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Extreme Mummy

by Chris

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© Copyright 2006 - Chris - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; slave; wrap; tape; tacks; glue; cocoon; stuck; mast; climax; cons; XXX

Her slave was driving her crazy. He keep asking to be made a mummy. She would do it and it would not be strict enough or hard enough. She had, had enough. She ordered him to handcuff himself to the bed, blindfold himself and wait for her. She would fix him once and for all. He followed her instructions and waited handcuffed to the bed. He was nude and had used veet to remove all the hair from his body, including his head. His skin was soft because of the veet he used last night.

She went to the store while he waited and bought what she would need. A case of duct tape, ten rolls of kitchen plastic wrap, a case of super glue, a case of thumb tacks, some cable ties and a roll of cotton rope. When she returned home her slave was waiting. From the play chest she removed a giant anal plug with pump and vibrator control. She spread his legs wide and shoved it into him, he squealed as she pushed it all the way in. She did not care if it hurt, this was not for his pleasure, it was for hers. She then pumped it up ten pumps as he screamed. 

"I need for you to be quite" She said. She reached down and removed her panties. She stuffed these into his mouth. She then went to the cloths hamper and removed another pair that she pushed in on top of the other pair "There that will keep you quite." 

Next she retrieved the new vibrating penis plug, it was plastic and about 5 inches long and as round as a small marker. It just fit inside, she shoved it into his shaft all the way. Next she used a tube of the super glue and sealed the end of his shaft closed. She covered the tip of the shaft and waited for it to dry. While waiting she applied super glue to his anal plug sealing it inside him. She added another vibrator inside his ass cheeks and then pulled his ass cheeks together. She squeezed move super glue inside his ass cheeks holding them together, ten tubes were used. He was now sealed up nice and tight. She made sure the wires for his vibrators were pulled clear of the glue. 

Now she started tying his legs together with the rope, wrapping it and clenching it between his legs pulling them tighter and tighter. She used lots of rope making sure his legs were sealed together from hips to ankles. Move super glue was applied to the inside of his legs making sure they would stay together. She now worked on his feet. Cable ties were applied to his toes sealing them together. Then super glue was rubbed between them sealing them further together solid. Now she moved to his upper body. She uncuffed his hands from the bed and put them at his sides. She applied rope to seal them tightly to his sides. Once sealed there she applied more of the tubes of super glue up and down the inside of his arms, sealing them to his sides. 

Next came his fingers, she cable tied them together like his feet and then rubbed super glue between them. She watched as they stopped moving caught in the glue. This made her feel wet down below, she was surprised at herself. The tighter she tied him, the hornier she got. Next she moved to his head. The leather blind fold was first, she applied super glue around it's edges sealing it to his face. She next pushed ear plugs into his ears, then came wax dripped into his ears over the plugs to seal off sound. Last she poured a tube of super glue into each ear and sealed them shut. Next came the nose, she pushed tubes up both holes and then sealed them there with super glue. Last came the mouth. She removed the panties and shoved a pump up gag in his mouth. She pumped it up fifteen times sealing his mouth and filling it to the brim. She then applied super glue to his lips sealing them together. He was now forced to breath through the tubes in his nose only. She watched as he started to breath through the tubes.

Now on to the next step. She left him and started tearing off strips of duct tape and laying them on the kitchen table. On these strips she placed thumb tacks the top of the tacks sticking to the duct tape. She made about 50 strips of different sizes then carried them into the bedroom. She rolled him off the bed and stood him up next to the foot of the bed and the nice tall post of her four poster bed. She quickly placed several strips of duct tape sealing his legs and chest to the post. Next she started adding the strips of tacks up his body. Starting at his feet she wrapped the tack covered tape up his body. Up his legs to his waist. She wrapped several strips over his shaft and down between his legs as much as she could. She then continued up his body stopping just below his nipples. These required special attention. She skipped over them and continued up to his neck using all the tack strips. When she finished the tack strips covered his entire body but for his head and nipple area. He had moaned and yelped as she applied the tacks, but he was in for more pain then he could dream of. She laughed and felt between her legs. God this was making her so wet. She fingered herself for a few minutes and then decided she better continue.

She got into the toy chest again and removed the clover nipple clips. These she applied to his nipples and then sealed on with rubber bands holding them tight. Next she again applied a tube of super glue over the clips sealing them there. She was almost finished with stage two. She checked his body sealing his shaft to his stomach with super glue adding some glue here and there to make sure everything was tight. She decided to give him some fun on his nipples. She glued vibrators to both nipples over the clips. Then she decided he needed move vibrators. She glued two to his ball sack, coving it in glue. Added one to his belly button again sealing with glue. 

Finally finished she was ready for stage three. She begin by using the last of the glue rubbing it over his entire body including his head covering him in it. Next she started wrapping plastic wrap up his body the wrap stuck to the glue and pushed the tacks deep into him. The wrap was sealed in place to his body holding the tacks into him. She wrapped all the way up over his head making sure the hoses were clear and the wires for all the vibrators were free. She wrapped up and down his body until all ten rolls were used. He was sealed so tight he could not move anything, not even a finger. She was hornier then hell. 

She played with her self again for a few minutes before starting the last layer of his bondage. Next came duct tape, layer after layer of it. From toes to head she covered his immobile body in tape, roll after roll of it pushing the tacks deep into him, but he could not make a sound. Finally all the tape was gone and her mummy was finished, sealed to her bed for her pleasure. Last she connected the wires to all the vibrators to her control box and started the program on her computer. Each vibrator would turn on and off controlled by the computer. Some times they would all run on high or some would run on low just enough to tease. The computer would tease him day and night. 

She laid back on the bed looking at her silver mummy and wondering what he was feeling right now. She liked him like this. She wondered how long he would last. She had planned to remove him from the bondage in a few days. It would be fun to remove all the glue and the skin that would come with it. She would wait and see how she felt. This really turned her on as she begin fingering her self and playing with her nipples with the other hand. It did not take long for her to come to a powerful orgasm. She looked at her prize, "maybe I will keep you this way for as long as you last, it would be easy to get rid of your body later." She started taking herself toward another orgasm as she watched the mummy sealed to the bed.


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