from the brisk warehouse air.

Now John, controlling the winch, moved her up and into the machine. What was she going to do if it covered her nose? Surely she would suffocate. She was lowered down towards the floor and then jerked to a stop. John with a look of pure malevolence and pleasure flicked the red switch and the machine began to wrap. It started at the top with her feet and pulled them snug together as the wrap was wound round and round Emily's squirming legs. The wrap was overlapping every time creating an incredibly tight shrink wrapped package. Emily could feel her legs being constricted together as they were being forced into each other. The machine reached her thighs and bottom and squeezing her ass into a pert peach and continued its journey enslaving her tied hands and stomach. Emily was being mummified in the black shiny wrap and there was nothing she could do about it. John was stood there with his erection plainly showing through his trousers still glaring at the marvellous spectacle before him. 

The machine encircled Emily's chest and breasts with hundreds of metres of wrap and carried on towards her neck and face. She could not even wriggle through the numerous layers and she truly though she would die. The wrap connected with the neck and tightly bound it stiff but left her enough room so she could breathe. 

"That's not going to help once my nose is covered" thought Emily darkly. Then her vision and air supply were completely cut off and she was thrust into darkness. She could feel her head being securely bound. Then there was a pause while the machine made ready to wrap her vertically. Then it began again but this time it only took 20 seconds. She felt her body being lifted out of the machine and laid out on the floor. Almost at the point of blacking out from lack of oxygen and being hung upside down for so long she was almost exultant with joy when John carefully opened the wrap at her nose so she could breathe.

"How do you like that" laughed John while he stood over her like a hunter who has caught his prey.

"Now for the piece da resistance my dear" chuckled John at his own wicked thoughts.

 Taking out of his bag several more rolls of the black tape he proceeded to wrap the already black mummy from head to toe again so that there was no chance of the pallet wrap being broken. When he had finished he looked at his handy work and smiled.
"Thought you could take over my job well now you'll never get the chance too."

He took control of the winch and lifted the mummified body off the ground. He then secured a piece of rope that came down from the ceiling structure around her ankles and yet another piece around her chest and shoulders. Once secured in this fashion she was lying horizontally above the ground and John untied the winch cable. 

"Now you can really rise to the top of your profession" John guffawed and pushed a button on a remote control. Emily's mummified body was hoisted right up to the dark roof of the warehouse until John couldn't discern her form from the rafters and the shadow. He then secured the other ends of the ropes in discreet places so that no one would know where they were or what they were for.

With a last lingering look at the shadows far above him he turned of the lights and headed home. Emily never did get to ring her Mum that weekend, or ever again for that matter.



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