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A Favor That Will Last a Life Time

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2006 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; mummybags; enclosed; bond; gag; bfold; tease; torment; mast; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

It all started like this,

I have this pretty cool job and I always try to make the best of any situations that come up, but when there slightly unexpected you can get lost in the moment. I work in a shop and the Office personal are across the way in their own building. Well while being married for a long time nobody really associates with you unless they're other Men. So after me and my wife separated it became news and gossip between the Secretary's in the office, I'm not saying I'm great or nothing but I'm not bad either and when you get a little older it becomes a little harder to find your match, let alone maybe a special someone that enjoys bondage as much as I did, or at least appreciated it. 

Only one person I worked with knew my secret, that I loved bondage, especially bondage sex. As the women knew more they became friendlier I could see that I was the talk of the Office, so I was totally alright with that and the guy's joked about it every chance they could. As the girls got to know me they became more out spoken and almost to the point on a lot of topic's and of course the common border line harassment jokes. 

Oh yes, I forgot to describe the five wonderful Secretary's, One was about twenty seven years old, Brunette, brown eye's about 5'8" and maybe about 112lbs, almost perfect body her name was Rachel. The second was this nutty Blonde, green eyed, built like a brick shit house and usually dressed the part; she was probably in her thirty's her name was Kelly. Through all of us talking to one and other they found out that I was a push over for the women wearing a tight dress, the Blonde took this information in and used it, dressing nice almost all the time. The other's a little more conservative then the Blonde decided their jobs were a little more important then dressing up. 

Third one was another Blonde with a body and brains to match, perfect she was, yet I think she was the oldest, from what I heard she was in her late thirty's or early forty's, but looked the best out of all of them her name was Linda, maybe me being in my forty's swayed me a little. The forth was a great looking women, but brought a lot of attitude, the kind you didn't need, about thirty six years old, about 120lbs her name was Stephanie and she was also a Brunette. The fifth Secretary was a mother of two and basically kept to herself, but all and all a nice Lady, so I will leave her out of this story because she really never takes part in anything that happens. Getting on with it as the months passed and we continued to joke around and play tricks on each other we became close, but keeping it only at work No outside contact.

Now with me liking my bondage and having No wife or anyone else to play with, I decided to try things on my own, well needless to say you can't really get yourself in a Mummy Bag, especially if they all had internal Vertical Sleeves, but I continued to try breaking the zippers quite frequently. I had three of them all made by the same Manufacturer, one was a Double lined Gray Slinky Material, one was a Double lined Black Stretch Velvet one with a turtle neck collar, very comfortable and the other was a 10oz. Double lined Black Spandex one that had eyelets and elastic straps that went from shoulders down to ankles. The only problem was that I couldn't zip them up by myself and when I tried they would break, the manufacturer would fix them with no problem, but I was becoming a pest and I was beginning to get embarrassed asking them to fix them all the time, there had to be another way. 

One day while Rachel the Brunette was walking around the lot taking in some sun during her lunch break caught up to me and started joking around about her date the evening before, how he tried to put her in bondage, joking around I said so your into bondage Huh, laughing she said maybe I am, then walked back in side. As I continued to see her I would joke about her bondage likes and dislikes, making sure know one else knew what we were talking about. 

So as the month's went by I figured I have three broken zippers on Mummy Bags why not ask her if she has a sewing machine or knows how I can fix them without sending them back to the manufacturer again, the worst that can happen is she say's No and never speaks to me again, but I figured she had to know about some bondage or she wouldn't have talked to me about it, almost like she was relieved to tell some one about her Fetish life style. So as I talked to her more then any of the others they became more distant as if they thought me and Rachel were hitting it off, when really we only had something that we both enjoyed in common. 

So this one day she's heating up her lunch in our microwave and I asked her, do you by any chance have a sewing machine, her reply was yes my Mom has one and it does everything, I replied how about zippers, she said I think so. I then said who would sew you or your Mommy, she said I would smart Ass! She then asked what you need sewn now that you're a helpless man on your own, my reply was three mummy bags, mummy bags what they, some kind of costume for Halloween, I said No and Halloween is a long way off. Mummy Bags never really heard of them, I then said it to be a form of bondage except maybe a little more extreme and almost totally inescapable, she then say's I like the way that sounds, Extreme! I then told her how they worked and what materials could be used and explained everything that I could without showing her. She then said I would help you out if you introduced me to this type of bondage, me thinking to myself finally a bondage Partner. So she told me her address and for me to bring them over and to drop them off and she would fix them at her leisure, I was fine with that. 

So not knowing to much about her personal life other then at work and her love for bondage the Guys in the shop tells me she has a Daughter that's about 4 years old. Thinking to my self I have to be careful now because of the child, I couldn't let her see stuff like that even if she is 4; she could pull them out in front of someone or tell some one look over here or anything, so now a wrench was thrown in the mix. I decided then that I would buy an Athletic Bag and put them in there, well the bag was so roomy that I decided to put all my bondage stuff in with them except in different compartments so that they would be together and concealed from wondering eyes. 

Well the day comes and I come home shower get casually dressed and grab the Bag on the way out because I'm close to being late. When I arrive the door is open and there's a candlelight table arrangement with two glasses of Champagne, more then I expected, but totally cool, because I haven't been dined for a while, then out pops the 4 year old and the bag hits the floor. As I looked at the little girl she was a beautiful little girl named Katie, we got along great and her Mom, Rachel eventually put her to bed. We then sat on her front swing and talked for hours, finally asking me where I put them, just in case her daughter found them, and I then said I stuck them in her hall closet. She then told me that the only way she would fix them was if I personally showed her how they worked when they were finished, I said with a locative smile sure, thinking to myself putting her in that kind of bondage would also arouse my senses, this could be great. 

We finished our Dessert, no really Dessert! I then got up from the table and she said it was getting late and she had to get up and I said me to, then she pecked me a quick kiss on the lips and sent me out the door saying I'll let you know when you can pick them up. As the weeks passed, joking and taunting like school children going through growing up pains we continued to talk about private things, not knowing that boundary where you shouldn't step. Then this one day Rachel comes over to me at work and say's, my Mother has Katie for the weekend would you like to pick up your Bags this weekend, again quickly saying yes! She then say's great it's a date I'll see you at 8:00pm . Sharp, and don't be late. 

So as Saturday morning started out all I could think about was what were the possibilities, I found myself numerous amounts of time just saying, the last time was with my wife, don't panic, what if I mess up? Finally it's time to get ready, I remember saying to myself don't cancel out. After all that I decided to go, so I got Casually Dressed up and then went on my way. When I arrived at her house it looked like she had friends over or something, there were two other cars parked out in front of her house, but as she opened the Door the only thing I saw was the great look' in women wearing a Burgundy Dress that was so Tight it showed No panty lines, yet showed everything else. I then made a joke about parking and she said yes my neighbors having a party or a Family thing, there taking up our parking spots, I then answered Oh, it wasn't know big deal about parking.

Things start getting interesting here, I enter the living room and Rachel say's remember our deal, I said yes. Rachel goes to this chair that's facing away from me, it was a large Wing backed chair, she then lifts my Mummy Bags into the air and carries them over to me and ask me to check out her work, as I'm checking them out I noticed there perfectly done, I'm now pleased as hell and totally caught up in the moment and not paying to much attention, when all the sudden I hear are they not great, I say with a smile there perfect. She then say's good we can now start, I'm thinking what's the hurry, just then she ask how are you suppose to be during this bondage, I then say the material feels best when it's touching your skin. She then ask what Bag would I use, I said if it's going to be for a while you want comfort as well as Durability. But if it was me I probably would put a thin stretchy one on first then work from there. 

Now I'm starting to think she's testing the water, but just like that she say's alright you said you have to be undressed so get undressed, me standing there with my mouth open she, you didn't think I was going to try something for the first time, I just want to see how it works then maybe play some other time, now me getting undressed, my arousal has crashed and I feel totally stupid, so by this point I just wanted to get done. As I dropped my underwear I straightened up and I forgot what Rachel was wearing and all the sudden he starts to grow, now embarrassment on top of everything else, yes it can, Rachel say's I'm flattered, I then say I'm sorry she replies don't be. 

She then hands me the Gray Slinky Mummy Bag and tells me to show her using this one, I then instructed her step by step, it wasn't that hard, but it was understandable because her not knowing much about it, so I took my time and it made me feel like I was teaching her, yet who was being taught. She said she was ready to watch, then said lets do it, I said okay and sat on the edge of her bed, put both my feet in the Bag and worked the material up my ankles then lower legs, me talking to her the whole way. As I get the Mummy Bag up just past my waist, she stops me and says what are those things on each side of the interior of the Bag for, I replied there called Internal Vertical Sleeves, they keep your arms at your sides, when this happens you can kiss your ass goodbye, you're somebody's toy for a while. Rachel says you promised to show me everything so I want to see them in action, I'm thinking this is getting pretty strange, but needless to say she talked me into it. She was all cool with helping me and listened to every direction I gave, No problems right, wrong she immediately say's what can I do, Standing there in this Tight Dress, Heels that matched perfectly and Rose patterned Stockings, I could feel myself growing again, and me instantly trying to think of something bad to change the flow. I said you're going to work the material up past my shoulders, moving it around so that my arms go all the way into the Sleeves.

That goes on with out a problem, I'm now standing fully in the Mummy Bag, arms perfectly in the Sleeves and she say's, I know you hold the bottom of the zipper and pull it up, correct. Before I could say wait she had it zipped up. Just then she say's I'm only playing around, don't panic. She then tells me that she thinks she has it but wants to try to do it herself, I said alright get me out of here and will try the other bag, she comes over with the Stretch Velvet one and says this is nice, then pushes me back on the bed and starts putting my feet into the Velvet Mummy Bag and starts working it up my ankles then lower legs, I could feel everything getting tighter around those area's, as she working it up me I said to her I thought you were going to take the other one off first, this is really advanced area's of bondage you know, she looks up with a smile and tells me to shut up. She gets the Mummy Bag up with ease then in a flash zips it all the way up until the Turtle Neck zipped up. 

I was totally done at this point, then it gets worst I look over and I see Rachel going threw the bag that I packed, instantly I remembered that I never removed any of my stuff from the bag, because it was always easier to keep this kind of stuff together, I'm thinking Shit everything's in there. Just then she pulls out this Ball Gag and says you thought this out didn't you, I'm shaking my head No, No, well then you must be wondering that if I was just learning why would I have the Ball Gag for, well first let me put this on you then I'll tell you and boy are you going to be surprised. Rachel puts the Gag in and tightens it up. She then goes on to tell me that I have been No fun and that I'm always home and I never do anything because of my situation with my Ex-Wife. So you are going to be our Toy and we will play with you for as long as we wish. 

When she said our Toy from behind this door comes Kelly wearing this White Spandex Dress, 5" Stiletto Hells and White Pantyhose. As she stood in front of me I could feel him getting even harder. Rachel continued to explore the Bag looking for more things to use on me. As I sat on the edge of the bed trembling, Kelly's kneels down in front of me and says I will get him out, Rachel tells her yes do that! Then within seconds the room fills up with two more voices, Linda and Stephanie, Linda wearing this long ankle length Hobble Dress made of a Red Slinky/Spandex Material, which looked great on her, plus she had pumps to match and Red Satin Gloves, Linda was the one I really liked a lot. Stephanie on the other hand wore a Sexy Stretch Velvet Black Dress with Black Fishnet Stockings and 6" Stilettos at least I thought they were 6". 

As they stood over me all Dressed like my dreams envisioned them, I couldn't help but grow, the only problems was , I forgot that Kelly was on her way to get him out, my god the slightest touch. Both Mummy Bags had Holes about 1 ½" round. Kelly then worked her index finger and her thumb through the hole and started to work him out, already wet with pre-cum she begins to have troubles and at the same time he's growing while being in her grasp. Just then Kelly says he's getting hard to fast, out of know where comes this flick right on my pulsing vane, instantly it hurt and he went down a little, but as Stephanie flicked him it startled Kelly who fell back, Linda then stepped forward and said that's not right we don't won't to hurt him, Linda then in her Tight Hobble Dress gets herself to the floor and puts her hand on my one leg and rubs, as she did this I instantly got hard again, she laughed and said that's right, then she reached in and worked him threw this 1 1/2" hole, as she held him she wiped away the pre-cum and got up then out of know where Stephanie comes over and sticks an ice cold wash rag over him and my senses went through the roof and he slowly went down. 

Although the 1 1/2" hole was all most a perfect fit it acted as a ready made cock ring because of the elastic. Now looking through the bag again Stephanie speaks up and say's lets play a little game as she pulls out this piece of Material as she walks over and Blindfolds me. Then each of us will put him in different Positions and give him a hand job until he's close then you must stop before he cums or your eliminated from that game, everyone agreed on the game, I then knew I was in for one hell of a night, Linda then speaks up and say's not so fast lady's an added rule, everyone then says what added rule, we all vote on who gives the best Hand Job, the winner then gets to finish out the Hand Job until he cums, the other three say that's a great idea. 

Kelly then speaks her mind and adds there's know time limit and we can use anything to assist us, right. Everyone agrees as they pick who going first, I don't know who's going first because of the Blindfold and they were not aloud to talk. Just then I hear heels walking across the floor towards me, I'm sitting on the edge of the bed trying to think of who heels they were, knowing that soon or later Linda would be doing it to me, how great would that be to have her make me cum. As the heels stopped in front of me I felt these hands push me back on the bed so that I was in the laying position, then I felt the bed go down next to me as some one sat down. Then in anticipation a hand gripped him rather firmly and started stroking very slow, I couldn't help but squirm in my Tight bondage as I became aroused ever so quickly. Then the slow strokes became faster as I started to thrust back and forth, then as I was getting close everything just stopped and I felt this Ice Cube being run up and down my erection, instantly sending shivers up and down my body. Then just as he's going down she wets her hand with ice again and picks up where she left off, faster and faster she went as my body squirmed and pumped she continued until we were in sink, then she must of sensed that I was getting close and she stops, leaving me there so close to Cumming. 

A few minutes passed, just enough to let him calm down then it was time for the second one to show what they had. This time I hear Heels except there dragging something with them. As the heels and the dragging stopped before me I could feel someone helping me to my feet then they turned me and sat me down on this chair, then I hear someone going threw the bag again, this time the heels come back and I feel something getting pulled over my shoulders and pulled down my upper body until it reached my waist. The tightness I felt was something holding my upper body to the chair. I then felt something being put around my Mummified feet as they were pulled tight to the chair, I was practically unable to move. I then felt this body slide down past my knees; I could feel her breast touching my knees, then a hand that had some warm liquid in it started to massage him very slowly, the reaction she must have felt from my pulsating member must have had a reaction on the others because I just heard moans. The faster she went the warmer the Liquid became and the harder and thicker I became, unable to move all I could do was to sit there and love every moment of it, as I did my trembling body and moans of delight filled the room, until I got ready to cum and she instantly stopped and cooled him down with ice, I was there and she knew it, that's why she stopped. 

As a few minutes passed it was time for the third one to try her luck. This one tried a totally different approach; she started with the cold first. She put an ice cube in her hand and started to stroke him while I was still in the sitting position tied to the chair, unable to move the ice was very cold and it was all most painful yet I was still growing in her hand, I tried to move and squirm around but I was unable to do so, soon he became numb from the ice and I started to shake all over like I was going to explode, she continued to go faster and faster until the ice finally melted and her hand became warm and she slowed down to a slower stroke which made my body tense up and I think if she continued I would have cum all over the place, but she felt me tense up and stopped like she was suppose to. 

The final one came over to me and untied me from the chair; she then stood me up and put me back in the center of the bed so that now my entire Mummified body was completely on the bed. I then felt this body straddle my legs as she leaned forward, now with her breast on my upper thighs she starts stroking him slow at first then picking up speed occasionally then slowing down again, with her body on top of mine it was like I was tied down to the bed which also turned me on and I started to pump with her. She did hers so perfect that I would get close then she would slow down then start up again making it last the longest, but they weren't judging each on how long they managed to keep me going they judged each other on who got the best reaction, who aroused him the most. 

After a while they let me rest as they voted, they didn't mention any names just which one got the best out of me, it ended up being the second one that tied me to the chair and used the warm liquid, which was massage oil that reacts to friction and becomes hotter as you use it. They all teamed up to put me back in the chair and tied me up the same way. Still Blindfolded I was unable to know who it was hoping that it was Linda, unable to tell me I felt this warm liquid again, except this time the hand was surer of what it was going to do, like she knew she was the best so far. She took her time this time making every stroke count for me, slow then fast. Again the faster she went the warmer the liquid got and the bigger I grew, as she went faster I could feel my self trying to thrust my hips back and forth, but I couldn't. Then as I passed the point of stopping I hear these heels come over and the Blindfold is yanked off leaving me face to face with Rachel as my eyes focused I glanced at her Tight Dress and her Body I couldn't control my self and I exploded into the air, I continued to cum until she made sure I was totally milked dry, then Rachel cleaned me up with soap and water, untied me from the chair and all four off them put me back into the center of the bed as Linda said we will let you rest now for a while, before passing out I couldn't help but feel embarrassed because I knew that I would never have a chance with Linda now that I was exposed to other women and seemed to enjoy it all, but it wasn't like I had a choice in what would happen.

The next thing I remembered was hearing all these Heels walking across the floor, then Stephanie saying wake up it's time to play again. As I opened my eyes I saw four Lady's standing around me all wearing something different then last time, yes wearing form fitting dresses that showed every curve, Linda got out of her Hobble dress and went into a Tight Burgundy dress that had matching heels, Stephanie had on a Black Velvet dress with sparkles all over it and Gloves to match and Black Shoes, Rachel wore a Gold Dress with Heels and Kelly wore a Silver Dress with Silver Heels. 

Stephanie then spoke up and said now it's time for the Blindfold again, as they putted the Blindfold on I was wondering what was next. As a couple of minutes passed I heard them say the best will be voted on by each of us. I then hear Kelly say which one is this going to be, Stephanie say's are you kidding me Kelly this is for the best Blowjob! Knowing that my chances with Linda were already over and not really being able to do anything any way I laid there still as a board just wondering who would be first. Without saying who was first I felt the bed go down on the one side of me as if someone sat down next to me, the next thing I feel is this Stretch Material being stretched out across my face as one of the Lady's put her self in the 69 position and started blowing me, all I could do was lay there in my Mummification bondage and squirm around under her as she slid her body up and down my gag. It seemed like the more I squirmed the more she grinded, unable to even lift my head because of her dress and legs holding my head down and her body weight holding the rest of me down I started to squirm even harder then all at once it stopped and she got off, all I could hear from the others were, Wow. 

Since a couple of minutes went by he went down and the second Lady was ready to try her skills out. I then feel two sets of hands getting me to my feet, without talking they sat me down in a chair and I felt things being tied around my Mummified body once again, this time they tied my feet to the chair and my upper body to the chair, leaving the middle free. As I felt something bounce off my feet, I realized it was a pillow of some sort, shortly after two hands grabbed my knees as I could feel her lowering her body down mine and onto the pillow. I then heard a glass being swirled around like it had rocks in it, then the swirling stopped. As the quiet surrounded me I could feel him growing in anticipation of what was to happen, then I feel this ice cold Tongue touch the tip of him and I jumped, as soon as I jumped she ran her tongue up and down him several times making him shrivel up in fear as the cold ran threw my body. 

With every tongue stroke came chills which ran up and down me each time she did then I heard that glass again, except this time she brought a couple of cubes with her, all most like a hamster she put one on each side of her cheek and took him in. Already small from the cold the thrill of the chill made me very aroused and I grew within seconds filling her mouth rather quickly all most making her gag, then using her tongue she worked the thawing cubes around him as she took him up and down slow then fast, as I moaned in delight as I couldn't hear anything but what was happening right there and now. I became so aroused that I started to pump faster and faster, then as I was about to cum I could feel her being pulled off and I was left there pumping into the air, I stopped with amazement that I didn't cum and he started to relax again and went slowly down as if he failed. 

I could then hear heels walking away and the Lady's arguing with the one saying you weren't going to stop which is against the rules you have been disqualified from the rest of this until further notice which will be the final day. I then hear so what this shouldn't even be happening you are all taking this too far. Stephanie, which I knew her voice then said and you to agreed to this idea like the rest of us, I thought you were all my friends, I guess I was wrong, then the door slams shut and silence fills the room. From the distance I thought the voice was Linda's but I wasn't sure, how ever if it was she was going to go all the way even without there approval, why? Could it be that she was interested in me after all, that maybe I still had that chance, then reality set in and I thought if so for how long now that I'm still here with three women with No escape. 

I heard the remaining women talking to one another as there Heels came closer, blindfolded and unable to move I couldn't understand what was going on. Just then I feel my Shoulders being released from the chair as well as my feet, but I still remained Mummified. Just then I'm stood up and balanced by one of the Lady's as the other turned the chair around and stands it backwards behind me so that I was leaning on the back of the chair, then one of the Lady's started at my feet and tied my ankles to the rear legs of the chair then worked her way up from there going to my knees then upper legs and so on until she reach my upper arms, as I struggled I found out that I couldn't even fall over, they executed it perfect. Perfectly balanced and tied standing up to a chair. 

As I tried to take this position in I feel this body rub up against mine, then while leaning on me she took her hand and stroked him a little bit, I guess the rules changed a little when the one left. As he started to grow in her hand I couldn't control what was happening, then all at once I felt her slide down my Bound body and with one gulp she was on her knees taking him in, at first it was slow then without warning she was taking him all the way in sucking him like a vacuum with every in and out motion. Without movement I was only able to push my hips back and forth for a short time, I think that was the idea, No movement meant No Cumming. As my body tensed up she realized I was close and stopped just like the first one and I once again was cheated from my time. 

As I stood there legs weakening from what has just happened, I feel two sets of hands holding onto me again, then some else untied me from the chair. When they were finished they sat me on the edge of the bed again and pushed me back, No words were exchanged. While laying there I couldn't stop thinking about what happened with the other Women, for some reason thinking about that relaxed me and I went down faster then usual, I'm not sure why, maybe this wasn't fun to me anymore, I just couldn't help it being in that type of bondage aroused me beyond any ones dreams. 

Then with in minutes they returned for the third Lady's try. I feel the pillow hit my feet again and there's a body with nice breast leaning on my knees, then all the sudden she takes him in her hand and starts to jerk him off, except she's being forceful with him and it hurts a little yet he still continues to get up. Now as he's growing with every stroke of her hand she stops and starts to fish my balls threw the Holes of the Mummy Bags, which I might add was becoming very painful. Once she had them in her hand she rolled them around like marbles, then she separated each one and tied them up. After doing that she held tightly around my Penis until he was tall and thick then she tied something at the base of him, needless to say I instantly started thrashing around on the bed, basically in pain. But then as I calmed down I felt these lips open up and caress him every inch until he was gone and the only thing I felt was pleasure and peace, within seconds I was pumping like a mad man and I was ready to cum, but again she stopped even knowing that she was the best at this one. 

Again leaving me they went and discussed who the best was, not taking long a decision was reached. Then with in a few moments I was still laying half on the bed and my bound feet on the floor I felt this body squeeze my legs to the bed and her Breast rested on my knees and she began to jerk him off again, hard at first until he became aroused again, loosening up what she had tied around the base of him he then was able to once again grow to better then usual size, she then tied him up again and he remained hard as a rock, making it only her decision when he was going to be aloud to release. 

As she took him slowly in her hot wet mouth, reaching my base she began to pick up speed and the sucking became stronger, I began thrusting my hips up and down in rhythm with her, her moans became louder as my thrust became harder. I couldn't cum because of every thing being tied up yet I continued to grow and it was starting to hurt, then out of know where my Blindfold gets pulled off and my eyes focus to see Stephanie sucking me off like a high powered vacuum, moaning and loving every minute of it. Then as I glance up I see the other two just watching with smiles on there faces and as I looked past them to see this stand up mirror that showed every thing and I began pumping faster and faster not feeling like I was going to cum. Just then Kelly comes over and unties my balls and pushes them back threw the holes, Stephanie still going with out missing a beat, we are now pumping as one in total rhythm. 

I'm now amazed at my stamina being able to last this long, but then Rachel comes up and unsnaps the object from the base of my penis using just one finger and instantly I feel him getting ready to explode. Let me remind you that this was the Dominant one of the four and very out spoken, yet she was totally in too this. The only problem was that we didn't miss a beat even while Rachel and Kelly released the restrictive bindings that were holding the juices from flowing, which meant as soon as Rachel released that snap I was already into a pumping motion, being Gagged and totally Mummified I was unable to say anything or move any differently. Then as glanced at the Lady's now both standing on each side of the full length mirror, I could see me and Stephanie going at it and I just couldn't hold out and I exploded like never before sending it all the way into Stephanie mouth, since she was taking him all the way in it went right down and the funny thing was that she moaned in delight and continued until I was totally empty and took it all. As I laid there motionless and drained I felt this cold wash rag being taken up and down my shaft until I slowly went back to normal size, then they all helped me back onto the center of the bed and I fell fast asleep.

As the sun pierced threw the window I was awakened by the three Lady's wearing regular cloths now like jeans and T shirts, I heard Stephanie say it's time to release him from the outer Mummy Bag, which was the Stretch Velvet one. Rachel and Kelly rolled me over and unzipped the Bag and worked it down my body leaving me in the Gray Slinky Stretch Bag, thinking that the Gray one was next and that this amazing evening was coming to an end. Instead Rachel rolled me back over again putting the exit zipper behind me again; not knowing what was happening Stephanie speaks up and says not so fast, this isn't over just yet. She then goes on to tell me that this was all planned out and that this was all for Linda, as my eyes widened Rachel's says yes there's something you don't know about Linda, Kelly then speaks up and says there's a lot you don't know about your girl Linda, like for instance she has it in for you big time, but we tried to play her off all the time because we knew we were going to do this, we just needed an opportunity which you gave us by asking Rachel to fix you Mummy Bags. 

Stephanie then brakes into the girl's conversation by saying and how bout Linda's love for being a Submissive, my eyes got even bigger then before I knew it I was getting aroused, Stephanie tells Kelly look he must have understood us as she rubbed threw the thin layer of Mummification. We have talked enough now we have to get ready for Linda it's getting late. Not knowing what to do I start to try to get out of my thin layer of bondage, but I couldn't. But just as the Lady's were making there way into the other room they stopped and returned to the bed, Rachel then says oh yes we forgot the best part we have to work on you first. 

As the three of them got me to the edge of the bed, Stephanie goes to my overnight bag and gets out the Double lined Black Stretch Spandex 10oz. Mummy Bag, which had sewn in vertical sleeves which couldn't be used because my arms were already in sleeves in the Gray one, but this bag was heavier and stronger and also came outfitted with sewn on Elastic/Velcro 2" straps that started at my Shoulders then went down to my Ankles hitting every place in between. Anyway she brought it over and Kelly slid it over my feet then Stephanie and Rachel stood me up, Kelly then worked it very slowly up my body until she reached my shoulders then she went behind me and zipped it up, as she did this I could feel the bag getting Tighter as she zipped it all the way up. Then as she balanced me Stephanie and Rachel began stretching the Elastic straps around me and Velcro them together which really made all of the Bag get even tighter. 

Now Mummified better then last time Stephanie pushes me back onto the bed, they now all head for the door, which they shut behind them. Some time passed and I could hear them scheming up something but I was un-sure what it was. It wasn't long before I found out, I heard the door open and Linda said this is over now, just then I hear a ruckus out in the front room but know screaming or anything, then I hear Linda say what are use doing let me go, now this isn't funny anymore. The ruckus lasted for several minutes then everything got quiet. It seemed like a lot of time passed when all the sudden the door opened up and Rachel, Stephanie and Kelly seemed to be carrying something into the room as they got closer to me I could see that it was Linda. They then stood her up in front of me and to my surprise she fitted perfectly into my Black Stretch Velvet Mummy Bag; of course it was zipped all the way up so that the turtle neck enclosed her neck, her arms were at her sides probably put into the Vertical Sleeves and along with that was a Ring Gag and something wired coming out from where my Penis would have been. 

While Stephanie held her balanced in the standing position Linda's eyes grew wide, Rachel then brought over a chair and they put Linda in it facing me. Stephanie then says Linda yesterday went just as planned you got mad and walked out giving us all the time we need to finish our planning. As Linda looked at me Kelly said yes Linda we are your friends and we love you very much we would never do anything to hurt you, but we felt that it was time for you to make a move and if you weren't going to do it we would do it for you. Rachel then says we were only having fun and we didn't even really have sex with Jim, a Hand job and a Blowjob but No Sex, Stephanie ended up winning the Blowjob section and boy was that something, Stephanie then butts in and says that's enough of that. 

Just then Linda tries to get up and Kelly pushes her back down Stephanie then grabs this Remote that's hanging from Linda's side and pushes a button, instantly Linda squirms around in her tight bondage, then Stephanie turns it off. Rachel then tells Linda we are going to control you for a while, and then Kelly tells her we also told Jim that you love bondage and that you are interested in him, but how ironic is it that he too loves bondage and especially bondage Sex. As I glanced at Linda her eyes became bigger then I've ever seen and I think she knew at that moment she was also going to be a victim of Love. Stephanie then tells Linda now that you understand it's time to get moving, as Linda moaned something she tried again to get up, quickly Kelly hits the button and Linda immediately sits down then Kelly shuts it off again. 

Now while taking all this in I'm basically in shock, which becomes short lived as Rachel and Kelly gets me in the sitting position at the edge of the bed. The bed was furnished with four end post that reminded me of a canopy bed except without the canopy. Rachel then stands me up and moves me to the one post and holds me against it, Kelly then comes over and un-Velcro's all the Elastic Belts. As Rachel continued to hold me there Kelly starting at my feet stretched the Elastic Belts around me and then around the post and Velcro that one together she then continued to do so all the way up my body until she finished with my Shoulders, well needless to say I could not move an inch. 

Stephanie then throws a pillow onto the floor in front off me then Rachel and Kelly took Linda and put her in the kneeling position right in front of me, seeing her in the bondage and helpless instantly aroused me and he started to grow right in front of her, since I was in the Black Spandex Bag it had zippers and that one wasn't down yet so he grew inside. Linda being eye level watched him as he grew, I couldn't help myself. Just then Rachel unzips him and pulls him out, she looks at Kelly and says look he's definitely turned on he's already pre Cumming. 

Stephanie then walks up to the back of Linda and pushes her body forward, Linda pushes back then Stephanie says okay you want to play, Stephanie looks at Rachel and says turn it on low, all the sudden Linda starts to moan, Stephanie then tells her to take him in or else. Linda nudged forward and looked up at me, Rachel then tells her now and hits the button again sending the signal, Linda leaned forward and started taking him in very slowly, Kelly then grabs the back of her head and says all the way baby, pushing her head forward so that she was taking him in all the up to the base of my shaft, as she tried to fight they continued to use the remote on her making her moan with every stroke then they would speed it up which made her go faster and faster which made me pump because I could feel her being Vibrated from below, I think it had a lot to do with the Material carrying the Vibrations, but soon we were pumping in perfect rhythm and soon her moans became moans of Delight as we pumped as one and our body's tensed up and we began pumping faster and faster, I could feel her getting ready to cum as she squirmed and thrashed about faster and faster then she released her pent up feeling and I exploded right behind her filling her mouth with Love juices and she continued to go down on me until I was totally empty, it was truly Love. 

As my body went limp and I felt like I was going to pass out Rachel and Kelly released the Elastic straps holding me to the bed and I practically fell into there arms they then laid me back down on the bed. Stephanie then took Linda's limp body by the shoulders and Kelly grabbed her feet and they lifted her up and placed her next to me on the bed, Linda then wiggled her way closer to me, they then cleaned us up and removed the gag from Linda's mouth yet she was still unable to talk, they replaced it with a Rubber Ball Gag and we then passed out. 

As I woke up I realized Linda was know where to be found, I did notice that my Mummification bondage seemed a little tighter then before so as I looked down my body as far as I could see, all of the Elastic straps were refastened from ankles to shoulders. Then as I laid there the door opened once again and walking through the in the front was Stephanie then came Linda wearing this Tight Spandex White Dress with glitters and White Heels and a pair of White designed Stockings, but I could only see a Ball Gag in her mouth, then as she came closer I saw Rachel and Kelly behind her with there hands holding on to something, what was it I was wondering. Then as they turned her around I could see that they had her arms in an White Spandex Arm binder that went up to the back of her neck then two straps crossed over her breast which then Rachel pulled the looseness out of the straps bringing her breast nipples piercing threw the Dress, then Kelly took them from Rachel and took them around Linda's waist pulling them tight which brought Linda's arms tight against her back. 

Stephanie then comes over to me and snaps the ring around the base of my shaft, then with the flick of a switch it began to Vibrate very slowly which made move around, she then said good and walked back over to Linda. Linda was looking fine in every aspect of the word, while she watched me squirm, her eyes showed excitement. Stephanie then says this is it the finale, Jim your not quite ready yet but this is going to work, see our idea is going to fall in to place and things will work out for them self's. As me and Linda looked at each other, Kelly then took Linda and put her on the bed and told her to straddle me so that she was over top of him. After that Rachel took one of the straps that was left over from the arm binder and pulled it tight and tied it to the backboard post of the bed, she then went to the other side and did the same thing using that strap, now Linda was unable to move back. 

They then went into my overnight bag and got out this long piece of Stretchy rope, now in Stephanie's hands she brings it to the bed and takes it two raps around my lower legs which were perfectly lined up with Linda's feet, Stephanie then pulls them tight and makes the ends even. With one end she takes it around Linda's left ankle and with the other end she takes it around her right ankle, then pulling both end tight at the same time brought Linda's legs and feet tight to mine pinning them there, she then crossed the ends over Linda's legs and went around mine again several times then tied each end off to the foot of the bed using each post at the foot of the bed. Linda was now totally dressed hot, tied up so good that she could only move up or down and hovering over my throbbing, pulsating shaft that she never had the pleasure of meeting until this day. 

Well as the Lady's turned and started walking out the door Stephanie say's have a great time we already fixed it so that No one will disturb you until 11:00am tomorrow and will be back around 9:30am to untie you, so Linda do you think you'll be able to hover over him for that long or do you think you'll cum so many times you'll Orgasm at least two or three times, Rachel speaks up and say's I'm guessing at least two Orgasms and you'll probably come at least ten different times, but any way we have to get going we have dates tonight, Oh yes I forgot Linda I'm going to turn Jim on now, just then the ring starts to Vibrate, Kelly now laughing yells oh yes the ring Vibrates according to your motion, the faster you go the faster it goes, enjoy. 

As the ring Vibrated I couldn't help but get aroused, as I did he started to grow touching Linda's wet pussy, as she tried to lift up he followed. Now getting tired of being in that position she started to lower herself then feeling him she would jump back up, then not able to resist it anymore she lowered herself down, as he slid in her tight wet pussy I could hear her let out a sigh of relieve. Once he was in she just moaned and her body shook and quivered as she sat on him motionless, but was she really motionless I felt her cum all over him just sitting there, then with me feeling that I came, and we both believe in safe sex, but not this time the Lady's left the Condoms in the bag, we were riding bare back tonight. This type of thing went on for the whole evening, because just when you thought you finished and you wanted to fall a sleep you couldn't because any movement would stimulate the other and we be back pumping again. It was the best sex any one person could ever have, I thank you all!

The End!


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