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Forbidden Pleasures

by Paul Sabatino

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© Copyright 2028 - Paul Sabatino - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; wrap; bandages; drug; spandex; latex; catsuits; enclosure; cocoon; fibreglass; encase; kidnap; sold; mast; oral; sex; climax; denial; cons/nc; XX

Chapter 1 - Helen

I had been preparing for the right victim for my pleasure for many months and I had finally made my choice of victims. I had been studying several girls very carefully at the local gym to find a girl who would meet my requirements of stamina, flexibility and a love of multiple layers of tight fitting clothing.

The first girl I looked at was Helen. Helen is a statuesque girl 21 year old 5'9", blond waist long hair, trim body 34/24/32 figure, she works out every Thursday at the local gym where I noticed that she always wore red ballet tights under black leggings with a black long sleeve leotard and red crop top and red tight shorts over them. She works at a fetish shop down town which I went to once, when I went to the store to purchase a full body catsuit with two openings for the eyes and a very ridged mouth piece which forced the mouth open and acted very efficiently as a gag, it also had two built in hollow sleeves suitable for vibrators, when I purchased this, Helen looked at the suit with interest but at me with the look that said (another weirdo), but was very pleasant.

Every Saturday she used to go to one of those full body wrap clinics, you know the sort of place where they wrap you up in herbal soaked bandages for an hour to soak out all the toxins that are in the body.

One of my other choices was Chrissy, she was a feisty little piece, 18 years old always flirting with the instructor (Jane), she was only 5'2" but with a figure of 32/18/28, she looked great in her super shiny opaque white tights, white long sleeve leotard and bright orange socks, bright orange sports bra and bright orange g/string thong panty. Chrissy works for a down town brokering firm and was always dressed in a very tight business suit which tried to flatten her chest in and a very tight fitting business skirt, which came, down to her knees and hobbled her into taking very short steps which was also restricted by the 5" high heel thigh high boots she wore.

The third choice was Jane the instructor at the gym, she is a very methodical person who works at the gym 5 days a week and on weekends spends time at home practicing yoga. She is 5'11" with a figure of 32/26/32. Jane really liked her tight clothing she wore a cotton / lycra catsuit at all times, at the gym she wore shorts and crop top over it and even when she went shopping she just threw a skirt on and when she went out in the evenings she always wore clothes that displayed her figure without letting other people know what she was really wearing.

After finally deciding on Helen, I set my plan of action into play, first I rented an up market but secluded office then decked it out with all the appropriate fittings, including a custom built adjustable couch. Then I had some business cards made up advertising A NEW HERBAL WRAP CLINIC, then I put some cards up on the notice board at the local gym and waited for phone calls, one in particular. When Helen called to enquire about this new treatment that she had read about, I told her it was very similar to other treatments but used a new lightweight wrap that was more comfortable than other wraps, after talking for a while she decided to make an appointment for Thursday afternoon.

Thursday arrived and I was eagerly waiting for Helen, when she arrived I opened the door and she looked at me and said, "Oh it's you!" I looked at her in a quizzical manner and she said, "Oh it doesn't matter," and entered my office.

Helen was still wearing her gym gear and carrying a gym bag so after getting her a cuppa and setting her down, I asked if she had followed my instructions, she replied that she had just come from the gym and needed to have a shower. I showed her to the bathroom where she could shower and told her the shorts and top was in there for her to change into.

When Helen came out of the bathroom she looked stunning, the shorts and top that I had selected were made of a very tight lycra and very short, she looked a bit embarrassed so I pretended to not notice and she relaxed a bit, I asked her to lay on the couch while I prepared the bandages. I proceeded to soak the bandages in a special formula that I had made from a plant extract that acts as a type of anaesthetic, the bandages themselves were of a self adhesive type normally used in sports, thin but very tough and sticky. As I approached Helen with the first roll of bandage I explained that they had to be applied tightly because of the lightweight construction of the bandages, she nodded her head in agreement, actually she looked a little demure but that would soon change. 

I proceeded to wrap her feet carefully wrapping her toes individually slowly winding up her left leg first stopping at the pair of shorts, she squirmed a little bit at the tightness but did not complain then I proceeded to wrap her right leg, again stopping just short of the pants. By this time she noticed that the feeling in her legs was diminishing, I explained this was the soothing effects of the herbs that I used, she nodded in agreement, I then proceeded to start on her left arm carefully winding each finger individually as I did with her toes, then the right arm , by this time the effects of the anaesthetic was taking a major effect and she had almost fallen asleep. I then started on her torso this was made easier by the special couch which could be opened up at the torso area, I taped from her pants up to her breasts taping as tightly as I dared then above her breasts to her neck from here I used unaffected bandages so as not to anaesthetise her throat and causing her to suffocate.

By this time she was asleep so I cut off her pants and proceeded to tape around her pussy using the tape to hold her juicy lips apart but covering everything but her pussy and anus, then I moved up to her ripe breasts which had swollen up due to the pressure applied above and below, here I wound electrical tape around the base of each breast thrusting them into even more prominence, I then taped them up in the shape that they were making them look fantastic I stepped back and admired my handiwork so far, she looked stunning, the only parts showing now were her pussy, anus and head .

Next the hair for this I had to roll her over this was a little bit difficult for she was surprisingly stiff, I then pulled her hair back pulling her head back exposing more of her neck I then taped her hair to her back all the way down to her waist, I then rolled her back over and started to tape over her face covering her chin I then inserted plugs in her nose and ears before covering the rest of her head leaving her mouth and eyes uncovered.

Stage one was now complete. While she was sleeping I prepared for stage two, I went to the cupboard and pulled out the full catsuit and hung it up where she would see it when she awoke I also pulled out some other toys that I would need now all I had to do was wait. Slowly Helen drifted into consciousness at first she just looked at me with glazed eyes then she tried to move and when she realised she couldn't move realisation of her predicament started to set in. I went over to her and put a couple of straps over her to restrain her to the table, Helen tried to speak but all she could get out was a gurgling sound, I said, "Hello love, are you enjoying your wrap?" She tried to shake her head in denial but the bandages were too tight.

"Let me explain my dear, you have fallen into my trap and you are now mine to do with as I please, I am going to keep you forever or until I get tired of you. Now relax because I am not finished yet."

At this she started to struggle but of course to no avail. I then went over to the sink and with a brush I proceeded to start brushing my special formula onto the bandages covering her arms and legs just enough to numb her limbs without knocking her out again, while I let this take effect I pointed to the rubber catsuit, as she focused on this and the realisation of this set in, her eyes opened wide in horror, this brought a smile to my face.

When I was satisfied that she wouldn't be able to struggle I released the straps holding her down and moved the catsuit closer where I liberally applied talc to the inside of the suit then proceeded to move her into a position and started to fit the suit over her legs, she was able to talk a little bit by now and started to plead for mercy but I took no notice, as the suit slid up her legs this made her even more stiff. When the suit was up to her groin area I applied wet lube to the two built in hollow dildos, which I forced into her pussy and anus, by this time Helen was crying like a baby realising that I was not going to stop.

As I pulled the suit up and over her hips I patted her pussy feeling the hard inserts in her, I continued to pull the suit up to her breasts this was very difficult as her breasts were sticking up like a pair of torpedoes, the suit was built to accommodate large breasts but usually when they were more flexible, not as stiff as they were, this caused her a lot of discomfort but she would experience a lot more yet. As I pulled the suit up over her head she started to beg again but as the large hard rubber gag fitted into her mouth the noise returned to a gurgle.

Once her head was fully encased, all that remained of Helen was her eyes. I rolled her over; by this time she was so stiff that I could not bend her. The suit had eyelets in the back for laces but I used strong thin stainless steel wire tightening as much as I could to totally seal her in, I then rolled her back over onto her back and stood back and admired my handiwork. Because of the tightness of the layers she retained her original figure.

Now I brought out the next apparatus, this consisted of a stand like you see manikins displayed on, but on the upright pole used to support the manikin I had fitted two large vibrators, I then lifted Helen up and placed her over the vibrators settling her down on them, forcing them all the way in until her toes almost reached the floor causing lots of muffled squealing but she could do absolutely nothing about it, she couldn't even wiggle. Now for the final layer, for this I used standard 6" crepe bandages starting at the toes I wound them all the way up her body covering every part of her until I reached her head where I put a manikin face on her and finished bandaging her head leaving the mannequin face exposed, now she looked just like a model.

This was the effect that I was hoping for as further customers could see what to expect without realising that the model they were looking at was a real human being and Helen could see what I was doing and not be able to warn them of the dangers. I turned the vibrators on and felt her pussy to check that everything was working properly then turned the lights off and went home for the evening for a well-earned rest.

Chapter 2 - Chrissy

The next day I arrived at the office, I unlocked the door and opened it to reveal my lovely model exactly as I placed her {of course}. I went over to her and turned the vibrators off I then unwound her head and removed the mask and ball gag checking to see if she was still conscious. I then pulled a chair over to her and stood on the chair and shoved my throbbing cock in her mouth and fucked her until I came down her throat, this was all the nutrient she would need for now, then I redid her head with the ball gag and mask. I then walked over to my desk turned on a switch, which activated the vibrators deep within her; I then sat at my desk and started to write about my first victim when there was a knock at the door.

After turning the vibrators off I went to check who was at the door, imagine my surprise when I found Chrissy standing there. "Hello what can I do for you?" 

"Hi my name is Chrissy and my friend said she was going to come and see you for some sort of treatment, and I thought I would come down and check it out I was hoping to see my friend here." 

"Who is your friend?"

"Helen. She said that she was going to come down and try a new treatment that you advertised, what is this treatment anyway?"

Well I explained it is a treatment designed to help remove all the toxins in the body by using specially soaked bandages, which are wrapped around the body.

"You mean like a mummy."

"Well yes I suppose so but the benefits are well worth it."

"Cool, but how much does it cost and how long does it take."

"Well the first treatment is complimentary and it takes about two hours." I noticed that she was squirming a little bit and constantly looking over my shoulder at the mannequin, which used to be Helen and licking her lips. "Would you like to try a complimentary wrap?"

"Well I was hoping to talk to Helen before trying anything but as she is not here I suppose it could not hurt to try it sometime."

"Well you can think about it and give me a call when you decide."

"Ok I will give you a call", and with that she got up and left.

After locking the door behind her I went over to Helen and removed the head wrappings and the mask and the ball gag. "Well, well it looks like you will not be alone for long!" At this Helen tried to try to beg for mercy and tears welled up in her eyes. "Don't worry she will make a fine addition to my collection and a suitable companion for you!" Before she could complain further I stuffed the ball gag in her mouth, put the mask over her face and re-wrapped her head.

The following day Chrissy called and made a appointment for later that day, she asked if there was anything in particular that she should wear, I said no I would supply everything she would need but don't eat anything for the rest of today. Later in the day Chrissy turned up wearing white Lycra shorts and a hooters t/shirt and a pair of knee high boots.

"Well I am ready when you are," she said eagerly.

"Ok you understand that this will be very restrictive so you will not be able to move very much for the next couple of hours."

"Yes I understand," she said with a nervous tremor in her voice. 

Unknown to Chrissy, Helen was looking on trying to warn Chrissy with all her might but to no avail.

"Well let's get you ready then, in the bathroom you will find a catsuit to wear to protect your skin from any abrasiveness from the bandages." 

She looked at me quizzically but went into the bathroom, a little while later emerging wearing a very tight fitting white cotton lycra catsuit and looking very demure. 

"Ok now sit on the couch and we will get started, do you want the basic wrap or the full wrap."

"Ooh the full wrap please."

Using the adhesive sport bandages I started to wrap her left leg, when I reached her groin I started on her right leg again stopping at her groin .

"You were right," she said, "when you said it was going to be tight."

"Well it has to be to work properly." 

Then I started to wrap her left arm reaching to her armpit then the right arm, again to the armpit, stopping for a moment to check if there was any apprehension, but she looked like she was enjoying it so I started to bind her from the thighs, forcing her legs together slightly working up her body to her breasts here I stopped again and said, "What are we going to do about these?" 

She giggled and said, "What do you normally do!"

"Well sometimes I wrap them together or individually."

"I think individually sounds good," she said giggling. 

Ok so I put some tape around the base of each breast making her gasp, "are you Ok?" I said.

"Yes," she whispered.

Then I continued to wrap each breast individually then continued to her throat, here I told her that I had to fit a collar to prevent crushing her throat, she nodded in agreement, I fitted what could only be called a posture collar then bandaged over this, I asked her how she did she feel, she replied that she was stiff all over but could still move a little bit, so I told her that there was another layer to go yet, to this just wriggled a bit and said oh.

I started at the feet again but this time binding her legs together all the way to her waist then pulling her arms to her sides I continued up to her throat, now she was totally wrapped except her head. "How are you feeling now my dear?"

"I feel like a real mummy," she said nervously.

"Well how would you like to be like this forever?" I smiled.

She laughed nervously and said, "I suppose I can do nothing about it if that's what you wanted," then realisation set in and she said, "but you couldn't would you!"

"Well Helen is a permanent fixture."

She looked at me then asked Helen? Then looked at the mannequin and gasped as the realisation of what she had gotten herself into dawned on her.

"But I did this because I thought it would be fun being a mummy, at least for a little while but not permanently."

"So you like being trussed up like a mummy do you."

"Well I never tried it before but yes I do like it but I don't want to be stuck forever."

"So what should we do about this then," I asked.

"Well you could undo me and then every now and then you could tape me up and we could both enjoy it."

"Well I thought this was for my pleasure alone but did not expect you to find this as enjoyable as I do, I will have to think about this but first we have to finish you off."

Before she could reply I stuffed a ball gag in her mouth then finished tapping her head leaving her eyes only. I then went over to Helen and removed the wrapping covering her head removed the mask and gag then went to my desk and turned the vibrators on instantly causing her to moan.

I looked over at Chrissy and looked at her eyes, they told a lot about what she was thinking at the time. I said, "Don't worry you will get your turn."

I approached Chrissy and carefully cut around her pussy removing just enough to reveal her sopping wet pussy, "Well, well it looks like you really do enjoy this as much as I do," then I got a twelve inch two and a half inch in diameter rubber vibrator and stuffed it in her pussy as far as it would go then tapped over it to hold it in indefinitely, then using a remote turned it on and watched her rock from side to side ever so slightly as this was all she could manage.

After watching my two playthings for a couple of hours I turned the vibrators down to low and locked up for the night and went home to think about what to do about Chrissy.

Chapter 3 - The New Partner

In the morning I went to the office where my two toys were still in there respective positions which I left them, I turned the vibrators off and re applied Helens head gear, then went to Chrissy and removed the bandages from her head and removed the ball gag, at once she begged to be released and promised not to tell anyone.

I told her that I decided that she could be released as long as she promised to be my assistant and to be bound at any time I desired, she thought about this for a while then agreed, I told her that as my assistant she would have to dress in a certain way and entice more victims for us to play with, she readily agreed and said she had already picked her first victim.

I very slowly cut away all her bindings, when she was released she just lay there masturbating and moaning, I said that I was going to go out and get her an appropriate uniform to wear and to have a shower and to be ready for when I got back, then I warned her that if she tried to deceive me she would be punished to such an extent that Helens predicament would seem like a walk in the park, and while I'm away think of another way to torment Helen, her eyes lit up at this and she promised to be a good little mummy for me.

It was late afternoon when I arrived back at the office, I knocked on the door and Chrissy answered the door, which was a relief for me to see that she was still here.

"How was your day?"

"Well it was a bit lonely so I played with Helen but I think that she is almost too far gone and won't last much longer." 

"Its ok," I said, "because she is due for a change anyway, now I have your uniform so be a good girl and go and get changed."

Chrissy grabbed the parcel I brought and skipped of to the bathroom to get changed, first she had a shower then opened the parcel and examined the contents. I could hear her glee of pleasure from the office and smiled. First Chrissy powdered herself all over then pulled out the white rubber catsuit with the two built in sheaths but no hood, she wriggled into the suit ensuring that the two sheaths were firmly inserted deep within her, once she had pushed her breasts into the two balloon shaped cavities built into the suit she pulled the suit up to her throat then she pulled the white rubber thigh high boots on and laced them up. then fitted the white rubber corset over her waist pushing her breasts up and out. Then she fitted the white rubber knee length skirt on and then came out to the office where I looked at her appreciatively as she twirled around showing off, then she came over and gave me a big hug.

I then turned her around and laced her suit closed using the same wire that I used on Helen, then put on a white bondage collar and padlocked it, she now could not get out unless I let her. Then I opened the other parcel that I had brought and pulled out two large remote vibrators and inserted them into Chrissy, then pulled out a metal chastity belt which fitted on her snugly this belt also had two steel straps which fitted into her crotch like an inverted U. I undid the laces on her boots and fitted the boots over the steel straps and laced them up again putting a padlock through the top eyelets, now she could still walk but her legs were forced slightly apart and every time she moved the vibrators moved inside her, now she looked like a rubber nurse.

"How does that feel my dear?" she walked around the office very stiffly but she said that she felt wonderful . "Well my dear have you thought about what to do with Helen?"

"Yes but she is going to need a good clean and rest first."

"Well now is as good a time as any to start," with that I went over to Helen and removed her off the stand, this was a little bit difficult as her pussy had clamped onto the vibrators.

I then removed the outer layer of the bandages revealing the catsuit she was wearing. Chrissy looked on admiringly as I cut the wires holding her catsuit on, I peeled the catsuit off pulling out the gag and pulling it down, her breasts popped out of the suit and finished pulling the suit off her until all that was left was the mummified form of Helen in her adhesive bandages, then I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom plonking her in the bathtub. Chrissy followed us with interest, then I ran warm water into the bath to soak the bandages. Peeling the bandages off took a long time due to their adhesiveness, but finally she was naked, I said to Chrissy to clean her up good.

After Helen was all cleaned up I picked her up and towelled her down then carried her into the office and placed her onto the couch, placing restraining straps on her and a ball gag. Chrissy and I left the office for the night, we went home to my place where I took Chrissy up to my room, where I fitted her with a white rubber arm and leg binder, rolled her onto the bed, turned on her vibrators and crawled in beside her, I fondled her rubber encased body and dozed off. In the morning after removing the arm and leg binders we had breakfast then went to the office where we found Helen had recovered and was struggling in her bonds.

"Good morning Helen I hope you are feeling better?" She mmffed and resumed struggling. "Its no use, you are our plaything and we have plans for you." 

She started crying and Chrissy went over and slapped her across the face, Helen stopped in shock and looked at Chrissy in surprise.

I made a protein thick shake for Helen and removed her gag and told her to drink, she instantly erupted into a tirade of profanity, so I held her nose while Chrissy poured the drink down her throat. Helen was forced to swallow or drown, after cleaning Helen up I replaced the ball gag. 

"Well that should keep her going for her next adventure!"

"How did you stop her struggling before?" asked Chrissy.

"Well I used a special formula which I soaked into the bandages."

"Oh well we may have to use that formula again!"

I went and got some formula and coated her left leg, when it went numb I untied her leg and folded it up till her foot was touching her buttocks then I proceeded to wrap her leg with the adhesive sports wrap until the leg was totally encased, then I repeated the process on her right leg. Now both legs looked like they had both been amputated. Helen struggled furiously but to no avail, I then coated both her arms and proceeded to wrap her arms the same way as her legs, now she had no arms or legs. Next I taped her breasts at the base forcing them to stick out like ripe melons then I taped electrodes to her breasts then covered them with sports tape until all you could see was the two wires sticking out.

Helen was bawling her eyes out by now and Chrissy was trying to masturbate, but the layers of rubber and the chastity belt prevented any relief. The next roll of bandages I used to encase her hair into a long rope, then I removed the ball gag and pushed a large rubber tube into her mouth effectively gagging her but allowing her to breath easily then I taped her head totally so she could not see hear or speak. Then I fitted a special dildo into her that looked like a H, the two ends I put into her pussy and anus, the other two ends stuck out of her like she had two penises, then I taped the rest of her ensuring that the two dildos could not come out but not covering the two protrusions. Now she looked great, totally covered with no arms legs with her breasts sticking out and deaf dumb and blind, I then picked her up and placed her in the cupboard. 

Chrissy begged me to release her so she could cum, but all I did was to get her to lay on the floor and turned on her vibrators then I squatted down and made her suck my cock. After she sucked me dry I left her on the floor with the vibrators on until she collapsed exhausted then I turned them off. After about an hour I helped Chrissy up of the floor because she was too stiff to bend and get herself up.

"Ok Chrissy now its time for you to get us our next patient." Chrissy smiled at me and said she knew the perfect choice, I smiled thinking, I knew who this next victim would be.

Chapter 4 - Jane

It was Friday night when there was a knock at the office door and no surprise to me when I opened the door to see Jane standing there .

"Oh hello I was looking for Chrissy."

"Yes I said ""she works here."

"Oh I thought she worked down town at a brokerage firm."

"She did but now works with me, helping people to a healthier lifestyle."

"Really what do you do?"

"We do herbal wraps to remove the toxins in the body."

"Oh yes I remember Helen a girl who comes to the gym talking about it."

"Ah here's Chrissy now."

Jane looked at Chrissy and what she was wearing and commented on what a marvellous uniform she was wearing. Chrissy smiled and twirled around showing off like the little tart she was.

"I'll leave you two too it."

I left the room to allow Chrissy to weave her spell on Jane. Half an hour later Chrissy came into my inner office and said that Jane was interested in a free treatment.

"Good," I said, "when will she be coming in for her treatment."

"Tomorrow morning."

"Ok then we might as well knock off for the night."

When we got home I asked if she needed to be released to freshen up. Chrissy said that she could really do with a shower and a chance to relieve herself but liked her costume so much that she didn't want to remove it. That's ok I said I have a new costume for you to try on .

"Oh goody I can't wait, lets get started."

First I removed the short skirt then I undid the padlocks on her thigh high boots and undid the laces then pulled the boots off. Chrissy flexed her legs for the first time in a long while, then I removed the chastity belt and removed the vibrators, Chrissy wriggled about and started to masturbate. I gave her a sharp smack on the backside and cut the wire lacing her suit up and sent her to the bathroom to finish stripping and have a shower. About an hour later Chrissy emerged refreshed and eager, so it was of to the bedroom for a good fucking.

Still naked we went downstairs and had dinner, relaxed in front of the TV then went to bed for the night. In the morning I left Chrissy in bed and went downstairs to get her new costume ready, Chrissy came down in a cheerful mood looking forward to a new day of fun and encasement and especially looking forward to getting Jane into her rightful position in life. I pulled out her new costume that, at first glance looked the same as her old costume but with some differences, Chrissy looked at the new costume with anticipation. Again it was a white rubber catsuit but this time instead of talc I coated Chrissy with a rubber sealant, then I helped to put her into the suit before the sealant dried, this catsuit was the same as the old suit except that her pussy and anus were left exposed and when the suit was on it was a lot tighter and instead of laces there was a zipper, once I had done this up I coated the zipper with sealant.

Chrissy struggled to get her breath as the suit was so tight, then I inserted two of the largest vibrators that I could buy, causing lots of discomfort as the pressure of the suit pressing from the outside and the size of the vibrators filling her cavities. Then I locked the chastity belt on her with the inverted U, which forced her legs apart slightly, and then I fitted the thigh high boots lacing them up with wire and topping them of with a padlock. Chrissy said, this looks a bit more permanent than last time, I agreed telling her that this catsuit was staying on for a very long time but she would still be able to eat and do her ablutions, I then fitted her skirt which covered the chastity belt.

Chrissy took a few tentative steps gasping for breath as she walked, the vibrators rubbing viciously inside her. "How do you feel?" I asked. She told me that it hurt quite a bit but was ok as long as she didn't move too much. I told her that she would get used to it soon enough, she agreed with tears welling in her eyes. 

"Well its time to go and get ready for Jane." At this she perked up and said let's go, I walked out to the car with Chrissy slowly following. When we arrived at the office I checked on Helen, as I expected she had not moved, closing the cupboard door I put some solution into the sink in readiness for Jane. Chrissy stood by breathing shallow breaths trying to recover from her short walk.

Jane knocked on the door at 8:30 and to give Chrissy a rest I answered the door. Jane was standing in the doorway wearing tracksuit pants and a sloppy Joe, not quite what I was expecting but as she would not be wearing it for long it didn't really matter, I greeted her with a warm smile and invited her in .As she entered, Chrissy greeted her with a hug and Jane stepped back and took a good look at Chrissy, "My you look good!" she said, Chrissy smiled in appreciation.

"Well," I said, "are you ready?" Yes she murmured.

"Ok then I'm afraid that the tracksuit must go, there is suitable attire in the bathroom."

"Oh I already am prepared, Chrissy told me what to wear yesterday." With that she striped off revealing a black cotton lycra catsuit, I looked over at Chrissy and smiled.

"Well Jane you were told correctly so if you're ready we will get started." 

I guided her over to the couch where she laid back while I went over to the sink, I approached Jane with the first roll of adhesive sports bandages and placed it on the couch beside her then explained to her that I had to apply the herbal solution first, as this was her first time at a herbal wrap clinic she was none the wiser so I applied the solution to her catsuit. After a short time she started to go numb she queried this feeling and I told her it was normal. Chrissy piped up and said, "My first time I was quite scared but there is nothing to worry about."

By this time Jane was quite dopey so I picked up the first roll and folded her left leg so her foot was touching her backside then started to tape from the knee to the groin. Jane weakly protested but Chrissy soothed her reassuringly, and I proceeded to fold her right leg till her foot was touching her backside and taped from her knee to the groin again, I think that at this time Jane realised that something was wrong but Chrissy kept soothing Jane and I kept going. Now I started on her right arm, folding it until the palm of her hand was on her shoulder then taped her arm from the elbow to her shoulder. The left arm was next repeating the same process, Jane was now starting to fret and looking at Chrissy but now Chrissy had a huge smile on her face but was not saying anything.

Now Jane was powerless to do anything even if she was not under the influence of my solution. Now I very carefully cut the lycra around her breasts releasing them to the air, I then wound electrical tape around the base of each breast causing them to swell so the veins showed then I taped electrodes to each breast, and covered them with sports tape, Jane was crying now, so now I explained to her what she had fallen for. She cried and asked what about Chrissy. I told her Chrissy had shown the love for this form of punishment and was in no better a position than she was except that she got to play with our toys meaning you and Helen.

"Helen? What do you mean?" So I went over to the cupboard and opened the door revealing the mummified form of Helen.

"No more talking!" I inserted the same type of tube in Jane's mouth as I used in Helen silencing her protestations, then I taped her head completely. Chrissy asked what was next, I told her to drag Helen out of the cupboard and bring her over to the couch, then I carefully cut around Janes crotch area revealing her pussy and anus then I taped her sweet juicy lips apart and finished taping the rest of her body up to her head now she was completely covered bar the two holes that I had left open.

"Right Chrissy you have done enough for today, time for your treatment."

I went over to my bag and removed the single arm sheath that I had used on her before and fitted it to her and she started to coo in anticipation. After I had secured the binder I unlaced the boots and removed the chastity belt and vibrators, then before she could get comfortable I picked her up and placed her on the manikin stand where her feet dangled 3" off the floor. Then I fitted cuffs to her ankles and padlocked them together putting more pressure on her groin, I then got a white latex heavy duty hood with eye holes and a built in gag and fitted this over her head. Now I turned the vibrators on wherein her eyes lit up, Chrissy now had the advantage of watching the rest of Jane and Helens torment while being stimulated. 

I picked Jane up off the couch and lay her on the floor with Helen, then placing them both on their sides I pushed them together end to end carefully inserting the two protruding dildo's from Helen into Jane pushing them home till their butts were touching them proceeded to tape the two girls together till they formed as one unit on the floor. I then connected the electrodes on their breasts to a transformer like you use on a train set, the adjustable current type.

I then turned the vibrators on low and watched as the lump on the floor moved very slightly, then turned the power on to the transformer and slowly dialled the power up until I could hear muffled sounds coming from them, but this was almost nothing compared to the sounds coming from the tortured form of Chrissy, impaled as she was on the manikin stand. The look in her eyes was of pure ecstasy so I left her there for another twenty minutes then shut her vibrators off and told her that she was to stay the night to keep vigilance over the package laying on the floor in front of her, at this she mmmppphhhed frantically, I don't know whether in agreement or disagreement so I just smiled turned of the lights and went shopping for the rest of the day. 

Chapter 5 - Three to two

About six in the evening I checked in at the office to see how everyone was getting on, they were all asleep so I turned Helen and Janes vibrators off and the transformer off then went home for some well earned rest. In the morning I arrived at work nice and early to check on my girls. As expected they were all as I left them, Chrissy's pussy had actually swallowed the dildos until her feet were just touching the floor and she was asleep. Helen and Jane were as I left them, a solid bound blob bound butt to butt on the floor unmoving.

I walked over to Chrissy and patted her pussy causing her to moan quietly in her sleep, I just smiled to myself and turned my attention to Helen and Jane. I unbound them from each other and separated Jane from Helen, this caused Jane to whimper as the pussy and butt plugs were pulled from her. I soon remedied this by inserting a U shaped band of metal with two dildo's attached, this device fitted snugly against her body and then I taped over it sealing it in Jane squirmed and moaned as I did this so I patted her on the rear quite smartly causing her to moan even more loudly.

At this time Chrissy started to stir so I went to her and removed her hood and gag where upon she quietly begged to be released from the mannequin stand, but I told her that she would have to be lifted slowly to alleviate the pressure, she moaned in agreement so I placed two small blocks of wood under her feet lifting her two inches higher causing her to moan in anguish.

I had decided to end Helens torment and made a phone call to a company that I knew of who could make young vulnerable girls disappear. Turning back to Chrissy I went over to her and removed her arm binder, her arms fell by her sides being limp from being bound for so long she moaned in relief and agony. I then unlocked her ankle cuffs and carefully lifted her from the stand that had caused her so much torment and carried her to the couch and lay her gently down where she thanked me and drifted off to sleep. About noon the removalists arrived to take Helen away they enquired about the sleeping form of Chrissy and the bound form of Jane, but I told them that I was not finished with her yet, they shrugged complimented me on my work with the mummified forms and slipped me a rather full envelope of cash, I smiled and let them out with their package.

Chrissy woke slowly and moaned, she opened her eyes looked up at me and smiled, I asked her how she felt. She replied, "I hurt but not too badly." I smiled at her and told her that once she had recovered we would go home where she could freshen up ready for her next victim. She smiled and said thank you, then she noticed that Helen was missing so I told her about the sale and showed her the money, she beamed and said this would keep us in supplies for a while.

Later Chrissy tended to her ablutions, when she enquired about removing the catsuit to have a shower I replied that this was not possible as I had used a sealant as a lubricant when she put the suit on, at this she looked frightened but I assured her that the sealant would break down in a few days then she could be released, she nodded in submission, we then discussed how we were going to lure our next victim to our door but she was pretty worn out so we went home to sleep on it.

In the morning Chrissy felt very frisky so I removed the chastity belt and we spent the morning fucking like rabbits in heat. After eating lunch I inserted the two dildo's in her and reattached the U and chastity belt then called the local paper and placed an ad, advertising herbal wrap services. We went to the office about lunchtime, Jane was still laying on the floor bound into a ball, Chrissy stood by while I injected a muscle relaxant into Janes butt. I then removed the tape covering the U shaped metal frame with the double dildos and removed them, then I removed all the tape, which was a bit difficult, but I eventually had Jane naked except for her head.

I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet and told her to relieve herself, after I bathed her then rubbed her body dry, all this time Jane was mumbling through her bound head with the tube down her throat. I carried her back to the office where I sat her in a chair and then removed the bandages covering her head and removed the tube from her mouth, where upon she immediately started to beg and plead and cry all at the same time which came out as being almost unintelligible after having the tube down her throat all this time. I slapped her across the face then filled her mouth with a large inflatable rubber ball gag with a hollow tube that went down her throat and strapped it tightly around her head. 

"You have a lot to learn my dear."

"Now we have to get you dressed."

I went over to a large chest that resembled a small wardrobe and swung the door open revealing many cotton lycra catsuits of various colours and styles. I pulled out a white full body catsuit with gloved feet and hands and a full hood with only eyeholes and a hole for the tube coming out of her mouth. I then proceeded to pull the catsuit up Janes legs, gathering the material and fitting her toes into the gloved feet, I pulled the suit up her legs until I got to her pussy where I played with her for a while. Then when she was nice and wet I fitted two inflatable dildos in her pumping them up so she was totally sealed then unscrewed the bulbs and continued to pull the suit up over her thighs.

When I got to her breasts I taped around the base of each one forcing them into prominence then pulled the suit over these and up to her shoulders. I pulled the hood over her head smoothing it over her features, and then I did up the zippers, tying them together with wire. Jane was starting to get feeling back and was starting to wriggle, so I gave her another injection at which she protested in a low mumble, I then went to the chest and again selected a white catsuit identical to the last and fitted this to Jane again tying the zippers together with wire.

I stood back and admired the all white form of Jane then decided to add some colour, again I went to the chest and picked out a bright pink catsuit with no gloves, feet or hood and pulled this onto Jane. Now I put some thumb cuffs on her big toes and pulled her arms behind her back and used thumb cuffs on her and bound her arms together with adhesive tape. I then picked out a bright blue catsuit with a single arm and leg sheath and fitted Jane into this, to top all this off I then covered her from head to toe with adhesive bandages and strapped her to the bed.

Chrissy and I went home and indulged in some games which included suspending her by the ankles and massaging her all over with a vibrator bringing her to the brink of orgasm many times, giving her much pleasure but not allowing her to be fully satisfied. The next day I moved Jane to my house and hung her up next to Chrissy and repeated the torment of the vibrator to both of them eventually letting Chrissy down and took her to bed leaving Jane to her thoughts.

The next day I received a phone call from a very stern sounding woman saying that she had not heard of us before and as the local health authority officer it was her duty to check us out, so I arranged to meet her at the office the next morning. After hanging up the phone I turned to Chrissy and told her what had transpired and told her that she would have to dress a bit more appropriately to impress the inspector, at this she exclaimed, "but I can't remove this catsuit because it's glued on!" 

I told her that the glue should have broken down by now so lets see if we can't get you out and cleaned up. I unlocked the chastity belt, unlocked the boots and cut the wire laces, removed the U band and vibrators and boots. I then struggled with the zipper in her catsuit but eventually it came undone, the glue holding the suit to her body was still stuck on fairly well so I ordered her up to the bathroom to take a hot bath to loosen the glue and remove the catsuit. Chrissy was gone a long time but when she came down the stairs wearing nothing but a towel she smelled and looked terrific, so I promptly held her hand and led her back upstairs to the bedroom where I tied her to the bed and made love to her for many hours.

Chapter 6 - The Inspector calls.

In the morning we got up and I tied her hands behind her back and bound her elbows together then we had breakfast. Of course I had to feed her, then I sent her up to do her ablutions after which I hosed her down and dried her. I then led her into the bedroom where I looked for something suitable to wear for the day, after selecting twelve pairs of tan opaque pantyhose, a tweed knee length suit and a polo neck top with a pair of black thigh high boots with six-inch heels. I added to the pile two inflatable dildos, a metal chastity belt, a metal one-inch collar, a length of fine chain, two metal cuffs and a special steel bar with cross pieces that had no purpose that she could immediately imagine. Chrissy looked at all the bondage gear and asked am I going to wear all that? I nodded in reply. She asked what all the pantyhose were for? I told her that she still had to be in some form of mummification, she looked at me quizzically, I said all would be revealed soon enough.

I untied her elbows and wrists and led her to the bed and then sat on a chair facing her and told her that she was to dress herself as instructed, she nodded in agreement. First fit the metal collar, she did this and as she closed the collar there was a audible click, she tried to remove the collar but to no avail. I just smiled now fit the two inflatable dildo's, she did this, now pump them up, she pumped them up until she started to moan in pleasure. I told her to stop and she looked at me sulkily. Now put on the pantyhose. How many she asked, all of them I told her, she looked puzzled but pulled on the first pair when she had pulled them up to where the two inflatable bulbs hung she asked what she was supposed to do with these? I told her to put one bulb down each leg, she did this and then proceeded to put on the other eleven pairs of pantyhose, as these were heavy opaque very soon she was having problems bending her legs and the bulbs all but left a small bump on the inside of her thighs.

Next I removed a long sleeve body suit from a box and told her that this was to be put on next, she nodded and took the fabric in her hands and tried to stretch it but as she could only stretch it a tiny bit she exclaimed that it would never fit but I told her to put it on. As she struggled to pull it on she was amazed at how it fit and compressed her body and covered the line around her tummy where the twelve pairs of pantyhose ended. 

This is awfully tight she remarked, I just nodded in reply and told her to put the boots on next. These were two sizes larger than she normally wore to accommodate the layers of pantyhose even so they were very tight to put on. As she could not bend because of all the layers I laced the boots up for her and fitted two locks though the top eyelets, now her legs were totally immobilised. I understand now what you meant she said, I told her to fit the chastity belt next. This she did with some difficulty, next I got up and fitted a lock to the chastity belt ensuring that she could now not remove anything that she had on.

Next I picked up the metal with the cross pieces, she looked on with curiosity as I told her to turn around I fitted one end into a slot in the back of the chastity belt and the other end into a slot in the collar, I then adjusted the fit until the two ends clicked into place effectively creating a forced posture position. The two cross pieces were hinged at shoulder height and had fine rings at the ends these I clipped around her wrists. Now she could move her arms but had limited movement at the elbows, this was further restricted when I fitted a pair of gloves made from the same material as the body suit. Now when she tried to move all she could manage stiff jerky movements.

Next I told her to lift her arms up as far as she could, she managed to lift her arms to shoulder height straight out in front of her. I then pulled the polo neck top over her arms and over her head effectively covering all her upper body restraints, she looked at herself in the mirror admiring how tight her body looked even with all the layers, but noticed that her chest looked a bit flat and pouted. I asked how she felt?

"Fine, she replied, "like a mummy but not a mummy."

I then fitted the two metal cuffs around her boots just below the knees and attached the fine chain to a loop in her chastity belts crotch down through loops in the cuffs and back up to her crotch pulling the chain tight and locking it in place forcing her knees together. Then I put her tweed skirt on and finally the jacket, I stood back and admired the result she now looked like a professional secretary. How do you feel I asked?

She replied in short breaths that the whole ensemble was very tight and restrictive and that the multi Layers of pantyhose, vibrators and chastity belt were getting very warm and herself very hot.

So I knelt down and squeezed her boots where the bulbs were and kept on squeezing until she was squirming almost uncontrollably as the dildo's expanded crushing her insides out against the pressure of the pantyhose and chastity belt, she gasped in pleasure and pain and begged me to let the pressure down a bit. I told her that this was impossible unless we removed all of her attire and as we had to be in the office in twenty minutes she would have to suffer all day, at this she let out a loud moan but perked up a bit when I told her that she was in a lot better a position than the inspector would be by the end of the day.

As we arrived at the office Chrissy, who was lying on the back seat because she could not sit up because of her restrictive attire, she asked if we had arrived in time as it would look a bit odd if the inspector saw us trying to get her out of the car as a stiff object, fortunately we had arrived first. We made our way to the office with Chrissy making a very undignified attempt at climbing the stairs as I unlocked the office we heard a car pull up out front, so Chrissy stood by the door while I put on my white coat.

Soon there was a knock on the door; Chrissy opened the door to reveal a stunning young lady about twenty two and five foot three. I welcomed her and asked what I could do for her, she notified me that she was the inspector and was here to check if my methods met approval. I told her that I understood and asked if she would like a cup of coffee while we chatted. She agreed so I sent Chrissy to make us a cuppa with a sly wink she moved over to the coffee machine, as we chatted I found out that her name was Gina and she had just moved here to start her new job as inspector and that she honestly didn't know much about herbal wraps. So I asked if she had ever had one, she replied no and I asked how she could judge me if she hadn't tried it herself? 

"Well I was hoping that you would give me a demonstration," she replied. By this time we had been served our coffee and had almost finished when Chrissy suggested that we could accommodate her this very morning. Gina asked what was involved and so I told her that she had to wear a catsuit and then I would cover her from head to toe in bandages soaked in a herbal solution that would make her relax, she said this sounded ok and decided to give it a go. 

I asked her to go into the bathroom and choose a costume and return, in the meantime I prepared the bandages and solution. Chrissy said that Gina was very pretty and would make a lovely toy to play with I agreed with her. When Gina came out of the bathroom she was covered completely in a catsuit complete with feet gloves and hood that was obviously a bit small for her.

When I asked why she chose the catsuit with the hood, she replied because I was going to cover her from head to foot and she didn't want her hair to get in the way. She sounded slightly muffled through the lycra, that was stretched very tightly over her great body I asked if she was comfortable and she nodded her head. Chrissy led her over to the couch and she sat on the edge. I approached her with the first of the rolls of sticky elastic sports wrap and proceeded to wrap her left leg starting at the toes, I wrapped as tightly as I dared proceeding up the leg to her crotch, at this stage. She leaned over and stroked her leg with her lycra covered hands and 'ooohhd' mumbling how tight and smooth it felt, I smiled and proceeded to wrap her right leg. When I reached her crotch she lay back on the couch, I then taped the fingers of her left hand individually then wrapped her arm all the way up to her shoulder. 

At this stage she noticed that her legs had lost all feeling, I told her that this was good as it meant that the herbs were working, she mumbled something that I could not hear so I repeated this process to her right arm. I stood back and looked at the form laying on the couch noting that I had compressed her limbs so much that they looked smaller than original. Gina had now fallen asleep; Chrissy walked over to Gina and started to fondly stroke the bound limbs. I then separated the couch in the middle and proceeded to wrap from her thighs up her torso to her breasts then from above her breasts to her shoulders.

By now Gina was breathing in short breaths because of the tightness of the bandages. I waited for a short while to make sure that she would not have breathing problems, then I cut a small slit in the hood and fed a tube into her mouth with two rings, one went into her mouth behind her teeth while the other ring sealed around her lips. I then bound her head very tightly leaving only two very small holes that she could see through and then I wrapped her throat very carefully so as not to strangle her. After surveying my work Chrissy and I rolled her onto her stomach and dragged her arms behind her and proceeded to wrap her arms together starting at the fingers wrapping tightly up her arms so that her elbows were touching when finished we rolled her onto her back and waited for Gina to awaken.

Gina woke feeling like her whole body was in a vice, she opened her eyes and realised she could only see the ceiling and not very clearly because something was covering her eyes, then she remembered where she was and what she was doing there she tried to call out to the Doc but only managed a slight gurgling sound. Realising that she couldn't move her mouth and there was something stuck down her throat, she tried to reach up to remove the obstruction but panicked when she realised that her arms were immobilised behind her, she started to thrash around, when she felt strong hands holding her down and a soothing voice telling her to calm down.

She settled down and listened to the voice, he was telling her that she was in good hands and not to be afraid. Then Chrissy told her that the treatment had only just started but we wanted to ensure that she understood what was happening so as not to scare her. Scare her! She was terrified, who the hell were these people to treat her like this, she umphed and ungged, trying to tell them to let her go immediately but to no avail and what did they mean the treatment had only just started she was immobilised and gagged what else could they do.

"I believe she wants to be free," I said to Chrissy, Gina shook her head in agreement. "That's a shame but we can't let her go now or she may not give us a favourable report."

'A favourable report! Who did they think they were kidding? I'll report these nuts to every authority in the land when I get out,' she thought to herself.

All Chrissy and I could hear were lots of squeals and lots of struggling so I gave her a resounding slap across her breasts, this was met by lots more struggling. So Chrissy held her legs down while I fitted a four-foot spreader bar forcing her legs wide open. I then picked up a bicycle tube and cut two lengths about two inches long, these I stretched in my hands to test how tight they were. Satisfied I stretched the first rubber ring and placed the band over her left tit struggling to get it over the bulbous mound hidden under the lycra, when I released the band it snapped tight around the base of her breast with a resounding crack causing Gina to buck so wildly that Chrissy had trouble holding her down. Her breast in the meantime had snapped to attention like a missile leaping out of a silo. When she calmed down a bit I repeated the process to the right breast with the same results while emitting a blood curdling sound from the tube in her mouth and tears flowed through the lycra. 

After a while as she settled down Chrissy gave Gina a good fingering at the crotch area just managing to reach up under the bandages and feeling through the lycra to stimulate Gina bringing more tears to her eyes. After about half an hour Gina fell into a fitful sleep twisting and jerking around she was obviously having nightmares, while she was sleeping we changed her spreader bar for a five foot bar spreading her legs even further apart then I got some more bandages and wrapped each breast individually above and below and in between them, her body was now totally covered by tight sticky sports wrap except her eyes and pussy. After four hours we again replaced the spreader bar but this time I used a length of flat bar with a ring welded in the middle, we stretched her legs out so that they were one hundred and eighty degrees apart the bar reached from the tips of the toes of the left foot to the tips of the toes of the right foot then bandaged her legs to the bar, also bending the toes over and taping these to the bar giving her an en-point look. 

When Gina woke up every part of her body was screaming at her in agony, she opened her eyes but could not see anything as it was dark and there were no sounds in the room, 'they've left me here to die!' she thought. She tried to struggle but could only move her head slightly; she broke down and cried herself to sleep again. Chrissy and myself went home for a well-earned rest feeling very smug with ourselves but Chrissy's torment wasn't over.

I removed the jacket and skirt and polo top leaving her standing in the lounge with all the steel paraphernalia still attached and with no way of removing any of it and no way of touching herself through all the layers of pantyhose and chastity belt. I went up to the bedroom and returned soon with an armful of bondage items, Chrissy moaned in frustration when she saw what I had brought down. She pleaded with me to give her release but I shook my head and popped a bright red ball gag into her mouth and buckled it tight behind her head, then I slipped a rubber hood over her head with only holes for her nostrils to breath through then I slipped a leather discipline helmet over her head lacing it tightly.

Chapter 7 - Chrissy's Lesson

Chrissy was not happy I had spent way too much time on Gina and had not played with my favourite toy, so she was feeling neglected and jealous and her loins were overheating two fold, from frustration and from the heat generated by the twelve layers of heavy opaque pantyhose topped of with a tight metal chastity belt.

Of course I knew of her frustration but she had to learn that she was there for my pleasure not the other way round. I now grabbed her by her near useless arms and pulled them back until I could feed a steel rod under her elbows and across her back tying it in place with a short length of rope. This now ensured that her arms would not get in the way. I then tied a very powerful metal vibrator to one of the four-poster uprights at waist height in the bedroom upstairs, then told her that if she wanted release she would have to climb the stairs to the bedroom, find the vibrator and stimulate herself into climax by herself before I would release her. She moaned and tried to stamp her foot but could not because of the boots pantyhose and chain linking her knees together.

I told her the steps were to her right she turned and scuffled over to the steps when she reached the bottom of the steps, I told her that she would have to jump up each step but I would be with her to prevent her falling she 'ughmmphdd' and jumped up the first step them to the second step. Two hours later she reached the top and there was sweat pouring down from under the hoods, I encouraged her telling her that I was going to turn on the vibrator and the rest was up to her. She cocked her head listening for the buzzing sound, when she heard this sound she hopped with renewed vigour towards the sound, as she shuffled the last few metres she slowed down and zeroed in on the sound, as the vibrator made first contact between the vibrator and her metal chastity belt she jumped back in shock then moved forward again and this time when she made contact.

She kept moving forward until she was almost fucking the bed post, the metal vibrator was very powerful and vibrated through the metal chastity belt with such intensity that she almost came at once. When she came I had to catch her, I picked her up and placed her gently on the bed, then I removed the hoods which were sopping wet, then I removed the bar from behind her back, took the gloves off unlocked the wrist restraints the posture bar the cuffs below her knees and removed her boots. I then removed her gag and gave her a well earned drink laced with a sedative, she whispered what about the rest, later dear later was all she heard as she drifted off to sleep.

When we woke in the morning Chrissy felt her nether region and discovered that she was still wearing the twelve pairs of pantyhose, the body suit, the chastity belt and the two inflated dildo's. She rolled over and asked why? So I told her that it was punishment for being jealous yesterday. I'm sorry she apologised I promise that I wont get jealous again, apology accepted I said. "Well how long till you remove the rest of these things then?" she asked. 

"Until tonight unless you want to try what Gina is going through?"

"Oh no I don't think that I would be able to handle that!"

"Well I think that you might have to have a few more layers added to your ensemble then just to make you realise that what you think doesn't really matter!"

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I wouldn't do anything you want because I know you wouldn't truly hurt me but. Oh well your the boss!"

"Yes and to make sure that you never forget it I'm going to teach you a lesson."

"Oh no what are you going to do?"

"Well for a start you will be wearing everything you have on now plus some extra things for two days plus no food and as I will be away for two days you won't have the chance to use the bathroom." She gasped in despair. "And you have to come up with a suitable punishment for yourself for when I get back."

"But where are you going?"

"I'm going to finish what I started with Gina."

Chrissy's eyes welled up with tears more bondage, no food and no toilet for two days and she already wanted to go to the toilet and worst of all she would be alone while Gina gets all the attention. I walked over to the wardrobe and removed three lycra catsuits; one rubber catsuit; a posture collar and a single arm sheath. Chrissy stared as tears welled in her eyes realising that I was deadly serious. I helped her put the three lycra catsuits on.  These had feet, mitten style gloves and hoods. I then fitted the arm sheath lacing it up tightly causing her to moan in pleasure and pain. The rubber catsuit was next but as she now had no arms I inverted the sleeves in the suit. This was extremely hard to fit over all the layers of clothing and even harder to get over her bound arms. After I zipped her in I fitted the posture collar.

She was now a black shiny pillar of beauty, I knelt down and started to squeeze her thighs where the hidden bulbs for her inflatable dildo's were and kept squeezing until her moans became a dull scream. I told her this would stop any leakage and then patted her on the pussy hardly being able to feel the chastity belt enclosed under all the clothing. I then lifted her onto the bed and fitted a three-foot spreader bar between her ankles. I said to her that I would see her in a couple of days, turned off the lights and went to work.

Chapter 8 - Gina

When I arrived at work I unlocked the door and saw that Gina was as I left her, a white T-shaped mummy. I walked over to her and reached down into her crotch where it was all wet where she had relieved herself. She moaned but there was no movement, she was totally wasted. I slapped her a few times to wake her up and told her that I was going to give her a drink. She moaned. I walked over to the sink and poured a glass of water then added a sedative that would knock her out for at least a few hours. I then lifted her into a sitting position causing her to squeal as the weight came off her arms and onto her outspread legs.

Waiting for her to calm down I told her to suck on the tube while I held the glass to her. When she had drunk it all I lay her down again. She squealed and moaned in agony as the pressures against her arms increased again. I then told her that she was going to be released from her bondage to clean her up. She moaned, I presume in gratitude. In about ten minutes she was breathing in slow shallow breaths and I got some scissors and started to cut away the bandages and in doing so destroyed the catsuit. When I had finished she lay there in the same position as if she was still bound, her body was red all over from the tightness of the bondage but her breasts were a purple colour with the blue veins showing. I picked her up and took her to the bathroom, ran a bath and scrubbed her thoroughly paying special attention to her pussy and ass, then I connected a hose to the shower head and hosed her pussy and ass out. Picking up her limp body I thoroughly towelled her down when I put her on the couch I tied her ankles, knees, hands and elbows together and fitted a ball gag to her then began gently massaging her clit until she awoke .

When she woke up I turned my attention to sucking her nipples. She struggled and moaned in pleasure and as she was about to cum I stopped. She looked up at me in disbelief and moaned through the gag. Did you like that I asked? She nodded yes then shook her head in the negative as she realised that this was not supposed to be happening to her.

I said come on now after all I put you through, you were actually enjoying it weren't you? She shook her head saying NNNNNNOOOOOOO! But after a little while gave a slight nod as she realised that she had actually got turned on. I just laughed and she snorted angrily at me. I said I'm going to remove your gag so we can talk but if you scream I will fill your mouth with dental cement that will never come out again! Ok? She nodded and I removed the gag. 

"Why are you doing this to me?" she sputtered as she tried to regain use of her jaws.

"Why? Because I can and you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body that needs to learn her place!"

She sputtered angrily, "Learn my place! I'm a human being, you can't do this to me!"

I slapped her across the face and said, "I can do what I like with you and don't you forget it"".

She shook her head and started to cry 

So I started to suckle her nipples and sunk my fingers deep into her crotch until she spasmed in a deep orgasm. When she was spent I put the ball gag back in and went to my cupboards to ready her next torment. When she saw what I was getting ready she really started to squirm and fell off the couch knocking the breath out of her. I walked over to her and put her back on the couch with her squealing and wailing and kicking like a mule, so I dropped her on the floor and while she was trying to get her breath back I injected her with a muscle relaxant. This took effect almost immediately then I put a sheet of plastic on the couch and lifted her back onto it.

She started crying again as she knew that what was going to happen next, she was not going to like but there was nothing she could do about it. I removed all her fetters including the ball gag and received a torrent of pleading and begging for mercy. I just told her it was going to happen and to just get used to it. I reached under the couch and pulled out a box, opening it I pulled out a catsuit that looked like it would fit a small child and said first we have to get you into this.

She just gawked at me and said no way would that fit. I just laughed and started to slide the thick very tight material up her legs, when I got to her crotch I stopped and fetched two, two-inch diameter eight inch long inflatable dildo's and lubricated them before inserting them all the way in. She pleaded and begged for me not to but as she was numb down there she could not realise just how much they had expanded her. Removing the bulbs I inserted the two tubes through two holes in the crotch of the catsuit. Pulling the catsuit up over her hips was a struggle but with a bit of kneading I got it up to her breasts.

The breasts had their own separate pockets effectively trapping them within their confines; these needed a lot of persuasion as the entry holes were so small. When they were settled within their confines I tugged and pulled the rest of the catsuit up to her throat. I then went to the sink and got my shaver out and shaved all her hair off. She cried and cried wailing why, why? Then I pulled the open-faced hood over her head smoothing it out over her now bald head. Pulling the zipper in back was very difficult and I had to keep kneading her flesh until I could get the zipper up to her throat. I stood back and admired the shapely form before me 

She was now so compressed by the catsuit that all her dimensions had been reduced by two whole inches, but her waist had been reduced by six inches and her breasts had been reshaped to look more like two hard rockmelons that had almost been separated from the rest of her. I rolled her stiff form onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her binding them together with soft thick crepe bandages. I then rolled her onto her back and started wrapping from the head down to the crotch with the same thick crepe bandages. I then spread her legs one hundred and eighty degrees apart binding these with the bandages as well. This caused Gina to renew her complaints with vigour, which I ignored.

I then went to the sink and removed the first of many fibreglass bandages and proceeded to wrap her left leg starting at the toes compressing them to an en-point style. Wrapping all the way along the leg to the crotch then repeating this with the right leg. I then surrounded her waist and through her crotch leaving the two hoses protruding. I then continued up her torso paying special attention to the breasts and onto her throat. Fibreglass sets very quickly and her legs were now frozen in position, Gina was complaining between crying that this position would tear her apart and to please let her go.

I reminded her that she had already endured this position before but this time it would be for a lot longer. As she went to complain I stuffed a two inch rubber tube in her mouth with a flange that rested against her lips and protruded three inches down her throat. I used superglue to seal the flange against her lips ensuring that it was permanent, I then fibre-glassed her head and neck leaving only the oval of her face showing. Now she was a solid form unable to move or speak, tears streaming down her face I then reattached the two bulbs to the tubes protruding from her pussy and ass and sat back and waited for the muscle relaxant to wear off

After a while she started to moan louder and louder as her bodies nerves and muscles came back to life and complaining about the position they had been contorted to. It was now late in the evening so I stuffed an inflatable gag in her mouth pumping it up until her cheeks and eyes were bulging then wrapped her head in crepe bandages cutting off her sight and then pumped up her lower cavities until it was hard to squeeze the bulbs any more. Leaving Gina to her torments I locked up and went home.

I entered the house very quietly sneaking up the stairs. I looked in on Chrissy. She had only moved slightly on the bed so I went downstairs and cooked myself dinner. After eating my meal and washing up I went upstairs and had a shower. Chrissy was awake now and she obviously knew that some one was there either from the smells coming from the kitchen or from the sound of the shower. From under the layers of lycra I could hear who's there, so I went over and patted her on the pussy causing her to buck and writhe while she gasped in distress. Please release me she begged I can't hold on any longer! I looked at my watch and noted that she had been in the chastity belt for thirty-six hours but her punishment had only started twelve hours ago. I told her that she still had thirty six hours to go she cried no no no I can't stand any more pppllllleeeeaaassseee! I said hush dear and lay down beside her massaging her breasts and tapping on her chastity belt listening to her moans until I drifted of to sleep

In the morning I awoke with my arms still wrapped around my mummy. Even though Chrissy had twenty-four hours to go I decided to be merciful because I loved her. First I released her legs then I unlocked and removed the posture collar, the rubber catsuit came of next followed by the arm binder. The lycra catsuits were soaked in sweat and they came off next. Chrissy's hair was plastered to her face and she was moaning as her skin was tingling from the fresh air hitting her skin even though she still had the bodysuit and pantyhose on. She reached down and tried to rub her crotch and found the hard metal chastity belt still attached. I brushed her arms away easily as they were still not functional from being bound for so long and unlocked the chastity belt and peeled it off leaving an indentation in the pantyhose and bodysuit. I pulled the bodysuit off and peeled the pantyhose off one at a time savouring the sounds Chrissy made.

As I peeled each pair off I gave her thighs a slight squeeze inflating the dildo's a little bit at a time eventually she was lying naked on the bed with the two inflatable dildo's still deep inside her. I picked up the flaccid form of Chrissy and carried her to the bathroom, seating her on the toilet. I released the pressure from the dildo's and left Chrissy to remove them herself, knowing that it would be a little while before she could try because her arms needed to get the circulation back later. She called me in and told me she was finished and could I carry her to the bed because she still felt weak. I carried her into the bedroom, placed her on the bed and gently stretched her out on the bed tying her down to all four corners with pantyhose and gave her a massage while letting her sip on a high protein drink.

I let her rest for a couple of hours on the bed leaving her lightly bound so she could regain her strength. I cooked us both a meal and we ate in the bedroom with me feeding her while sucking on her nipples. For desert I put some ice cream on her belly and licked it of while fingering her clit bringing her to several orgasms.  That evening I said I just had to go and check on Gina but would be right back. Chrissy pouted but then smiled, "Don't forget that you have to tell me what punishment you want and it better be good or else!" Chrissy tried to sink further into the bed with a look of fear on her face.

Arriving at the office I unlocked the door and entered. Gina had not moved of course, I picked her up and placed her on the floor sitting up propped against the wall. I then unbound her head and removed the inflatable gag. She sucked in her breath and gurgled something like begging but this was short lived as I dropped my pants and filled the now vacant hole in her face telling her that it was time to get her daily nutrients. I grabbed the back of her fibre-glassed head thrusting my cock deep within her throat cuming at last, withdrawing and before she could say anything I refit the inflatable gag and re wrapped her head giving her inflatable dildo's a squeeze before stepping back and taking some photo's with my polaroid camera. I left locking the door behind me and went home. When I arrived home I sat in the lounge and had a beer looking at the snap shots that I took of Gina admiring how slim and graceful she looked, like a ballerina doing the splits . But now it was time to attend to Chrissy.

I went upstairs where I found that she had managed to release her arms and was fondling herself. She stopped as soon as she saw me and whisked her hands away like a kid caught with its hand in the cookie jar. I just smiled down at her and said, "I don't think that this is what I had in mind when I told you to choose a suitable punishment now, do you?"

"I'm sorry but I was so horny and you had gone to see Gina."

"Stop right there!!!! I told you not to get jealous."

She sobbed an apology and begged for forgiveness pleading that she would do anything to please me. So I asked her if she had thought of a suitable punishment. She bit her lip and nodded her head    "I . I . I want to be bound like Gina." she said then started to weep.

I laughed thinking that she did not know about Gina's latest fate.

"Ok!" I said, "we will start in the morning, so you can be free for tonight to please me."

She sat up quickly and untied her ankles then held her arms out to me beckoning me to join her on the bed. I stripped off and joined her on the bed making the most the fact that she was unfettered we explored each others bodies and made love most of the night.

Chapter 9 - Chrissy' Turn

In the morning I sent her to the bathroom to clean up and told her to shave all of her body hair off except her head while I went out to get some supplies. When I got home I found her in the lounge practicing the splits. I applauded her on her efforts and said it was time to get started, so I led her out to the garage where I had unloaded all my new supplies. I led her over to the centre of the garage where a head harness hung from a cable attached to a winch. I fitted the harness over her head then winched her up until her toes were just touching the floor, I then pulled out the very tight catsuit this one had built in sheaths for the pussy, anus and mouth as well as the pouches for her breasts. I carefully pulled the tight rubberised fabric up each leg while she grunted and groaned at the tightness, carefully inserting the two sheaths inside her. I then pulled her arms behind her using a arm sheath made from the same fabric as the catsuit I welded her arms together, I then pushed her arms to her back and pulled the catsuit over her arms and up her torso.

With her arms inside the catsuit this made it so much tighter and squeezing her breasts into the pouches was very difficult but it all fitted in the end and the result was very satisfying to me but not so satisfying to Chrissy, who had all this time complained moaned, squealed and grunted but overall had behaved herself. I lowered her to the floor and released her head from the harness then I platted her hair, I told her to open her mouth wide as I slid her hood up and over her head inserting the mouth sheath. I zippered up the hood pulling it tightly around her face she now was totally covered with not one millimetre of flesh showing every curve and dimple showed, you could even see her belly button, she was having difficulty breathing through the thick fabric so I got a pen and carefully poked holes in the fabric for her nose.

It was now time to prepare her for the final touch, I wrapped her from head to toe with a very thin layer of cotton wool then I started to wrap her from the neck down with fibreglass bandages stopping at the waist, when these had hardened I checked on her breathing, this was coming in short rasping breaths. I then encased her head with the fibreglass bandages incorporating a metal ring on the top of her head, when this had dried I attached the winch to the ring on top of her head and lifted her off the floor, I then positioned two saw horses either side of her, then lifted her ankles and put one on each horse then lowered her until her legs were 180 degrees apart causing her to squirm in agony. Now for the final touch, first I inserted two vibrating dildoes into her lower orifices then I fibre-glassed her legs and crotch sealing the vibrators in, then I glassed over her feet putting them in a en-point position, once this had all dried I lowered her to the floor and fucked her in the only orifice left, her mouth. When I finally cum I hoisted her back in the air strapped a penis gag into her mouth, turned the lights off and went up to bed.

In the morning I checked that Chrissy was ok then went to the office, when I arrived I noticed the light flashing on the answering machine, so I checked the message, it was from the local health authority asking if I could call them. So I called whereupon they asked me if I had seen their inspector Gina, so I told them that she had not been and I was upset that she had not kept her appointment as it threw my whole day out, they apologised for the inconvenience and hung up. I then rang my friends to come and pick up another package, and then I sat back and looked at Gina thinking about my lovely girl at home waiting for me to release her and about the money I would get from the sale of Gina.

After the removalists had been and gone and I was much richer, I went home to Chrissy where she was gently swinging in the air, I lowered her to the ground and carefully cut the cast in two prising the two halves apart gently revealing the unconscious form of Chrissy still in her tight catsuit with the dildo's still embedded deep within her, I carefully placed the two halves of the cast to one side for later use. I picked up the unconscious form of Chrissy and carried her up to the bedroom where I tied her legs spread to the bed then went back to the garage and added more resin to the two halves of the cast reinforcing them and adding clasps to join the two halves together, these I moulded into the casts then I coated the inside of the casts with a thin layer of latex, when this was dry I carried them up to the bedroom and hung them up in the closet.

Chrissy was conscious by now but still gagged and unable to see with the two dildos still inside her so I turned them on low and watched her gently writhe on the bed, I sat on the bed next to her and gently fondled her body causing her to moan in pleasure after she came I left her to go and start dinner, then I went upstairs and untied her removed the dildos and the gag then undid the catsuit peeling it off her then released her arms. Chrissy sighed and lay back on the bed, I told her that dinner would be ready soon so she should have a bath and come down when she was ready, she smiled up at me and asked if I could run her a bath while she got the energy to get up, I smiled back at her and went to run her a bath then went down to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner, I had just finished serving up the meal when Chrissy came down the stairs totally nude and moving carefully and slowly, as she seated herself she looked up at me and apologised to me for being jealous.

We had a wonderful time that night just kicking back having a few drinks and watching TV with her being unbound and naked enjoying each others company, late that night we went to bed and fucked like bunnies all night and most of the next day. While we were laying in bed we talked about what to do next, I told her that I would not tolerate jealousy and opened the closet door to reveal the cast hanging there, Chrissy cried out in shock and I told her that this was waiting for her just in case, she cried and begged not to be put back in the cast, I smiled and told her that she might be put in it every now and then just to remind her of her place. 

Chrissy and I would spend many a fun time together in the future and many more women would go missing.

                                                      THE END      (for now)

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