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An Evening of Mummification Bondage

by Douglas P

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© Copyright 2009 - Douglas P - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; bagged; bond; encased; breathplay; mast; cons; X

You call my cell phone earlier in the day and get my voice mail. You know that later tonight you will be detaining me under your terms.

You leave me a message that goes something like this; “Babe, when you get home, I have plans for you tonight and I will be wearing some sexy zebra outfit and sexy high heels. Don't be distracted when you come in because I will have a crop in my hand and I won't hesitate to use it. So you better behave. Do what I tell you! I may tie your hands up at first. I may just tie you to the bed for a few minutes. I may gag you or tie a rope around your neck and force you to suck on my feet or pussy or something like that, but remember, I am in control when you step through the door”.

Once we are in the bedroom, you tell me to get ready for mummification bondage. You have the bondage gear out and most of what I am going to put on already.

As I start to put on the skin suit, I see you are on the bed playing with your pussy with a vibrator watching me.

I patiently wrap each leg separate down to the feet and then my arms with bandages. Of course I like wearing the skin suit because that really puts the squeeze on my body.

Now we have tied rope to the 4 corners of the bed because when you have me down and are in control, you don't want me to struggle out of the tight bondage you wrap me up in. I need complete encasement and you are prepared for that. As you wrap the plastic around my body and arms are at my side, you know I am aware that soon I will not be in control anymore.

Now my face is being covered up completely with a bandage and plastic except for a hole for me to breathe through my nose. I have no means of escape and you have access to controlling my breathing if necessary. I'm totally at your mercy and you know that really turns me on.

Standing their helplessly and feeling the tightness cinch closer to my body, I suddenly feel your hot mouth seal tightly over my cock and you begin sucking me to th eback of your throat. In and out, you suck me closer to an orgasm. You see that I am pretty excited because my dick is throbbing in your mouth. You’re not ready to allow me to cum just yet. You have other plans for me.

You order me to flop up on the bed and you quickly finish wrapping my feet. As if the mummification process was not enough, you order me to shift my legs up and begin to pull me into the mummy sleeping bag. You secure the sleeping bag up to my neck.

Next, you patiently stuff the entire contents of me, the sleeping bag, stretch wrap, ace bandages and skin suit all into the tight confines of the tight fitting black spandex body bag all the way up to my neck. The last step in this full mummification process is complete as you zip the back spandex bag to the top of my encased head.

With authority, you quickly force me into the center of the bed and tie me down with the ropes. My ankles and neck are anchored to the corners of the bed so I have no chance of escaping. You’re in control now and there's nothing I can do about it. That turns you on so much that you begin to rub your pussy as you gaze at me tied and strapped down. You make yourself cum watching me slowly breath through the intoxicating bondage material.

You ravage me with your hot mouth first. You slide up quickly and plunge your pussy down over my cock. You can hear the faint muffled sounds of pleasure coming from your husband deep under the layers of bondage. Your pussy is an extension of my encasement. It tightly seals off the last hole in my heavily wrapped body and I am now air tight with you. It doesn't get any better than this. Back to the deep sucking you go bringing me closer.

Now you are rocking on top of me seductively because you know I'm going to cum soon. You work me with your hot lubricated hands. As you look down at my spandex wrapped head and body encasement, you control my breathing and force the black nylon breathing bag over my head. My struggle intensifies as my air slowly runs out.

You continue and disregard my desire to breath. I can only last for a short time without air, but you know a huge exploding orgasm is near.

Breathing heavier and almost out, you pull the bag off and let me catch my breath.

Just when my breathing slows and I relax in the comfort of my womb, you once again force the bag over my head and make me struggle all over again. You enjoy bringing me to intense levels of excitement and controlling every aspect of my pleasure. Holding me down with your body and pressing your hands into my chest, you feel me trying to lift up and twist from side to side. You straddle your ass up on to my chest and push down with all your might because you know that I'm going to cum and you’re not going to let me escape that.

You’re in complete control of me and it's about to pay off. I tremble and let out a moan that can only mean one thing. Volumes of cum shoot out all over your hands. You pull the bag off quickly for the final time. You feel my cock swell and cum filled contractions continue to stream out. My juices are flowing and the throbbing of cum from me seems to never end.

Mission accomplished. You made me cum like never before. Thank you. What can I do for you?



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