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Genetic Manipulated Cocoon

by Steff

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Storycodes: Solo-F; web; sticky; mast; stuck; spider/f; encase; cocoon; bite; bodymod; breast; lactate; feed; oral; M/f; discovery; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

My name is Yana and I am 19 years old. I got an internship at a genetics laboratory right out of high school. My best friend’s dad is high up in the company and he pulled some strings. The company does all kinds of genetic manipulation on animal and plants in an effort to understand how genetics work. One the good side of being an intern I get to work a little all over the facility. On the flip side I get stuck working all the strange and unwanted hours “monitoring” the experiment. That means I walk around and make sure the animal experiments are still in their enclosures.

It was Christmas eve and Christmas fell on a Friday. I had volunteered to work that night and the weekend. I need the money and it would be a good chance to work on my online school projects. Since it was a slow time and there were no sensitive projects I was offered triple time to spend the whole weekend there. That way they could lock the building and give security the long weekend off. I agreed when they also offered me a free 40 hours of vacation.

I showed up Friday night with a bag with clothes and food for the weekend. Ted, the security manager, thanked me for doing this so he could give the guy time off. I walked around with Ted checking to make sure everything was secure. One of the large spiders had gotten out of his habitat and was busy making a web across one on the halls. After checking the information on the spider and finding out it was not harmful to humans Ted and I caught it and put in back into its habitat. I was surprised at the size of it. The things legs must have been two feet long. I told Ted I would clean up the webs later. “It would give me something to do,” I told him.

Once the building was secure Ted gave me the keys and then left. I spent the next couple hours getting set-up in the security breakroom since they had the nicest one beside the VP’s on the upper floor. I watch the security cameras for a few minutes realizing they only watch the common area and not the labs. Since I was alone I changed into comfortable clothes and then made my rounds. Everything was still in order so I went to a janitor closet to the stuff to clean up the spider’s work.

When I got there I checked to make sure the spider was still in its habitat then I started. The webs were sticky and kind of strong. I was able to remove them with a mop but it took a little effort. I didn’t want to get my clothes sticky and I knew there were no cameras I removed my clothes. When I was done stripping down to my panties I continued working. After about 15 minutes I got to a part that was thick but I could tell there was not much left after that part to clean. I grabbed my shirt and went to take a break.

As I was eating I was reading a story I had download from the internet. It was about a woman that like to get tied up and fucked. The story was written well and the description were awesome. I could visualize everything that was happening and I could almost feel what the woman felt. Unfortunately, the story ended so I had to go back to work. I wanted to hurry because I had 4 more stories written by the same author. I was going to read another one when I was finished. I returned, removed my shirt and got ready to get started.

The story had left me horny and wishing I had brought some of my self-bondage stuff. I looked at the web and got an idea. I knew water worked well to dissolve the web so I filled the mop bucket with clean water and pushed it next to the thick part of the web with a clean sponge inside the water. My plan was to walk into the web, get myself sticky with web all over myself and the play with myself until I had worked through my hormones. I would then wash up and get back to work. I removed my shirt and panties, turned my back to the web and backed into it.

The web was really thick and as a result it was stronger than I thought. I was about a foot into it when I slipped and fell back. After a little struggling I was able to figure out how get out but since the web was holding my weight and I was good and sticky I started to play with myself. I was only able to get one hand to my crotch but it was enough. I slid two fingers into myself and started to wiggle them around. God that felt good. I was hornier then I thought because I came in just a couple minutes. I rested for a just a minute or two then started again. This time I worked my other arm to my breast and played with a nipple at the same time. The orgasm that washed over me was intense and I twitched and wiggled and the waves of ecstasy took me.

After the long orgasm I relaxed and rested. After several minutes I figured it was time to get cleaned up and finish cleaning. I tried the plan I had to get out but I quickly discovered that because I had moved both my arms next to my body I had lost the leverage I needed to get loose. Also the wiggling I did when I was cumming didn’t help me out either. In fact, it had caused me to get stuck even more. I struggled and fought for a long time and I was making progress when I noticed the web bouncing more than it should. I looked over my shoulder and there I saw the spider that Ted and I had put back into its habitat.

The spider had gotten out again but this time it had something in its web… ME!

I panicked and struggle wildly. In my panic I lost the rhythm I had and only managed to get myself stuck even more. The spider moved quickly in the web and came up to me. It used its spinners and began to shoot web all over me. The new web was really wet and sticky. The spider also aimed the new web at the part of my body was the closest to getting loose. I just a few short minutes I was covered from the neck down in a thick blanket of strong sticks web.

What really surprised me was that over my fear I felt myself getting horny, very horny. Once the spider was satisfied that I wasn’t getting out soon it came over to my face that had remained mostly clear of web, even though the rest of my head and hair was stuck in the web. I tried to yell when the thing bit one of my nipples but something from the spider’s abdomen was quickly shoved into my mouth. Whatever it was had a hard shell because I could not bite it. I felt a liquid being poured down my throat and I could not stop it.

It remained standing over my face pouring that liquid into me for a couple minutes then it bit my other nipple. A minute later it started to walk down my body but I was still not able to close my mouth. Whatever the hard object was prevented me from closing my mouth. With my tongue I was able to determine that the object was about ¾ of an inch long and thick. It was thick enough that I couldn’t bite through it and for some reason I could not push it out. Just as the spider reached my thigh I because extremely horny. I could feel juices flowing from my pussy and I thought I could feel my breast leaking also. I screamed when the spider lowered its head to my crotch and used its mandibles to squeeze and message my clit.

After a couple of minutes, I was rocked by the most intense orgasm I could imagine. It was way more than anything I had ever felt. The ecstasy washed through my whole body and took all rationale thought from me. I laid in the web and just withered in pure carnal ecstasy. The orgasm didn’t wash over me it just slammed into me and held me. I have no idea how long I came for but after the single longest and most intense orgasm of my life I just passed out into a blissful sleep.

I awoke sometime later not only to find me still in the web but I had been mummified by more of the web. It was extremely tight and I could not move much at all. Besides the object still suck in my mouth my whole face was not covered with web but I still could not move my head much. I looked down at my body to discover that my breasts also were not covered in web and I could tell that my crotch to was opened. I also noticed that I was still horny but not as badly as I was before the orgasm.

Only a couple of minutes after I woke up I felt vibrations on the web and knew the spider had returned. The spider again stood over me and shoved something from its abdomen into my mouth. The fluid again was poured down my throat. This time the spider began to suck on my left breast. I could feel that it was sucking breast milk out but it was also beginning to feel really good. Also my hormones were picking up again. After several minutes I was rocked by an orgasm. This one was not as intense as the first one but it still felt wonderful. In fact, I didn’t want it to stop. The spider then switch breast and sucked on the other one until I was force to cum a second time from just it sucking on my breasts.

The spider moved down my body to my exposed crotch and started to somehow lick my pussy and clit. Because of my hyper hormones I began to cum in the middle of its second lick. The orgasm started intensely but began to fade when the sider stopped to start its lick again almost instantly after the lick pass started so did the orgasm, just as intensely as before. I had only started to come down when the lick started and so did the orgasm. After that the orgasm just continued as one long one. I fought with all I could get away but the webs held my tightly. I was forced to twitch and wither in ecstasy. The spider stopped after a long time and soon I passed out from exhaustion and sexual bliss.

When I work up I could tell the sun was up because of the light in the hall. I was still cocooned in the web and again the spider returned. It fed me, sucked my breasts and licked my pussy. Just like before I passed out when it finished. The process continued throughout that day and the following night.

Sunday morning the spider was licking my pussy when it stopped and ran off. It took me a few minutes to recover and I heard someone talking to me.

“Are you ok?” the voice asked. I tried to respond but my mouth was still filled with the object. “Sorry. That spider has been genetically engineered from a breed discovered in South America. The original version would live on reproductive fluids from small animals. The larger one looks like it likes humans just like we hoped.”

Finally, I was able to recognize the voice. It belonged to a brilliant young doctor named Steven. Again I mumbled but he could not understand. He told me he would be back and walked into the lab. Right after he left the spider returned and started over by feeding me and sucking on my breasts. Like normal now I have an orgasm from it sucking on each breast and several more when it sucks me clit and pussy.

This time when I wake up Steven is standing next to me and my mummified self was laying on a cart being taken into the lab. Once inside he knelt next to me and began to suck my breasts. In between sucks he commented on how good my milk tastes. He sucked on then until I came and then he moved between my legs and slid a couple fingers into my pussy. I was so horny and sensitive that I came from just that. He slid his fingers around inside me and soon I was lost in a massive orgasm. The orgasm was so intense that I passed out from the force and pleasure of it.

Then I awoke I was upright and my legs were spread out but stuck that way. My upper body was still wrapped tightly in the cocoon but my breasts still were exposed. I started to struggle and notice that I was making progress with my legs. I was just about to get loose when the spider started to shoot more fresh web at my legs. After a short time, my legs were just as secure as the rest of my body but my pussy was still opened. The spider didn’t seem to mind my new position because it starts its normal routine. It fed, sucked my breast and then my pussy.

When the spider was finished Steven returned, “WOW! That was awesome.” He then sucked on my breasts until they were dry and I had 3 orgasms. He walked between my legs and shove his rock hard cock forcefully into my pussy. After just a few pumps I was cumming in massive waves and each one was bigger than the one before it. The ecstasy was all I knew and it was totally consuming.

The whole process was repeated throughout the rest of the weekend. The spider took its turn and the Steven did. The pleasure was just as intense, I never got sore or hungry. Monday the spider was in the middle of sucking my pussy when the lab staff entered. I was to lost in ecstasy to hear what they were saying but the spider finished before they got to me.

I woke-up in the building medical section free of my cocoon. They explained that the liquid the spider fed me kept me horny, lactating and fed. The webs had a toxin that was soaked through my skin and that is what got me horny at first. It is also what effected Steven. My breast milk was altered and that is what cause Steven to act the way he did. They didn’t know if I was going suffer any permanent damage but they were going to keep me under observation.

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