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Engineering Mistake

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2009 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; machine; wrap; fibreglass; cocoon; encase; casket; stuck; reluct; X

John finally hit the enter key on his PC. That was the last line of code for the programming of his new machine. He created it for his partner David who was a huge fan of mummification. He decided to make Davids mummification easier and better, he'd use his skills as a selfmade engineer work for his benefit.

He'd studied on his own, taken some classes online, but never finished any formal training. His day job as a Property Inspector helped keep the two of them financially stable. David volunteered in most local theater productions, both onstage and behind the scenes. He did have a parttime job at a local store to help out.

John created a machine that would tightly wrap David up in thick shrinkwrap, blow hot air onto him, wrap him after that in fiberglass mesh tape that been pulled thru a small tank with the activating solution from ankles to the top of his head. There would be nose tubes and a breathing/drinking tube in his mouth to keep him hydrated for however long John decided to keep him in for. There was a metal casket along side that the mummy would be laid into and the tubes attached to the correct spots in the side of for the proper air/fluids intake.

Also on the the casket, was an electronic locking mechanism. It could be programmed in advance with a set time, or could be overridden with a code that John had set up in the intial programming.

All was done. It sat in the basement of their home and John waited for the perfect time to introduce David to the wonders of the machine.

* * * *

The time had come. David would be done for a week with the show he was helping with in a local community theater. And he had a few days off at the store. So, while David was at the theater, John went down to the basement and began to get the machine ready. He booted the control PC, made sure the activator tank was full, plenty of mesh tape and wrap, the gears on the robot arms were greased and clear of any obstructions.

He went upstairs and got changed into his “Master” gear. He undressed, put on his leather jock, harness and black boots. He pulled out their cock cuff and bondage mitts for David and went back down to the basement.

He set the things for David down on a shelf and went over to the robot arms again. Something looked wrong. Sure enough, one of the ribbon cables that plugs into one of them was somewhat loose. He went over and and began trying to get it connected properly, and with one last push, got it on straight. Unfortunately that last push made the cock cuff fall off the shelf and down on the keyboard activating the sequence to begin.

The arms reached out and grabbed John and another pulled out the shrink wrap. It started to quickly wrap him up despite his loud verbal protests! No matter how hard he struggled the surplus industrial arms held him tight. Another reached out and placed the tubes up his nose and placed the tube gag in his mouth, just in time for the wrap to encircle his head.

He was now reduced to a squirming mass of shrink wrap that now began to tighten around him as the heat guns had begun on him. After a few minutes, the arms began pulling out the soaked mesh tape and began encircling him from the ankles upwards. Higher and higher until it went slowly and more loosely around his neck. Then it began to encircle his head, carefully until he was encased. He was then picked up and laid into the waiting casket and his tubes attached where they belonged.

The lid lowered and the locks engaged. John's programming completed, now it went into mummy maintenance mode. It would make sure air is pumped in to the mummy and occassional water/protein drink was given to the mummy until the timer was up and the locks disengaged. But, since he hadn't gotten it fully ready yet, no time was input for the timer! He was in until the manual code was put in and he was the only one that knew it!

* * * *

David came home and didn't find John anywhere. Then he noticed the basement door ajar and the lights on. He went down the stairs and found the machine sitting there! What a cool looking machine! Then saw that his cock cuff was on the floor near the keyboard and something on the screen. The programming had started and he could get some of the sense of things. He figured that someone was in that big metal box (must be John) and that it was likely by accident, since Davids mitts and cock cuff was sitting out.

He found the icon for manual release, but when he hit it, it asked for a password. He typed in the code they used for email. Nope. PIN number for their ATM cards. Nope. What could it be???

He sat there thinking, and thought of it. He typed in their house number. 3601. John uses that a lot in other things. “ERROR! Wrong password input 3 times! Manually opening will now occur at ethe end of the timeout sequence.”

What time out sequence? The screen started a countdown...

6 days, 23 hours, 57 seconds, 56... 55... 54.....

Was John going to be mad!!!!!


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