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The Gift Wrapper

by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2006 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/fm; M/f; tape; wrap; encase; cocoon; tease; climax; captives; stuck; nc; X

“Hon, I’m home. Can you come in here for a sec? I want to show you something.” Mike calls out to his girlfriend.

From the couch he sees her silhouette approaching from the bedroom down the hall leading to the living room. He admires her sexy female form walking with swaying hips taking sensuous alluring strides. A well toned barefoot 5’5” tall curvaceous girl with shoulder length curly dusty brown hair, cut off jeans and halter top steps into the living room barefoot. She sees him sitting on the couch with a medium size plain brown box about one foot square in front of him. After hopping up on his lap sideways with her legs draped over the side of his thighs with her small bare feet crossed she grabs him around his waist. They kiss. The box on the table has her curious.

“Is that what you want to show me?” she says, assuming it’s a present for her.

“Open the box Brenda.” he says as he points to it.

She smiles at first then frowns as she gives him a little shove. Could this be one of his pranks again she wonders.? The last trick he played on her involved a particularly ugly creepy spider. Repulsed at the thought she glares at him.

“Oh no Michael, I’m not falling for another of your bug jokes. You know how much I hate insects.” She says as she slides off his lap and sits back with her arms crossed over her chest.

“It’s not a bug Brenda, I swear.” he says.

The suspicious girl looks at him then back at the box. She frowns then takes a deep breath.

“Ok, I promise you Michael, if this is a bug trick I won't forgive you this time …EVER!” she says as she sits up. Brenda picks up the open box and puts it on her lap.

After discards the packing paper Brenda is pulls out what appears to be an 6 inch roll of shiny black ribbon on a spool.

“Black ribbon Mike? Have you gone nuts on me?” She says as she holds it up.

“I’m fine, and it’s not ribbon its wrapping tape actually. Not ordinary tape though. Let me show you this. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I had to bring it home to show you how it works.”

He grabs the spool from her and places in on its end on the coffee table. On the top of the spool he shows her a series of four buttons. He presses the first button.

In seconds before their eyes the tape color changes from shiny black to shiny indigo then from indigo to purple and so on until what seems like all the colors in a rainbow appear for 10 seconds before changing again.

“Tape that changes color?” an amazed Brenda looks on as the changing cycle of shiny colors repeat.

“Correct. Give the chick a cookie. Now, let’s say I want to stop on a particular color, red or instance, all I do is just press button number two just at the right time. Here, look it.”

Mike waits until the spool tape changes to glossy red then he quickly presses the second button. It remains shiny red. Brenda picks up the spool in awe.

“Awesome. Where did you get this?” she as she looks at the spool from all sides.

“I brought it home from Norris Labs Inc where I’m working. The research and development dept is developing them. They call it the Gift-Wrapper. The guys there says this high-tech spool of tape can wrap gift boxes automatically in any color one might choose. It‘s still experimental and won't be on the market until next year. We all get royalty payments when this thing sells. It‘s going to make a ton of money.” he explains

“Did they say you can bring one home?”

“No. They don’t know I have it. There was a bunch of them in a recycle bin so I grabbed one. I doubt if they will even notice its gone.”

“Oh Mike. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken this. You could loose your job if they find out you have it?”

“Ok, look, I will bring it back tomorrow. I promise babe. Anyway, let me show you how it wraps this box.”

Mike places the box he brought the Gift-Wrapper home in next to the machine. He pushes button number three and the spool emits a series of high and low tones.

“What’s those noises? What’s it doing?” Brenda asks confused.

“It’s in sonar scan mode. That’s the pre-wrapping stage. It uses sound to determine the size and shape of the object its about to wrap. It sees with sound much like bats do. Isn’t that incredible.?”

The sounds stop and the spool automatically self-releases a strip of tape. The tape unwinds loosely then shoots out from the spool and attaches to side of the box. The spool itself lifts off the table and attaches to the box. It begins to roll across the side dispensing a strip of shiny red tape as it moves. In no time it travels across all sides of the box completely wrapping all sides after a short time. It then bumps the box over so it can begin wrapping the top and bottom surfaces. Five minutes later the box is completely wrapped. The spool self cuts the tape and the Gift-Wrapper drops off the box landing upright. Mike picks up the wrapped box and tosses it back and forth in his hands.

“Did you see that? It wraps way faster than I could do it.” Mike points out as he hands it to Brenda

“True, and much more neatly too.“ she smirks noticing the tape covering the box is flawless and smooth.

“Har-de- har -har, very funny.”

She feels the surface of the box. It is slightly warm to the touch to her surprise.

“Why is it warm?”

“It somehow heats the tape as it dispenses it to make a tighter, wrapping. Like shrink wrap. I’m not even sure how it actually works but they say there is computer chip or something inside the spool core that controls it all.”

Brenda puts the box down and picks up the spool. She notices there was barely any tape used off the roll.

“It doesn’t seem to use much tape does it?.”

Mike looks closely at the spool too.

“You’re right. It does look the same as before. You could gift wrap a lot of boxes before it gets to the end of the roll. Perfect item to have around Christmas time I suppose. That has to be a money saving feature they built in. ”

Mike gets up and heads to the bedroom.

“I’m going to change my shirt and make a quick run to the store for some beer. You want anything babe? ” he says to Brenda who seems to be engrossed with the Gift-Wrapper.

“Bren..? Last call hon.” he says as he strokes her hair to get her attention.

“Huh?, oh. Bring me a pint of chocolate mint ice-cream please.” she says not looking up at him.

“You got it.” he says as he pulls off his shirt and goes inside.

Brenda wonders just how the Gift-Wrapper works. She looks at the buttons on the spool and notices the fourth button is labeled with the letter X.

“Hey, what’s this X button for?” Brenda calls out.

She hears Mike talking to her from the bedroom.

“That’s the function they are still perfecting. It’s supposed to allow you to wrap odd shaped boxes. The Gift-Wrapper works great on flat surfaces but it has trouble with irregular shapes. That’s the flaw that has the R&D team so frustrated. I’m not sure if that button even works.”

Mike enters the living room refreshed. Brenda puts the Gift Wrapper on the coffee table and leans back as Mike leans over from behind the couch and kisses her. Their tongues mingle for a hot moment. He sees her nipples perk up through her halter blouse. She grabs his neck wanting more attention.

“Hey, hold that note. I WILL be right back.” he smiles

“Ok, don‘t you are keep me waiting too long or me and these might not be here when you return.” she says as she cups her breasts and bounces them teasingly.

“You’d better be right here when I get back”. he winks, kisses her again then dashes out the door.

Brenda runs her fingers through her curly hair then looks at the little gadget that can wrap a box in minutes. Wanting another demonstration, she looks around the room for something else for it to wrap. A book from the bookcase should do nicely she thinks to herself. She places it next to the spool. She presses button number one to begin the color cycle then stops it on green with a press of button number two. Button three is pressed and the sonic noises are heard. She watches the spool repeat the same actions as it did with the cardboard box and in minutes the book is wrapped up completely in green shiny tape. Brenda has fun wrapping a few other things next. A picture frame gets wrapped up in blue tape, a shoebox in purple tape, and her TV remote is wrapped in yellow tape. She grabs a vase next. Its not flat like everything else she’s wrapped thus far so she decides to try the button for irregular objects. The X button.

“Lets see The Gift-Wrapper do its thing on this.” she says eagerly.

She sets the tape color to white then presses the X button and sits back on the table to watch the wrapping commence, but for some reason she hears no series of sounds.

“Why is it just sitting there? Maybe I need to press X then button number three also.” she wonders

She tries that sequence of buttons but nothing happens. Brenda shakes the spool of tape near her ear. It is silent. After pressing the X button three more times with no result she gives up on it and puts it back on the table.

“So much for that.” she says as she stands up and goes to get something to eat in the kitchen.

Brenda is busy fixing a fruit salad when she suddenly hears the sonic noises, now familiar to her, coming from the living room. She stops what she’s doing and listens to be sure. Sure enough more sonic noises then the sound of tape being dispensed. Brenda runs into the living room just the spool finishes wrapping the vase in shiny white tape and self cuts to release itself. She stands for a moment with one hand on her hip.

“So you wrapped up the vase after all huh?.” she chuckles.

She turns to go back into the kitchen when behind her she hears the sonic noises emitted by the Gift-Wrapper again. Brenda turns around to looks at it.

“What are you doing? I didn’t press any buttons that time.”

Many more sonic sounds are heard echoing all around the room. Then silence. Perplexed Brenda walks over and is about the pick up the Gift-Wrapper when a strip of tape shoots from the spool and attaches to her ankle. In an instant the spool begins rolling around both her ankles and pulls her feet together with a quick tug.

“Ahhh….” She shrieks as she tries to grab hold of the spool but it is moving much to quickly for her to get hold of it.

It continues tightly winding tape up past her ankles then quickly around her calves dispensing warm shiny white tape as it moves. Brenda bends down and tries to undo the tape and pull her feet apart but it’s too tightly wrapped. She cannot believe what’s happening. As the spool wraps up to her mid thighs she again tries desperately to get a grip of the spool as zips around her legs. In doing so a strip of tape traps her left hand against her left upper thigh.

“Oh God!, stop it, STOP IT!!!” she shouts

Fright takes hold of her as she use her remaining hand to grab the spool, but its just winding too fast. The spools succeeds in taping her free hand against her right upper thigh just as it did her left. Brenda is frantic as she pull her wrists free of the tape. She teeters left and right struggling to maintain balance as she sees the tape spool traveling around her body covering her hips then up further pinning her forearms to her sides.

“No!!!….oh GOD!” the frightened girl screams.

She shakes her head in a panic unable to prevent the wrappings from encircling her stomach, upward over her breasts then her shoulders in yards of white tape. Soon the tape has reached her neck and is traveling higher. Brenda desperately looks around the room and spots her phone on the desk. She has to get to it and call for help before the tape wraps over her mouth. She knows she doesn’t have much time. She struggles timidly taking little hops towards the desk as the tape winds around her neck. She concentrates on not loosing her balance as she hops knowing that if she does fall she won’t be able to get back to her feet. Brenda hops to the table just as the tape reaches her chin. She quickly bends over and knocks the receiver off its cradle with her face then tries to dial for help using her nose. Brenda dials numbers at random hoping to get anyone on the line. She hears someone pick up.

“Hello…” a woman on the line asks.

Before Brenda can respond the spool travels across her lips sealing her mouth shut.


“Hello, who is this…?” the voice becomes irritated

“muuuummmff…mmffffff” is all she can utter as the spool wins around her mouth again.

“Darn kids, nothing better to do with themselves….” the voice hangs up on Brenda

Brenda feels defeated. She stands upright powerless as the tape travels around the back of her head moving up her face towards her nose. All she can do is take one final deep breath just as the tape covers her nose pressing it down flat. Brenda’s eyes go wide blinking wildly as her air supply is cut off. She topples backwards onto the floor with a thud. Her muffled whimpers are all that is heard as she thrashes about desperate for air. She knows it wont be long before she suffocates.


Surprisingly, the tape reverses and peels away from her nose. With nostrils flared Brenda takes in huge amounts of much needed air into her lungs. She can’t understand why it untapped her nose nor does she really care. She’s just thankful she can breathe again. The tape rolls forward again just above her nose bridge and proceeds wrapping her head. Three more wraps and she is in total darkness as the tape covers her eyes and is moving up to the top of her head. She feels the spool turn at an angle and wrap over the top of her head and down the side over her face then back up over the top of her head tightly.

To her horror the tape stops and changes direction and begins to wrap her in a second time. Her body become slightly stiffer as the spool dispenses its second layer of tape around her body wrapping and shoving her too and fro as it winds. She’s helpless as it soon journeys down her thighs and is at her knees continuing to wrap as it reaches her ankles until finally both her bare feet are taped together up to her toes. She feels the spool change direction as it applies tape by rolling up over the tops of her toes forcing her feet into en-pointe before wrapping around her feet again from the tips of her toes back up past her ankles stopping below her knees. Brenda feels the spool stop there, self cuts the tape strand and drops to the floor landing upright on its spool.

Brenda can barely squirm as she lies uselessly on her back mummified from head to toe when she feels the thermal tape tighten even more around her as it shrinks. The shiny white tape cocoon reduces to a smooth tight wrinkle free seal sticking like second skin to her shapely body. Brenda attempts to roll over by rocking herself from side to side but has no leverage. Brenda tenses and flexes her body trying to get out of the tape. Her cocooned body wiggles and trembles for all its worth but she is trapped.

Exhausted from struggling, Brenda lies still on the floor panting. She stirs when she hears the sonic noises again and tape being dispensed on the left side of the room. She lifts her wrapped head up trying to determine the location of the sounds when she hears them again on the other side of the room followed by more tape dispensing. Over and over again she hears the spools sonar sounds and dispensing all around her. The Gift-Wrapper seems to be randomly wrapping things all over the house. Then the room is silent. Where exactly is the spool she wonders. She turn her head left then right and listens. She wiggles like a worm with great effort until she manages to roll over onto her side then flop over onto her stomach. She listens for the spool. Heart skips a beat as she hears the sonic noises loudly right next to her ear. The Gift-Wrapper is right beside her head.

“ggggeeekkkkffffff…mmm” she panics wiggling and squirming trying with all her strength to crawl away from the terrible tape spool. She gets nowhere. Her efforts completely contained by her wrappings.

The spool has changed it’s tape color to blue on its own. She hears tape being dispensed and feels it attach to her head. She can do nothing to prevent the spool as it begins to wrap her head tightly moving down her face, neck and shoulders. It winds shiny blue tape around her white cocooned body covering her trapped legs then finally her pointing feet. The spool reverses direction then repeats the wrapping process from her toes all the way back up to the top her head again, self cuts and releases itself. Brenda’s hearing is all but gone now due to these two additional layers covering her ears. Her blue cocoon soon thermally shrinks around her melting into her white cocoon producing a sealed, stiff unmoving blue female mummy lying powerless on her stomach. Brenda’s desperate screams are barely audible under the wrappings.

Part 2

Mike carries two grocery bags in his arms. He fumbles with his house keys balancing both bags precariously. He manages to get the key in the lock and opens the door by pushing his back against it and stepping inside backwards.

“Sorry I took so long babe. I picked up more stuff than I had planned. You know how it is, you go in for one thing and up buying a ton of…” his words stop short after turning forward and seeing the bizarre state of his living room.

“What the hell..?”

Mikes jaw drops in awe. Nearly every object in his living room from small to large has been enveloped in different color wrapping tape. From books to furniture Mikes sees almost nothing has been spared encasement in tape. His heart skips a beat when he sees across the room the unmistakable form of a shapely female tapped up from head to toe into a shiny blue mummy. She’s lying face down on the floor not moving.

“Brenda!” he screams as he drops the grocery bags and runs to her.

He gently grabs her shoulders and rolls her onto her back. Her mummified body is warm and a little stiff beneath the tight tape. Mike sighs with relief when he sees her nose isn’t covered with tape and the rise and fall of her stomach indicates she’s breathing. She is alive. Her breathing is steady but labored.

“mmm..mmff..mmggg…….” Brenda mews weakly, thankful she’s been found. Although she cannot see or hear him she knows it has to be Mike with her.

“It‘s ok, babe, I’m right here. It will be alright.” he hugs her packaged form close to him regretting ever bringing home the Gift-Wrapper. He can feel her warm body tremble in his arms undoubtedly struggling within her cocoon.


“Let me get this tape off your head.” He says as he places in a sitting position with her back against a wall. Mike feels the surface of the wrappings around her head for the end of a tape strip and is puzzled when he can’t seem to find it.

“Shit, where does the tape end?”

Then he checks her entire body carefully and to his surprise feels no sign of a tape edges anywhere. The only edge he can see is around her nose. If he could carefully cut the tape from that point maybe he could get her out quickly he thinks. Mike gets up and runs over to a desk that has been tapped up. He feels the front of it. The desk drawer is sealed shut and there is no way for him to get a pair of scissors from it.


He bolts to the kitchen to get a knife. He is shocked to find everything in the kitchen has been taped up there also including the kitchen utensil drawers. He can get to nothing.


Mike hears the sonic noises of the tape spool. He immediately takes cover behind the kitchen cooking island. He peers around it and sees the tape spool dispensing green tape around the two grocery bags he dropped in front of the door. In minutes the bags of groceries each become lumps of shiny green tape. He presses his back against the island. Mike is near panic.

“That damn Gift-Wrapper has gone nuts. How am I gonna get Brenda and me out of here.”

He calms down and reaches in to his pocket for his cell phone. He decides to call Harry Detrick head of the R&D dept. at Norris Lab Inc.

“Come on, COME ON! Pick up the damn phone!”

“Hello, Detrick here.”

“Harry! It’s me Mike! I’m I big trouble man!” Mike blurts out.

“Mike, what’s up, Brenda throw your ass out again.? He says jokingly.

“No, no LISTEN to me Harry! I took one of those Gift-Wrapper things home from the lab tonight and the fucking thing has gone crazy wrapping up everything in the house including Brenda.”

“What!? You mean you have the X -Spool? Damn it Mike. We have been trying to track down that piece for hours. This is a code red. I’m sending a team over to retrieve the component right now.”

Mike is totally confused as to what Harry is talking about.

“X-Spool?, code red? What the hell is going on? What is this Gift-Wrapper anyway?“

“That spool of tape you took isn’t one of those as seen on TV gadgets for wrapping gifts as we told you. That was just our cover story Mike. It’s in fact an experimental device operating with highly advanced nano-technology being developed by the military through our labs. The one you took is a containment unit designed for subduing terrorist in hostage situations. It will continue its programming and wrap and seal everything within fifty feet of it until it determines the area is secured. And I mean that literally. You took the one that is faulty. It was scheduled to be recycled for its parts when it disappeared.“

“What’s wrong with it?”

“We couldn’t turn the damn thing off. We managed only to get it into hibernation mode but its still fully operational. Now that its active again you have to stay away from it. If you hear the sonic scan noises its scanning for untapped objects so move your position immediately or you‘ll be immediately cocooned. ”

“What about Brenda? She’s already been cocooned. How do I get her out of that? I can‘t seem to find where the tape begins or ends on her wrappings. I have to cut her free.”

“The thermal shrink wrap function of the tape has sealed her inside a tight Kevlar based super strong material. Believe me, you can‘t cut her free with anything you might have in that house. Look, she’ll have to stay like that until the team can get there and bring her to our labs for extraction from her cocoon. If at all possible, get her and yourself into another part of the house, like a closet or a bedroom, and lock yourselves inside until help arrives.”

“I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this…” Mike babbles.

“Mike snap out of it and calm down. I have to call Professor Patel and tell him I‘ve located the unit and what has happened so far. You concentrate on getting yourself and Brenda out of close proximity of that X-Spool.”

“Ok” Mike says nervously.

“It will be alright son, my team is in route to you now. ” Harry says before he hangs up.

Mike takes a deep breath to collect himself then looks around the cooking island again and sees Brenda has slumped helplessly over onto her side on the floor. She’s near the hall leading to the bedroom. That’s good because the distance to the bedroom isn’t far. It’s only about 10 feet. He’ll have to act fast if he’s to pick her up and carry her in there with him. He looks around but doesn’t see the spool at all. He gets into a crouching position, ready to move towards Brenda. He stands up a bit more raising his head above the island. Just as he does this he spots the spool on the kitchen counter inches away from him. Its sonic sounds pierce the silence. Mike freezes.


The X-Spool shoots out a strand of red tape at Mike who ducks just in time. The tape hits and sticks to a broom handle and now, luckily, the X-Spool is committed to wrapping that object up instead of him. Now is his chance to get he and Brenda to a safe place while the spool is occupied. He bolts from the kitchen, through the living room and over to Brenda. He picks up his bound girlfriend, cradles her in his arms and runs down the hall with the mummified girl. He gets about four feet when something hard hits against his ankles. He trips forward twisting his body as he falls so Brenda can lands on top of him and not directly onto the hard wood floor. They hit the floor together with a thump with Mike taking most of the impact. Brenda tumbles from his arms and rolls onto her back.

“mumuuuuffff…” she moans.

Mike looks down and sees it was a broom covered in red tape that tripped him. He has no idea how it got from the kitchen to the hallway so fast. The spool must have tossed it at him. He hears the sonic sounds again. He knows he has little time. Mike scurries to his feet quickly, grabs Brenda by her shoulders and drags her the rest of the way into the bedroom. He kicks the bedroom door shut behind him and locks it. He carefully lifts Brenda in his arms and places her on the bed on her back. He goes back to the locked door and puts his ear to it. He doesn’t hear the spool. Mike turns when hears Brenda make a whimper. He goes to her thinking maybe she got hurt in the tumble. He checks her for possible injuries when he realizes the noises coming from her sealed lips are the sound of her stifled weeping. Her body seeming to shiver in distress. Mike feels awful. He blames himself for what’s happened to her, and rightly so.

“Shhh…no….no…don’t cry baby. Sshhhh…..” he say as he lays down next to her and hugs her tightly wrapped body against him.

Her head rests on his chest just under his chin as he rubs her back. Soon her trembling subsides and her sobs stop. Mike looks closely examines her wrappings and for the first time admirers how perfectly the tight blue tape is covers her shapely body. Every curve of her figure is clearly defined beneath her extremely tight cocoon. Her featureless head, blind and silent as she tries to move her jaw. She struggles slightly with in her tape prison. Her shoulders shift, torso and thighs wiggle as her feet flex slightly. She makes a very sexy mummy he admits to himself.

His hand moves down her lower back and over the surface of her encased buttocks. He smiles when he feels her derrière flex beneath the palm of his hand. Mike begins to knead and caresses her behind while she mews softly from this contact. He rolls her onto her back and turns his attention to her encased breasts. Her full bosom is unmistakably more noticeable by the skin tight tape. He squeezes her breasts with both hands and she moans louder arching of her torso. Mike feels her nipples slowly firm up as against his hands. He rubs them gently using circular motions causing her moans to change to excited panting. He rubs her stomach moving downward to her pubic bone. He presses there gently causing Brenda to let out a burst from her nostrils. He massaged her crotch with his right hand while squeezing her right breasts with his left. Brenda soon reaches a deep orgasm within her cocoon.


Her body trembles and wiggles ever so slightly, but as Mikes listens to her rapid panting noises he knows she’s going wild from pleasure inside the confines of her wrappings. While she still rides out her orgasmic waves he reclines and rolls her gently onto him balancing her on top of his body. He feels her spasms of pleasure engulfing her trapped body as he holds her tiny waist. Her wrapped face is up very close facing his and he is turned on knowing that she can‘t see him. He studies her cocooned head watching her nostrils flare as little bursts of air escaping her nose.

Mike runs his hands along Brenda’s curvy hips then reaches behind her to cup both her butt cheeks in each palm. He squeezes and pats her ass playfully as her quivering begins to subside. Soon she is still again breathing softly with her head to one side on his chest. He hugs her close to him. They lay there momentarily. Mikes eyes snap open with a start when he hears the sonic sounds of the X-Spool. The sounds are loud. He looks around. The spool sounds seems to be coming from inside the room. How could that be? He felt sure he’d locked the door before it got inside. His sudden movement alarms Brenda who’s breathing becomes more rapid out of fear.


He sits up and rolls her onto her back next to him and rubs her stomach trying to calm her down. It doesn’t work. She begins mewing and shivering sensing something is wrong. Mike looks over at the door. Its locked as he left it. He hears the sonic noises again and then sees the spool in the corner of the room, its tape color changing from color to color repeatedly.

“How the hell did it get in here?”

Mike grabs a pillow off the bed and removes its pillow case. He slowly gets off the bed and moves towards the X-Spool ready to bag it. The spool color stops on black when Mike gets about three feet from it. Mike lunges at the spool with the pillow case open at the same instant the spool shoots out a strand of black tape.

The tape strand passes between Mikes arms and attaches to his mouth.


He panics and grabs for the tape but cannot peel it off as the X-Spool begins to wind tape around his lower face rapidly. He staggers about the room, knocking over furniture as he fights the X-Spool‘s grip. The spool changes direction and winds around Mikes left wrist as he tries to scrape the tape off his face with his fingernails. It pulls his hand away from his face and begins wrapping his left wrists to his upper left arm locking his arm in a bent position. The roll quickly winds tape around his left hand next all the way up to the tips of his fingers forming his hand into a tight thumbless mitten.

Mike fearfully tries to free his left hand from the tape using his right hand, but the X-Spool zips across and wraps tape around his right wrist and pulls his hand away with a hard tug. Soon his right wrist is secured to his upper right arm in the same manner his left arm is. In minutes his right hand is also formed into a second thumb less mitten. The spool changes direction to continue wrapping his lower face. Mike feels it dart across the back of his head picking up where it left off. It wraps around his head moving upwards soon applying tape directly over his nose cutting off his air supply instantly.

“MMMMMFFFmmmmfffffff!!…MMMMMFFF!!.” he desperately screams with his bent arm stumps flapping uselessly.

The tape stops winding for a moment and reverses freeing his nose then continues forward over his nose bridge. He gasps loudly taking deep breaths as the spool resumes its wrapping covering his eyes and finally his entire head. He feels the black tape traveling back down until it wrap around his neck then continues lower to wind tape across his upper chest. Dizzy from lack of air he staggers as the tape wraps him quickly from his chest down to his waist then past his hips. Soon it covers his thighs then knees wrapping all the way down to his ankles pressing his legs together forming them into a single column of shiny black tape. Mike blindly sways left and right trying not to fall. He drops to his knees with a bump.


The spool continues wrapping Mike while he is on his knees. It winds around his bound ankles traveling up over the top of his thighs then with a tug pulls him into a seated position with his legs pressed against the back of his taped up thighs. His legs are soon taped into this bent position. Mike struggles and leans to one side loosing his balance. He falls onto his side with a dull thud. He can do nothing as he feels the tape take hold of his kicking feet and wraps them together in minutes. Mike manages to roll onto his stomach. He fights to get his stumped arms under him to try and crawl away on his elbows but his bundled lower body is too heavy to drag along the floor. He cannot escape the x-spool. He screams as he feels the tape change direction at his feet and begin wrapping him up in a second layer. There isn’t anything he can do as the X-Spool dispenses more and more black tape around his taped bend legs travelling upward shoving and rolling him back and forth as it wraps. In no time it reaches his stumped arms and wraps them tight against his sides eliminating his flailing movements completely. Mikes head bobs and twists but that too diminishes as the second tight layer envelops his head to the very top.


The tape spool changes directions again applying a third layer of black tape removing Mikes ability to hear a thing as it wraps his head and continues down his body ending at his feet. The X-Spool stops, self cuts and drops to the floor near him. Mike is utterly powerless as the thermal shrinking phase of the tape begins to squeeze and seal him inside a smooth tight cocoon. He feels pressure from every direction around him. His tightly bundled body quivers and trembles in response. Up on the bed above him, Brenda’s mummified body trembles also as she no longer feels any vibrations near the bed. She knows it can only mean one thing that Mike is now wrapped up too by the awful spool of tape. The room fills with the faint mewing pleas for help from both Brenda and Mike’s cocooned forms as the X-Spool scans the room one final time. It detects no unsecured items to be wrapped. With area now very secured it goes into its hibernation mode.



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