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The Entertainment Centre

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; solo-f; machine; encase; insert; inject; transform; dissolve; torment; cons/nc; XXX CAUTION

Hi Gromet this is a story of a young girl who's curiosity for a night of sexual fantasy proved to be a little more than she bargained for! So if you think mummification is all fun read on but make sure you are sitting down.

Jenny walked into the crowded café at first sight there seemed no space anywhere, just as she was about to leave a waiter said, "There is a seat over there miss if you do not mind sharing". Jenny looked across the café in the direction the waiter was pointing there was a vacant seat with a young man sitting on the far side, Jenny made her way over through the crowded café and placing her suitcase to one side sat down.

Jenny browsed the menu wondering what to have when the gent looked up and said, "May I suggest the fish it's really very good and its caught fresh every day." Jenny smiled and told the waiter she would have the fish dish as recommended by her table companion. The gent then said, "I haven't seen you in here before are you new to the area?" Jenny smiled and told him she had just moved into town and at the moment was in the process of trying to find a job and some were to live it was proving a little difficult as she did not yet know her way around.

The gent looked at her, "Well this is a stroke of luck! Look here I might be able to help, I own a small Antique shop and my last assistant has just had to leave to go to overseas to Egypt, I was just going to the local employment agency to place an advert for a new assistant, if you are interested and have any experience in shop work and demonstrating the odd product perhaps you are interested and there is also very good accommodation with the job and by the way my name is Joe."

Jenny could not believe her luck a Job and accommodation this must be a dream come true.

The meal finished Joe helped Jenny with her case, they stepped outside the café Joe hailed a taxi and soon the pair were speeding through the city traffic then down a small side street and pulled up by a quaint old fashioned shop. Over the front of the shop was a sign saying "The Old Antiquity Shop" next to the shop was a door, Joe pointed to the door, "This is your accommodation and your personal door".

As Joe had collected her bags he passed the keys to Jenny, she opened the door and went up a small flight of steps to the flat that was over the shop, it was a nice spacious flat.

Joe interrupted her thoughts; "I have brought up these two plastic bags as my last assistant left some of her belongings behind, if you wouldn't mind placing her clothes into these bags I will see they are posted on to her. I think that is all for now, I will let you settle in and see you tomorrow." At that he turned and was gone.

After a cup of tea Jenny started to place all the previous assistant's clothes and belonging into the two plastic bags, thinking she must have left in a hurry as not only were all her clothes and underwear here there was also a hand bag with some money in it, Jenny thought it unusual thinking to herself, "Well what ever dragged the girl away it must have been pretty urgent or very compelling."

Next Day Jenny woke early she had just finished breakfast when she heard someone moving around in the shop below, she put on her make up, looked in the mirror and then made he way down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs where there were two doors, one directly into the shop and the other was her front door. She opened the door on her right and entered directly into the shop to find Joe busy with a couple of customers, the shop was filled with antiques of all types. As soon as Joe had finished serving the customers he turned to Jenny, "Right Young Lady as you can see we sell rare antiques, some impossible to obtain anywhere else, we also get and supply very rare items in for special order."

Jenny was shown around the shop, there was just about every type of antique possible, there were suits of armour swords etc. On the other side of the room were quite a lot of Egyptian artefacts, Joe noticed her interest, "And these items are mainly for export we have even sent mummies to the Cairo museum".

Jenny smiled to herself thinking of the old saying, 'Selling sand to the Arabs.'

For the next couple of weeks Jenny helped in the shop, on a couple of occasion she would have to model antique clothing for customers. As the shop was closing one evening Jenny wandered around the shop looking at some of the items for sale. Amongst the Egyptian items was a large box shaped like a Mummy, Joe noticed her interest and came over, "That is a modern Egyptian female entertainment centre, I have no idea how it works it seems young Egyptian women get inside and they some how experience some sort of sexual fantasies I am told, I do not know if that is true also I have no idea how it works or if it does, But should you be able to find out how it works or can get it working I am sure I could add a bonus to your pay as it seems to take up a lot of room and I could do with the space." At that he looked at his watch, "Oh!!! Is that the time I must go, I'll leave you to lock up." Then he turned and was gone.

Jenny was intrigued by the large cabinet, thinking to herself, 'An Egyptian entertainment centre for women, well that sounds interesting if I can get it working perhaps I can try it a sexual fantasy is just what I need'.

She locked the shop then went upstairs for something to eat, after about one hour she wandered back into the shop staring at the large Egyptian box, on examination she noticed a seal running completely around the outside but on the left hand side was a indent like a finger hold, she placed her fingers in the grip and pulled slowly, the front of the box opened. Inside the box was completely lined with a kind of soft foam rubber with the shape of a person inset into the rubber, Jenny climbed up and stood inside the box, as she lent back into the human indent it seemed to adjust to her exact shape, it was a weird feeling. This was no antique this was hi-tech to say the least, then looking in front of her she saw a book set into a recess. She withdrew the book it was the operating instructions in about five languages she stepped out of the machine taking the instruction book with her; she closed the front of the box and returned to her flat.

Next day it was work as usual Joe never mentioned the box and Jenny had decided to keep quiet about discovering the instruction book, as the bonus would come in very handy. When the day drew to a close Jenny went upstairs and brought the book down to read, it gave instructions and a short introduction saying it was a female entertainment centre. The instructions said that you should 'remove your clothes and step inside and it will take you on a fantastic sexual fantasy journey that will wipe away any frustrations and worries, clearing all from your mind leaving you as you have never been left before'.

"Just what I need", murmured Jenny to herself. She continued to read the instructions. The first instruction said, 'First bath the complete body in good antiseptic wash to save contaminating the machine, secondly no clothes must be worn as this will hinder the performance of the machine, then step into machine and lean back and follow the instructions.'

Jenny thought to herself, 'well I am not going to run a bath at this time of night and what does it matter anyway its only a machine'.

Without another thought she striped down to her underwear, tiptoed down to the shop pulled the front of the machine until the front opened, then she stepped into the machine and lent back. At that moment there was a slight whirl as if a electric motor had started, she could feel the rubber surrounding her body adjusting to her shape then the door gently closed with a very permanent sounding click. The inner lining of the machine was now closing around her body sealing her in, the sound of beautiful soft music was playing in the background. Jenny soon became so relaxed it was unbelievable. Then it stopped and all went quiet, after a few seconds the rubber shrunk away from her body and a mechanical voice said, "Please note instructions One and Two have not been complied with, until you comply completely with the instructions the machine can not perform the task that is assigned to it and is unable to process your body at this point", then the box opened up allowing Jenny to step out.

Jenny was disappointed that the machine had not taken her on a flight of fantasy but it was getting late so until tomorrow night it would just have to wait. The next night she slipped into the chemist a few doors away and bought a good antiseptic body wash then back to the flat, she bathed using the wash and dried herself off. Then she opened her flat door and listened, all was quiet Joe had gone home there was not a sound from the shop below. Jenny quietly tip toed down the stairs into the shop below walking over to the machine bare foot and completely in the nude she pulled on the finger hold opening the front of the machine. Jenny looked into the machine, "Well bastard what excuse are you going to come up with this time? I am washed, striped and ready to go!"

Jenny stepped up into the machine and lay back, as before the foam started to mould itself to her shape, It was a good feeling and very relaxing as if a sort of massage was taking place, then the door closed softly the only sound was the click as it locked shut. As before the foam on the inside of the machine started to mould to the contours of her body, her legs were slightly spread and her head was being subjected to the same moulding process. Then the mechanical voice spoke, "Please open your mouth to allow a breathing device to be inserted." Jenny was a little surprised but opened her mouth and a small rubber object was inserted similar to a baby's comforter.

The voice spoke again, "Please open your eyes wide and stare straight ahead." Jenny stared into the inky blackness of the inside of the machine as something seemed to grip her eye lids pulling them wider apart, then before she got over the shock two eye shaped cup's were inserted against her eyeballs, a slight suction held the eyes in place stopping any movement or rotation of the eyes and keeping her eyes dead centre. Her eyelids were now released and allowed to close over the suction retaining cups. Both breasts were being sucked into two moulded shaped cups and the nipples were being attached into tubes by suction, hardening in the process.

While all this was going on a soft mystical music was being played that calmed her down and was completely pacifying her, now tubes were being inserted into her anus and vagina, she was being aroused by all the intrusions that were taking place within her body. From the rubber pacifier in her mouth a soft flexible tube now started to advance into her mouth and then down her throat into the stomach, she gagged slightly as it passed the epiglottis.

Now the contents of her body was being drained out of her, the bladder, stomach and rectum were being drained and rinsed with antibacterial solutions. With the hypnotic music and the warmth of the cabinet plus the movement of the various tubes with in her body Jenny was drifting off into a sort of mystical trance plus being sexually aroused, her mind had drifted a thousand miles away as if on a sort of mysterious mystical journey. Outside the cabinet there was a bank of flashing computer lights all working away as the machinery inside the cabinet worked on its latest victim. The tubes within her body had cleaned out all foods and liquids and now a dark thick brown sinister liquid was seeping into her, it was being pumped in through every orifice at the same time.

In the background Jenny became aware of a sort of burning sensation taking place within her body. Her nipples were now sucked hard into the tubes and gripped firmly, then long hypodermic needle's entered into her nipples causing severe pain, then proceeding into the breasts tearing tissue as they went, they began pumping in the thick liquid into the breasts. From the centre of the suction cups that held her eyes, needles began protruded to the centre of the eye bursting through the pupil then the cornea and iris, then into the sclera the centre of the eye allowing the evil liquid to be pumped into her eyes.

Jenny's whole body was now in extreme pain as the burning liquid seeped into every corner of her body, the fantasy had now turned into a nightmare. Even the hypnotic music could not help anymore as Jenny was screaming into the mouth piece but all to no avail, soon she passed out from the excruciating pain. A thin stainless tube was now entering her nasal cavity rotating as it travelled upwards then drilling through the base of the scull and into the brain, the hole in the centre of the tube now started to suck the contents out of the scull just as the ancient Egyptian priest did to their Pharaohs thousands of years before. The thick evil liquid was now dissolving Jenny's insides completely, within a few hours her whole body would resemble the shrunken twisted mummies in the museums of the world that we see on exhibition.

At that moment the shop door opened and in came Joe, he walked up to the cabinet looking at all he flashing lights and reading the information on a near by computer screen, he smiled to himself, "I knew it, Just mention the words sexual experience and they just cannot resist it!"

Another assistant was being turned into a mummy, by the time she was released from the cabinet and bound as a mummy no one would be able to tell her from the real ones. The Cairo museum had already offered a good price for her mummy, as they had many times before, all that remained now was to nip out and sit in the café by the station and wait until a new temporary female shop assistant turns up as he had many orders yet to fill.


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