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Final Mistake II

by Aaron Roberts

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© Copyright 2011 - Aaron Roberts - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; collar; chain; straitjacket; electro; darlex; hobbledress; sleepsack; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

continued from final mistake part one

So it’s been about 6 years since I wrote last.  I’m still planning my escape but it not going easy as I’ve tried on a couple occasions to run but didn’t get very far.  I’ll explain what happened.

The normal routine used to be that after work I was put into my straitjacket and allowed to roam my house dragging the chain attached to my collar behind me.  One day while she was making garlic toast in the oven and it burned real bad.  Smoke filled the house so thick that she decided to open the door to air the place out.  That’s when I made a break for it.  I ran for the door before she had time to react.  I got all the way out of the yard and was heading for the road when I tripped and fell.  I struggled to get up and by the time I did she was already half way between me and the house and coming fast.  I started off on a run but didn’t get very far because when I tumbled I fell over a shrub in the yard and the loose chain got caught on the shrub and I came to a sudden stop and was again knocked backwards off my feet.

I was still lying there when she caught up to me.  She just laughed at me, grabbed the chain, pulled a lock out of her pocket and locked the loose chain around a tree in our yard.  Then she said she would come and get me when she was ready.  I was mortified.  As if she would just leave me there chained to a tree like a dog?  Because we live in the country, our next neighbor is a long ways away and yelling for help was futile.  Not to mention after a few minutes she came back out and stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and locked it on too.   After about an hour or two sitting outside she came and got me, fed me cold supper, and put me to bed early.  She asked me if I liked being treated like a dog and then told me there would be a few changes soon.

Now, the routine seems to be the same, I still have to wear the straitjacket, but the only difference is that my collar no longer has a chain hanging off of it, instead it is solid metal with electrodes almost the same as a tazer would have right against my neck and the yard has had the invisible fencing system installed all the way around it.  I’m free to go out to the back yard if I want, but the system is set up so I just barely get out the front door and I’m rendered mostly unconscious.  Then one day I got the bright idea that if I ran as fast as I could, I might be able to get through the invisible fence without getting a shock.  Now that the system has been installed, she will leave the front door open a lot of the time because she likes the fresh air.  I was just walking around then made a bolt as fast as I could for the open front door.  It worked!  I got past the barrier and slowed down a bit so I wouldn’t fall this time.  I turned to see her just standing at the door when zap I got shocked again rendering me unconscious.  When I came to she laughed at me and told me the front yard has the invisible fencing installed every twenty feet all the way to the road.  Damn.

Since then my wife decide she needed to slow me down a bit while it just us in the house and the door is open.  So she went online and discovered Winter Fetish.  She ordered a Darlex Straitjacket Hobble Dress for me to wear.  I really love the times that she puts me in it, it feels so tight, yet very comfortable.  The problem is that I’m definitely not going anywhere fast.  She just loves the feel of it, I catch her rubbing it all the time, and then she takes me to bed and screws my brains out.  It has drastically improved our sex life.  The only problem is I have to be let out of the Straitjacket hobble dress and put back into my regular canvas straitjacket to have sex.  Not only is this time consuming because she has to lock the collar to the bed with the chain before letting me out of the Darlex Straitjacket Hobble Dress, but the jacket also pulls and rubs in all the wrong places.  That’s when she decided to order a Darlex Heavy Duty Sleepsack.

The Sleepsack feels great on and I’m not going anywhere!  Once she gets me in it, she rides me to town because there is a three way zipper that lets her access anything she wants without fear of me getting away.  Once she’s done with me, she just cleans me up and zips everything backup and leaves me in it for the night.  I sleep so much better now and sometimes I ask if I can be put in it just for fun or while going for an afternoon nap.  One time I even went out in the back yard and lounged in it for a change of scenery.  When it was time to come in she came out wearing a Darlex Catsuit with crotch zipper and rubbed her smooth sexy body all over mine before undoing the zippers and taking me right there in the back yard.  It was fantastic!

Because of our newly discovered fetish we have also ordered the Darlex Straitjacket Short with attached hood and a Darlex Catsuit for me to wear under my canvas straitjackets.  Because of Winter Fetish I’m not sure I actually want to try to escape now.  Their products have made my life so much better. 

She’s home now, time for my Darlex Sleepsack!  Cheers!

Aaron Roberts




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