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Final Exams

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2006 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; capture; wrap; rubber; encase; bond; tease; reluct; X

The following is a work of erotic fiction that involves bondage, mummification, and adult themes. If these subjects are bothersome to you, stop reading now.


As I tracked Diana's form making its way out of the city, his mind flashed back to the words the General had spoken before the beginning of the exam.

"You are about to be locked into the simulation chamber you have all grown to both enjoy and despise. There, you will match skills against your fellow classmates as you attempt to gather the full cryptographic key necessary to unlock the door to the chamber. Each of you will be provided one portion of the key, which will be turned over to the individual that manages to affect your capture."

I had been as surprised as his nineteen other classmates, and now understood why the final exam for intelligence specialists was such a closely guarded secret. Diana would make the ninth key I'd captured personally and the twelfth in total when the three I'd "inherited" from his captives were counted.

That was 60% of all the keys. Diana was certain to have one or two at least, and I knew Astrid had three two days ago. I smiled to myself. Diana would have spent her points on the more passive traps, spy networks, and some form of low power, long range weapon. Astrid would have also selected a strong spy network to alert her when the other classmates wandered into their simulated view, but would have opted for more defensive measures for her home base and close combat weapons. Her martial arts skills were tops in the class.

I had started with a small network of simulated spies, discreet but effective body armor that had saved me at least once, a mix of short range stun pistols, contact weapons, and drugs. That and a good alarm for my home base. I grinned as I slid from bush to bush nearly silently on Diana's trail, waiting for the right opportunity to make my move. Back at my base, eleven classmates squirmed in the cocoons that would restrain them for the remainder of the exercise. With every capture, I'd invested most of the points he had won in Serex sealing wrap. The special plastic/rubber mix had originally been developed to protect cargo on military vessels when performing combat maneuvers. When the special resin was applied, the Serex strips would fuse together as though originally applied that way and expand by approximately 200% of its original volume. With multiple applications, even the most fragile of objects could be protected from numerous high speed impacts.

I imagined Diana's shapely form as the robots that handled the application of the Serex held her immobile and applied the strips to her. Securing the captives to this extent was a bit of overkill, but better to be safe than sorry. If a captive ever escaped, the simulation computers would render all my weapons, traps, and defences completely harmless to the escapee and reward them with immediate points to put them back into the game. I'd had actually been briefly captured by one of the members of the 'magnificent mafia' (five classmates who had banded together early in the year and were now working together during finals). Except that she was pretty much inept compared to the rest of the class and hadn't selected restraints effectively, opting for more weapons and equipment. I'd escaped in hours, caught her, and then used the surprise of emerging from her base to capture the rest of the five, who were foolishly close to one another. Now they squirmed in my holding cell, able to see the body count there grow while denied motion and speech.

Diana, though, would be his sweetest catch short of Astrid. One of the three was certain to graduate at the head of the class, and to help limit the risk of damaging those positions, they'd agreed to a truce until one of the three of them had acquired at least five of the keys to the simulation room door. That had happened when he'd bagged the 'mafia' just under one week ago. The remaining players were all among the best in the class.

An amazingly subtle vibration notified him that the simulation computer had sent him a message on his comm pad. Diana slowed as she withdrew hers from a pocket. Thomas stopped moving and did the same. Astrid had apparently bagged another player - the count of keys captured was up to seventeen. Either that, or she'd been taken herself.

I imagined the fun of having both Astrid and Diana in his power following the exams. Military rules encouraged frequent and casual sex to prevent significant emotional attachments, burn off stress, and increase camaraderie within the unit all at the same time. Diana, Astrid, and Thomas had frequently shared their intimate moments with each other, and more than occasionally had "borrowed" for both the practice and the enjoyment. It was definitely harder to escape when under someone's tender ministrations.

My mind flashed again to Diana's shapely form swathed in the Serex. Except now he'd sufficient points banked that he could place zippers, sliders, or similar openings to gain access to her small but perfect, firm breasts or other critical areas. Astrid was taller, and no less beautiful. He allowed himself to picture the two of them side-by-side in the holding cell, captives for two weeks following his victory - both an additional incentive to avoid capture and reward for the winner.

Diana had resumed walking, though she randomly glanced around for any threat. Once she turned around rapidly enough that I was afraid I'd been spotted, but it seemed not to be the case. Her move had been rapid enough that her jacket had opened to reveal the stunner in a shoulder holster - one sufficiently powerful to punch through my armor. I'd have to time things carefully.

I followed for another hour - Diana had obviously selected a home base well removed from the simulated city to keep her away from the prying eyes of the other players and spy networks. I'd been very lucky to be tipped off when she had made her way into town for food.

I had closed to within fifty feet and was fingering one of the gas grenades I carried - why risk having the stunner bounce off body armor? - When a form fell out of the tree behind Diana in a fluid motion. Astrid's tall, muscular, shape aimed a kick at her head on the way down, but Diana had apparently spotted her. She alertly dodged to the side, and her hand reached into her jacket for the stunner. Astrid recovered rapidly and pursued as soon as she'd regained her balance. She changed her course the moment that Diana's stunner had come free and swung towards her, heading into the brush for cover. Diana's shot missed her by inches and then she was gone. Her clothing apparently included active camouflage as she blended nearly seamlessly into the foliage.

I pulled the grenade from my pocket and waited. Diana wouldn't be foolish enough to step into the brush to follow and find Astrid - that would hand Astrid the advantage. Instead, she backed into the middle of the road and began scanning around her carefully. With her stunner at the ready, she began stepping down the road sideways to find the security of her home base and whatever traps she'd laid there. She made it perhaps ten steps.

The sound of a small stunner's emission couldn't be missed, and it struck Diana full in the stomach. Her concealed armor stopped the shot, but caused her to bend over in response to the impact. Astrid was on her like a big cat after her prey. Diana managed to block the "knife" (a real blade wouldn't be allowed in the simulator) in Astrid's hand, but this would be over momentarily either way. I have twenty pounds on Astrid and much better than average martial arts skills, but Astrid will kick my ass seven or eight times out of ten. And Diana was nowhere near a match for me. But I decided I would bring our adventures to a close.

The gas grenade turned out to be timed perfectly. Astrid had just tripped Diana and was following her to the ground to pin her and finish her off. My grenade bounced into her descending chest and landed, almost unbelievably, on Diana's stomach. Both women seemed to freeze for a moment and then the grenade emitted a small "pop" and filled the air around them with gas.

In seconds, the mild breeze had cleared the air and I could see two beautiful forms lying in a heap on the ground. I pulled out my stunner and a contact shocker just in case one had managed to avoid the gas and went to examine them. Both were out cold. My comm. pad vibrated to indicate a message, and I began the process of selecting their forms of imprisonment - their capture had been affected and I'd shortly have the nineteenth and twentieth keys I'd need to open the simulator door and claim victory. Their names appeared in alphabetical order, so I specified the Serex mummification with the sliders for Astrid first. Having experimented with the materials in our pre-finals games, I knew I could have appropriate access to whatever I wished by simply wrapping her upper body and arms individually. The resin would lock them together and allow a long, strong slider from her ankles to the parts of interest for whatever play I chose to engage in with her.

The robots arrived as soon as I'd confirmed my selections. The computer had obviously learned my preferences to a "T" and had put the appropriate assets in motion. I repeated the process for Diana. As I confirmed my selections, the world suddenly went dark.

My mind turned to the possibility that the computer had processed the fact that I'd captured all the keys and shut down the simulation, but a throbbing in my head indicated that something else had happened. I'd been hit with a stunner, which had effectively frozen the neurons controlling my higher brain functions. I attempted to move, but found that impossible. Something held me fast. Something that was both forgivingly soft but firmly grasping simultaneously. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into a mirror that confirmed my thoughts. The Serex I'd been selecting for Diana had somehow found its way around my body instead. It covered every inch of my body except for a small patch of my face that contained my eyes and nose. Some form of foam filled my mouth as a gag, which turned my curse of rage into a muffled groan.

"Ahhhhh, he's awake. Excellent."

Diana's shapely form stepped into view, a huge grin on her face. She'd lost her jacket, and her white shirt enhanced the shapeliness of her breasts that I lustily wished I could reach right now. I struggled mightily against the Serex with a growing erection as her hand reached out to caress my face. While Astrid and I were more frequent partners, I'd actually enjoyed Diana's ministrations more. She was somehow both more playful and more dominating at the same time. Were we not in the military, our intimacy might have developed into something of a more lasting nature.

"I'll bet you're wondering how exactly this came about, aren't you," the impish smile indicated that she was dying to take the chance to tell me regardless of my response. I attempted to nod nevertheless, barely managing to bob my chin. My head had to be secured to something since it would barely move up and down. Diana produced a medical cutter and began making a cut in the Serex just above my genitalia. She explained as she carefully cut a line through the perfect grey rubber that enclosed me.

"It's quite simple really. I'll bet that you didn't even spend any of your selection time looking through the 'passive' options that were listed at the bottom."

The careful and nearly perfectly straight cut complete she produced what looked like a rubber tube. I recognized it immediately as one of the more diabolical, frustrating, and enjoyable toys that I'd ever had used upon me. Made from a form of latex, it was dual layered and contained two air chambers that could inflate independently. One could act as a cock-ring to extend an erection's duration. The other ran the entire length of the shaft and could pulse rapidly due to the micro-pumps that could inflate or deflate it. With the remote control, Diana could drive me positively crazy by keeping me aroused for what seemed like forever without actually allowing me release.

She looked up at me and grinned as she pulled my erect manhood through the perfectly sized slit and applied the toy.

"Remember this, do you," she asked, then she returned to explaining my predicament as she applied it expertly to me. "You're more of an action guy, so I figured you'd be taking a hunter approach. Me, I'm better off letting someone else do my work for me than you. So I bought the networks, traps, etc. to lay low. I made two captures myself, but that wasn't my focus - survival was."

The sheath applied properly, she repositioned my manhood inside my cocoon and picked up a slide closure with Serex material attachments. She applied the resin liberally to the material, and began to carefully mate the closure to the slit she'd cut.

"My four most expensive purchases were related to you and Astrid. I figured that one of the two of you would be the last one standing, particularly with our little agreement."

I suddenly realized that I had only moments to try to turn the slit she'd cut into freedom and began to struggle mightily against the rubber that enfolded me, which really did nothing but get me more excited. With every pull, ever tug, I could feel only a shifting of pressure from the side I pulled upon to the opposite side of my body as the Serex pulled, stretched ever so slightly, and then forced my limb back to where it had started. Diana laughed as she worked.

"So I bought a bit of treachery. If you or Astrid captured me as the eighteenth or nineteenth catch of the games, then the moment you completed selecting my restraints, the computer would turn the tables on you for me. It represented a companion spy trailing me to provide protection from the enemy."

Diana's gentle pressure to apply the closure only combined with the feeling of being bound to increase my state of excitement. I continued my struggles, but it was futile and I was growing very, very warm. As she finished her work and stood again, I ceased my struggles.

"And my planning paid off brilliantly," she said again, grinning from ear to ear. "The two of you demonstrated amazing skills. I'll bet that you even get valedictorian since you captured so many of our classmates before falling yourself. You might even challenge the scoring record for finals.

"Unfortunately, you'll have to find out while you're my mummified, captive, sex toy to use or not as I see fit. That treachery buy paid off in spades and I'll be the only one free to move about for the next two weeks."

I struggled feebly again, and she giggled as she rubbed my manhood firmly through the surrounding rubber. "It'll be fun to see how surprised Astrid is, since she's expecting you to greet her when she wakes up. You know what, I'll even let you see her."

As I stopped struggling, I noticed that for some reason the Serex was continuing to expand and contract, seemingly at random spots around my body. My question emerged as a series of grunts and moans, but Diana apparently understood it perfectly. She giggled that light, airy giggle of hers as she stepped out of my direct line of vision. I followed her in the mirror as she walked and continued to speak.

"Well, I couldn't very well allow such good friends to be separated, now, could I?"

She turned back to stare at me in the mirror as she put her hands on a large panel and began to turn it around.

"We've worked so closely together for so long; I just couldn't bear to play with only one of you at a time."

The panel turned out to be another mirror, and in it I could see a female form wrapped in Serex. Except the head seemed to be wrapped strangely, almost as though it grew upwards at the back of the head.

If I could have slapped myself in the forehead, I would have. The female form was Astrid. While she's tall for a woman, I'm four inches taller. We'd been wrapped back-to-back by Diana. That was the reason I couldn't nod properly - I was pulling against her as I did. As she was waking up and starting to move, she pulled the rubber around me in response. Diana would be able to play with both of us at once, even if she only paid attention directly to one of us. The firm yet gentle squeezing of the rubber would make sure of it.

She sauntered back in my direction, walking over to the mirror in front of me and turning it so that she could similarly surprise Astrid.

"So you see, you silly boy. All the skill in the world can't overcome superior planning and foresight. I always warned you of that."

She walked back to me and resumed running her hands over my body.

"Now you'll just have to put up with whatever the computer does to ensure your health and welfare while you're my toy for two weeks. And if I chose to play with Astrid instead, you'll have to put up with the subtle teasing that that represents. I can use the one of you to drive the other crazy."

She drew her hands away and reached into a pocket, withdrawing the remote control for the sheath. It sprung to life, I groaned, and my struggles merged with Astrid's to create incredibly frustrating tension as the sheath applied and released pressure in a manner programmed to excite me without allowing me release.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish preparing Astrid. We've two weeks of potential play time and I suspect I'll spend most of it focused on the two of you since you were silly enough not to think of how I'd managed to beat you."

As her beautiful body moved out of view, I struggled against the soft, unyielding grip of the rubber around me. While a portion of me wished to escape immediately, a part of my libido seemed to complain "Only for two weeks?"



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