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Girls Gone Kinky

by John Fitzbe

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© Copyright 2006 - John Fitzbe - Used by permission

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"Girls Gone Kinky" the radio announcer said.

"Tomorrow night at the Johnson warehouse, 'Girls gone Kinky' will be shooting their Halloween edition. Free admission to girls in costumes. Door open at 6:00 Happy hour all night long. Cash awards to the lucky girls chosen to be in the video."

Sue turned off the car radio and thought about attending the out of season event. It was after all spring break weekend and she had not done anything wild all week or even semester. She felt it was time she cut loose. Halloween in March sounded like the perfect event and a shot at some money wouldn't be all bad either.

Every Halloween Sue would dress up as an Egyptian Princess, tonight would be no different. Her costume consisted of a toga with a rope belt and a large round gold colored piece of fabric that she wore as a mantel around her neck and shoulders

It was 7:00 when she pulled into the warehouse parking lot. She could see a large contingent of protesters across the street, held at bay by a police barricade. The protesters were shouting something about all sinners paying a price.

At the door a strong looking bouncer was checking IDs. He didn't ask Sue for her's but instead gave her a smile and a wink as he eyed her costume. The attention made Sue's nipples grow hard and she licked her lips  giving the bouncer a wink of her own as she went into the building.

Inside the door she was handed a 24 oz plastic cup and was told the beer was free and that other beverages could be had 2 for $1. And there was lots of beer, the first thing she notice was a long row of kegs stretching the length of the warehouse. There were at least 5 stages set up around the large room and another one located in dead center of everything. There were also several video projection screens set up. One stage had two girls mud wrestling, another seemed feature a contest to see which girl could get naked quicker. Further in back a stage was set up with several implements of torture and a paddle wheel. The wheel featured the names of each torture implement, currently the arrow rested on the word "rack" and on the stage a naked girl was stretched out on a rack. She was being tickled by another naked girl and the event was being video taped, she also noticed that the video was being fed to one of the projection TVs. A heavy metal band was playing on another stage and most of the people present were dancing.

A big sign hung over another stage that read "Wheel of Death" On the stage was a magician, top hat and cape, a moustache and goatee. Sue filled her cup from a nearby keg and went over to watch the magician do his thing. An attractive red head was on stage with him in a medieval dress tight on her body and with lots of cleavage. Sue didn't see any sort of wheel, but instead the stage held a rather big Guillotine. The magician began tying the girl to an upright trolley. The ropes were tight above and below her breasts. As he wrapped the ropes around her waist her arms were pulled in tight to her sides. Again Sue felt her nipples harden as she imagined herself being put into that bondage. 

The trolley was tipped to a horizontal position and the girl was face up, as she was wheeled over to the guillotine. A nearby giant video screen had a close up of the now worried girls face and neck being locked in place under the blade. The magician ask, "Have you any last words before I execute you?" but before the girl could answer he released the device's wicked blade. As the blade screamed down it's guides the girl started screaming as well, and so did Sue. The blade ended it's decent with a loud "clunk" and the girl kept screaming and thrashing in her bonds. Sue was out of breath as she realized that the redhead was unharmed, at least physically. Sue wasn't sure how she felt, her nipples were like rocks and her stomach at first tight was calming down as her fear subsided.

Suddenly a video camera was in her face and a voice said, "Wow, You are one good screamer!" Stunned Sue just blinked into the camera lens as the voice continued. "I'll get you a free beer if you flash the camera your tits. We're all about 'The Tits' here." The camera lowered and a young man with a big smile grinned at her and Sue began to laugh in relief, the magic act was just an act and real threat seemed to be the expected exposure of her breasts to a video camera.

Sue said to the camera man. "The beer is already free and I came here to make money."

"I see" said the cameraman, "By the way my name is Bill, What's your's?"

"I'm Sue. On the radio they said there were big cash prizes to be had here tonight. What's a girl have to do to make some real money tonight?"

"Ah, a girl after my pocket book, can I take you home to meet my Mom?" Bill laughed. "Well I can pay up to $20 if you'll flash the camera your tits. 'We're all about tits' here at girls gone kinky."

"And how much do you pay if I show you my bush?" Asked Sue.

"Still only $20, but if you want to try your luck on one of our stages you'll get at least $75 and maybe up to $300. So how about flashing me those tits while you contemplate that? We are all about tits!" Bill repeated.

"$300 is nice but I was.." Sue was interrupted by a loud scream, she turned her head in the direction of the sound and saw on a big screen TV a woman in an electric chair. Next to the big screen TV was a curtain that parted and through it came the woman on the electric chair. The chair was attached to a pole that hung from a chain and the chain was attached to a track which moved the chair and it's occupant around the room above everyone's heads. Strapped nude to the chair the woman had wires going to her nipples and crotch. She seemed to be getting jolts of various voltages from a mild tickle to some that made her sit up and scream. Again Sue felt her nipples harden and she even felt her crotch was getting moist.

"You were saying?" Bill intruded.

"Oh, yes, $300 is the max to be had?" Sue said as she collected her thoughts and focused back on Bill.

"Well you can tryout to be one of our featured performers" Bill offered.

"and that pays...?" Sue raised her eyebrows.

"That's something you'd have to discuss with the boss" Bill pointed to a door at the top of a stair case.

"Thank You" said Sue as she hiked her dress up to her waist and flashed Bill her neatly shaved bush.

Bill was caught off guard and failed to capture the brief show on his camera. Sue turned quickly and headed for the stairs. The electric chair with the now unconscious woman slid out of view back behind a curtain located not too far from the door to which she was heading.

Beyond the door Sue discovered a TV Studio. Two naked girls were helping free the woman from the electric chair, a somewhat overweight man walked over to the woman and said "here you go $2000 as we agreed.  You were great Annie, and if you want to do another show later just come back up here."

Annie smiled and said "Thank you, I'll be back, maybe in a couple of hours after I've recovered from this session." and gathered up what looked like a prison costume and left the room.

Turning to Sue the heavy man said, "Who do we have here? an Egyptian princess?"

"Hi I'm Sue, a camera man named Bill said I could make some real money by being a featured performer."

"That you can!" Said the heavy man. "what we do here is make a little video which plays on the big screens in the warehouse, the theme of the video is based on your costume. We do a little opening act then put you in bondage and send you out on display on our overhead trolley track. Are you Game?"

"Well that depends on the money and what it is your planning." said Sue.

"Well the money depends on what you let us do to you, as for plans, Well I got lots of em." An evil grin crossed the heavy mans face. "Here have a seat and I'll tell you what I'd like to do."

They both went over to a sofa and sat down the two naked girls said they would be back after they got into costume, the heavy man said to them, "Egyptian, just like hers and bring one for me." turning to Sue he said, "we got a big wardrobe dept."

"Here is where we start." the heavy man opened. "$2000, I'm going to lay out my desires and you agree or disagree with my plans, the more you agree the more money we add to the $2000 if there is something you don't want to do, we take some of the money away."

"Okay, lets hear your plans for me." Sue thought, 'This guy is kind of charming despite the weight.'

"We start with you and one of the girls doing a little lez action, You don't have a problem with that do you?"

"It will be something new for me, but for $2000 I'm open to that."

"Great!, Well then I enter the picture and find you with your girl friend and I'm not happy so I order you to be mummified and buried alive. You know you've been caught red handed and so you just bow your head in consent. That's when the two girls will lead you over to this pipe, over here and tie your hands behind your back. then they will anoint your body with oil, greasing you up real good, lots of molesting your privates and tits. We're all about the tits."

"So I've heard" laughed Sue.

"I hope you're still with me, because now comes the bondage. The girls are going to wrap you up using some horse bandages. Now if you'll allow us to also insert some remote controlled vibrators in both your holes, I'll add another $200 to the $2000."

"You want to put a vibrator up my butt?



"Now we're not going to wrap you up completely, the girls are going to leave your tits exposed."

"It's all about the tits!" Sue laughed.

"And the mummification will stop at your neck, we don't want to hide your pretty face." The heavy man took a deep breath before continuing. "So how kinky are you?, Have you done any BDSM before?"

"Some games with my ex, slap and tickle stuff, I like being tied up." Sue confessed.

"Well we want to do some over the top stuff, so I'll start at the extreme end and we can work our way back till you say yes."

"You're scaring me now. Say what's your name, what do I call you and please don't say 'Master'" Sue inquired.

"I'm sorry, I'm John Fitzbe, most folks call me Big John." and he offered Sue his hand. Sue shook his hand as John continued. "I'm sorry but I meet so many people doing these videos and introduce myself so often that sometimes I lose track of who I've given my name to and I forget to introduce myself. I guess this means I haven't introduced my two assistants. Judy is the blond and Jackie is the raven haired beauty. These two are the ones who do the actual torture."

"Torture?, BDSM, John what are you planning to do to me?" Sue was feeling both fear and aroused.

John smiled and replied, "I'm here to push your limits and put it all on video tape if you'll let me, we then sell the videos on national TV for $9.95 plus shipping." Johns smile if possible was even bigger than before. "Now we don't do anything to you you haven't agreed to, but once the camera is rolling there is no turning back."

"Okay" said Sue "lets hear what cruel thing you want to do to my body."

"Well, and will double the pay for this one, raising the pot to $4400. What I want to do is take these skewers here and puncture your breast with them." John blurted out.

"NO, No, No, No, No way, NO NO No Never!" Sue shouted.

"Okay, Okay, I didn't expect a yes to that one, in fact we've never gotten a yes to that one." John quickly replied in his most calming voice. "Just asking. So if that's out, and it is. How about nipple clamps? Now they do hurt some, even a little more when they come off but it's $400 added to the pot."

Sue didn't answer at first, she just looked into Big John's eyes and then to the door and then at his two torture assistances' "Nothing I don't agree to!" she ordered more than asked.

"Nothing, honest, I promise, Look we get lots of return performers, Annie the woman in the electric chair, she's been in 3 videos so far and she'll be back for more."

"Okay. nipple clamps, $400" Sue said it but wasn't too sure about it, she had never tried nipple clamps or even thought about them, but she did like having her nipples pinched during sex and thought "Okay nipple clamps." "What other scary things do you want me to agree to?"

"Just two" John continued, "We'd like some breath play, first we would put a garrotte around your neck and tighten it till you pass out then we would molest you and slap your face till you came around, then we want to put a plastic bag over your head and seal it off, watch as your air runs out and your chest heaves. Before you black out we'd have the bag off."

"I don't even want to know how much more cash you're offering, the answer is no!" Sue was very firm on that.

"Alright then" said John "Mummification, vibrators, nipple clamps and put you on display, all for $2600. Let's get started."

"I'm going to write up the contract here and we'll video tape you signing it. We video tape the contract signing because we've had some trouble in the past where performers claimed they were drunk when they signed. you're not drunk are you?" John asked

"No" sue said to the camera, "I'm not drunk."

"Okay last chance to change your mind, what we're about to do is very real. The bandages will be very tight, the nipple clamps will hurt and the vibrators will vibrate. This is a Halloween video and if it's not real it won't be scary or very exciting." John warned.

"Let's do it" Sue assured him.

John got into his costume and then behind the camera and shouted action, Sue sat on the sofa which was positioned in front of the pipe with a plain white background. Jackie entered the scene and gave Sue a goblet with a beverage in it. Sue took a gulp and wasn't too surprised to find it to be alcoholic. She put the drink down and Jackie sat next to her and gave her a long soul kiss. Then she began undressing her removing her gold collar and pulling her dress down off her shoulders and down her arms loosely pinning them to her sides. Sue fell back on the sofa expecting Jackie to climb on top of her and begin working her tits, but Jackie surprised her by going between her legs, completely hidden by her dress she began licking Sue's slit as John moved in with the camera to film her tits and surprised face. Sue decided to go with the flow, spread her legs wide, and laid back enjoying the sensation of another woman pleasuring her. Sue was too into the moment to notice that John had put the camera back on the tripod and was entering the picture with Judy in tow.

"What is this!" John shouted. Sue startled, sat up and put her feet on Jackie's shoulders and pushed her away. "You know the penalty for this." John continued and back out of the camera range and returned to his camera man position. Jackie and Judy grabbed Sues arms and pulled her off the sofa, leading her to the metal pipe where Judy tied her hands behind her while Jackie slid the sofa off of the set. Jackie returned with an oversized pair of shears and began cutting Sues dress away. This cause Sue some concern as she wondered what she would be wearing home, but figured that was an issue for later. She felt the splash of oil on her shoulders and looked Judy in the eyes as she began to rub down Sue's body. As the two girls were caressing her breasts and rubbing between her legs, Sue enjoyed her captivity. Judy worked on Sues breast licking and pinching and Jackie was once again back at Sues clit. Sue closed her eyes and allowed herself to be aroused by the two girls, She felt the live vibrator slip into her butt and giggled. 

Then the wrapping began, her feet were slipped into a cloth bag that acted as a booty and the bandages started at her ankles. Sue hadn't thought it through and was surprised when she realized that they were wrapping her to the pipe including it with her in the bandages. When Jackie had reached Sue's knees she stopped to insert the second vibrator into her crotch. Sue was glad for the oil because her knees were so tightly wrapped that she couldn't part her legs to help ease the vibrator into place. Sue began to feel her skin warm, something in the oil she figured, the heat felt good. Opening her eyes Sue saw a TV monitor displaying Johns camera work and she watched the two girls  mummifying a woman on the TV. She admired her body and the bandages wound around her, swallowing her thighs, her hips and her waist. 

Judy began work on her upper torso. using a 4 inch wide ace bandage. The bandage weaved around her breast separating them and then binding them as she wrapped the bandages around the base of the breast turning them into two balloons. Wrapped up tightly, Sue found a feeling of being protected. She was just beginning to shudder with pleasure when the vibrators suddenly turned off and her breasts began to throb and hurt. Jackie had wrapped the the horse bandages around her ribs so tight that it became hard to get a deep breath. The wrapping continued above her breasts now and ended with almost a choking final around her neck. Sue looked at herself on the TV monitor, Barely able to breath her swollen breast shook as she sobbed for air. Jackie came up to her and kissed her before putting the nipple clamps on. Sue braced herself for the pain but was surprised to find her nipples were numb and the clamps only caused a mild tingle.

The two girls stepped back and admired their work, then left to return with a large plexi glass coffin. The coffin was fitted around Sue and secured to the pipe, it's clear lid clamped in place and a chain attached to the pipe. Through the plexi glass case Sue could hear motors and wenches and felt her transparent coffin lift off the ground. She felt a certain excitement as the conveyor moved her toward the black curtain. Sue saw the crowd below her and heard their cheers as she was moved into the warehouse, her movement stopped suddenly and she saw herself on the big screen TV. 

Watching the TV she saw that something was happening at her feet, she couldn't make out what it was and she wasn't sure what she was feeling through the bandages. Suddenly the TV showed a close up of her feet and legs and she could see that sand was filling the coffin. She had no idea where the sand was coming from , but assumed it was some how coming out of the pipe. The sand seemed to stop when it crested her knees. and the conveyor started up moving her to another section of the warehouse. Once again the conveyor stopped and more sand started to fill the coffin. Sue recalled Big John's words with more than a little fear. Mummified "AND" buried alive. 

As the sand reached her crotch the vibrators kicked in. and the sand stopped, the conveyor began moving again taking her to the center of the warehouse. Stopping center stage so to speak, the sand again began filling the coffin and Sue tried to calm herself. Despite the tight bandages she started to control her breathing, she then concentrated on her feet, how did they feel? She moved up her legs and and felt the vibrators buried in her body, she looked at herself on the TV and could see the sand was just reaching her breasts, she now felt the weight of the sand add to the constriction of the bandages and she suddenly felt secure. Her fate seemed sealed just like an Egyptian princess condemned to a live burial. Was this it then? Was this how she was going to die?

She could now look down and see the sand as it covered her breast and rose to cover her shoulders. Her breathing was very shallow now as the bindings and the sand crushed her body, the vibrators tingled and her breast were sore, she tilted her head back as the sand reached her chin and stopped. The conveyor now moved her toward the black curtain.

It's over she thought, I'm not going to die here. Before passing through the curtains the conveyor stopped and the coffin swung around to face the crowd. Sue heard Big John's voice over the PA system, "Let's give a big hand for Sue! Our Egyptian Mummy. And remember to tell all your friends that our slogan 'It's all about the tits' has been replace for holloween with our new slogan " It's not scary unless it's real.'"

And the sand once again began to flow covering her lips, her nose, her eyes and burying Sue's head.

It was the last anyone ever saw of Sue until in Oct. when the Holloween edition of "Girls Gone Kinky" hit the stands.


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