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A Fantasy that went Astray

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2002 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; mum; wrap; spandex; pantyhose; bond; hotel; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

It all started out with me getting the idea of finding a beautiful woman to fulfill a long forgotten fantasy. So I entered my name and interest in bondage personals and other personal websites hoping for a response of some sort but they were never answered. It seemed like there was no women interested in this type of bondage. Then I decided to seek an Escort Service thinking that they usually do anything for money, but at the same time thinking how can I trust just anyone to my fantasy. Let me tell you how desperation and wanting it to be fulfilled for years, that's what drove the idea. 

Finally I contacted this Escort Agency and without details explained that I needed a sort of dominant woman with a sensual side that could be both demanding and erotic between the ages of 24 to 35, and with me being 40 that range in age would be perfect. Then they asked for the important stuff, what height and weight, hair, eyes and so on. So I replied with height it is unimportant, weight slim to athletic, possibly average, hair blonde preferred, but not really that important, eyes Green or Blue preferred but again not that important. I did add that she would have to look great in a tight dress of course of her choice, me hoping that it would be Spandex or something like that. Then they asked what it was for and I replied I wanted to try out some bondage fantasy that I had. It went quiet for a couple of minutes then the voice said we don't incorporate sex. Then thinking quickly I said it doesn't have to be just for sex, I then said if I could get the bondage part of this fantasy done I would be happy, because I know that would be more erotic then anything I could ever imagine, especially having a beautiful woman in a tight dress do it to me. Just that would send me over the edge. He then said he would take my phone number and get back to me. 

After a few days go by I finally received the phone call I have been waiting for. A woman's voice comes on and says I have been told that your looking for an escort for a bondage fantasy is this correct, I replied yes. She then said we would have to meet for the first time so that we can get to know each other and discuss your fantasy. We then discussed a meeting place, which was a fancy restaurant, and then finalized it with a time. Then just before she hung up I asked what is your name, she replied you don't need that now, then I said how will I know you, Oh you'll know just remember what you asked for.

Friday came quick and the time came fast and in no time I started to get cold feet, But then reality stepped in and I realized this was my chance to finally have most of my fantasy fulfilled. I arrived in front of the Restaurant and the parking attendant came around to my side of the car and proceeded to get in as fast as I got out then off went my car, with me standing there with a ticket stub in my hand. As I looked up I saw a beautiful woman standing by the doors she had long leather coat on that dragged across her heels. I then walked over to her and said are you waiting for someone special, she replied maybe if your name is Jim. Then this thought crossed my mind she's too perfect this going to cost a fortune. 

She then took my arm and we proceeded inside, as we were being seated at the table the waiter pulled out her seat and I went over to remove her coat, as I slid it down her back I could see that she was wearing a black very tight dress made of either Latex or Rubber that fitted every curve. I was amazed as well as aroused she played the part well. As we waited for the waiter to take our orders she started to ask my age first which I said 40 then she asked about my likes and dislikes and what started me in the direction of bondage, so I told her about something that happened to me growing up as a teenager. After I told her that story our dinner arrived and we had an excellent meal, we then ordered more drinks and continued where we left off, except this time she asked me about my fantasy. But before I had a chance to start she said, (and I quote) I want to know your true fantasy and I mean every thing. So I said it starts like this.

My fantasy would start out by you putting me into a mummification bondage scene using equipment that I have already bought to help you out because I don't like duct tape style. I told her that I already had the equipment but I didn't have it yet. But before you rolled me up you would tie my hands together in anyway you chose, whether behind my back or at my sides or possibly even crossed my chest the choice is yours, this way I wouldn't be able to change my mind before we got started. Of course you can use your own ideas before rolling me up. Then you would proceed to roll me up in the Spandex material until you run out, then of course you would have to use your imagination and bring some of your own equipment to finish it out. 

Once you were done that you would immediately gag me so that I wouldn't have a chance to talk my way out of it. When you have finished with that everything else would be up to you on what would happen next, (knowing that she wasn't going to indulged in any sexual activities I didn't know what direction to go next.) She then speaks up and says after finishing you up, I'm supposed to cut a hole at the base of your penis right, I then spoke up and said yes. Then she says I know that's not the end of your fantasy now is it? I paused and then said no. Well what is it you have to be truthful with me. Once I was put in the restrictive bondage and my penis was pulled through the hole the woman wearing the tight dress would keep me her captive slave until she was completely satisfied in every way possible, and that I would come every time she demanded me to. She then wanted to know in which ways I was suppose to cum, every detail every position. 

The first time was to be a handjob, slow at first then using her own judgment, position was to be also her choice whether it be lying down or sitting up.

The second time was to be a blowjob, again slow at first then using her own judgment, but before I got to excited she would stop and put me into a standing position, in which she would pick up where she left off until I wasn't able to take it anymore and I would explode.  By this time I thought she would have gotten up and walked away yet she was still listening, and not only listening but also taking notes. Then she says there must be more isn't there. (I said yes the last part). Then she said and that is. 

So I started out by saying after the woman got me to cum by giving me the handjob, then followed up shortly afterwards with the blowjob, she would give me a little while to re-group. Then taking advantage of the situation starting out in the sitting position maybe using a chair or something, she would start out teasing him again starting out with a handjob first, but making sure he wouldn't cum. Once she got him aroused she would follow up with a blowjob, sitting first then standing me up, but again watching for my excitement then stopping immediately before I would cum. Now while I'm enjoying myself and the woman is in total control I would expect her to take full advantage of the situation and make me please her in every way of course. 

But as for the finale, once she was finished with the blowjob she would get me back to the center of the bed for a little mutual oral satisfaction, of course utilizing every position available, only removing my gag for this part only. Once she was completely satisfied she would immediately put the gag back in my mouth and secure it tight. Now thinking of different positions that she would like me in. Example: Starting out maybe in a sitting position using a chair or what ever else she would want to use during a sitting position would be a good start. Then maybe starting out with her back to me she would slide him in and just sit there and let him grow inside her. Then when she was ready she would take him in and out until she knew I couldn't hold out anymore then she would stop that before I had the chance to cum. Then taking a very short break she'd return and straddle me again except this time facing me, then continuing where she left off she would take him in and out again except this time faster. When she could feel me getting closer she stopped again and climbed off. Now she would stand me up and return me back to the center of the bed. Once there she would straddle my legs and work her way up me until she was right over him then taking him inside her she pumped and pumped until I couldn't hold out anymore and I came and came until she milked me totally dry.

So after 1 and 1/2 hours of talking and dinning the meeting was coming to an end, but before it did she said I think I can help you with your fantasy but as you probably know I don't do anything involving sex. (Thinking to myself, yeah and I'm putting out all this money) So I said yes I know. Then we continued with the arrangements, which I had to get a nice room or suite. Then she added that the cost would be $150.00 an hour and $100.00 for every additional hour, so I said I probably should bring about $400.00, she replied yes that should be enough. Finally we made the date, which was going to be on a Monday Oct. 22nd. Because I'm off on Mondays. Then she said oh, my name is Nina, I will call you on the morning of our meeting at 8:00 am, don't miss my call, and then she got up and left me there. I then paid the bill and proceeded to find my way home wondering what I just done and thinking how erotic the whole thing made me feel. 

The very next day I went to my friends Fabric stores to buy a section of Spandex Fabric but the only spare piece she had extra was a section that was 3yrds by 60" which is a pretty big piece, the only thing wrong with it was that it had 12" Black and White Diamonds all over it, so I figured who's going to care, so I got it.

Finally the Monday came and I got the call, Nina said right on time I like that. Nina then asked me where were we going to meet, I said I got us a suite at the Marriott, she said I will find it and meet me you there, so we agreed on 10:00 am. Before getting out of my car I took a little precaution and left my wallet and also my car keys in the car, the advantage of having keyless entry. The only things I carried were the $400.00 and my Cell Phone and the Overnight bag. We met in the parking lot, along side her was a large overnight bag. We then made our way in to check in, check out was at 11:00 am Tuesday. 

Once in the room Nina took off her long leather coat and behind it was a beautiful shapely woman wearing a white Spandex dress, she was breath taking. She then said now for the fun, go over there and get out of your clothes, then remove your equipment from your bag. She then told me to lie out the Spandex Material on the king-size bed and to wait for instructions. 

After that she went to her bag and got out a pair of pantyhose, she then came over to me and told me to put each arm straight out, then she continued to put them in the pantyhose as if I was putting on a coat. Then crossing my arms in front of me, she pulled them tight then took them around my back then back in front until she ran out of pantyhose then she tied the ends together behind me. (I was thinking to myself I don't remember that part in my Fantasy). Then speaking firmly, I've added a few things in case you haven't noticed. Then she told me to lay on one edge of the bed, she then went again to the bag and got out another pair of pantyhose, she then rolled one leg up in her hands and placed them over my feet and worked them up to my knees then took the other leg around and around starting at my feet and working them up until she ran out then tied them off. Then without wasting any time she went and got another pair of pantyhose and started towards me stretching them apart a foot in each hand, then immediately put the pant part in my mouth and continued to take them around and around until she ran out, then tied the two feet together. (Now the thought I had was that we didn't even discuss a safe word, but I was getting pretty excited so I let it go). 

Then while laying there she came over and flipped the one edge of the Spandex over me and tucked it in all around me from Neck to Feet, then continued to roll me up in it, stopping and pulling it tight every two rolls until it was gone, then pulling the looseness out one last time. Now resembling a mummy from head to toe, and not being able to move an inch. Then returning to her bag she retrieves six big safety pins and brings them over to me, then starting at my shoulders she takes one and puts it through all the Spandex Material and fastens it together. Then continuing with the rest she used the other five in strategic places like elbows, hands, upper legs and lower legs then feet. I was totally hers for what ever she chose, but there was more. 

I couldn't believe what was happening, I asked myself who cares about the sex part I'm so turned on I'm surprised I haven't cum already. Then with this big smile on her face she says oh you're not quite done yet, she then returned to the bag and got out a pile of pantyhose. Now starting with one pair at a time she stretched them apart so that she was holding a foot in each hand, she then climb up on the bed pulling her Spandex Dress up just enough to straddle my chest, then taking the first pair she started at my shoulders and took them around and around until there was none left then tied the feet together. Then sliding her body down mine she could feel me growing in anticipation underneath her, once in place she continued to do the same thing with the other pantyhose lower arms then hands, butt area then upper legs, lower legs, knees then feet. (I didn't know what to make of it but it was great).

Now with me being totally immobilized she went back to the bag and retrieved a small pair of scissors, she then sat next to me on the bed and said with a demanding voice don't move or you could loose something. Then pinching only a tiny bit of Spandex Material at the base of my penis she cut little by little until she could see him, then giggling she says look who wants to come out to play. Once exposed she took her index finger and thumb to work him out of the hole, I couldn't believe the feeling I was growing at her touch. When she got him out I was amazed to see that she was starting to play with him a little, starting out with a slow hand job then stopping dead. She then started to laugh not giggle, she went back to the bag and got out two large pairs of pantyhose's, then came back to me and said your not going anywhere for a long time. Then stretching them apart in each hand she again straddled my chest and took them behind my shoulders pulled them tight then crossed them over my chest and tied them to each lift strap on each side of the Mattress. 

Then taking the second pair she stretched them a part and took them around my legs and crossed them over as well, then tied them to each side of the lift handles that were at the bottom end of the bed. Then with that sexy look and dominant voice she speaks up and says now you can't even get up. Then everything gets strange she goes to the bag and gets out all different kinds of Condoms and comes over to the bed and just sprinkles them all around me. (This I definitely don't get)

Now taking out a roll of Duct Tape she rips a 2" piece off and goes over to the door and opens it just wide enough to see the latch assembly, then pushes the latch in and tapes it so that the door will just open at the slightest touch. Then she comes back to me and says I guess your wondering what's happening, well you stupid shit it was all a scam to get your money and what an easy way it was, but I'm not going to be a total bitch. What I'm going to do for you is I'm going to leave your Cell Phone on and put it right by your mouth, then what else could I possibly do for, well next I'm going to put a Do Not Disturb Sign around your outside door knob. This way only the wanted will enter like a Police Man or maybe a Large Old Cleaning Lady that hasn't had sex for years, or maybe someone that will just lean on the door, what will you do. And here's something else for you to think about depending on who finds you, all those notes and all that information about your Fantasy that you told me is written down and is piled in order page by page out on the coffee table, see after that dinner I went home and put everything into perspective so enjoy. Then she comes back to me gives him a slight Kiss then grabs him in firm grasp and strokes him a little, then stops and says what I could have done with you. Then she grabs the $400.00 and leaves, leaving me they're feeling pretty stupid.

Here it is about 11:15 am, I'm in a nice place can't call anyone even if I do get the gag off. Can't call the Police I'd be a laughing stock not including it maybe being illegal. I'm laying here going through the numbers I have programmed in my Phone in my head and drawing a big blank. Can't call my separated wife because one, she didn't believe in any type of Bondage and two, she'd literally kill me. Couldn't call my Daughters mom because she never really got over me and would keep me prisoner for the rest of my life and now she's a pig, and that wouldn't be a Fantasy that would be a Nightmare. Can't call any of my friends because there all guys and they definitely wouldn't understand this. So what I'm to do?

First thing is to get this gag off of my mouth, so that took me a while but I finally got it off. Now I took my nose and pressed down on the stored number keys, I couldn't find anyone. Just when I thought I was going to have to call the Police I remembered something. My Daughter is 18 years old and she has a lot of girlfriends that are a little older, one that popped into my head was her girlfriend Alicia she's 23 years old and fine looking. What I remembered was one time my Daughter was talking about Alicia thinking I was hot for an older guy and I laughed about it thinking she was joking around and my Daughter said that it wasn't a joke. So naturally every chance I had to bust on her I would, like I would hear her say things like I don't know what to get my boyfriend for his Birthday but it has to be something kinky and I would speak up and say what about handcuffs and she wouldn't think nothing of it and laugh her ass off, of course just out of fun. So here I have her number in my phone because my Daughter slept over her place every now and then, but hasn't lately. Since she goes to college she's off on Mondays because she has no classes that day, now how was I going to handle it?

I dialed her number and she picked up the phone and said hello in a soft voice, then I paused for a second and answered hi Alicia, she says who this so I said it's Jim, Stacey's father all the sudden her voice changes into a woman's voice and says oh how are you doing I miss seeing you. I then spoke up and said listen Alicia if I had a certain problem that was pretty weird would you help me out without telling any one especially Stacy. I heard a pause on the phone and then she said sure I'd help you out. What is it? So I said are you ready for this, she answers yes with a slight laugh. I had an idea to try out a certain Fantasy that involved Bondage of course without sexual activity but it turned out bad and I got ripped off, so for long time I wrestled with this gag that I now have around my chin and neck to finally find someone to help me, without having to call people that wouldn't understand or tell the wrong people.

So here it is in a nut shell, I'm at the Marriott and I'm in room 105 it's a suite and it has a Do Not Disturb Sign on the door knob, she rigged it up so anyone could just push the door open, which could be bad for me because I'm really tied up and anyone could just walk in and have there way with me and I wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it, who am I going to tell. Then she asked me what way are you tied up, I hesitated, then said Mummification style, Alicia then say I heard of that type before. Then she says how badly, I say bad, my penis and head are the only things exposed, she then says oh really. Well what do you need me to do? First thing to do is not to wear any Tight Dresses, I kind of have this thing for women in Tight Dresses, also with me like this and you looking great and my penis sticking out I might get aroused and then I would be very embarrassed, so Alicia says don't be embarrassed I've always thought of handcuffs and things like that just never followed through with anything. Then she say's what else, definitely come by yourself and she says of course I will, then I said please make it fast. 

So with in an hour I hear the doorknob rattled as it opened, me being in the Bedroom I couldn't see who it was. Then I hear the door being locked and I'm thinking oh shit the Bitch is back, then it got quiet for about ten minutes, just then Alicia pushes open the door and says I made it. I then speak up and say I see you found it without any problems, she smiles. Then I said come on over here and get me out of this, she smiles again and says wow she did do a number on you didn't she. As Alicia made her way over to me she started to take her long coat off, as she got to me it was totally off and here she was standing there in this Spandex Black Dress with a set of 5" heels on. As I looked up I said oh my God your Beautiful, just then I could feel my penis growing. I instantly said I thought I told you not to wear anything like that, all the sudden she says I know, but just like you said who will find out. 

Instantly Alicia the 23-year-old was starting to take control of the situation, I didn't know what I could have done. First thing she did was took my phone, shut it off and moved it far away from me. Then I said what are you doing, she says I thought about having sex with you before but I knew that you would never do it with me, but I never dreamed of a chance like this. Oh, I forgot when I finished locking the door behind me I found all these pages on a table in the living room so I had to read some of them; I was surprised to read that you have this place until 11:00 am tomorrow. Then instantly before I could utter a word she put the gag back in my mouth, except loosening it just a little just to pull it tighter then tying the ends back together. Now what am I going to do with you and with all this time I have?

Well first thing to do is to read a little, I'll be back in a few. After ten minutes or so she returned to me and said your never going to forget this night, and no one will ever be able to do your Fantasy like me. Then she came over to the bed and untied the pantyhose that were holding me down. Once that was done she sat next to me in her nice Tight Dress asking me how it looked on her, as my eyes widened in delight she smiled and said I think it time to play a little. Then with in seconds she gets him aroused just by running her nails up and down him, then wrapping her hand gently around him she starts to stroke him very slowly, talking to me as she was doing it, then says I think I'm going to go a little faster can you handle it, well since you can't answer me I guess I should use my own judgment. 

After about twenty to thirty minutes of this even with her stopping to take short breaks I was like putty in her hands, she then asked me did you like it slow or fast or both, Oh you can't answer, well I better make the decision for you on which way I should make you cum at least for the first time, there will be plenty more to come. Just then she picks up where she left off slowly at first then speeding up, then saying to me don't you think I have very soft hands, I nodded in pleasure. Then without hesitation she says I think it's time I'm going with fast to very fast strokes are you ready, my body tensed up in delight as she went to work, with in seconds I was pumping out cum except she didn't stop until he was totally dry. Once she cleaned me up she told me to rest and she would be returning in about twenty minutes. Letting me rests she left me there and went back out to read more pages.

After about twenty minutes she returned and asks me how I was doing, I then nodded and she said well. Then sitting back down next to me she started running her nails up him again slowly just to get him aroused again. Once he got excited, she said it's time to try something else so she slid me to the edge of the Bed and put me in a sitting position with my feet resting on the floor. Then making sure that I seen every curve of her body in her tight dress, she slides her body past mine until she was on her knees in front of me, then taking him in her hand she said I think I'm getting a little hungry, can you help me out, then without waiting for a response from me, she leans forward and takes him in very slowly, I could feel the heat growing. 

At first she didn't take him all the way in but kept up a slow motion of in and out, then noticing that I was enjoying it to quickly she slowed down to almost a complete stop. Finally stopping she says have you ever had better, I hesitate and she says of course you have. Then she stands up and goes out to the living room and comes back with a Kitchen chair, she then turns it around so that the back of the chair is facing me, it was a high back chair so it stood tall. Then grabbing the pantyhose that she removed from me earlier she stood me up so that my back was against the back of the chair, it came up almost to my shoulders. Then taking the pantyhose she tied my upper body to the chair from arms down to my hands, then using the other pair she tied my legs and feet making sure I couldn't fall down. 

Again talking to me as she slid her body down mine, asking me, you were saying that you have had better Blowjobs; she then says I don't think so, but will see. After reaching her knees she looks up and says this is going to blow your mind. Then putting a hand on each butt cheek, she gripped tight with a firm grip and looked up, then without using her hands she ran her tongue up and down him as he stood at attention. Then opening her mouth again without the use of her hands since they were still on my butt, she then slid him in real slow until her lips were almost touching my balls, now at this moment my toes were starting to curl up so I started to pull away but she instantly had a firm grip on my butt so she pulled me towards her then I would try to pull away again and she would pull me towards her again. 

This went on for a while then she stopped and looked up at me and said what were you saying about blowjobs. Then with my legs weakening she says I let you rest too much, she then reaches up and unties the top pair of pantyhose and they drop to the floor, then unties the pair down around my legs. Now with me just leaning against the back of the chair she looks up and says now your really going to move your hips. Then taking him in her hands she starts stroking him fast, I could barely hold on, then again she stops but this time she puts him in her mouth and works him all the way in, then taking all of him she starts taking him in and out in a perfect rhythm. Then reaching down she picks up one of the pairs of pantyhose and slides them behind me and works them up me until they were across my butt, now with a leg in each hand I watched her roll them around each hand starting with the foot first until she took out most of the slack except for a little. Then with a leg in each hand she pulled me towards her faster and faster taking every bit of me in I could barely catch my breath, then unable to say anything I exploded like never before. 

As my body tensed up she was able to feel it coming and she escaped with only a slight bit getting her, but she was lucky because it was so much she would have drowned in it. With me still standing there I could feel him still pumping and with her still down there she noticed it to so she immediately took him in again and sucked him dry once again, it was great and I was paralyzed. After sucking him dry she stood up and said you've never had anything like that have you, I looked at her and shook my head no! No! No! She then put me back down on the bed and maneuvered me to the middle, then she went to her coat pocket and got out this Wide headband, she brought it over to me and slid it over my head and blindfolded me. Then with a very soft voice says I'm going to give you a little bit more time to recover but don't go anywhere, we still have all night. Giggling as she walked away.

I could here her running a bath, and I was glad that I was catching a break because I was in desperate need of it, I was laying there thinking that I never had sex like that, and that it still wasn't over, how could it get any better.

After a while I must of dozed off, because before I knew it I could feel her nails again going up and down him, for all I know she might of left me sleep for a while because I felt totally rejuvenated. The only thing was that I could feel her touch but couldn't see her doing it. Then before I knew it she was stroking away trying to get him up, it didn't take long before he was wide awake. Then making sure that I was good Mummy she checked everything and made sure it was all totally tight. Now with me being blindfolded she must have had something planned for me, but it turned me on a lot not knowing. Then before I knew it I felt her straddle my chest, then I felt her sliding her way towards my face then she stopped and leaned forward and with a stern voice said did you enjoy your rest, I nodded once again, she said good. Then with the same voice she says I'm going to remove your Gag for a while but don't say a word or I will put it right back, do you understand, I nodded again. After she removed my gag she put her hand across my mouth and said now your going to please me for a while, do you understand, I shook my head yes. Then removing her hand from my mouth she slid her body up my chest until I tasted her with delight. 

Before I knew it she was saying your doing great but I think I can control you much better, just then while I'm licking her wet, she leans back and starts stroking him slow then fast, Then noticing that the faster she went the faster I went, she loved it and moaned in sheer delight. Now still Blindfolded and unable to move and loving it, she stops and says I think we're going to try another position, then without hesitation she turns around and backs up to my face to start into a sixty-nine position, but before starting I could feel her pulling her Spandex Dress down over my face then she lowered her self and I continued where I left off. 

Now me being in a more relaxed position I was able to use my tongue a lot better. Then I guess she thought that if a simple handjob improved stimulation what would a blowjob do to me, especially with her on top. It wasn't long before she found out, as she took him in and out slow then fast, I in return lost control and it felt like I had a motor on my tongue I was licking slow then fast staying in time with her every move, then when she went deep I went deep sticking my tongue as far in her as possible. Once we became as one and the rhythm became fast and quick we both exploded and came at the exact same time, this time taking all of it in. I was so out of breath I couldn't say a word then with a whisper I said that was great, all the sudden Alicia gets up and with a stern voice says I thought I told you not to speak, she immediately climbs back on my chest and gags me again except this time a little tighter, there that should keep you quite. Then with in a couple of minutes I felt this ice cold wash rag cleaning him up and her voice saying that should cool you off. Let me tell you she wasn't kidding not only was I frozen down there but the little guy was looking for a hiding place. Then laughing she said don't go anywhere I'll be back in awhile.

Sure enough a little time passed and she returned this time asking me how have you liked your Fantasy so far it's been more then you expected and I have really enjoyed my self as well, except now were going to finish your Fantasy with such a finale you'll never forget this night or me, every time you see me you'll desire all of this again because you'll that know one will ever be able to do it better then me! 

Then starting out with a handjob she arouses him once again with out a problem. After getting him up again she whispers in my ear and says; oh I forgot I also brought another outfit for you to feast your eyes on so I'm going to only remove you Blindfold. When she dropped my Blindfold she was standing behind me so I couldn't see what she had on, then walking in front of me Alicia says I remembered that you said you love Tight Dresses so I picked this one for your finale, I hope you like it, My eyes got wide as I saw her in this Tight, Tight, Spandex Dress that was perfect shade of Red. Then she had seamed pantyhose on that were crotchless and all that was sitting on 5" Red heels that matched perfectly. Now with him growing right before her eyes and even without her touching him, she giggled and said I guess we should get started now. 

First thing she did was stand me up again, then with a glass in her hand she slid her body down mine until she was on her knees, then taking him in her hand she started running her tongue all over him then inserted him into her mouth but not taking him in all the way it seamed like she was just teasing. Then taking him out for a moment she reaches down and takes something from the glass, I could see that she was rolling it around in her mouth, then without waiting she puts the cup down and immediately and puts him back in her mouth except this time I almost went threw the roof as she took him all the way in and continued to do so by pushing and pulling me back and forth as I felt the inside of her frozen mouth wrap around him on every stroke. When she finished with that she got the Kitchen chair and sat me in it, then getting the glass again she took out an ice cube and rubbed it all over him, I didn't know what to expect next. Now with him standing there almost frozen she faces me and pulls up her Red Spandex Dress and says here we go, she slides her Dress up just enough to straddle me, then with him ice cold she lowers herself down onto him squeezing him as she goes down on him, then she gasp as she reaches the bottom. Then starting out slow at first she pumped away, then progressively moved into a faster motion, I couldn't control anything any more, as I was ready to cum she must of sensed it and said I don't think so, and stopped immediately before I got the chance. Then getting off of me she reached for the ice and literally cooled him off almost removing any signs of an erection.

Then she speaks up and says now it's time, she gets me back into the center of the bed then she maneuvers herself so that she laying next to me, then before I know it she's pulling up her Spandex Dress then she manages to get her left leg under my body and she rolls me over so that I'm actually on top of her then steering him in she wraps her legs around my butt and begins to make me pump, I must of looked like a dog in heat because it felt great, except the only thing I could move was my penis and she did that, the pumping came naturally. Again before getting the chance to cum she stops and rolls me back over so that I'm in the center of the bed again, then without hesitation she straddles me and inserts him into her, she then waits a moment and says are you ready this is it, I then nod my head yes. Within seconds we were again as one pumping faster and faster not missing a beat, She guessed that since I came so many times and that there were brakes in between that I would probably be able to hold out for a while so she didn't show any mercy as she rode me fast and hard until we both came in an orgasmic way, then she finished up by pumping him until he was totally dry. 

Alicia then loosened everything up, said I hope you have a problem like this again, then gathered up her stuff and left.


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