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The First Time

by Mummysboy

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© Copyright 2011 - Mummysboy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; saranwrap; latex; cocoon; tease; breathplay; oral; climax; cons; X

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I can’t move, I can’t breathe, my cock is in her mouth, and I’m coming. How did I get here?

It started when I told her I had heard about something called mummification. We had been into bondage and latex for a while, usually me tied up and helpless for a while and then getting a blow job in the end. We were looking for something different and I had always liked the feeling of not being able to move at all.

I started by wrapping my legs in saran wrap, first one leg then the other. I carried on up my body up to my shoulders and then covered my arms and hands, wrapping the fingers together – well one arm, she did the other. Then came the latex hood, covering my head and nose but leaving my mouth free – for the moment.

2Now she started properly, from my ankles (leaving my feet free – I wondered why – I was soon to find out). Up my legs, tightly squeezing my knees together, over my cock and locking my arms to my sides. Up to my neck, round one shoulder, back down, round up and over the other shoulder, time and time again until my arms were locked by my side. She then continued up and over my head, leaving my mouth free but round and round the hood. I could see nothing; even the vague light through the hood had gone, flattened into my head by the wrap. So this is it I thought – its OK, I can move a tiny bit but what happens next?

She hadn’t finished – one of our toys is a 10 metre long 4cm wide band of elastic with a loop at one end and Velcro at the other. Good for a quick restriction but quite easy to get out of - normally. She put the loop over my foot – NOW I see why my feet were free. She coiled the elastic round my legs and body, pulling it tight as she did. I felt myself more and more restricted, my cock hardened as I realised what was happening. It strained to be free but was trapped by the wrap and the elastic so it was going nowhere. Finally she arrived at my shoulder and sealed the Velcro. This was not easy to get out of, I couldn’t move my arms or legs and I felt the elastic pulling ever tighter (or so it seemed).

4I fell onto the bed and she finished by wrapping my feet together – over the loop and sealing me in completely. Then she left me alone. I had never been this restricted. I couldn’t move anything at all. My cock strained against the wrap but in vain – nothing was going to happen there. Breathing was easy as my mouth was still uncovered. All was quiet. The wrap over the latex deadened the noise and I could hear nothing. I lay there quiet and relaxed for what seemed like ages, my cock kept hard by the elastic and the wrap. I drifted in a gentle haze.

Suddenly a latex gloved hand covered my mouth completely. Struggling was in vain, I couldn’t breathe and as I struggled I thought she had gone too far – and then it was gone! Gasping for breath I wondered what was next. I felt her hand slowly tickling my body, up and down ignoring my ever harder cock. Then her nipples tickled my cock as she slowly rotated her breasts first one then the other across my crotch. Moving upward she teased me with her breasts in my mouth and I sucked her nipples ever harder.

Then suddenly she turned round and sat on my face – she was wearing her latex skirt, covering my mouth again and air was suddenly very precious. Again and again she sat up and down - each time I almost panicked and then it was air into the lungs again. I felt her hands on my cock through the wrap – teasing; soft caressing then tightly gripping me. She leaned forward and sucked my cock as hard as she could through the wrap – I strained to get more into her mouth but I couldn’t – the wrap was too tight. Suddenly – OUCH – she snapped the elastic across my cock – then squeezed again!

Then I felt her pulling at my wrap – I felt a cool draft on the tip of my cock – she had ripped the wrap – Now she could get the tip into her mouth and suck properly. She ran her tongue around the tip then sucked; tip; suck; tip; suck. Then more of the wrap ripped and the whole of my cock went down her throat.

All the time she was sitting up and down, stopping my breathing until it all went grey and releasing me again. She grabbed my cock and rubbed furiously – I could feel it all coming to a head – she rubbed up and down still sucking hard on the tip and I felt the hot cum spurt into her mouth. Again and again I spurted – more than I had for ages – finally it was over and she moved away - I relaxed and lay quietly – all was silent and I wondered if I was alone again.

Then I heard a whisper – now it’s my turn……..


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