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Enforced in the Dessert

by Bondage Freak

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© Copyright 2010 - Bondage Freak - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m+; aliens; captives; wrap; rubber; shave; prepare; bodymod; toys; entomb; cons/reluct; X

A group of human sexy young men were captured and mummified by two weird tall aliens deep in the desert on some unknown distant planet. (Their fate is unknown for now.)

This pyramid looks superior for looooong space travels. Its so massive (just look at those little windows) for storing a lot of things.

Our abducted and secured space travelers saw this massive space ship with fear as they were carried by those monstrous and muscular, but yet sexy and gentle giants. What awaits them inside? What do they want to do with them? After one minute they were blindfolded again.

At the entrence of the ship they were welcomed by its captain Anubis.

"Welcome lads. Firstly you are doomed for sure. We are space abductors and pirates. Our ship is our planet, where only our rules apply. No one can find or destroy us, because this ship is undestructible and by far the most quickest in the whole of space. It is powered from the minds of our entombed captives. It is the same as matrix, but with us you are not put into some sort of virtual reality, you will see. You must enjoy all your tight and sexual delight. Some of you will be mummified maybe for ten years and then released for maybe a year or two for mine and my crews sexual relief. I see you are as buff as me or my dear brothers. Dont worry, here are sexy women also, but just as captives".

"Here come my brothers. They will watch over you and guard you. Dont try anything against them, because they are strong as ten men and are immortal and their flesh is hard as steel. Two meters tall male is high just to their shoulder. You will be just like puppets to them. When you are entombed they will care about your life and food support and your virtual and sex stimulation. When they free you after few years, you will have to serve them sexualy as slaves, pleasing them in all ways. All different forms of bondage will be applied on you every day. For the rest you will be mummified again maybe for 12 hours. You will of course wear no clothing again for ever except some fetish gear, sometimes If you will disobey, you will immediately entombed again with doubled duration. After one or two years you will return into your trezor tanks and the cycle will repeat eternally. They can serve you as some eye candy too. I see your bodies are well buffed, It is why we choose you. There is no better fate for you in the space than enjoyable rest on my ship."

"If we want you to stay eternally here with us with such perfect bodies, we will make you immortal too, except our power, so you could never accidentaly capture my ship and crew. Your bodies will be rid of all aging, bacteria and diseases, as the whole ship is rid of it."

"Enough explanation. My brothers start preparations on them without mercy!!!"

After hours of injections, shaving, gluing, wrapping, stuffing, operating the young men were changed into high tech cybernetical annonimous hard rubber mummies without mark of movement or sound. They were unable to protest because of the unhuman power of the jackals. The rubber tape dried, shrank, merged with the skin and hardened as steel, crushing every part of the body. On some places it formed rigid plates like corsets to stop neck and belly movings. Fingers were wrapped together and shrunk into useless balls killing all finger movings.

A Chip was inserted into their brain to control it. All things needed to make them immortal and rid of aging and diseases were done. The skin was rid of all hair and sweat glands, so they will never sweat and feel uncomfortable. Their cocks were enlarged and operated to stand erect forever.

Balls were also enlarged and the sperm production was rapidly increased to ensure eternal never ending orgasm without weakening. Their sperm will be contained and then transformed into feeding solution, virtually they will be able to taste it like everything. The cock and balls will be always vibrated, pumped and squeezed. Their whole sex tool and body was electrified and tickled on every inch of their skin.

Their butts were stuffed with 25cm long and 5cm in diameter dildo, ever vibrating, pumping and pushing. It was also connected with tube and pump to suck all wastes from them.

Their mouths were completely stuffed into every corner with hard self lubricating rubber to ensure their mouths will never dry. The tongue pressed down without movement. Jaws opened at maximum so no more opening or closing was possible. Skin around the lips was extended and the lip merged together around the feeding tube. All the meals and liquids could be tasted virtually because of the virtual taste latex sheet around the tongue.

Nostrils were also heavily plugged, so no sound could escape. Then connected with air-aphrodisiac tube. The brain was sealed in virtual reality helmet, which was able in cooperation with the chip able to drain energy from the brain to supply the ship. It can also control the whole activity in the brain.

For a week maybe the subjects are enduring their state, enjoying the mind blowing sexual stimulation, but then their are put into some virtual dream, where they are again and again kidnapped, many times raped (they actually like it) and then again heavily mummified to awake for a week again into this ten years lasting unescapable mindfucking perverted crushing tight heaven-hell.

Actually our Anubis brother saw in their minds, that they like it secretely in the corner of their souls. So he set the duration on classified setting 50 years of this predicament, so our boys could enjoy really severe lifetime entombment.

"I can't wait, how I will play with you after fifty years when you will be allowed to have a one year breakout." They heard in their earphones.

Anubis pushed the button and the final containing process started. The doors will slowly close and then it will be welded shut. The room will be filled completely with quickly drying unbreakable space hyperconcrete, which will enclose and contain them for fifty years.



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