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Polystyrene foam expands in all directions once the chemical reaction is started. Once this reaction begins, it cannot be halted! Depending on the type it will expand from 5 to 10 times it's starting volume. Simply put, a 1/4" layer of the liquid is going to become 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" of solid foam. If there is nowhere for the foam to expand outward (ie a plastic bag or something else that will give) it IS GOING TO EXPAND INWARD! (ie, against the person inside).



Hi there if you are trying new experiences. I will tell you of an experience of mine the first was done to me by a doctor friend of mine he calls it foaming.

But before I go any further you must take serious precautions against the foam making contact with the skin or hair, the airway must be guarded against the expansion of the foam and a test using the foam on the cling film to make sure it does not melt and anyone trying what i did, does so of there own bat - so proceed with caution. 

Foaming  is a real mind blowing experience, of course as in most sexual experiences it involves you removing your clothes this is done not for sexual stimulation but to save your clothes from damage as the foaming agent is not very clothes friendly,  Also it is not very skin friendly so be warned.

Firstly a snorkel mouth piece is fitted into the mouth then the head and neck is bound several times and by several times i mean at least a dozen times in cling film, you must make sure no trace of skin or hair is left unprotected. So far so good, now a good quality thickish plastic bag is slipped over the head, the breathing tube is forced through the bag then the tube is inserted in the snorkel mouthpiece, it must be a really good firm fit in the mouth piece as the foam as it expands can move it. Now the bag is taped to the tube that it is pressed through it as close to the face as possible the plastic bag cannot be too long, if it is longer than required pull it down over the shoulders, if it is a real long bag it can encompass the whole body if you want and can be taped below the feet, in my case it just covered the shoulders.

Now the real business starts the bag is taped around the neck not tight but fairly firmly sealing the cling filled head in the bag. You will now be totally dependant  on the breathing tube to survive and this must not be blocked or allowed to come out of the mouth piece. Now a second plastic bag is placed over the head and again sealed around the neck and to the bag underneath, the breathing tube must protrude through this bag as well to the outside in order to get a plentiful supply fresh air.

Now you should have two cans of high expansion polystyrene foam as sold in builders merchants and DIY stores. The cans come with an application tube, this is inserted through the first outer plastic bag, first on one side of the head then the other perhaps at times three or four entry points may be needed, the foam will expand quite considerably and encase the complete head.

After about ten minutes the head will be encased in a solid ball of foam, it eliminates hearing and sight completely like nothing else you have tried, and I do not know how many domme bones you have in your body you will become a total sub, it is the one most mind blowing thing I have been subjected to. To complete the feeling the arms should be put behind you and bent up and fastened to a subs collar, the elbows should be bound together.

The process is now complete you are now a captive toy, your whole body is accessible your keeper can now subject you to any manner of torments and there will be nothing you can do. Or as in my case I was led outside, I was completely nude and bare foot - I hate being bare foot. He led me over to the and car placed me in the trunk, I was driven a few miles I do not know how far, the trunk was opened I was helped out and led over rather rough ground into a building. I was stood in the centre of a room I was aware of male voices, several pair of hands felt me and touched me, no one knew me and i knew no one there. My keeper did not allow anyone to harm me, only feel and touch and they certainly did that. It was one real mind blowing experience! I do not know if I want to do it again but I may, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

The foam solution must not the touch the skin as it can be difficult to remove, there is a warning on the cans about fumes but I had no problem there. Once your head is encased I must admit I have never experienced anything like it before it feels as if it is a permanent fixture it really turns you into a total submissive slave.

A close friend has gone one stage further first sealing off the complete body then standing in a second plastic bag, then several cans I do not know how many were emptied into the outer bag, soon his partner was totally encased within a foam blob. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr perhaps grommets site has started a new form of mummification, one other point it it gets rather warm inside so perhaps the top of the head should be left clear to allow the body to breath.


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