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Enforced Endurance 6: Bondage Doggy

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; rubber; boots; tape; bond; straps; diaper; chast; outdoor; transport; cartrunk; tease; denial; cons; X

continued from part 5

Part 6: Bondage Doggy

He laid there- stiffly, blindly, unmovingly, wondering how long, and how much longer?? Here he was again in strictly-enforced complete rigid immobility, wrapped and trapped on the padded mummification board at the hands of his determined, obsessed wife-mistress. Her sentence was overnight, and non-negotiable. This was the part that caused him concern, not the severe mummification, or “maximummification”, as she called it, as he enjoyed being totally immobilized and sensory-deprived—for “reasonable” periods, usually between 3 and 6 hours’ duration. He would let her know when he’d had enough. Not now! Not on this crazy 3-day weekend ultra-bondage marathon she’d decided upon.

He guessed that maybe 5 hours had passed since he was tightly wrapped, strapped and catheterized. He’d been there before, but not quite this severely, with his arms fiberglass tape-casted and the extra wrap and tape and belts. Movement was simply not an option, nor was release anytime soon. The excitement over this ultra-mummification was wearing off. Now, “hard time” was beginning, the extra endurance phase. He breathed deeply as the belts creaked on his wrapped body.

He had lightly dozed a few times, awakened by saliva sliding down his throat. Now, that wasn’t much of an issue, as it was drying up behind the huge ball-gag stretching his mouth and jaw. He felt the piss-tube anchored in his bladder as his cock hardened. The thought of it there excited him and was an interesting source of excitement and irritation. It was a trip losing urinary control, a strange feeling. He thought about her removing it in the morning, how it would feel. Until then, he was her helplessly immobilized patient.

What a fix!! he thought. He felt some discomfort as he flexed some muscles for relief in his totally incapacitated state. He tiredly lingered for a long time as exhaustion overtook him. He imagined himself as a patient at a bondage-correction mental institution, put down in this extreme bondage for the night. Severe, regular bondage, mummification and sensory-deprivation was the protocol at this institution, with a minimum of drugs.

As he fell asleep, he envisioned all sorts of  serious long-term conditioning treatments being administered to himself and the other “patients”. They were body-casted, sealed in rubber inflatables and deflatables, mummified, suspended bound, submerged bound with breathing apparatus and on top of water, fixed stringently to chairs, poles, planks, beds, walls, attired in rubber, latex, leather, canvas, Spandex, neoprene, hooded, gagged—in “therapeutic” bondage for long sessions every day and night. During “mobile” periods, they usually wore armbinders, straitjackets, high- heeled boots and hobbles. Patients/ subjects generally responded favorably to the incredibly strict regimen, and tended to develop fetishistic attachment to the bondage and restraints. A popular exercise was treadmill time, being tethered in armbinders, boots, etc. Sexual deprivation was also part of the curriculum with enforced chastity.

He dreamt on for awhile before being awakened by a bit of saliva tickling his throat. He tried to move and was reminded of the total impossibility of doing so. His breathing and heart-rate increased. He’d lost all track of time. He thought about bondage institutionalization some more. He was in his own private bondage institution at home, undergoing intensive therapy from the head nurse, Mrs. Mistress. She knew what was best for him, he thought, so best to just accept her prescribed treatment and deal with it, whatever the duration!

He moaned softly so as not to wake her. She had told him to be a good, quiet Mummy-boy. He again felt the urge to piss, not knowing if he was urinating. That, like everything else, was beyond his control. His cathed-cock hardened. He wanted to get off! The psycho-sexual frustration was driving him nuts. He had to get a grip- if only he could! He’d grip it hard and jerk-off! His cock was now very hard around the tube. He tried to move his hips, he flexed his buttocks. He tried to move his wrapped-up, belted-down, casted arms and hands. Nothing doing. His cock and brain were throbbing. Aaargh!! He was frustrated, excited, thirsty, and totally fucked. How much longer??

Much longer! He went through up-and-down periods, semi-conscious and sleep periods, nervous and calming periods, meditating and consternating periods. He knew this night would be a supreme test. Relaxation and sleep was difficult, occasionally achieved by exhaustion. The hours dragged by as the sound machine droned on. He had weird dreams and dazed pseudo-conscious intervals in his prolonged bondage-overload state. He felt alternatingly hot, then not. He had to endure. It was simple, but not easy! He had to wait for her, and wait and wait.

She had surreptitiously checked on him a couple times overnight when she got up to pee, checking his breathing and urine bag. He never heard her with his plugged, wrapped ears and the loud sound machine. Now dawn was breaking and they both slept. After a while he woke with a start, momentarily disorientated. Still stuck! He had no idea the sun was up in his blinded state. He breathed deeply, quietly sighed and moaned, and his cock woke up too. He restrained himself from calling out. His ball-locked jaw was sore, among other things. Time must be about up! he thought.    

“Good morning, Mummy-man!” He was startled and elated.

“MMM-HMMMM!” he hollered.

“It’s time to get up! It’s about 7:30!”

“MMMMHH!” He had been in this incredible maximummification for about 12 hours! He was amazed. She set about the long process of releasing him. When she pulled the tape off his bare nipples, yeeowch!! When she gently pulled the tube from his urethra, oy vay!! She finally got his arm-casts off and he got his stiff, sore arms and hands working again.

“There, Mummy-hubby! I’ll wash your cock up a bit, and you can unwrap your head! I hope you liked that aromatherapy treatment I put in your nose last night to help you  relax and sleep!” So that’s what those darn nose inserts were about! He supposed it did do him some good. He tried to sit up, but needed her help. She pulled him up slowly. His back was sore!

He unwrapped his head and neck-brace and popped out the huge rubber ball that had been stretching his mouth and jaw for over 12 hours. His sore jaw hardly worked! Recovery from this will take awhile! he thought. He was sore all over and couldn’t get up for awhile. He was very thirsty. She brought him water and he gulped it down, drooling. He sat there for some time, drinking more water, then Gatorade. Aahhh! He slowly got up and ambled to the bathroom. What an ordeal! he thought. He didn’t want to think about what she might have planned for him next! He was wiped-out! He sat there on the toilet in a daze, trickling burning piss. She came in.

“Another new record, Mumman! What a night, huh?”

“It sure was, Mistress! Incredible!” He tried to get his jaw and lips working better.

“I’ll bet you didn’t think you could last all night all bound up like that!” He shook his head. “New limits! That’s what this weekend is all about! Now get cleaned up and get to bed. You could use a little sleep before phase 4! First, though, put your cock chastity thingy on and lock it! No masturbating for you!”

She handed him his new, short, clear acrylic plastic chastity cock-lock device. He sighed, taking it. “Yes, Mistress.” He fitted the tight base piece under his scrotum and slid  the small cock-encasement chastity assembly on over the guide-pins, locking it on. His penis was pointed down, the back of the small tubular piece snugged very tightly into his ball-sack. No access!

She grabbed the lock, making sure it was secure, then grabbed the hard acrylic cock-encasement, shaking it, arousing him. She smirked as she went down on him, taking the small shaft sheath into her mouth, licking and sucking on it! He moaned and got painfully hard as she continued her ministrations, looking up at him. She was driving him nuts, even sucking on his swollen nuts! Then she sucked vigorously up and down over his trapped throbbing cock, continuing to stare at him. He desperately needed release!

He could barely feel a thing under the tiny-vented rigid plastic crushingly containing his throbbing member as he vocalized more loudly in arousal, frustration and pain. It was fully-aroused, straining to burst out of its cruel crushing confines as she sucked and sucked, winking at him. He was painfully hard and ready, but release was impossible! She licked at the smushed tip through the piss-slot, driving him insane! His cock was in extreme lock-down and distress. Forced down like this, crushed into the small chastity device, there was no possibility of ejaculating! He leaked pre-cum; that’s all he was able to do, as she kept up her maddening phony fellatio assault. Talk about a cock tease-!! Jeez!! He thought his cock and swollen balls could burst! Finally, she stopped, as he moaned and groaned pathetically.

“OK, Dear, you can shower now!” She grinned at him and left. He throbbed painfully. My god, she’s unbelievable!! he thought. She’s driving me crazy!! She’d never been so sadistic and clever. She had blown his mind, it was really too bad he couldn’t blow his load! More pre-cum leaked out as he jumped into the shower and turned on the cold water.

He wondered what this devilish mistress would put him through next. His inaccessible cock slowly returned to normal as he finished showering. He shook the acrylic sheath as he dried, wondering how long she’d keep it locked on. It was really tight around his balls too. She’d given him the smallest curved fitting to lock on his scrotum and cock.

He came out to the master suite—Mistress suite, he thought—and flopped onto the bed. She brought up his liquid breakfast- orange juice, milk, coffee, apple sauce, soup, nutrition shake, yogurt and vitamins. “Eat up, drink up, Mumman-dear! Get some sleep! You need some good rest; I don’t imagine you got much overnight! Thanks for being good and letting me sleep! How’d you like your reward, that nice blow-job??”

He didn’t know what to say. “Uh, yeah, Mistress.”

She smiled and left. He shook his head, finished breakfast and curled up in bed, trying to ignore his tightly locked-up cock and balls. He soon fell asleep as she made ready the phase 4 ultra-bondage session. He’d be surprised alright, something he’d never suspect.

He slept until the urge to pee woke him. His cock was hard in its tight confines as he went to piss. He’d slept well for about an hour and felt remarkably good. He was anxious now to get this next phase started and find out what was in-store! His cock and balls swelled painfully in the device. Wife-mistress came up.

“Did you have a good nap? Feeling OK?”

“Yes, Mistress-dear.”

“I see your cock is all smushed-up in there again.” She bats at the small chastity piece filled with his crushed, pulsing cock. “How’d you like to keep that on?”

“No, thank-you please, Mistress.” he says plaintively.

“It would be a bit uncomfortable I suppose. But I like him all locked up!”

“Please, Mistress, it would be too painful.”

“Well, I could unlock it, but there’d be a price to pay! I’d keep you bound up longer, and you’d have to miss working tomorrow! It’s good you made such a big commission last week! What’s it worth to you, Mr. Mumman, to be bound up for another day, and miss a day of sales?”

He thought about the nice check he’d be getting this Friday, and how well things were set up for this shortened holiday week. He already had a few “in the bag.” He was an independent contractor and set his own hours and schedule. He looked at his painfully-swollen cock and balls.

“OK, Mistress. Would you please unlock me?” Incredibly, the thought of  extending this crazy ultra-bondage marathon another day excited him and his throbbing cock. ‘I’m such a total bondage freak!’ he thought.

She smirked. She knew he would opt out of the severe chastity device. That’s why she’d made him wear the smallest, tightest fittings. All was going according to Mistress’ plan.

“OK, Mr. Mumman! Now this will be even more of a bondage holiday for you! Aren’t you excited?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank-you.” He was excited, and nervous, wondering what this new devious Mistress-wife would be putting him through today, tonight and tomorrow. A 4-day marathon! His mind reeled.

She unlocked his constrained cock. He relievedly began to work the unit off. “Before I have you get dressed in your heavy wetsuit, which I’ve cleaned, pee as much as you can! It’ll be extra padded diaper time again! OK, get ready! You’re in for quite a surprise! It’ll be a real trip!”

She was a real trip! “OK Mistress-dear.” He went and urinated some more and donned the padded, disposable diaper, stuffing in plenty of feminine extra-absorbency pads. He bid farewell to his penis again, put on nylon knee-highs and the heavy, tight wetsuit/ sweatsuit as she watched. Here we go again! he thought.

“Alright, Mumman, put on your nice 6” heeled boots. Since you were ball-gagged with that huge ball all night, I’m sure your mouth and jaw could use a break!” Yes, he still had soreness. “Get your full diver-suit hood and tuck it into your neoprene suit. Put in your earplugs. Then put that foam-rubber pad in your mouth, and wrap up your mouth and jaw with that special cushiony water-proof tape. Then strap on your big leather neck-collar-brace. Then that bondage belt!”

“Yes, Mistress.” The stretchy waterproof tape was great because it didn’t pull hairs out, and he could safely tape it right over his eyes too! Removal was painless. He tottered to the bathroom in the very steep, tightly laced patent leather stiletto knee-boots. He thoroughly taped his mouth, jaw and head over the full diver’s hood. With the tongue-depressing mouth pad stuck in and his lower face sealed, he tightly strapped on the very tall, padded leather neck collar. He then cinched up the ringed bondage belt and mince-stepped back into the master suite. Mistress had packed a big zippered vinyl bag.

“Come downstairs, Mumman.” He thought they were going down to the basement for maybe a pole-tie wrap. Standing bound in these boots would kill his feet! He very carefully, slowly made his way downstairs to the kitchen, then down the back steps to the landing of the basement stairs. He had to be very careful as he could not look down or really move his head at all. These were true 6” heels and the front of his feet and toes and calves were already getting sore. He had had some practice walking in them in the house, and of course being in bondage in them.

He turned to go down the basement stairs but she stopped him, opening the back door. She pulled on his arm to go outside! He resisted, confused and taken aback. “We’re going outside, Mumman! Come on! To the back garage door!” He reluctantly, worriedly stepped out onto the 3-step porch with her. Their backyard was relatively secluded, but there was a chance the neighbors could see him briefly if they were out, before they made it to the side of the garage!

His heart pounded as he took quick, mincing steps through the grass. He stumbled a bit as she led him toward the side-back garage entry door. It was about 30’ to the door. He breathed hard as they reached it, praying no-one saw him! He couldn’t believe this! Now what??

They made it in ostensibly without being seen. He needed to sit. She opened the back hatch of their S.U.V. she had backed in and he sat, out of breath from the crazy little mad dash. He looked at her exasperatedly. “Like I said Mumman, this will be a real trip!! A bondage trip for you! But with you blinded, you’ll have no idea where we’re going!”

“MMmmmh!” He was indeed shocked and surprised.

“You see I have all these pillows and cushions back here for you to lie on and be safe! After you lay down, I’ll pull the cover over you so no-one can see you! There’s plenty of air circulation but you may be a bit hot. At least it won’t hit 90 today! It’ll be around 80 degrees and no rain! You’ll be fine! After you’re all taped up, that is!

“Here’s your head tape to finish over your eyes and nose around your head. Then I’ll put on your gloves, stockings and tube socks and tape your arms together in front all the way up with the black tape, then your legs! Then your arms to your thighs and body! You’ll be nice and comfy for the trip on those cushions and pillows, once you’re bungee-corded down!”

“Mmm-hmmm” he moaned. He was her bondage play-toy. It was whatever She decided and for how long! He just wished she’d get around to playing with his cock! As in having sex in or out of bondage. He was getting an erection in his tight extra-padded diaper as he applied the waterproof tape over his eyes and nose and around his hooded head. No speak, no see, no hear (much). He was in semi-shock at this crazy turn of events. He was sweaty and hot.

She did his arms up together in front solidly with the wide black electrical tape, from wrists to upper-biceps and back down, over his sheathed hands and fingertips. They were crushed together with hardly any movement possible. She taped his upper and lower legs together completely down to his ankles. He leaned forward to place his unified forearms and hands on his tightly-taped thighs. She solidly wound the tape around his arms and thighs from elbows to wrists. His elbows were now stuck tightly at his groin. She then tape-wrapped his upper arms and torso completely. His hands stuck out at his knees in a rigid taped prayer position.

He scooched back on his butt into the S.U.V., his heart-rate increasing. She helped him to half-stand and plopped him down on the cushions surrounded by pillows. She had to maneuver him properly onto his left side in the middle. She placed a pillow  under his rigidly braced and taped head. She bent his legs and stretched a bungee cord around his taped ankles, hooking the ends onto the rings  at the back of his belt. Then she hooked another cord under his high heels, pulling them back severely, hooking it onto the belt also. Hogtied good. He could barely move, but this wasn’t good enough! She hooked and stretched more bungee cords across him, anchoring them wherever they could go.

When she was finished, he was stuck fast under a web of stretched cords, surrounded by pillows. “There, Mumman! Try to move!” He strained and nothing much happened. He was quite immobilized. He breathed hard and sweated. Another great fix! He was very impressed and excited. His smushed-up cock was rigid. She pulled the vinyl pull-cover back and hooked it into the notches. Nobody could see him there.

“All set for your trip, Mumman! Won’t this be fun??”


“I’ll be right back!” She slammed the back hatch shut and went to lock up the house. Then he heard the garage door go up. She started the vehicle. His heart raced and his breaths came hard through his nostrils. She pulled out and shut the garage door.

“Here we go, Mumman-dear!” she hollered as she turned up the radio, turned on the A/C and pulled out. He did his best to put thoughts of an accident out of his mind! He was crazy-excited and incredulous that he was going down the road in full bondage. He decided to just enjoy the ride and the mummification-immobilization. He heard nothing but his breathing, the loud music and the engine-exhaust sounds.

Off he went to who-knows-where! She purposely took many turns to disorientate him before leaving town. He gave up trying to figure out which way they were going or on what road. He was totally lost and loving it! After about an hour she turned, pulled over and shut off the car.

“How ya doin’ back there?”


“Good! The car is nice and cool! I’ll vent the windows a little while I go do some shopping! Be a good, quiet Mummy-man!” As he vocalized in surprise, she shut and locked the vehicle. She tapped on the roof as she left.

‘Oh my god!!’ he thought. ‘How long will she be leaving me?? She’s just incredible!! Now I know how a dog feels left in a car!!’ He panted nasally and focused on being quiet, lest anyone hear him in the parking lot. He tried to shift but was held fast and tight. What a game this was!! She was full of unpredictability and surprises! After awhile he calmed a bit and wondered if he could sleep like this. Not likely, as he occasionally heard car doors slamming and voices around him. He had no idea what store, plaza or mall he was at. What a trip! And it was only just begun!

He tried to grind his cock with his locked, taped elbows. A little stimulation, but under all the padding and being so immobilized, no release was possible. The sexual tension was driving him nuts again! Ay, Carumba! More time passed as car doors and voices intermittently sounded through his muffled hearing. He got sweaty again and felt more warmth and stuffiness pervade the vehicle. Bondage-doggie was feeling anxious and nervous, yearning for Mistress-master’s return!

What a head-trip! What was she doing?? He tried to unsuccessfully shift and move. Had an hour passed? At least the windows were vented. It was getting hot, though. He felt hungry. He peed in spurts. He wanted to get rolling and get cooled down!

Finally he heard the beep-click of the remote unlocking system and she got in, to his loud, relieved, happy vocalization. “You OK, Mummy-man? Alright! I went and had lunch and shopped around for a bit!” She started the car. “I’ll turn up the A/C! It’s rather hot! I had a real yummy lunch! Are you hungry? Too bad for you! Let’s go!” What a teaser-tormenter!, he thinks.

She backed out and took off out of the parking lot, blasting the radio for his benefit. She went out on some twisting, hilly, bumpy roads at a good speed, rattling him. He felt the sway but stayed stuck real good. She had strapped him down very thoroughly indeed! After some time she pulled over, got out and opened the hatch-back, startling him. “I thought you could use some fresh country air, Mumman!” He moaned and wriggled in agreement. “You comfy enough? OK! You have a very long ride left yet!”

She pulled the cover over and shut the hatch. Off they went again on the ride of his life. Back onto a smooth, straighter road, then some highway. He could barely wiggle. Man, was everything tight!, he thought. Had the tape shrunken in the heat back there?? She turned the music down.

“Having fun back there??”


“I’ll take that as a yes! I’m going for a holiday visit to the beach!”

What beach?, he wondered nervously.

“I’ll park in a shady spot, so it won’t be as hot as that parking lot! I bought a book to read in my chair in the sand near the nice, cool water while I sip on a drink! Too bad you’ll be stuck back there all hot and bound up like that! I’ll be thinking of you when I take a dip!” She turned the radio back up. He moaned and groaned. The miles passed. Finally, she pulled off and made her way toward the beach a few miles further.

“Here’s a nice shady spot, Mumman! I’ll vent the windows for you!” She took out her folding beach chair. “Good doggie! See you later!” Slam! Click! She just called me a doggie!! he thinks. His pulse and respiration quickened.

He had to be quiet, with the windows vented, in case anyone was around. He tried to rub his pissy, padded cock with his elbows. No satisfaction. Too tightly taped. Here we go again! he thinks. He hears occasional muffled voices and cars. He swelters in the heavy wetsuit and crushing layers of tape. ‘What a bondage predicament! She’s unbelievable!! This could go on longer than her lunch-shopping excursion!’ He breathes heavily and tries to move again. ‘I am so fucked! Again!’

He laid there in his sweaty mobile prison, working on calming himself down. Something slammed into the side of his vehicle, scaring the crap out of him! Then someone was right at the side of his vehicle, hollering! He heard a scraping noise on the pavement, surmising a Frisbee had hit the car. His heart went into over-drive as the guy tried to open the hatch-back!! He pulled on it, to no avail! Thank goodness she had locked it!! ‘Holy shit!! Get out of here, asshole!!’ It became quiet again. He couldn’t imagine being discovered! It would be mortifying! Would they end up in the news?? “Bizarre news today! A crazy, kinky  couple went  to the beach in (wherever-the-fuck this beach was!!). A passerby found the man gagged and all taped-up and strapped-down in the back of his S.U.V. while his wife was enjoying herself on the beach! They were playing some sort of bondage game! What a way to spend the holiday! Ha!” Yeah, very funny!

Now he had to calm down again in his state of shock. It took a while. When would she return?? He was trapped here like a piece of luggage! Again, he felt like a dog left abandoned in a car, in a tizzy over when she’d come back! The time dragged on and on. It got warmer and stuffier but he felt remarkably OK and not too uncomfortable. He tested the constricting tape and bungee cords again, to find no purchase whatever. He pissed some more and sweated and waited. He’d love to be out in the water! He eventually relaxed sufficiently in his cozy confines to doze briefly between noises.

The intervals of quiet became longer. He lingered on, in and out of consciousness in his little dark immobilized world. He wondered if hours had passed. More time crawled by. He got increasingly anxious and uncomfortable. ‘Come on, my mistress! Let’s go!!’

At last, the car beeped and clicked at her return. She opened the back to his great vocal relief. He could have wagged his tail and jumped on her! “Did you miss me, Doggie?” He obligingly makes a barking noise. She laughs. “I’m glad you’re doing OK, funny-boy! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! What a perfect day! Nice and sunny and warm! A great book to read, a nice drink, and the water was perfect! Too bad you missed it all! Ready to go? OK!” She shut the hatch and pulled out, turning up the A/C and music. He felt rejuvenated and his cock got quite hard. Home at last, he hoped!

She drove a little ways and pulled off the road and got out. Now what?? Just to fuck with  him, which she’d become quite good at lately, she walked away into the convenience shop to buy a couple things before pumping gas. She took her time, making a women’s room stop. He was going batty, wondering what the fuck she was pulling now! He stewed for about 10 minutes until he heard the gas cap being removed and the nozzle being  inserted right next to him. He sighed in relief.

She filled up and hit the highway, blasting the stereo. He was in his own lost little world. ‘What a day!! What will tonight bring??’ She was going to a lot of trouble for him this long weekend, and being very creative! She just wanted to put him through as much bondage and torment as possible! What a lesson! Yet he knew that his masochistic self was on balance enjoying this mummy-marathon, as his erect cock again attested to. He thinks what a hard-core freak he is, still enjoying this ultra-bondage trip!

It was a long ride. She hits an exit that he feels is familiar. A few more turns, then a stop, then backing up. The garage door! She backs in and shuts the door. She pops the back hatch as he greets her, awaiting release at last. He is a tired, sore puppy! She unhooks the taut bungee cords all over his body and helps him to sit up on the back, his stiletto heels on the concrete. Just to sit is a relief! The tape is so tight everywhere! He is so thirsty!

“How’d you like your bondage trip, Mumman?”


“Good! We must do it again sometime! It’s getting to be dinner time! I’ll be right back!”  

He sat there exhaustedly in his tape-enforced, locked sitting position, hoping she wasn’t teasing him again. She was back in a few minutes to release him with the scissors and help cut and unwrap his head. He very slowly got up, glad to be able to see and move his mouth and jaw and everything again. He wobbled and took tiny steps out of the garage with her holding his arm for support as they made their way across the yard and into the house. He pecked his way into the dining room. His feet were sore! He saw it was after 6:00.

She served him soup  and cottage cheese and multiple liquids. He eagerly drank and ate and drank. “When you’re done”, she commanded, “go lay on the guest-room bed for a little nap. Leave your suit and boots on!” He did as told, but really wanted those tight, steep boots off ! He hobbled to the bedroom, falling on the bed. He quickly fell asleep. He slept deeply with occasional crazy bondage dreams, one involving strict braced bondage in public, immovably lashed to a wheelchair, another being mummified  in a long, sealed cargo container fixed on the roof of the S.U.V., speeding down the highway.

He woke briefly to roll over and wonder what her phase 5 session would consist of. He thought of outdoor scenarios as he fell back asleep. She let him sleep a while longer, as he needed it. His most stringent bondage test lie ahead, and there would be no sleep! Finally she woke him and had him use the downstairs bathroom to clean up.  Relief for the feet! But none for the cock!, she re-iterated.  He got showered and felt rejuvenated.                  
Back into bondage again! he thought. What will it be?? He was excited and nervous. He guessed there would be another session tomorrow, with his extra day off. He wondered what her schedule was.

He came out and she sent him upstairs. He saw his leather armbinder laid out, the ballet/ toe-boots, stockings, his long leather steel-boned over-bust corset, the full leather hood with snap-on leather ball-gag and blindfold, the leather high-neck collar adorned with steel rings, his full-enclosure Spandex zentai suit, the long belts, clear plastic wrap, ropes and tape. The padded stool was out. He was very nervous now. ‘Oh man, this will be really tough!!’ Now he would be laced and strapped into the dreaded armbinder that killed his arms and shoulders within a half-hour! How tight will she lace it??

“Alright, Mumman! You’re due for some good arms-behind-the-back bondage and tight corseting! We’ll see how long you can last, or, I should say, how long I can make you last!” He shuddered. “Limber up, stretch your arms and shoulders, and put a diaper on with pads! Then put in new earplugs and shove that leather ball-gag pad in your mouth before you get into the zentai suit! I’ll lace up that corset on you real tight! Then your sexy ballet boots! Then your hood and neck-brace! Then I’ll lace up and fasten that armbinder real good! You’ll be wrapped, taped, belted and roped on the stool!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She saw how nervous and intimidated he was. This was going to be a real hell of a test! So strict and stringent! He sighed nervously as he went to get “dressed”.




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