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Eternal Mummy

by Carmine

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© Copyright 2002 - Carmine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; cons; X

Tales of the Crimson Succubus
Eternal Mummy

Crimson Succubus knelt before Min, the Egyptian god of fertility. Wearing a crown surmounted by two tall plumes, Min sat upon a throne, his ever-erect cock leaking a white sap similar to a phallic-shaped type of lettuce found only in Akhmim, one of the deity’s most important sanctuaries. 

"What do you wish of me, lord?" Succubus asked, her sanguine eyes downcast.

"My avatar Neferet, she has consorted with Isis. This indiscretion is not the first, but rather the latest in the infinite Eye of Horus. She is a nymph, one who cannot be sated even by my wondrous member."

"I understand, lord."

"My mother would be displeased if I were to place Neferet into the paws of that jackal Anubis, so I wish for you to create within her a paroxysm-inducing torment that will endure as long as fury burns within my heart."

"I must have use of the Eye of Horus, so that I may have foresight."

"So shall it be written, so shall it be done."


Crimson Succubus stared at the scene before her: At first it looked like a Wiccan ceremony, but the roles were reversed. Standing in a circle were 12 male thralls, all of whom were brawny, wore only sandals, and possessed cocks as long as a Roman gladius. The slaves were stroking themselves, their vigorous hands tight upon their bloated shafts.

In the middle of the circle stood Neferet. From head to toe she had been immobilized. All she could do was watch the men pleasure themselves, and in some instances gratify each other. Succubus had been most thorough in designing Neferet’s paralytic attire. 

First, a metal hoop decorated with vibrant colors of glass had been placed around her neck. At the edge of the hoop were several tiny blades that pricked her throat, and as a result she was forced to keep her chin in a most regal position. 

Second, delicate hands had been bound with heavily spun rope made of flax. Intricate knots had been designed to grow tighter with even the slightest hint of a struggle. 

Third, she wore a corset made of thick leather and laced with three sets of cross-woven buckskin thongs. Within the bust there were sewn several bone-carved needles; if Neferet were to bend down even to the slightest degree, the needles would jab her breasts. 

Fourth, her lower body had been encased in a hobble skirt. Made of leather and so tight about her hips, thighs, and calves that little if any sudation managed to escape, the skirt held her knees together, making it impossible to move in any direction.

And fifth, a pair of dagger-high heels graced her feet, which had been wrapped taut with water-soaked bandages. 

"Please, Succubus, let me taste any of these men!"

Succubus walked into the circle, knelt before one of the thralls, and teased his cock with her forked tongue. Almost instantly the slave exploded, the alabaster fluid coating the demon’s crimson flesh. 

"You mean, like that?"


The she-devil threw her head back and cackled. "There is one man."

"Please!" Saliva filled Neferet’s mouth.

"Are you sure, my little nymph?"

"I cannot bear it any longer. I implore you!"

"There is no need to beg. I shall have a servant fetch him." Succubus waved away the thralls. 

"Why not one of them?"

"Oh no, my dear. This one is special."

Into the throne room walked Pharaoh’s son Binemwase. Although having escaped adolescence, his features remained boyish. Round, pup-like eyes led to a Grecian-styled nose and a pair of permanently pouting lips. Long tresses of black hair made him look effeminate, but his countenance, although a bit emaciated in the lower body, had enough definition to captivate Neferet. 

"Prince Binemwase asked an indulgence of me several days ago."

Neferet’s eyes narrowed. "I am listening."

"He wished a sovereign lick, my dear."

"And what exactly is a sovereign lick?"

Succubus bowed to the prince. "She is yours, my lord."

Binemwase stepped forward and removed his flaxen see-through robe, exposing a flaccid cock no longer than Neferet’s middle finger. Before she could protest, the prince placed his hands on her shoulders and forced her to kneel, the hobble skirt’s leather cutting and binding into her flesh. 

"Now, lick my royal member."

To do so, Neferet had to bend at the waist, bringing the needles in the corset’s bust into her breasts. She also had to lower her chin a little, thereby driving forward the blades in the hoop, which in turn drew blood from her neck. Although the man’s member was dwarfish, his stamina and fortitude proved almost unyielding. 

Neferet began by placing the mushroom-shaped helmet upon her lips, pushing against it but not yielding. As the prince grew firm, she parted these most exquisite folds of flesh, sticking out her tongue to tease the cock’s tiny hole. Binemwase’s ass tightened and he attempted to thrust, but Neferet used her upper teeth to hold him at bay; instead, she used the tip of her tongue to tease the fleshy undercarriage of the cock. 

She then opened wider, letting the tongue swirl around the helmet. As she took him inside, the blades and needles continued to spill blood; she fought the temptation to bite down, instead using her cheeks to squeeze the shaft. The sweat and pain were becoming too much, so she impaled herself upon the cock, her chin against his crotch. 

When the prince dispensed his imperial seed, Neferet swallowed then collapsed. Succubus ordered several thralls to take her away.

"I was too much for her," Binemwase said with a smile.

"Indeed," responded Succubus, bowing and taking her leave.


After being washed in a shelter known as an ibu, Neferet was taken to an ancient wabet, an embalmer’s workshop. It was here that she was coated with oils and herbs and completely wrapped in bandages that contained protective amulets and other charms within several of the folds. Resting upon a stone altar, she waited patiently not for Anubis or the Ferryman, but rather for the scarlet-fleshed demon.

Succubus walked into the room and for a moment contemplated the intricately wrapped woman. She then waved her hands over the mumiyah, removed the golden ceremonial mask, and opened Neferet’s mouth so that she once again could walk among the living. 

"Are we healing?" asked the she-devil.


"Good." Succubus inspected the mummy. "I hope the wraps are in order."

"They are, as usual." Neferet stared at the ceiling. "That was glorious, she-devil."

"Prince Binemwase was only the beginning."


Succubus nodded. "In Abydos, there is a frigid priestess in dire need of melting. . . ."


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