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The Extensive Mermaid Bondage

by Testfan

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© Copyright 2011 - Testfan - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; spandex; swimsuits; leotards; darlex; hobble; sleepsack; latex; mermaid; transported; pool; toys; sex; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Will wants to be in layers of spandex and to become a mermaid bondage doll. His girlfriend Vanessa has set an appointment with her girlfriend Buffy. Her occupation is a dominatrix in extreme bondage. She tells her friend about her boyfriend fetishes. They agreed to arrange a session this weekend. Vanessa says: "This weekend you will become a multilayer spandex mermaid.".

"I can’t wait for it".

Today they are going to the dominatrix after Will has been dressed as a mermaid.

First I put two D Cup latex breasts on my body.

I take my swimsuits, catsuits and leotards out of my closet. First I put a black racer back swimsuit with front zipper on. After that I put two racer back swimsuits in the colours of blue and black and a leotard without sleeves on. After this four layers of spandex I put a black swimsuit with a back zipper on. When the zipper of my swimsuit has closed, I put a very tight black leotard with long sleeves. This is very tight I told myself, but I like it. After 2 minutes  I pulled a racer back swimsuit with legs, a black catsuit without sleeves and another one with sleeves. After this I  put the following  layers of spandex on: two blue racer back swimsuits, blue racer back swimsuit with legs, a black front zipper swimsuit, a black back zipper swimsuit, a very tight black swimsuit with legs and has a racer back. The last layer is a leotard without the sleeves.

"I find it very tight and restrictive, but I like the feeling of the layers of spandex" .

Vanessa walks in. She wears a gold Zentai suit with eye opening and no mouth. It also has a crotch zip. "You look very sexy.".

"Thank you, Will.".

Vanessa gives me a Darlex Straightjacket Hobble Dress. I put it on. After I insert my arms into the sleeves, she zipped the back zipper. Suddenly the door bell rings. Vanessa goes to the door and lets Buffy in. Buffy wears a purple latex long dress without sleeves and latex opera gloves in the same colour and 5cm high heels..

Buffy says: "Will, this is very tight, isn’t it".

"Yes, it is, Mistress". My girlfriend and Buffy take the Darlex sleep sack and put me in it.

They  put me in a latex mermaid suit without arms, but with monofins. The monofins has been altered to put two bound feed in it. The mermaid suit is made from 0.5 mm of latex and the colour of the suit is green. The mermaid suit has a hood with a condom in it. It has a small eye lids in it. Vanessa gives me a glass of water and  Viagra pill. "You have to swallow the pill, because I liked you to have a four hour erection". I swallow the pill. They helped me putting the mermaid suit on.

"Wow, this is tight. I can’t bend my legs anymore. I feel very stiff". Buffy puts a gag ball withhead harness around my head. Now I can’t talk anymore, I can only make some noises.

"Vanessa, could you take the wheelchair out of the van?" She get the wheelchair. Buffy takes the bag from the wheelchair. She opens the bag and takes a burqa out and dresses Will in it.

Before Buffy and Vannesa put me in the wheelchair, they strapped the fin around the legs.

"Wow, this will give me more excitement I ever wished for". Now I also can’t see a thing through the Burqa. After that they put me in the wheelchair and restrained my legs and upper body with a leather straps. 

They wheeled me into the van and secure the wheel chair. They have to drive a hour to Buffy’s bondage studio. Every turn or hobble I feel my penis very sensitive. 'Wow, I like the feeling', I thought.

Soon they arrive at the studio. They wheel me in the studio. Vanessa unstrapped and undressed me from the burqa. Vanessa and Buffy put me in bed which is covered in latex. They strapped me in the bed with three straps. One at the ring of the head harness, one at the middle and one above the fin.

Buffy changed the ball gag into a dildo gag and is 40 centimetres long. Vanessa unzipped her crotch zip and she go to sit on the dildo gag. Buffy takes the whip and starts whipping his penis. I shove my dildo gag further in her vagina of my girlfriend. She is having an orgasm and yells "Ahhhhh! That feels great". After two hours Buffy does the same as Vanessa.

The bondage session is not over. Vanessa and Buffy changed their clothes into latex diver suits. Buffy says: "Now we put you in the swimming pool for coupe of hours". I get scared and I try to struggle to get free, but because of the layers of spandex, Darlex sleep sack, Darlex straitjacket hobble dress and the latex mermaid suit it is not possible.

They put a gasmask which it is connected to an oxygen tank after removing the Dildo gag. The tube is thirty meters long. They both take me into a swimming pool which is 5 metres deep. They chain me at the bottom of the swimming pool. 'I am going to die in this swimming pool, because of my desire of being a bondage mermaid bondage doll'.

I try very hard to get out of the swimming pool. After an hour I got exhausted  and fall asleep. After two hours they get me out of the swimming pool. After they dried me, they put me in a coffin and take me back home and put in my bed. Vanessa removed the condom hood and the head harness.

The next afternoon at four o’clock I awake. I yell "Can someone get help me out of my bondage?" Buffy and Vanessa undressed me.

"What do you think about  the bondage Will?"

" I like the first part, but the last part make me very scary and very stunning".

They talk about the bondage session for a couple of hours. After Buffy left them, Will asks Vanessa when will we do another session?

Vanessa says "Soon, darling". She zips Will’s Darlex Straightjacket Hobble Dress up and I fall asleep very soon.  




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