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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; kidnap; captive; strip; plastic; wrap; tape; cocoon; encase; latex; hood; bond; susp; toys; insert; cons/nc; X

Livi was having a great time on the dance floor of her local club in the heart of Luton. She called the large Bedfordshire town, home for over two years. She lived in student accommodation on Guildford street which was almost in the town centre. It would only been a short 5 minute walk back to her warm bed. She did the last couple of shots of the night and headed outside. It was a cold night and she was wearing very little clothing. She had gone out dressed like a right slut with a high heels, see through top, black bra and a leggings.

She was an stunning good looking girl and did not need the added make up and fuck me now clothes. Her long black hair and dark blue eyes worked like magic on people. Her lips had a lovely red shine and looked full and sexy. She had perfect white teeth and a great smile. It could brighten up anyone's day and if it don't, her ass or breasts would. She was tall with a sporty woman's body and hourglass figure. Her ass and breasts joined together with this epic body and made it look like god had done it himself.

As she walked back in the most swaying of straight lines and drunken happiness. A hooded man watched from the window of his nearby house. The street was completely empty at this ungodly hour and the image of this wasted girl struggling along could not be passed up. He had a dark fetish and this girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her heels echoed loudly in the dead of night as she walked past his house. The window he was once looking out of was empty as if he had vanished. She only took another two steps before a cloth covered in chloroform was forced into her face. She was quickly overpowered and dragged inside. She had stopped struggling the second she went through his wooden front door. She was out of it as he locked the door with heavy safeguards. He had taken her and not left any evidence on the street. All her clothes and items as well as the cloth, had been accounted for.

He had been planning and building his dream fetish dungeon for over 6 months. He had built soundproofing into the attic of his house. He had engineered a pulley system to get her up and into the attic. The dungeon was large and had a bondage equipment wardrobe and media communication studio. He had built everything in a triangle style design with the ladder in the left corner. The main room was in the centre and the other parts on the remain sides. The room had a high ceiling of around 7ft and from point to point it was 14ft. The area was big enough to work in and move about. Plus she would not need a lot of space. The main room was completely empty and painted jet black. The bondage wardrobe was filled with duck tape, plastic wrap, electrical tape, dildos, butts plugs and a cattle prod.

She was still in dreamland as he removed all her clothes and put them in large evidence clear bags. He then put the three bags in a large metal box in the centre of his living room. He struggled to get her unconscious torso up his staircase and onto the landing. He then lowered the pulley system and placed a leather harness around Livi's body. He linked the harness to a hook at the end of rope which went through the pulley. After hooking her up, he grabbed the other end of the rope and lifted her into the attic. It was hard work getting her lifeless body up there. He tied his end of the rope off and climbed the attic's ladder.

The ladder had been down the whole time and was now acting as a anchor for the pulley. She was hanging in mid air with her arms and legs pointing towards the ground. He soon got to the top of the attic ladder and because the rope was long enough he pulled her over solid ground. She was only a foot off the attic floor as he undid the harness and supported her as it come undone. The harness shoot away from her body and was now hanging over the attic door. She was resting in his arms as he placed her on the floor. He pulled the ladder back into attic and closed the door.

She was now hidden from the world and no one knew she was even missing. She had been put away just like her clothes had been. The attic dungeon was open plan and she was soon in the centre of it. Naked and alone, she was about to have a real nightmare.

He started wrapping her body in plastic wrap. Slowly moving the plastic around each of her legs. He continued up her body as he went past her shaved pussy and then her stomach. Soon her lovely breasts were under the plastic and he then worked it around and over her shoulders. He needed a new roll of plastic wrap to do her arms and head. He kept her face open, with the plastic covering her hair and neck. He then started wrapping her up again. This time he went from her feet to her stomach.

Before he went on, he placed a large dildo and a massive butt plug into her. He then covered her body in another layer. He also did some vertical lines from her shoulders which went under her pussy and ass and back over the opposite shoulder. He soon had her pussy and ass under layers of plastic. Which would stop the sex toys from falling out. He covered her body in a final layer of plastic from her neck too about half way down her open legs. The plastic over her legs was acting almost like a skirt. He cut right down the centre of it and folded it around her legs.

Only her face was not covered under the beautiful plastic, she was wearing. The layers of plastic made her hot and sweaty in just a couple of minutes. She was not restrained at this moment in time and if she woke up, she could escape.

He then got 20 rolls of black electrical tape and started wrapping it around her left feet. He slowly worked his way up her left leg as he covered it in the tape. The tape was pressing into her legs as he looped it tightly in place. Her left leg was soon completely black and he moved on to her right leg. That to was soon done and looked amazing. He then worked the tape around her body from her stomach to her neck. He enclosed her breasts under layers of tight tape. He did the same thing to her arms. He let the hands remain free of the moment. He then covered her pussy, ass and shoulders with the tape. Which was hard work as they all had curves and odd angles. After all 20 rolls of tape had been used, she was just a white head in a sea of black. Her body was being pressed and pressured from all sides.

It was time for the bondage mummification to begin. First he forced a large pair of his socks into her mouth. He picked up 10 rolls of duck tape and started covering her mouth with one of them. After wrapping it over her mouth 15 times it had hidden the bottom half of her face. He then covered her eyes with the thick black duck tape. He also used it to tie her hands into a ball to stop her using them. He then started wrapping her toes together. Then it was her ankles and then was followed by her knees. Soon half her body was under the thick tape and joined tightly together. He crossed her arms over her body. Just below her nice breasts and taped her arms together. He then continued wrapping her body as he reached her neck. Her arms had been pinned to her body. He then wrapped 99% of her head and face in tape. Leaving only the end of her nose free.

He then got out a nice toy for her to enjoy. It was a collar with a long fixed metal bar shooting out the front of it. The bar would ran down her whole body to her feet and toes. He had left a small gap for the pole to go under her crossed and bound arms. He pushed the pole through the small hole and locked the collar around her neck. The pole had one large metal cuff at the other end for her feet. Quickly the cuff was closed around them. The pole would stop her from folding up on herself.

It was just as he locked the padlocks on the collar and cuff, that she woke up. He could hear soft moans through the miles of tape. He picked up a full body latex cocoon. He undid the long back zip from the top of the added hood all the way to the feet. He toes and feet were placed inside the latex cocoon as he lined up the rubber with her taped body. He got the latex in just the right place and started closing the zip. It squeaked as he worked his way up her bound body. Sweat was dripping from his face by the time the zipper was completely closed. He used a padlock to kept it shut. The latex cocoon was built with a breath control hood and he was watching move up and down. The latex would vacuum itself over her duck taped face.

He went to get the pulley system and after unhooking it from the ropes. He carried it into the dungeon and locked it to the ceiling. He lowered the pulley system and connected a metal ring to it. He then locked the ankle cuff to the ring on the pulley system. He then lifted her into the sky. She was left hanging from her feet and was completely helpless. He wrapped tight leather straps around her body and legs.

She was quickly breathing through the small hole in the hood as he turned the vibrators on. She was kept in the attic to orgasm away for the next 12 hours.


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