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Four Months

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; jail; straitjacket; bandage; cocoon; cell; straps; electro; punish; reluct; X

This is not a happy, fun bondage story.  If you don’t like grim stuff, then you probably won’t enjoy this story. A special thank you must go to the members of the Gromets plaza forum, whose input and suggestions helped shape this story into its final form 

“Goodnight!” Twenty three-year-old Rebecca watched as the two old people walked out of the restaurant into the cold night. She let out a sigh of satisfaction. Two more happy customers. She put herself to work, clearing off the table that was covered in dishes and dirty utensils. 

They were easy to put away in the kitchen. Taking two damp cloths, Rebecca wiped off the table and began to dry it. 

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” 

The table was finished. Clean plates and utensils had been placed on, glasses were put in place. This table was the last one of the evening. Rebecca glanced up at the large clock mounted on the wall. 7:57 PM. Her shift would be over in three minutes. 

Her manager walked out of the kitchen and into the main dinning room. All was quiet. Soft piano music played on the restaurant’s speaker system. Rebecca was the only one out on the work floor. The rest of the tables were empty. 

“Rebecca.” Her manger asked softly. “Did you have a good shift?” 

“Yes we have your honor. We find the defendant guilty as charged.” 

“Yes.” Rebecca sighed, taking the cloths to the counter. “Another average shift.” 

“I suppose that’s good.” The manager said. Rebecca glanced at the clock, sweat pouring off her head. Cold, damp, fear. 

The judge turned towards the defendant. Her face was one of determination, of a will that would not be swayed by pleas for mercy or forgiveness. 

The clock read 7:59 PM. Less then one minute left. Then her shift was over, and she could leave. 

Inside the preparation room, Rebecca tried to put some dishes away, but her shaking hand could not support the dishes. Six plates fell to the floor and broke into dozens of pieces. Rebecca let out a small cry, then dropped to her knees and began to pick up the pieces. 


The defendant was visibly shaking. The punishment was going to be read, the fate sealed. There was nothing that could be done now. 

“Rebecca.” Rebecca looked up at the manager. He was sad. Rebecca saw why. It was 8:00 PM. Her shift was over. 

She didn’t want to leave. But she had to. She shook her head, tears silently flowing down her cheeks. The manager understood. He helped her to her feet. Taking her hand, he slowly led her out of the restaurant. 

“You should know, you are lucky that this is your first offense. Had it been your second or third, you would be locked away for a very, very, long time. Your bondage activities are disgusting and illegal under our laws” 

The cold night air stung as the two went to Rebecca’s car. The little blue car sat patiently, waiting for the arrival of its owner. 

The two reached the car. Rebecca put her hands against the door frame for support as she tried to stop the sobs that were coming from her throat. 

“There there,” her manager said, trying to comfort her. “It’s OK. It’ll be over before you know it.” Rebecca looked into his face, her cheeks red and puffy. She shook her head, the tears flowing. 

It took several minutes for Rebecca to regain her composure. She looked at her manager, the tears coming a little less quickly. 

“Just drive to your house, and then drive to…” He stopped. He couldn’t finish the words. Finally, he looked her straight in the eye. “Drive there, and don’t look back. Don’t look back.” Rebecca nodded, then slowly managed to open the door, despite her trembling hands. She got inside and turned on the engine. Taking her favorite scarf, she wrapped it around her neck, gaining some protection against the cold. 

It took her another minute to slowly back out of her parking space. Her arms moved slowly as she put the car into drive, and then drove away into the night. Her manager stayed for a few more seconds, then turned and slowly walked back inside. 

“Therefore, I’m going to be easy on you. But remember that this is a punishment. You are to serve time to pay your debt to society. We're going to break your will to do any form of bondage activities” 

The drive to the house was uneventful, Even though Rebecca was driving as slow as possible. She was dreading seeing the familiar roof and chimney that marked where she lived. She would find no comfort there tonight. 

The familiar chimney appeared soon enough. Her house was lit, waiting for her. Had this been another night, she would have gone inside, kicked off her shoes, heated up some food and watched her favorite sitcoms. But not this night. 

The car went into the driveway. Still trembling, Rebecca got out and closed the door, allowing the engine to run while she finished what she came here to do. 

The lights inside were bright and cheerful. No comfort to the owner, who walked silently and quietly through the house, slowly turning off each light one by one. Lights were shut off, power cords unplugged. Doors were locked. Gas lines were shut off. 

There was one last thing she had to do before she left. Going outside, she went to the electric meter on the side of her house. Turning some switches, she shut off the flow of power into her house. 

The walk to the door was painful. All she had to do was lock the door. She stood there for a minute, holding the key in her hands. Then she finally managed to place it within the lock and turn it. 

Rebecca walked back to her car. Another car pulled up at the house two doors down. As Rebecca watched, a family pilled out of the car, carrying three boxes of pizza and a couple of movies rented from a video store. They were all smiling as they went inside. 

Rebecca got into her car and slowly drove away, her house vanishing from sight as she drove. 

“You shall report for your sentence on the twenty second day of March, exactly ten days from now. You are to be there at 9:00. Until then, you are to set your affairs in order. Failure to arrive when ordered will result in harsher penalties and more months added to your term.” 

The drive went more slowly then she wanted. Cars full of people went by her as she drove silently to her destination. Cars full of ordinary people. Businessmen driving home to loved ones. Taxi drivers carrying people to destinations. People coming home to relax and unwind. They paid her no heed as they drove by, blissfully unaware of her. 

“Creative punishments have been becoming quite popular recently. I feel we should give you the bondage your crave, but in a way where you will eventually become sick of it.” 

The station filled her view as she drove right into the inferno of hell itself. She was its newest resident. 

Rebecca drove into the large parking garage that was under the station. She went to the bottom-most level until she found a space. She parked her car, got out and locked it. The cars around her were old. Most had a thin layer of dust on them. 

Not wanting to look at her watch, Rebecca did so anyway. 8:45 PM. She needed to hurry before it was too late. There was no telling what they would do to her if she was late. 

“Rest assured that when we are finished with you, you will never want to play with bondage ever again.” 

The doors of the station glared at her as she walked quietly up to them. She was willingly walking into the depths of hell itself. But there was nothing she could do about it. There was no way out. Best to begin her punishment as soon as possible. 

She went inside the doors. A plain, undecorated room awaited her, not unlike a doctor’s waiting room. Behind the counter, there was a man with glasses, reading a report. Taking a deep breath in a futile attempt to stop her trembling, Rebecca slowly walked up to the counter. The man looked up at her. Rebecca didn’t say anything. The fear had taken hold of her. She stood, paralyzed completely. 

The man recognized her. He pushed a small red button. There was a heavy steel door that opened to Rebecca’s left. Two police officers came out and walked quickly towards her. Rebecca could not help but let out a soft moan of terror as she tried to back away from the demons coming for her. 

They were upon her quickly. Working with well-practiced precision, they took her arms and maneuvered them behind her back. One officer held them in place, while another opened a black leather pouch on her belt. She pulled out a pair of stainless steel handcuffs. Opening one, she slipped one cuff over Rebecca’s right wrist and quickly locked it, ensuring the double lock was in place. The process was repeated for the left wrist. 

With the prisoner’s arms restrained, the officers took Rebecca’s shoulders and pushed her towards the door. She walked along, tears flowing down her face. The three went through the steel door, which closed automatically behind them. It locked with a loud click as three heavy bolts slid into place. The man behind the counter went back to reading his reports. 

“Because your crime and your character are non-violent, you will serve your sentence at the local county jail.” 

The police officers forced Rebecca down the halls of the station until they reached a holding cell. They went inside the cell. Making sure that Rebecca could see, the officers took out two stun guns, and placed their batons within easy reach. Rebecca’s handcuffs were unlocked. With her arms free, she instinctively backed away until she was up against the concrete wall. There was nowhere for her to go. 

“Remove your clothes.” One of the officers said. “Failure to comply will result in physical punishment.” Too scared to resist, Rebecca slowly removed her clothes until she was naked in front of the two officers. 

“Lie down on your chest, with your hands on you head.” The command left no room for argument. She slowly lay down on the cold hard floor. “Spread your legs apart.” The officer ordered. Rebecca did nothing, too terrified to even think about what they wanted to do. “Spread your legs apart.” The officer repeated, gently squeezing the trigger of the stun gun. A few sparks leapt off the tip. Getting the message, Rebecca slowly spread her legs. 

Moving quickly, one of the officers took what looked like a pair of black rubber briefs. The briefs had a tube an inch in diameter running from the bottom out into a large box. The officer forced the briefs over Rebecca’s legs and worked them up until she was wearing them as underwear. 

“Stand up.” The officer said. Rebecca quietly obeyed. “We are going to restrain you so that we can begin your punishment.” The officer said. He opened a small case that lay next to him and pulled out something white. Rebecca gulped as she realized what it was. A straightjacket. 

“Hold your arms in front of you.” The officer said. Fear made Rebecca freeze momentarily. “We can do this easily, or we can do this the hard way.” The other officer said. More sparks flew from the stun gun. Rebecca trembled, then held out her arms. 

The officers worked quickly. The sleeves went over her arms until her fingers touched sealed mittens. The body of the jacket was pulled around her body and secured with leather straps. 

Rebecca felt hers arms being slowly pulled across her chest. She was being forced into giving herself a self-hug. But it would be impossible to escape the restraint once it was locked down. She did not resist, too terrified to do so, thus allowing her arms to be drawn around her chest. Soon they were pulled very tightly. She could feel the straps being secured behind her. 

The straps at the end of the sleeves were secured in place. Another strap went over the top of her now immobilized arms. Then she was finished up with a crotch strap being pulled over her black briefs. 

Rebecca looked down at her form. Her arms were crossed over her chest in a self-hug. She did an experimental tug. Her arms remained locked there. She could barely wiggle them inside the sleeves. They were now useless to her as appendages. 

The officers unlocked another chest and opened it. Rebecca looked inside, and mixture of fear and fascination took hold as she saw what was inside. 

“I hereby sentence you to four months as a mummy, which has been identified as your favorite form of bondage.” 

The officers took out the bandages from within the chest and walked towards Rebecca. “Resisting will bring punishment.” The female officer said, tapping her stun gun. Rebecca's thoughts were swirling. One hand, the fear of what was going to happen was growing steadily. On the other hand, she was secretly eager to get wrapped. A straightjacket and a mummy was a powerful combination. 

Without another word, the officers walked up to her and began to wrap her body in the bandages, going over everything. Her legs, her straightjacket, her head, all began to disappear under the layers of bandages that were being applied to her. She was being mummified. She was going to be a mummy for the next four months. The feelings were indescribable. Fear and pleasure mixed together, neither one overpowering the other. 

It took only an hour to mummify Rebecca. The bandages were wound as tight as possible in an effort to halt any movement from the captive. Six layers went around her immobilized body, encasing her in its unyielding grip. Rebecca knew there was no chance of escape now. 

When the officers were finished, the mummy that was Rebecca lay on the floor, wiggling and squirming within her cocoon. The only part of her body that had not been wrapped was her eyes, which were wide and alert. The expression on her face was one of bewilderment. She was being treated to her biggest fantasies, yet at the same time she knew that it would not be all fun and games. 

The officers picked up the mummified woman and carried her out of the holding cell. They went into a locked room. Inside, the entry door was closed and locked. A green light went on, and the exit door was unlocked. 

They emerged into a long hallway, containing ten cells. Most were empty. Some held other prisoners. The cell at the very end was unlocked. 

Rebecca was carried down the hallway. They reached the cell. The door was unlocked and slid aside. There was nothing in the cell except for a bunk, a heavily barred window, and a TV mounted into the ceiling. 

The officers carried the helpless Rebecca and placed her squirming form onto the bunk. They reached under, and pulled out several black leather straps. Working quickly, they buckled the straps over the mummified Rebecca, locking her to the bunk. She was silent as she was further immobilized and locked down. 

When the task was completed, the officers left the room. The cell door was closed. Keys were turned. There was a loud click. Then silence. The officers left. 

Rebecca was left to herself within her cell. She could not move as she lay immobilized and locked to her bunk. The tube of her briefs ran out from under her wrappings and under her bunk. This device would collect her body wastes, ensuring that she did not need to use to the toilet to get rid of body wastes. There was a small black device under the bunk that had a needle attached to it. It was better that she did not yet know its purpose, to be periodically inserted into her skin to zap them with electricity, to prevent the muscles from wasting away. 

She was alone. Society was punishing her for her crime by taking her freedom away and leaving her like this. In the morning, an IV tube would be placed on her, feeding her nutrients and liquids to ensure she would stay alive for the next four months. She would do nothing but watch videos that would show her the result of bondage. Studies from the year 2010 had shown that it lead to insanity and was harmful to society. Ever since then, the government had done everything it could to eliminate the threat. They would try to brainwash her, try to make her see the error of her ways. With her entire body restrained, she would have no choice but to watch and listen. And by the end of her term, she would become so repulsed at the idea of bondage that she would never again partake in it. 

But those thoughts were far from her at that moment. She lay there, her mind swirling long into the night. She would listen often to the noises of the outside world, a world that had cast her out and forgotten about her. Families, kids, all going about their daily lives withought knowing she even existed. 

Her freedom was gone. She was a prisoner. Her punishment had begun.

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