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End of Days 11: The Field of Peace

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2012 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

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continues from part ten

Part 11: The Field of Peace

There was nothing but light, bright and powerful, surrounding Quinn until she couldn't see anything but the brilliant white around her. But it wasn't painful to look at; in fact, it had a warmth to it that was soothing, and Quinn wondered if this was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that she had heard so much about.

Then the light faded away. But as it went, something else came in its place: music. It wasn't a heavenly choir, nor were there words, but it was the most soothing, relaxing music Quinn had ever heard.

Then, in the blink of an eye, Quinn felt herself lying on something soft. Looking down, she was surprised to see that she was lying on what appeared to be a cloud. All around her were giant clouds, lit up in the colors of an unseen sunset.

Was this heaven? It certainly felt like it; the air was filled with the most soothing peace Quinn could imagine, and the more she bathed in it, the more her cares and worries slipped away, until she felt as if she could just lie here forever, and be completely content, and at peace with herself.

But then again, if this was heaven, where was her robes, wings, halo, and harp? She looked down at herself and found none of those things. She was naked, but she felt no shame at all. In fact, she was delighted to see that, although she was still in her fifties, there wasn't a wrinkle or piece of saggy skin to be found, nor were there any of the scrapes or bruises she had acquired recently. Even her breasts were firm and perfect, jiggling ever so slightly as she swayed back and forth, watching them go.

Looking over, she saw that she didn't have to be naked, for her rubber body glove, trench coat, gloves, and boots were lying beside her, clean and fresh, as if they were brand new. She pulled them on, and was delighted to find out that they were more comfortable then ever, tight, slick, and hugging her body all over, yet without any folds or creases, as if a tailor had re-made them to fit her perfectly.

There was no doubt in her mind now... this was indeed heaven. But as she looked around, there was no one else to be seen. Was she the only one here?

There were footsteps in the distance.

Looking ahead, Quinn watched as some of the clouds came together, forming a path as someone appeared, walking towards her. Exactly who it was, Quinn couldn't tell, but the figure had no wings or robes, nor did it glow with a divine presence. As it got closer, she was surprised to see that the figure wasn't even human at all.

The figure was a velociraptor, tall, its skin dark, but not overly so. It walked with a human gait, its long tail swishing as it came towards her, yet there was no indication that it was interested in eating her. In fact, it seemed to have a smile on its face, which seemed impossible. Dinosaurs, Quinn remembered, didn't have the ability to smile. Yet this one was.

The raptor walked up to Quinn, and looked down at her.

"Hello Quinn."

Quinn took a step back, caught off guard at the sight of a talking velociraptor. But the shock only lasted a moment, for the raptor crouched, so as to be at her level. There was a calm, reassuring smile upon its face, like the one a mother would give to a child. And its eyes... they were human eyes, full of life and personality, and not the dark, emotionless orbs of an animal.

"Who are you?" Quinn asked, wondering if she had somehow ended up in dinosaur heaven.

"I am the storyteller," the raptor said.

Surprised, Quinn said, "Then... you're God?"

The raptor shook his head. "Not in the manner that you're thinking."

"But... you're the storyteller Targonamey was talking about?"

The raptor nodded.

"Then... you created my world. And all the others, and... me."

The raptor nodded. "I did."

Standing face to face with her creator, Quinn felt as if she should fall to her knees and worship him, or something similar. Yet, he didn't seem at all interested in being worshiped. Instead, he seemed delighted to see her, for he had an aura that was calm, reassuring, and pleasant to feel.

"What happened?" Quinn asked, changing the subject. "To earth? To everything and everyone?"

"It ended," the raptor said simply.

Quinn looked around. "Is this heaven?"

"Not quite. It's the waiting room, so to speak. And you will be the last one ever to walk through it."

Quinn looked around, slightly confused, but still smiling. "Then why do I feel so good? This certainly feels like heaven."

"Indeed. After all you, and all the others went through, I thought it was only fair to make things feel good." The raptor stood, started to head back the way he came. "Come," he said. "Walk with me."

Quinn gladly did so. Though taller, and with longer legs, the raptor went at a slow pace, easily allowing Quinn to keep up with him as they walked through the clouds, which kept forming the path in front of them as they walked.

"You have many questions," the raptor said after a moment.

"The understatement of the year."

"What would you like to ask?"

Quinn thought, unsure. Here she was, face to face with a being who had the power of a god, to create life, and to reshape reality as he saw fit. What to ask him?

"So even though you're not God, you're the god of my universe, and all the others you created?"

"In those words, yes."

"Then... are we still in a story?"

"Oh yes."

Quinn frowned. "Then... if you're a storyteller, and you're with me in a story then... how does that even work?"

"Try not to think about it too much," the raptor said. "You'll get a headache."

Taking his advice, Quinn turned her thoughts elsewhere. "So you created everything?"

"In your universes, yes. Xesex, Driders, Targonamey, and all their worlds, I did create."

"And they're gone now?"

"The worlds are," the raptor said. "But its inhabitants are not."

Quinn looked around, but there was no one else in sight. She also sensed that they were the only ones inside this place.

"Was it you who stopped me?" Quinn asked. "On the pyramid?"

The raptor nodded.

"And the scroll... was that you as well?"

The raptor nodded again. "I slipped it to Xesex."

"So you were essentially in control of everything, then?"

"Mostly," the raptor said. "I guided it, but I allowed you and the others to make your own choices, and your own actions."

Though she didn't feel in the slightest bit angry, Quinn asked her next question without pondering how it would sound. "Well, next comes the big question... why'd you make such a horrible universe?"

The raptor looked down at her, but gave no answer. Rather, he seemed to be encouraging her to refine the question.

"Was Targonamey right when he said we were all your playthings? Toys to be used, then cast aside? That would explain why there was a lot of misery and suffering: people being buried alive for eternity, being mummified live, and all other sorts of things."

"He was partially right, in a sense," the raptor said quietly. "Your world was one which I wanted to explore sexual interests, so to speak."

Quinn looked up at him, puzzled. "So we're walking, breathing sex toys to you?"

The raptor looked down at her, but there was no anger in him. He even seemed... remorseful.

"Existence is far more complicated then you can imagine, Quinn," the raptor said. "There are countless other worlds and universes beyond this one, and countless others like myself. What we give thought to, and words to, we create. It takes on a life of its own, often with us only having the smallest amounts of guidance put into it. We tell stories, just as there are those who tell our stories as well."

Quinn's felt dizzy. "Then... I'm just a character in a book?"

"In a sense, we are all characters in a book," the raptor said calmly. "Even me. You happen to be one who meets her creator."

"That still doesn't excuse you for what you did to all the others. Just how many people were mummified for eternity, or became rubber slaves for the rest of their lives, just for your own pleasure?"

"No, it does not," the raptor said. "But you are not seeing the whole picture. You and all the others in your world; you brought enjoyment to so many. Even now, you still are."

"Wait, what?"

"Many have followed your adventures Quinn, as well as all my other creations. Even now, they're still following this, like the one reading this right now."

Quinn looked around, but there was no sign of anyone else. "What do you mean? I don't see anyone."

"No, you can't," the raptor said. "But they're watching. But it's nothing to be afraid of. Do you recall ever reading a book where you got so swept up into what was happening, that you kept turning the pages, wanting to find out what happened to the characters, hoping that they would make it, and have a happy ending?"

Quinn nodded.

"That has been happening with you, and all the others you have traveled with. Others enjoy watching you, and following you. They want to see what happens. They want to watch what comes. Even without knowing it, you, and so many others, brought much enjoyment to others."

Quinn didn't know what to make of such a revelation, whether to be surprised, amused, or to be creeped out. Or perhaps, a mixture of all three.

"But... we're still sex toys," she pointed out.

The raptor nodded. "I will be honest with you Quinn, in that you were. But Targonamey was incorrect when he said that I was throwing you all away."

"Then what was really happening?"

"I decided to end it all," the raptor said. "To end the suffering, the misery, and the unhappiness. For even after what so many went through, I will not allow my creations to suffer endlessly. For what I put you all through, I will give you all the ultimate reward."

Around them, the clouds began to darken, as the unseen sun set, and night began to fall. Ahead, the path stopped as they came to a massive cloud formation, with a giant door of black set within.

"And how are you going to do that?" Quinn asked, eying the doors.

The raptor went up to them, and took hold of the handles. He smiled.

"I will give you all the peace you deserve."

He pushed on the doors, which swung wide open. Quinn, feeling no fear at all, walked inside, curious to see what was beyond them.

What she saw took her breath away.

She was standing in a grassy field, one which stretched on as far as the eye could see. Above her was a moon-less sky, illuminated with millions upon millions of stars, all twinkling and sparkling in a tapestry of light. They shone down upon the field, and Quinn realized that the field was full of countless beds, and what looked like headstones.

"What is this place?" Quinn asked, scarcely able to believe what she was seeing.

"It is the field of peace," the raptor said. "The final resting place for all my creations, where they may rest from their worries and tribulations."

"Who are these people?" Quinn asked as the raptor led her into the field. They passed many beds, each holding a sleeping man or woman, or in some places, a species she didn't recognize.

"My creations," the raptor said. "Almost every being who has ever appeared in any of my tales is here, at peace."

"Almost?" Quinn asked, wondering if there were a few who had been sent somewhere else, that was the opposite of peaceful.

"Vikki and Gromet are not here," the raptor said, "for they are not my creations. I have no dominion over them, as they were storytellers, much like myself. They have left my realm."

Quinn stopped, surprised. "Wait, they... then how were they able to be with us?"

"It's... complicated," the raptor said. "To put it in terms that you can understand, they were guests, only here temporarily, as were others who were guests over the years. They too, have departed."

"So... I'll never see them again?" Quinn asked, now feeling a little sad.

"You may see them again, in your dreams. But every individual has their place, and yours is here Quinn, along with all your fellows."

The raptor continued to walk, and Quinn followed. Her sadness soon fell away, for the peace in the air kept washing over her, making it impossible to have any unhappy or negative feelings.

They walked through the beds and past the headstones, each of which were solid black, inscribed with a name, and surrounded by dozens of candles that gave off a warm glow. Quinn only recognized a few names: Xesex, Robert, Aalyia, all of whom were apparently buried in the ground.

"Why are some people buried, while others are in beds?" she asked.

"It depends on the individual," the raptor said. "Some gain the most peace from sleeping in a bed, while others find the same peace in their own grave."

They passed by another bed, this one extra large, for it held both Nia, and Jude the whale, who slept together. Quinn had never imagined seeing a whale be peaceful and content, but Jude had that expression, completely blissful.

Then there was another bed, large, and decorated in an ornate, Egyptian style. Targonamey lay in it, asleep like all the others, though there was no peace, or happiness in his expression. Instead, there was relief, of knowing that a long and painful existence was, at long last, over.

As they continued on, the beds, and headstones, began to thin out, becoming fewer and fewer, until there were almost none at all.

"Where are we going?" Quinn asked.

The raptor didn't answer, but gave Quinn a smile, that their trek was not aimless, nor without a destination.

The beds and headstones stopped entirely, and the two walked on, through the seemingly endless fields of grass. And as they walked, a sleepiness began to come upon Quinn. She yawned a few times, but otherwise kept walking.

Time seemed to have no meaning, as if it had stopped, so Quinn had no way of knowing how long they walked, or where they were going.

Then they reached it.

The two had come to the end of the field. It stopped on a slight ledge, and below was a long sea, stretching out to an endless horizon, going on forever and ever, without end, reflecting the stars that shone above.

"We have come to the end," the raptor said. "The very end of existence. I wanted you to see this Quinn... for all your bravery, and for being the very last of my creations, I wanted you to see the barrier between your world and mine."

Quinn walked to the edge of the field, so that she was perched above the water, looking far ahead.

"You mean... your world is out there?" she said.

The raptor nodded.

"Can... can I see it?"

The raptor shook his head. "This is one barrier that you cannot cross, even if I were to wish it. My world is similar to yours, yet vastly different. You cannot exist in it. But none of my creations has seen this sight, except you."

Quinn peered to the horizon, trying to will herself a glimpse of what lay beyond it, and for a moment, she was able to sense it... it did feel like the world she had lived in, yet, it felt so different, and alien. To enter it would be too much for her to take. Her creator was right... she would have to stay here, yet now she didn't mind. At least here, there was peace, more then she had ever had.

She yawned. The drowsiness she was feeling, was getting stronger.

The raptor came up beside her, put his hand on her shoulder. His touch was warm and comforting.

"So... this is the end," Quinn said.

The raptor nodded. "The long day is over, and night has fallen. All my creations are enjoying the rest they have earned. You too, have earned it, Quinn."

It was a long time before Quinn asked the question that had building in her mind since they first entered this place, and she saw all the others.

"What's going to happen to me?" she asked, yawning.

"That's for you to decide," the raptor said.

Quinn looked up, surprised. "You mean I actually get to choose?"

The raptor nodded. "All those who came before got to choose."

"And some chose to be buried?"

"It is not as awful as it sounds," her creator told her. "In fact, it is just the opposite."

Quinn tried to ponder how it was so, but it was getting difficult to think. The fatigue was getting stronger now, as if she had been awake for a lifetime, and it was now catching up to her.

"You may have a bed, if you wish," the raptor said. "Or, if you wish, I may choose for you."


"I know you inside and out," the raptor said. "I created you Quinn; I know what your interests are, as well as your deepest fantasies, the ones you would never tell anyone else."

Quinn blushed. In response, the raptor squeezed her shoulder a little more.

"It is nothing to be ashamed of," he told her, and she felt waves of peace going through her, as if her creator were putting her at ease. "If it is what you would like, I will do it for you."

Quinn considered the offer. It felt strange, almost too embarrassing to know that her creator knew her deepest, most forbidden fantasy, the one she had always wanted to do, but had never dared try. As he had said, she had never told another person about it, not even her clients. This was her chance to have it fulfilled, and at the end of all things, no less. The question was... would she do it?

The raptor patiently waited.

In the end, it was an easy decision. Quinn had come this far by taking chances, by taking risks, and heading on when it seemed almost foolish to do so. Now, with this chance to have a fantasy fulfilled, it would be silly to not take advantage of it.

She nodded.

The raptor walked in front of Quinn, and snapped his fingers. At his feet, a huge pile of white bandages appeared as Quinn took off her clothes, so that she stood naked. Yet, as before, she felt no shame at standing before her creator in the nude. She shivered, not in fear, but in excitement as the raptor took one of the rolls and looked at her, waiting for her to give permission for him to proceed.

Quinn nodded, eager for the process to begin. Now that it was actually upon her, she wanted more then anything for it to start.

With permission given, the raptor smiled, walked up to Quinn, knelt, and began to mummify her, wrapping the bandages around her legs, going nice and slow, letting Quinn feel the warmth as the bandages began to overlap and rise.

Quinn remained still, trusting that the raptor knew what he was doing, and also enjoying the process, even as her breasts were wrapped up, still bouncing within the bandages. He went over her upper body, covering her shoulders, neck, arms, and then wrapped her fingers individually, leaving only her head unwrapped, letting her long hair fall down.

With one layer done, the raptor took another roll and wrapped Quinn a second time, and she enjoyed every moment of it, relishing in the tightness of the bandages, which were the smoothest, tightest, most luxurious bandages Quinn had ever felt. Even as they tightly gripped her body, they were smooth and warm; but what was most amazing was the feeling that the bandages themselves were somehow alive, emanating peace and comfort, as if smiling at her, silently whispering to her that they would keep her warm, safe, and comfortable.

Quinn closed her eyes, relishing the feeling.

When the second layer of her wrappings was complete, the raptor did a third layer, wrapping her up even tighter, so that it became somewhat difficult to move. Yet, Quinn felt no fear at all as the raptor readied another roll of bandages, before gently taking Quinn's legs and putting them together. Then he took the bandages, and began to wrap her legs together, wrapping them into a solid unit.

Quinn looked down, and watched as her bandaged legs were wrapped together. Logically, she knew that she would never move them apart ever again, and as the wrapping continued, escape would be impossible... and that this mummification was truly permanent. And yet... she didn't mind at all, even as her mobility was taken away. She wasn't being wrapped by a madman, or someone about to torture her. This was mummification from a lover, from someone who only wanted her to be comfortable and safe, who wanted her to enjoy the experience.

Both Quinn and the raptor looked at each other, eye to eye, as Quinn's arms were gently crossed over her chest, and then wrapped in place, securing them snugly. Quinn said nothing, but allowed her creator to continue with her mummification, and he did so, gently wrapping layer after layer around her body, encasing her deeper and deeper, tighter and tighter, the bandages overlapping and compressing Quinn's body. And even as her ability to move was taken from her, Quinn still felt no fear. In fact, the more she was wrapped up, the more she wanted.

The more she wanted, the more she was given, and the raptor kept wrapping her, until, at last, her mummification was complete.

Standing, Quinn looked down at her mummified body, unable to move at all. Yet, she had never felt more comfortable, more secured, more at peace then she was now. The warmth and smoothness of her bandages was soothing, intoxicating, even. She had been wrapped by an expert, for there were no wrinkles in her wrappings, with everything was smooth and clean. She was now a beautiful, wonderful package.

As she looked down, she still sensed that her wrappings were sentient, and silently whispering to her, reassuring her that they would take care of her, and keep her safe, no matter what.

With the mummification complete, the raptor stepped side, and flicked his fingers ever so slightly. Before Quinn's eyes, the coffin of her dreams appeared, rising before her, with slick, black wood that had been polished to a mirror sheen. Inside, it was lined with rubber, thick and padded enough that it would embrace and hold her body, safely keeping it contained and preserved, while ensuring her own comfort.

The sight of such a beautiful coffin made Quinn shiver ever so slightly under her wrappings, and she felt an intense longing to get inside. And like her bandages, the coffin too, seemed to be calling out to her, whispering that it would hold her like a lover forever, keeping her safe and secure.

Everything... her wrappings, her coffin, and her creator... they all would keep her safe.

Quinn sniffed, and a tear slipped from her eye. A tear of happiness, of joy at knowing that everything was going to be all right.

The raptor went to Quinn, and gently took her by the shoulders, and laid her on the grass. He then lay upon her, gently placing his hands upon her wrapped arms, his muzzle gently stroking her nose, as he looked down on her with the greatest of affection and warmth, sending her nothing but comfort and peace.

Quinn looked up at her creator, safe in his arms, and felt the same feelings towards him as they looked into each other's eyes.

They remained where they were for the longest time, neither talking.

There was no need.

Slowly, the raptor stood, and then took Quinn in his arms, lifting her up. Cradling her, he carried her to the coffin, holding her close as he knelt, and lowered her inside. The rubber lining seemed to welcome her, reaching out and squeezing her mummified body as the raptor tucked her in, fluffing up the pillow that supported her head.

"Will I get to see it?" Quinn asked.

The raptor nodded. "Of course."

Quinn smiled. "Thank you."

The raptor leaned down, and stroked her bandaged body. Even through all the layers, Quinn felt his touch, and it was soothing, reassuring her that everything was going to be all right, that she had nothing at all to fear, and that everything was going to be okay.

Yet... there was one last question she had to ask.

"Is this really the end?" she asked. "I mean... is there ever a chance of you starting again, and us coming back?"

The raptor was silent for the longest time as he thought.

"I do not know," he said at last. "But if not, then let this be the end... with peace for all."

He smiled at her, then leaned over, and gave her a kiss on her forehead, stroking her once more.

"Rest now, Quinn," he said. "Sleep now, forever, and know nothing but peace, and good dreams. You, and all the others, may rest now."

Quinn reached up, and kissed him back.

Smiling, the raptor rose, and stepped aside, giving Quinn an uninterrupted view of the endless stars, twinkling above her, as if every one was smiling down on her, and wishing her goodnight.

Then the lid came, hovering over the coffin. And as it came down, Quinn looked up, and smiled, and was not afraid as darkness entered the coffin, and she was sealed inside. Darkness fell upon her, but it was a comforting darkness, as if it too, were a friend, staying with her, joining the coffin and the bandages in tucking her in.

But then the darkness was gone as something entered Quinn's vision. It was her coffin, but she was seeing it from the outside, watching as it was lifted up, and then placed into a thick sarcophagus, which held the coffin in a thick, snug fit as the heavy lid was placed on top, sealing it, and her, inside.

Then she watched, amazed, as the grassy field opened, and the sarcophagus was lowered into it, going down six feet, before the earth closed around it, as if embracing the sarcophagus, welcoming it into the warmth of the ground.

And then, with the earth closed, and no sign of the sarcophagus ever being there, a black headstone appeared, carved from the smoothest marble, so polished that the stars reflected off it. At its base, several candles appeared, and were lit, their warm light creating a little shrine for her, a living memorial.

Upon the headstone, words appeared. They read:

Rest in Peace

Her greatest fantasy had been fulfilled. And sealed within her warm grave, tucked within her coffin and the warm bandages, Quinn shook with happiness tears coming from her eyes. She was happy... so very, very happy.

As a great sleepiness overcame Quinn, she felt her eyes drooping, unable to fight it, and not wanting to, even knowing that this was a sleep she would probably never awaken from. But it wasn't a frightening thought at all. She could feel all the others around her, peaceful and content in their own dreams.

She too, would join them.

With a content sigh, Quinn closed her eyes, and drifted away into the warm darkness, letting the memory of every injury and misery fading away forever as she slipped away, forever safe and secure, and at peace.

And as she fell asleep... she smiled.


The raptor stood next to Quinn's grave, looking it over, sensing as she went to sleep deep below.

It was complete. The last being he had ever created, was now at rest, along with all the others. Safe, and sound, possibly forever. But if this was to be their final destiny... then at least it was a good one.

Smiling, the raptor turned, and walked to the edge of the field, and slowly rose into the sky, leaving one world for another, and leaving this one behind, where no one could enter to harm his creations. They would have this place to themselves for the rest of time, where they were safe.

He slipped into the sky, slowly disappearing, until he was lost from sight among the twinkling stars.


Once, a very, very long time ago, an entire cosmos was created. It was similar to our own, with worlds, continents, and inhabitants like ours.

Stories were told, lives were lived, and a whole tapestry of tales were created.

But just as every tale has a beginning, it also has an ending.

Nothing lasts forever, as all things eventually end.

But in this universe, all it's inhabitants, all the species, all the good, and all the evil, receive the one thing everyone dreams of.

A happy ending.




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