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First-Hand History

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; captive; temple; wrap; insert; cocoon; seal; entomb; sci-fi; toys; reluct; X

The glow of torches faintly illuminated the cold stone blocks forming the walls of the empty room. Slowly, the glow increased, until, without fanfare, the torch bearers entered, a pair of dusky beauties wrapped in gossamer robes. As they entered, they separated, moving to the corners, then turning and silently striding to the rear corners. As they did so, four muscular men in loincloths entered, carrying between them a burden that writhed and grunted. A second pair of torch bearers came next, moving to the front corners of the room. Finally, a tall, almost painfully thin man wearing white robes entered.

At a nod from the man in the robe, the four carrying the burden stepped to the flat stone that was the room’s only adornment. Carefully, they set their burden onto the slab, then one man’s arm rose and fell sharply. At another nod from the man in the robe, the four stepped back.

Revealed upon the slab was a naked woman, the light from the torches glistening on her skin. Stunned from the light blow she’d just received, the woman lay limp as the man in the robe ran one hand softly along her body, pausing at the juncture of firm thighs, pausing again atop firm breasts. With another nod, he stepped back.

Now the four stepped forward again, bearing rolls of cloth. Working silently, they quickly wrapped the woman’s arms and legs. This done, two stepped back as the other two carefully wrapped the woman’s head, holding her mouth closed. When they stepped back, the woman’s head was a featureless white mass, with no opening save one for her nostrils.

Another nod, and one man lifted the woman’s legs, holding them together as a second man began wrapping them together. Quickly, the wrap climbed to the tops of her thighs, fusing her legs into a single white column. Silently, the man in the robe approached the table, his hand dipping to stroke between the woman’s thighs as his lips murmured soundlessly. After a moment, he withdrew his hand, reaching into a bag on his hip. The hand emerged holding a long, cylindrical object that shone with the soft luster of gold. With another silent murmur, he deftly slipped the object between the woman’s thighs, seating it firmly inside her. As he stepped back, more cloth was wrapped around her waist, then fed between her thighs, sealing the golden object within her.

Now the man in the robe stood next to the table, murmuring and placing golden objects in various locations on the woman’s body as her torso was wrapped. Her arms were bent, her hands placed over her breasts, each cupping yet another golden object between palm and nipple, and then the wrapping continued.

When the man finally stepped back, the woman had completely vanished beneath her wrappings. Pulled tight, the wrappings faithfully outlined every curve. Even as the men examined their handiwork, faint twitches began to become visible, the woman slowly beginning to recover from being stunned.

Seeing the first signs of recovery, the man in the robe nodded urgently. The four men stepped back, taking the torches from the women. Now the women stepped forward, taking up pails. Dipping brushes into the pails, the women carefully coated the front of the woman’s wrapped body in a clear liquid, taking care to cover every inch. Once done, they waited a moment, then turned the woman and coated the other side. Another moment’s wait, and then they repeated the process.

After another wait, the man in the robe stepped forward and tapped the woman’s stomach, rewarded by a solid thunk. Nodding, he stepped back. The women reclaimed the torches, and the procession reformed itself, the four large men carrying the now totally mummified woman. Silently, with no words spoken, the procession made it’s way from the room.

Melissa Roberts lay in darkness, struggling helplessly. Muffled grunts emerged from her sealed lips, grunts that, with her equally sealed ears, she was unable to hear. With calm, deliberate desperation, she fought her helplessness, only to subside in defeat.

Held as she had been, there was no way to avoid the blow that stunned her. Once stunned, she could only watch as she was turned into a helpless mummy. Once her eyes were covered, she had no idea what was being done to her, relying only on contact that became increasingly muted as her wrapping proceeded. Had she a voice, she would have squealed when something large was shoved within her, yet she could only lay passively, shivering as she felt cold objects placed onto her skin.

Finally, she felt some measure of strength returning to her body, but by then it was far too late. Her limited writhings were reduced to nothing as the wraps around her hardened.

Next, she felt herself lifted, carried she knew not where. After what seemed like hours, the unseen hands carrying her set her to her feet, leaning her slightly backwards. A dull boom penetrated the cloth over her ears, and she knew that she had been sealed away. Her renewed struggles were useless, and she could only await the inevitable end.

Melissa roused from a light slumber as a slight vibrating sensation began to penetrate the wrappings around her head. The vibrations grew stronger, until, with shocking suddenness, the wrappings around her head split apart, allowing light to flood into her eyes. Blinded for a moment, her eyes slowly focused on the faces hovering over her.

“Melissa, are you alright?” Licking her lips, trying to regain her voice, she could only nod weakly.

“What happened?” At this question, Melissa blushed slightly.

“I got caught,” she whispered hoarsely. “Can I have a drink, please? I’m parched.”

“Oh, of course.” A straw was placed to her lips, and she gratefully sucked down the cool water. “Now to cut you out of this.”

“No.” At the puzzled looks of those around her, Melissa managed a smile. “As I was being wrapped, the priest placed several objects on my body. You need to find a way to soften these wrappings so you can remove them slowly. That way, we can see exactly where everything was placed.”

“That could take several hours.”

Melissa smiled again. “Dan, dear, I was looking at eternity like this. A few more hours isn’t going to kill me.”

The one addressed as Dan nodded. “Fair enough. But while we wait, you can answer a couple questions. We sent you back through time to study ancient Egyptian rituals. How did you become part of one?”

“I guess I got too close. One minute I was watching, the next, a pair of gorillas had me. They ripped my clothes off and carried me into some kind of building.”

“Where they wrapped you and entombed you at the entrance as a warning to anyone tempted to violate the sanctity of the temple,” Dan remarked. “At least, that’s what the inscriptions on your sarcophagus read.”

“But you pulled me back,” Melissa said. “For which I’m grateful.”

“Another question,” Dan continued. “If you were naked when you were wrapped, where did you put the retrieval unit?”

At this, Melissa blushed hotly. “Well, let’s just say that, once I’m unwrapped, you’ll find it held in place by a large, metallic dildo.” At Dan’s stunned look, she glared. “Well,” she demanded, “what else did you expect. I couldn’t put it in my mouth, and I sure wasn’t gonna shove it up my own ass. I’m still a virgin back there, remember?”

Now it was Dan’s turn to blush. “Um, right. Well, it looks like they’re ready with the solvent. We’ll have you out soon.”

“That will be nice. Oh, and Dan?” At his questioning look, Melissa grinned wickedly. “I do have a large object stuffed between my thighs, and it is making me horny as hell. After these wrappings are gone, I expect a full, thorough debriefing on the physical aspects of this.”

Still smiling, she closed her eyes and awaited her coming freedom.


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