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The Girl Next Door

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2001 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; spandex; pantyhose; cocoon; mast; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

I'm finally sending my story, which is also a true story that actually happened to me when I was seventeen years old, I hope you enjoy it and are able to post it after reviewing it. This story is also most likely why I love Bondage so much especially Mummification Bondage.

It all starts with this fifteen year old girl, Who's name was Lynn moved next door to me when I was about ten years old, Wow I was in Heaven she was the talk of the neighborhood, all the teenagers were trying to go out with her but of course I was way too young. As my parents got to know her they would occasionally ask her to watch me which to me this was great, we watched movies and joked around about everything. As we grew up together and she continued to watch me through the years until I was able to watch myself we became very close. When I became fourteen I was basically trusted by my Parents to watch myself, but they would ask Lynn to check on me occasionally anyway, which was still ok with me considering she was now nineteen and was gorgeous in every way possible.

Now it was my day to become seventeen years old, which my birthday fell on a Thursday and on that following Friday my parents were going away on a trip and wouldn't be home until early morning Saturday. But still at the age of seventeen my parents asked Lynn to check up on me because I was into cars and partying with my friends so they didn't quite trust me yet with the house to myself. And with her hitting the age of twenty-two and looking better than ever who could complain. 

So Friday comes and I'm watching a movie and I hear a knock at the door, to my surprise it's Lynn and in her hand is an overnight bag in one hand and a couple of videos in the other. She then came through the door and asked me if I wanted to hang out together for awhile because her date never showed up and she felt like doing something since it was a Friday night. Since Lynn had the overnight bag I thought she was planning to stay out with her date so I didn't give it a second thought. Instantly she said lets watch one of my videos, so I said OK not knowing what they were because they weren't labeled. While putting it in she said that she was sorry for missing my seventeenth birthday and that she was going to make it up to me in a way that I couldn't even dream of. So here I am with the girl that I dreamed about most of my teenage years, thinking what is she planning. 

As the movie starts we make our way to the couch, all the sudden I noticed that it's a porn video, except not just any porn it was bondage porn, I was shocked to say the least. This was the girl next door and she didn't seem to have a problem watching it at all, so of course we continued to watch it. Then out of no where she reached over and put her hand right on top of mine and said to me, "I know that you always thought about me in a special way and I have waited for you to come of age and now you have". Now me being seventeen there was only one other time that I had sex and it wasn't that great. Lynn could tell that the way I was feeling under her hand was arousing me, and watching the movie wasn't hurting the moment either. 

So while the movie was playing Lynn asked me if I would like to try a little bit of bondage out, knowing how we had always joked around I said yes, thinking she was fooling around. Then when the Movie ended she said, "Come on its time for your surprise". With me thinking, O my god its finally going to happen after all these years growing up next door and seeing her dates picking her up in their cars that I might get that chance, and here it is.

But then oddly enough when we got to my bedroom her whole attitude sort of changed and she became more demanding as if she was going to be it total control of whatever happen. It was kind of strange because this was a side I'd never seen before. I still continued because pulling out now could have changed our friendship or worse. Just then she went out to the Living room and returned with the overnight bag that I thought she had brought to sleep over with. She came over to me and told me to remove all my clothes, as I did she could tell that I was already becoming aroused.  Lynn then told me to sit on the bed and, she then reached in the bag and got out a pair of pantyhose. Then with the pantyhose in her hands she said for me to put my hands behind my back and she continued to tie them tight. 

Then Lynn got another pair and tied my feet together except this time she put both of my feet in one leg and pulled them up my legs to my knees then she used the free leg to tie around them. She then went out to the Kitchen and brought back a chair then stood me up put the chair behind me and told me to sit down. Shortly afterwards she gagged me with another pair wrapping them around and around so that I couldn't make a sound then tied the feet together. Then she looked at me and said, "It's a good thing your parents aren't going to be home for a long time because it's going to be a long night for you."

As I'm watching her she takes this king size section of material out of her bag, not knowing why she had it or what she was going to do with it, she then turns to me and says, "Oh you're wondering about this?" I nodded yes. Lynn explained that she has a friend that works in a Fabric Shop and that this was a large section of Cotton Ribbed Spandex. Lynn then took the Spandex/Cotton material and laid it neatly on my bed so that one edge hung over and started piling up on the floor. Then she told me to stand up from the chair and to sit on the edge of the bed. She laid me down so that I was at the side of the bed that didn't have any Spandex hanging over it. Then she took the one edge and wrapped it around me from feet to shoulders then continued to roll me up in it stopping every other roll to pull the looseness out of it until it was totally tight from my feet to my neck. 

To keep it all together she brought out these three pairs of white 4X Spandex/Nylon pantyhose and took one pair at a time and slipped one leg each over my feet and worked each of them up my mummified body until they were over my shoulders, I couldn't move an inch. Then she took the remaining pairs that she had left and tied them in all the right places, one at my feet, knees, legs, hand area, elbows, arms and shoulders. By this time I was totally turned on by this new experience yet in my mind not knowing what was going to happen next. And did I mention she was a twelve on a scale of 1 to10.

Lynn then got a pair of scissors out of the bag and brought them over to me and sat next to me with her hand resting on me, she then said it was time to let him out to play, so she pinched a small amount of Spandex and Nylon at the base of my penis and started to cut layer by layer, telling me each time not to move or else. Once exposed she pulled him through the hole and started stroking him very slowly at first then picked up the pace to a quicker stroking motion, which started to set me off. 

The only thought I had was that this couldn't be happening to me. After being stroked for about twenty minutes I was just about to cum when all the sudden Lynn must have sensed it and stopped immediately saying to me that it just wasn't time for that yet.  After a little while she picked up where she left off and started all over, starting out slow then going faster in between strokes, while doing this she said this will only be the first time tonight, at that moment I lost control of him and I exploded. 

I was totally weak in the knees from that experience but it wasn't over yet. After laying there for a couple of minutes she got me to my feet and sat me in the chair again, but this time she had something in her hands it looked like a scarf, Lynn then blindfolded me with it so that I couldn't see a thing. I heard words say "boy you look good, I did a great job didn't I all wrapped up and know where to go except here, I bet you never could of imagined me being into Bondage could you?" After those words I think she must of left me alone for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I heard her voice say, "What you thought I'd left you!" then I felt her brush against me as she went down to her knees. Then with a gentle touch she started stroking him again very gently just to wake him up it seemed. After getting him aroused again and with me still blindfolded I could feel her changing her position, just then Lynn grabbed him by the base and inserted him into her mouth, I could feel the heat starting to build as she took him in and out slow. It seemed like she was there forever, then out of no where it became faster and faster until I got too excited and she stopped again. Then she came back to me and said that it wasn't going to be that easy for me to cum, so Lynn gets me into a standing position from the chair, and I could feel her body sliding down mine. Lynn then continued where she left off except this time Lynn had her arms and hands wrapped around my mummified body pulling and pushing me back and fourth in her mouth, it was so erotic that I could hold back any more and I exploded once again except twice as much. 

I didn't know what to expect next I couldn't move, I couldn't see, and I couldn't speak and I didn't know if I could go on, I was drained. Lynn then got me back to the bed and put me in the center of it with my legs hanging over the foot of the bed at my knees. Lynn then said, "I'm going to shower now, don't go anywhere!" laughing as she walked away.

I could hear the water running and then shutting off, then fifteen to twenty minutes pass by and this voice says, "Are you still awake", (she pauses) "let me see if you are". Then while my legs are hanging over the bed I feel Lynn sit next to me and I feel her rubbing her finger up and down him, as she does he begins to get hard once again, I couldn't believe he was up again. Once he was hard again she sat me up on the edge of the bed and stood in front of me, she then removed my blindfold and said, "Happy Birthday, this is my Present to you". Lynn stood in front of me totally nude; I didn't know what was next except I knew it was going to be great. Lynn then started stroking me while I was in the sitting up position, then she pushed me back so I was partly lying down then continued to stoke him faster. 

When she seemed to have enough of that she stopped and said, "I 'm going to remove your gag now if you say anything I will put it back OK?" Lynn then climbed on the bed and straddled my face, then she leaned over and firmly grabbed him and said, "Do what I say". (Like I had a choice) Lynn then told me to lick her until she was satisfied, I was so turned on by being in this type of bondage and the fact that she was in total control that I could have gone on forever. As Lynn moaned in delight she leaned forward and took him in her mouth and we stayed in that position until she came for the first time that night. 

After she came I said that was great wasn't it, She then said I thought I told you not to talk and Lynn instantly gagged me again except this time tighter. Lynn then slid her body down mine and inserted him into her, as she pumped and pumped I couldn't believe that I was holding out, I guess it was from coming the other two times. Lynn then put me in the sitting position on the kitchen chair and continued where she left off except she tried facing me for awhile then she put her back to me, it was great and I couldn't even move or moan.

After noticing that I was getting too excited she stopped, then said to me, "You must be getting ready aren't you?" Lynn then got me over to the bed and put me directly in the middle, she then went to the bag and got out a condom and slid it over him. Then Lynn straddled my legs and worked her way up me until she hovered over him and said, "This is it, I'm going to milk you dry!" I will never experience something this great ever again.

 The End,

Please feel free to list if it meets your qualifications, everything is true and I would like to here feed back If possible.
Thank you for taking your time to read it.


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