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End of Days 3: The Arrival

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2012 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; domme; wrap; bandages; casket; encase; majick; sarcophagus; rubber; cocoon; resin; vixen; storm; cons; X

continues from part two

Part 3: The Arrival

She had her, the woman, free only minutes prior, was now her prisoner.

It had been such an easy matter to capture the woman, and wrap her body in bandages, covering every inch of flesh and skin, but she hadn't stopped there. Great care had been taken to use bandages that were extra tight and stretchy, which compressed the woman's cute, curvy body. Now that her mummification was complete, Quinn could ensure that her prisoner had no chance of escape, no opportunity to wiggle free.

The casket would see to that.

Kneeling, Quinn took the mummy's squirming shoulders and began to drag her across the floor, heading towards the open casket. Candles were set about it, giving a soft glow to the darkened room. Buried under the wrappings, the woman couldn't see the beauty, or realize how elegant this entombment really was. All she knew was darkness, and the knowledge that the bandages wrapped around her body made escape impossible. But still she wiggled, refusing to go without a fight.

Reaching the casket, Quinn wrapped her arms around the mummy's tummy, squeezing hard as she lifted her off the ground. As if sensing the end, the mummy squirmed, legs trying to kick, offering one last feeble resistance. But her efforts were for naught, as the resistance did little good.

Amused at the effort, Quinn stood, letting her mummified captive squirm, enjoying the feel of the wrappings, and soft flesh beneath her arms. Then, deciding to end it, she gave the mummy a squeeze, putting her in a warm hug. Such a move seemed to calm the mummy slightly, as she went lip. Arms crossed and wrapped over her chest, she couldn't return the favor.

Relaxed as she was, the mummy was caught off guard when Quinn quickly lowered her into the casket. She began to struggle again, rolling and wiggling as Quinn took the straps and buckled them around the bandaged body, tightening them until the mummy couldn't move, held down tightly. All she could do now was wiggle helplessly, a faint mewing escaping her wrappings.

"Sleep well," Quinn said, grinning as she took the lid and brought it down. When it was closed, she put the latches in place, locking the lid down, and leaving the mummy to wiggle inside its resting place.

Stepping back, Quinn looked the casket over, making sure everything was in place, and that every lock, strap, and bolt was secure. Once it was, and everything was to her satisfaction, she rubbed her hands through her hair, and collapsed on the sofa, glad to be off her feet for a few minutes.

These play sessions were still as enjoyable as ever, but as Quinn had gotten older, she got tired more easily. But that wasn't a problem; a few minutes of rest, and she'd be ready to go once more.

Her rest was interrupted when the phone rang. Groaning, Quinn reached over and picked it up. "Black Delights," she said, putting on her best business voice. "How can I help you?

"Oh, hi, this is Mr. Kim."

Delighted, Quinn smiled. "Mr. Kim! Calling in to confirm your appointment, are you?"

Even over the phone, Quinn could easily visualize her next client grinning. "Oh yes."

"Let me double check the schedule," Pulling out a small, leather organizer, she flipped it open, flipped through the pages until she arrived at tomorrow's date. "Yep, here you are. Billy Kim, ten AM sharp."

"Excellent! Though, I did want to call to ask about something else."


"I... uh... I got something new I want to try out. One of my boyfriends gave me this neoprene sleepsack, and I was wondering if we could fit that in."

Quinn grinned. "Of course we can. If you have a fantasy, we can make it come true, though it will cost a little extra."

"Oh, that won't be an issue!"

'Thank goodness,' Quinn thought.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then!"

"I'm looking forward to it!"

Hanging up, Quinn tried to hold back the small squeal of joy that wanted to tear itself free. If the stars aligned, and fate smiled on her for once, then Mr. Kim's last minute addition might be the lucky sign she needed.

Getting up, Quinn quickly checked on her client inside the casket. Lifting up the lid wasn't an issue, as a tiny infared camera fed a signal to a portable television, allowing her to peer inside. Ms. Cunningham, her mummified client, was resting comfortably, her bandaged chest slowly moving up and down.

Satisfied that her charge was safe and comfortable, Quinn went to the computer and brought up the spreadsheet detailing all her monthly expenses. Typing in the amount from this session, she wasn't pleased with the result; though Ms. Cunningham paid handsomely, and gave generous tips, her session made only a small dent in the month's expenses, Quinn was still about two hundred dollars in the red.

'Close' she thought. 'But not quite enough'. She'd have to find a few ways to get enough money to cover the remaining balance, while she couldn't fit another client into her schedule, she could offer Mr. Kim a few extra perks. His session alone would cover a hundred and fifty dollars, with the sleepsack adding another ten, but if she threw in a massage or two, along with a dip in the Jacuzzi, then perhaps that would finally put her in the black.

But if he didn't take it, then she doubted that the bill collectors would be eager at another extension.

There was a loud thunder crack outside, the tenth one in the past hour. While the thunder, lightning, and torrential downfall had certainly made for great drama while playing out Ms. Cunningham's fantasy of being captured and mummified by an evil female priest (a role Quinn had played with all the relish she could muster), having those strikes come so frequently and so loudly was starting to get on Quinn's nerves.

Checking the camera once more, she saw that Ms. Cunningham was lying still, unaffected by the storm outside Quinn's small home. But just to play it safe, Quinn turned on a white noise generator, filling the interior of the casket with the sound. From Quinn's own experiences, the sound would help soothe her client and help her enjoy the experience more, especially the sensation of being safely sealed away from the turbulence and the storm outside.

With the role of evil priestess finished, Quinn stood and walked to the closet, where she took off the robes and put them away, getting back into her standard outfit: Black cat suit, black leather trench coat, and thick boots. In this guise, she would come to 'rescue' Ms. Cunningham in an hour or two, at which point her client, relieved at having been freed from an early grave, would give her rescuer all the passionate sex she could muster, followed by being whisked away to safety, and a night in a warm bed.

With everything under control for the moment, Quinn headed to the television and switched it on, wanting to see if there were any reports about the storm. Hopefully it was an intense, but brief one, and would pass within a few hours, or at the latest, with the first rays of the sun.

"" and scientists are still baffled at the onslaught of the storm, which, at this point, has started to spread across the planet, engulfing many countries in near hurricane force gales. There are currently no explanations for their cause, or why they are so intense."

The screen shifted to a map of the United States, showing little cartoon clouds hovering over most of the country, including her area. To make things even worse, Quinn's area was getting warnings about dangerous amounts of rainfall, rivers overflowing, and flooding in general throughout the rest of the week.

'Oh, damn.'

If the weather reports were true, and the rivers were going to overflow, then she was screwed. The roads would be impassable, and Mr. Kim wouldn't be able to make his appointment.

It was a simple, chilling formula. If Mr. Kim didn't make it, then that meant no money. And no money meant the bills wouldn't be paid on time, which, in turn, would put Quinn's entire livelihood in jeopardy.

"Damn," she cursed. Of all the days for the weather to turn temperamental, it had to be tomorrow.

Still at least Ms. Cunningham was here. If she was unable to leave due to the flooding, then perhaps Quinn could convince her to stay another day, perhaps have another session or two. Maybe, just maybe, Quinn could persuade her to enjoy the warm confines of the casket for another day. The woman was definitely a kinky one; the thought of spending an entire day mummified, with the occasional orgasm if she was good and submissive, could be enough to persuade her to stay.

Quinn hoped that was the case, she couldn't stand the thought of Cunningham leaving. Oh, she'd be happy with what she had gotten, and a happy customer was always a good thing, but her happiness wouldn't pay the bills unless she wanted to play some more.

With another crack, the rains came down even harder.

Going to the windows, Quinn peered outside. Through the split second flashes from the lightning, she could see that the rivers surrounding her house, and the lake in the distance were all starting to rise, washing over their banks. Quinn wasn't worried about the house being flooded, for she had made sure to build it high on the hills, making sure that it couldn't be washed away by the worst flooding possible. While everything else would be washed away, the house would stay warm and dry, a refuge amongst the storm.

Still this was a sure sign that the roads to and from her place were going to be impassable within an hour or so.

Grumpy, she turned away. There was nothing she could do, anyway, and all that was left was to wait, and see how things looked like in the morning.

She was starting back to the television monitor when there was a bright flash outside. For a moment, she thought it was another flash of lightning, but instantly realized that it wasn't possible, it was much too bright, and there had been other colors mixed in with white.

Then she heard, or rather, felt something fall outside the house.

What the heck?

Going to the window, she peered outside, fearing that a tree had fallen. But the thick foliage and sudden lack of lightning flashes made it impossible to see anything.

Glancing at the television monitor to make sure Cunningham was okay, Quinn grabbed a flashlight, an umbrella, and opened the door, heading outside.

Immediately, the umbrella almost buckled under the weight of the rainfall, and worse was the muddy ground, for Quinn's boots were not designed to be used in such terrain, the mud seeping into the various buckles and straps, causing Quinn to mutter a silent curse. Getting all the mud out from her clothes would be a pain in the ass.

Heading down the hill, she looked around, sensing that this was where the heavy object had landed. Shining her light upon the ground, she found a large streak of mud and uprooted grass that headed towards the river. Curiously, the streak was too wide to be from a tree; it seemed to be fitting more of a large shipping container.

Her curiosity piqued, Quinn kept going, reaching the river, where she found her answer.

There was a giant, rectangular object half buried in the water, resembling an Egyptian sarcophagus. What it was doing here was a mystery; what made it bizarre was that the sarcophagus was crafted out of solid gold, sparkling under the beam of Quinn's flashlight.

For a moment, Quinn stood where she was, forgetting the storm, her boots, and even Ms. Cunningham. She stared at the gold sarcophagus, unable to take her eyes off it, as if the object had a spell cast upon it, designed to enchant any and all who laid their eyes upon it.

Drawn towards the sarcophagus, Quinn walked to it, reaching out. Her gloved hand ran over the gold, which was slick and smooth, her fingers sliding effortless across it. To her surprise, the sarcophagus moved forward, almost gliding at her touch. It had the appearance of being monstrously heavy, yet it seemed to weigh nothing.

Now very curious, Quinn took hold of one of the corners of the sarcophagus, and pulled.

Responding to her touch, the giant gold monolith glided effortlessly out of the water.

Stunned, Quinn stared at the sarcophagus, just what was this thing? But then a new thought came to her, if this thing was solid gold, then that meant there was something very valuable inside and if there was something valuable inside, then that meant one thing:

Money. Lots and lots of money.


Quinn had feared that it would take a long time to get the sarcophagus up to the shed, but it was actually a simple matter. Magically light as it was, the massive container easily went with her as she pulled, and she got the sarcophagus to the shed. Once it was pulled in and set on the ground, she closed the doors to the shed, quickly heading back to the house to check on Ms. Cunningham. Seeing that she was fine, Quinn took the portable TV with her as she headed back to the shed, to make sure she could keep an eye on her client.

Normally, she would leave something like this until when she was alone, but this was different. Nothing had ever come along and slammed into her yard before, much less a golden sarcophagus. And seeing it only made Quinn curious to know what was inside.

With the portable television set up and ready to alert Quinn if something happened to Ms. Cunningham, hacksaws, crowbars, and hammers were procured, and Quinn went to work.

The first order of business was getting the lid off. It was locked tightly, latches and locks holding it in place, as well as some unknown apparatus gluing it shut from the inside. But considering how old this thing probably was, opening it wouldn't be a big deal.

Grabbing a crowbar, Quinn attacked the locks and latches, expecting them to fall off easily, but was surprised to find that time and age had not diminished their effectiveness. Still, Quinn's assaults finally broke them, at which point she went after the lid, yanking and pulling until a loud crack signaled the breaking of the internal seal. Renewing her efforts, Quinn kept prying away until the lid fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Eager to see the gold and jewels that would be inside the case, Quinn got on a stepladder and peered inside, only to have her hopes crushed. There were no treasures inside, no priceless diamonds or minerals, only a thick, cloudy substance. Having worked on medical casts with some of her clients before, she recognized it as cured resin.

Even more curious was something at the bottom of the resin; she couldn't make out what it was, but figured that there might be something inside that was worth money.

Grabbing an old jackhammer (a relic from her father's construction days that she had held on to), Quinn went to work, chipping away through the resin, slowly making her way down through the clear material, marveling at how much had been poured in, and at the same time, grinning. Whoever had poured this much resin in had obviously wanted to protect something very valuable. Something that, if sold at auction, could possibly pay not only all her bills for the month, but possibly for years to come.

Such a thought only made her dig harder. The four feet of resin fell under the jackhammer's influence, until she finally cleared enough of it away to reveal not a treasure chest, but a coffin built of solid gold.

What the heck? Just who was so important that they would be buried in a coffin built of man's most precious and beloved material? Not even the pharaohs and kings of every era and epoch had gotten such a gilded burial.

Her curiosity now piqued more then ever, Quinn grabbed the coffin by the head, and managed to maneuver it up so that she was able to carry it out of the sarcophagus and lay it on the ground. Like the sarcophagus, the coffin was closed via latches and locks. But like the sarcophagus before it, the locks could not withstand the repeated assault of the crowbar, and soon, Quinn was able to pull the lid off, and at long last, see who was inside.

It wasn't anything like what she had expected.

The interior of the coffin was lined not with gold, as she had expected, but with what looked like very thick rubber. It was surrounding and squeezing a humanoid form covered by a thick, neoprene sleep sack, several belts and buckles holding it tightly in place.

It was the ultimate fantasy position for a bondage and encasement fan, and a situation Quinn could only dream of doing to someone else, or to having it performed on her. But that was a fantasy; seeing it before her eyes, just didn't make any sense. And the lucky (or unlucky) occupant within the coffin didn't even appear to be human. The body shape was human, with all the curves to be found on feet, legs, shoulders, and arms, but the head outline resembled an animal, a fox, more then anything else.

For Quinn, this was just too much. She had wanted gold and money, not this unexpected occupant of a golden coffin in a golden sarcophagus, lashed down, sealed, and entombed. This was like something out of a science fiction tale, but this was reality, not a story.

For a long minute, Quinn stared at the form, wondering what to do. Obviously, she would call the authorities in the morning, possibly those from the closest museum, and ask them to come down and examine her find. When asked why she had opened it, she would simply tell the truth: That she was hoping for treasures to be found, to pay off her bills and ensure some financial comfort.

Curiosity overcoming her, Quinn moved and undid the straps holding the sleep sack in place, then, with great difficulty, pulled the body out from the rubber cradle. The body was stiff and rigid, and didn't feel soft underneath the neoprene. Suspecting that there was more to what she was seeing, Quinn set the body down on a table, took a knife, and cut the sack away.

As she had suspected, Quinn found a mummified body beneath the sack, rock hard and rigid, the bandages having been covered with resin. She could cut through them easily enough, but that would have to be done in the house, as she didn't have the necessary equipment stored inside.

I'm unwrapping an animal mummy who's been in there for who knows how long, Quinn mused to herself as she got a hand truck. How bizarre is that?

Taking the mummy, she managed to maneuver it onto the handtruck, where she strapped it in place with two belts, just to make sure it didn't fall off. Once it was on, Quinn grabbed the television set, then took off into the pouring rain, heading back to the house. And for once, the mummy was better protected then she was, the resin and bandages providing a waterproof shell for whoever was inside.

Casting people in resin, then putting them out in the rain, Quinn thought. I'll have to try that sometime.

Getting back inside, Quinn inspected Ms. Cunningham, who was still relaxed, completely oblivious to what was going on outside her sealed little world. That suited Quinn just fine, she wanted to focus completely on the mummy now riding upon the hand truck. Moving to the living room floor, she set the mummy down, then retrieved the medical saw used to cut away casts.

Bit by bit, the bandages came off, revealing the humanoid body within, but there was no flesh, only a tight rubber bodysuit. As the cast was cut away and tossed aside, Quinn couldn't believe how the rubber bodysuit was in such good condition, almost appearing to be freshly covered, and not at all soiled or soaked with sweat.

With the body free, only the head remained. And in a way, that was what Quinn was scared of the most: Uncovering the hood and seeing what was beneath it. Yet, when she undid the lacing and pulled it off, she found the head completely wrapped up in bandages, though thankfully, those were not soaked in resin, making it an easy task to remove them.

With the last bandages off, Quinn looked upon the face of an animal, what appeared to be an arctic fox, or more appropriately, vixen, due to the fact that the creature had rather large breasts underneath the suit. Her eyes were closed, and she gave the appearance of being in a deep sleep, possibly a coma.

For the body of a long deceased individual, Quinn was amazed at how well preserved it was, though to her disappointment, the individual was not wearing any ornamental necklaces or gems. She was dead, and that's all that-

The vixen's chest moved.

Quinn almost fell back at seeing the movement. For a moment she steadied herself, then watched again, wanting to make sure that her eyes hadn't betrayed her.

The vixen's chest slowly moved up and down, the unmistakable sign of breathing.

Holy shit.

Quinn leaned over the body. "Hello?" she asked, almost whispering.

There was no sign that the vixen had heard her, as she remained immobile, save for the movement of her chest going up and down.

Unsure of what to do next, Quinn sat where she was, momentarily forgetting about her muddy clothes, the mud splattered across the floor, and even Ms. Cunningham. Finding a gold sarcophagus randomly dropped into their backyard would make anyone uneasy, but to find an alien life form inside that was still alive was something else entirely.

Then there was the matter of what she would do once the vixen woke up, could she talk? If she spoke English, by some faint fluke, would she be open to questions about what she had been doing in that sarcophagus?

There was a bright flash outside, followed by a loud splash as something huge and heavy landed in the lake.

Oh great, Quinn thought. What now?!

Running to the door, Quinn ran outside, flashlight in hand, dreading what she was going to find now. Perhaps a UFO? Some inter-dimensional craft? Giant, transforming robots from a distant planet?

It was none of those things.

Even in the darkness, Quinn could see something huge moving through the lake near her home. Exactly what it was, she wasn't sure, cautiously getting closer, flashlight shining onto the water, until it revealed the largest killer whale Quinn had ever seen, easily over thirty feet long, bulging with muscle, it's skin wet and glistening in the rain. And though Quinn was not an expert on orca psychology, she could tell it was very confused, and very frightened. Even more baffling was that there was a woman in with the killer whale, dressed in a wetsuit, and clearly as scared as her large companion was.

Quinn stood on the edge of the lake, staring at the two, dumbfounded. When she had gone out this morning, her lake had most certainly not been home to a gigantic marine animal.

Another flash from high above her. Spinning, Quinn looked up, wondering if another whale was appearing. But this thing was far worse, there was something falling through the trees, before smashing into the ground. At first it was hard to see, but as she brought her light up, she saw with utter horror that it was a giant spider, with the upper torso of a human, legs spinning furiously, clawing at the air.

Quinn screeched, falling back.

Another flash. A silver casket dropped onto her garden, squashing all the corn and cabbages Quinn had spent several months growing. But it didn't end there, for the flashes were coming hard and fast, one after another. Individuals and "things" were falling all around the property, and Quinn could barely keep up with them all. All thoughts of money or bills or vixens faded from her mind, and she was convinced that at her mind was falling apart.

Or perhaps, more appropriately, her world was falling apart.

There was a flash nearby, and a man fell, landing in the river a short distance from her. Sputtering, he crawled out, looking around, horribly confused. Spotting Quinn, he ran up. "Excuse me, but where am I?!" he asked, shouting over the flashes and the thunder.

Quinn stared at him.

"Do you speak English?!" the man shouted.

"Who the hell are you?!" Quinn asked. "And what the hell is going on?!"

The man looked around, spotted the killer whale, the spider like creature, the casket, and all other beings who were appearing. "I don't know!"

Quinn shook her head. "I don't know either!"

Getting to its feet, the spider man thing turned and walked towards the two. Like the man, he too looked horribly confused. At the least, it didn't look like it wanted to eat them.

"Excuse me," he asked. "But would either of you please tell me what's happening? I don't know where I am."

Quinn stared at the thing then collapsed to the ground, her mind choosing to faint, rather then have to deal with more of this insanity.

The man and the spider man looked down at her, and then at each other.

"I think we frightened her," the spider man said.

The man nodded.

"Well, what shall we do?"

The man looked around. "Get her inside," he said. "And away from this insanity. Then we can try to figure out what's going on."

Reaching down, the two picked up Quinn by the head and feet, and then started towards the house, even as more flashes appeared, the bizarre storm continuing to unfold.


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