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First Time Shared

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; saran; wrap; tape; cocoon; susp; tease; bdsm; crop; gag; bfold; climax; cons; true; X

This one is personal for me, all though it didn't go quite as smoothly as its portrayed here it was an incredible evening with a dear friend that I'll never forget.

He stands at the doorway staring at the vision beauty waiting for him, she stands naked except for her red high heels that have several thin straps wrapping around her ankles, her hands are bound together with white rope then secured to an anchor in the ceiling keeping her arms high over her head but allowing her to squeeze her tight pig tails of strawberry blond between them. She is smiling a knowing smile with her red lips wanting him to continue what they had talked and hinted about for so long.

She is his first bondage experience with someone who likes it as much as he and through conversation and flirting with the topic they have come to discover something neither shares with many people their love of binding and being bound. She watches him carefully as he comes close with the large roll of wide pallet wrap and eases behind her as he picks off the leading edge and bends down admiring her perfect ass as he begins to wrap her lower legs.

He is unsure of how tight to wrap but resigns himself to make it a tight as possible and if she wants him to change it or stop he trusts her to let him know. Now winding the wrap tighter and tighter as the wrap slowly climbs her legs, pulling her ankles and knees tightly together as he continues to triple layer every inch of her pale skin, reaching her pussy her wraps several times just below her ass then starts the climb again making sure he covers her perfect ass in one wide swath not wanting to interrupt the perfection of it as he covers it in more layers before moving upwards towards her flat stomach.

Working himself around in front of her he carefully wraps her stomach then ribs wrapping two additional times around her chest under her perky tits and erect nipples before again making a single pass over them as not to make any lines across as he wraps them tight smashing them flat after the fourth layer was applied them moving up slightly to her arm pits before stopping and cutting the wrap.

He steps back to admire his captured beauty as she stands there wrapped in clear plastic from ankle to shoulder, her hands held tightly over her head and her eyes closed with a small smile on her ruby lips, flexing her body and twisting in her ropes as he is still in awe of this opportunity, the chance he has dreamed about for years is now really happening. She raises her eyes to his as if to say now what and this spurs him into action once more as he takes a roll of silver duck tape and says, "I think you need a corset".

He knows how much she likes them so he begins to carefully wrap her from just below her breasts, pulling the tape as tight as he can against her small frame working his way down to her hips, then pulling it tighter as her works his way back up again listening to her gasps as each layer makes it a little more difficult for her to breathe. Stopping again to admire her and her new skin he watches her turn slowly on her high heels and struggles slightly just testing her bonds to see if she is really stuck yet or not.

There has been no conversation since they started, just a word every once in a while from him as she knows better than to say anything unless it’s her safe word. As he watches her turn slightly stretching the plastic around her ankles he moves near and takes the tape and pulls it tight around her ankles crushing them together making her feet angle out slightly on her thin heels, before moving up to her knees and winding tape around them as well.

With her gasps from his every touch urging him on he rubs her body, smoothing down any winkles in the plastic and tape. Reaching her breasts he rubs them hard pressing on her pert nipples and playing with the steel loops in each through the plastic, when she feels this she throws her head back and moans, he takes this opportunity to pull on the rope anchoring her hands to the ceiling, pulling her hands higher eliciting another moan from her as he pulled until her heels were no longer touching the floor and retied the rope.

With her arms now stretched she could no longer pull her head in between them so she just lets her head hang back as he moves in for some more fondling and smoothing of the plastic, rubbing her ass and breasts, noticing the fog under the plastic building in front of her pussy as she twists and moans with each touch. Moving behind her he pulls off several strips of tape and places two across her pouty lips before taking two more and runs them down each side of her nose from below her eyes to under her chin before covering these with several more strips across her mouth sealing it completely.

Now panting through her nose she twists even more as he begins to wrap more tape above her breasts pulling the tape tight several times before crossing under them and repeating the process making her gasps become shallower with each layer and her moans more frequent.

He steps back again to watch her hanging from her wrists as she moans and flexes her body making the wrap and tape creak with each move and breath she takes and he can imagine no more beautiful sight then her bound by his hand. After taking a brief rest he breaks himself away from the image of perfection as he can no longer hold back his desires to continue.

Reaching out he strokes her plastic skin, she pivots on her toes forcing her ass into his bulging cock and rubs it through his jeans as he continues to stroke her breasts, feeling them push hard against the plastic as she tries to inhale, her head is hanging down and touching his chest, he watches her face as he pinches an erect nipple, she squeals quietly but never opens her eyes as he holds the pinched nipple firmly increasing the pressure slowly waiting for a response.

They rub their bodies together for some time before he pulls two short strips of tape from the roll and slowly covers each of her closed eyes making it impossible for her to open them and spins her around quickly getting a little squeak from her taped mouth and a slight giggle as he stops her spin and holds her firmly by the waist. Her turning has twisted the rope making it shorter and now her toes are barely touching the floor.

He turns her around a few more times shortening the rope to the point her wrists are now supporting her weight fully, the pointed toes of her shoes just brushing the floor, she is panting hard as she struggles against the plastic and tape holding her body tightly feeling the strain in her wrists and shoulders. While he holds her body to keep it from untwisting the rope he reaches for another length rope and ties it tightly around her ankles and secures it to a nearby bed frame keeping her from being able to turn on her toes and increasing her bondage.

He watches her for a moment, letting her adjust to the new position, her bound hands are stretching to reach anything to ease the pain in her wrists, her fingers are grasping at air and she is pulling her legs up until the rope pulls tighter increasing the downward pull on her wrists as she jerks her body trying to force herself to turn, trying in vain to lower herself so her feet can take some of the weight.

He listens to her gasps and snorts waiting for her to either settle down or use her safe word before noticing her riding crop lying on the bed and playfully swats her plastic covered ass, she squeals again and hums loudly urging him to do it again as she arches her back making her perfect ass stick out further. He begins to whip her increasing the strength of each swat until she is moaning and twisting, after whipping her ass and upper thighs steadily for ten minutes he stops and rubs her ass feeling the warmth as her cheeks have reddened from the whipping.

She grunts loudly when he stops but begins to moan and hum behind her gag as he rubs her ass, he rubs her body working his way to the front and begins picking at the plastic covering her firm pink nipples making her squeal and giggle as he pulls at the plastic pinching her until her nipples are uncovered. He gently works the loops out from under the plastic leaving her nipples uncovered but being pinched around their bases by the tight plastic wrap, he continues to pinch her nipples until she is whining and flexing her body trying to pull away from him.

Pushing her back he watches her sway and try to twist before swatting her ass again, noticing as he whips her that the fog under the plastic has now obscured the view of her pussy completely, and starts to whip her harder working around to her front whipping her legs and stomach before popping one nipple then the other, receiving two delightful little chirps from her as her body flinched from the sudden pain the whip caused as he continued whipping her body, enjoying the crisp sound the crop was making and the moans and squeals from her gagged mouth as he moved around whipping her much harder then when he started all over her body.

Her moans increase as he continues to whip her, reaching out to her touching and pinching her ,even using his bare hand to spank her until she moans loudly almost screaming under the tape and he watches in awe as her body tenses just before she begins to thrash violently, never stopping his whipping as he realizes she has had a orgasm and as her body begins to relax and her moaning quiets he lightens the sting of the whip until he is holding her body feeling her gasping and quivering until she stops moving and hangs limply from her wrists.

Still holding her he pulls the end of the anchor rope releasing the knot and letting her feet touch the floor before feeling her knees buckle under her and gently lays her on the floor, her upper body in his lap as she lays panting her arms are lowered into her lap. He is stroking her face over the tape watching her heaving chest for a few more minutes before he carefully peels the tape from her eyes and sees her lazily looking up at him, even though he cannot see her mouth he can tell she is smiling and begins to remove the tape over her mouth and can see she is smiling as she continues to breathe heavily.

Allowing her to rest for a few minutes he raises her hands and unties the rope holding them closely together and asks if she is ready to stand and be rid of her wrappings. She reluctantly nods. He stands up then pulls her to her feet and unties her ankles as she steadies herself on his shoulder, as he begins to cut the plastic he can smell her musk and carefully cuts it up her legs, reaching her ass he rubs it again seeing the welts from her ordeal, getting another moan from her before slipping the cutter up her back until the plastic drops away.

She turns and kisses him before dashing off to the nearby bathroom and he knows they have shared something special that he will never share with anyone again, the trust she felt with him and the trust he had in her will always be something for them to cherish.

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