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Gromet Hunt

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; bond; captives; cuffs; rope; cbt; cockrings; breast; cocoon; torment; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

Gromet had always taken advantage of his writers, promising then the world then dropping them when he got what he wanted well the day of revenge had arrived. Jenny and Toran had joined forces in more than one way, and hopefully would live happily ever after mummified in each others arms thinking of Gromet and his good lady stretching things to the limit

Gromet Hunt
by Jenny

When visiting Gromet’s place some how you get the feeling you are second best, you know the sort of thing he writes to you and says your story was all right but you could have done better!!! And leaves you hanging there. Then he writes you a letter saying his partner is fairly good but when he visits Wales again he will pop around to try me out again.

Is it me or has fame really gone to this guys head, Firstly he tells me my stories aren’t too bad then goes on to say I am second place to this bimbo Brooke who has stepped into the office or should I say his bed while I was away!

The sun was blasting down as I stepped off the British Airways jet in Australia, the sun always seemed to be in over drive unlike darkest Wales were the river was constantly threatening to flood my little place due the constant rain. I soon passed through customs I wandered up to the information desk and asked what time flight CHY1471 was arriving from Chicago USA. I was told it was on time and would be landing within the hour, I made my way to the restaurant ordered a double brandy and American ginger and sat back to wait and think over the plan in hand.

I must have dozed off as I looked up it was my dear friend Toran, he had arrived from Chicago was planting a large kiss on my lips, it was the sort of kiss that sent a shiver through my bones and reminded me of the mad passionate nights we had spent together many times on both sides of the Atlantic. He pushed his bags to one side and sat next to me, “God you look good I could lay you now, only we have his job in hand as you know it is business before pleasure!” I had to smile he had not lost any of his charm at all. Mind you I did think it was a shame work was getting in the way of pleasure. We both decided we would book into the hotel first, were there would be a bit more privacy to discuss the coming events and our plans for the dastardly Gromet. We made our way outside hailed a taxi and were whisked away through the midday traffic.

The hotel was really top class, we booked in under the name of Mr and Mrs Monroe, the porter picked up our bags and led us to the elevator. Our room was fantastic and very spacious, of course as expected Toran just could not resist a quick grope as he pushed me onto the bed, removing my clothes almost with a wave of his hand, he had not lost any of his expertise as he fetched me so quickly to orgasm, again and again. After a hour of his passionate attention, I just had to say stop as exhaustion was setting in after the long flight from the UK.

We both wandered over to the balcony with two glasses and a bottle of best French brandy, in the distance we could just see Gromet’s super luxury building surrounded by high walls. Now he was super rich from all the stories the poor people had written for him, he had now locked himself away with all his riches plus the odd girl he fancied. Of course that only happened while Brooke was away collecting more stories to make him even more richer, his wealth grew by the day. But what Gromet did not know Toran had contacted Brooke and arranged a meeting under the pretext of selling more stories, that would leave Gromet alone and vunerable and easy prey for what I had in mind.

I hid in the ornamental bushes as Brooke appeared in her Rolls Royce Silver Cloud convertible, obviously bought with Gromet’s small change. The high iron gates automatically swung open as the car approached, she put her foot down and disappeared down the highway. As the gates started to close I slipped inside, the main drive to the house was about a mile. There was plenty of cover, as the house appeared there were over a hundred rooms but last time I was here Gromet complained it was a bit on the small side, but as I remember it was not the only thing on the small side that day! I entered the house through a pair of open French windows and entered the main hallway. Several mummified figures lined the sides. I often wondered if some poor innocent female was trapped inside the figures, but that problem was not mine as I was now on the hunt for Gromet.

There was no sign of him on the ground floor, I made my way up to the second floor, a large door appeared on my right. I knew this room from old. I eased the door open to reveal Gromet's play room as he called it. A rack dominated the centre, over the far side was all his torture implements and over to the right was where he mummified his young female victims, some never to be unbound or see the light of day again. On the examination table was a figure of what appeared to be a young women, beautifully bound in plaster of Paris bandages. I had to admit he got a good finish on his victims. She was still breathing. I wondered what fate awaited her or how long she had been there. The plaster bandages were a special mixture that Gromet had invented, once it had fully set there would be very little chance of the female ever being released but as I maintained. “Once you take off your clothes off and allow yourself to be bound willingly you lose any rights you may have had, as from that point on you are just a product waiting to be dealt with.”

I left the mummified young women as after all she was now Gromet’s property and not my concern. I made my way along the hallway, I could hear music coming from the far end, it was Gromet’s room. I had prepared for this moment for some time, I opened a small bottle and poured the liquid onto a cloth, once I clamped this over his nose and mouth he would be all mine.

I edged into the room, the music was quite loud, but I had no need to have been so cautious, there was Gromet lying on his bed stark naked with a half erect cock trying desperately to get erect. There were empty beer cans all over the floor. Gromet as usual was almost paralytic, probably celebrating his mummified women downstairs. I knew he would be no problem as I stood at the foot of the bed, he suddenly spotted me standing there and surprisingly did not seem surprised at all, he half smiled and said, “Hi Jen!! Get yourself a tinny out of the fridge and come and join me. I just feel like a good women”

I unclipped the cuffs from my belt, cuffing him to the iron bedstead, I then picked up a length of cord that was lying on the floor and spread his legs tying them securely to the opposite corners of the foot of the bed. Why I do not know, but he seemed to be enjoying what was happening to him. In one of my stories he claimed it was more of a pleasure what I did to the burglar rather than a punishment. Well he was going to find out what pleasure and pain really was.

I now started to mummify his out stretched arms and legs, the body was more difficult but eventually I succeeded, leaving just his nose, eyes and wedding tackle still showing. By now he had a gigantic hardon standing a good ten inches but this was no good for what I had in mind I just had to get rid of it. A few quick rub’s and about five ejaculations later all the sperm milked out of him, the towering penis deflated and the scrotum descended from the body making it much easier to deal with. The same sort of rings I had used before were ideal they were made of copper, hinged in the middle and a small screw to lock it shut once applied.

I grabbed the soft penis pulling it away from the body, then snapped the ring around the base even through the penis was deflated it was a struggle to close the ring, but with both hands it finally snapped shut. The body of the penis overlapped the ring making it impossible to get the screw in, but there was no fear of to slipping off as the penis was again starting to get erect. Gromet was certainly a tryer, the ring hardly visible as the flesh expanded, the sight was fantastic. I must admit I forgot what I had called for, as the monster rose up in front of me it, the girth seem to increase as I looked on, the whole penis took on a sort of bluey-purple colour, the veins stood out from the shaft rock hard, I just could not resist it.

Gromet was beginning to groan but I owed him this, I slipped out on my jeans, kissed the huge phallic monster, raised myself up and fed the monster into me. It was huge, I believed it would never all go in. Gromet was begging me to stop but there was no mercy in my mind as I lowered myself down on to the shaft, I was gasping I had never known anything like it before, it was that mysterious pain-pleasure thing, you know it is taking your body to the limit but you just cannot stop. I had to rest my hands on the bed for fear he might rupture me, nothing this big had ever been in me before.

Slowly my body adjusted to the monster and started to accept it. I glanced down the whole shaft had now entered and I was sitting on his balls, I could hardly breath for fear of damaging myself, but slowly I started to raise and lower my body. Gromet was begging me to stop, tears running down his face, his whole body contorted in pain as I built up the motion. Now the sweat was intermingling between our two bodies as I crashed down on him again and again and again. As I raised myself off the monster it was trying to ejaculate but with no success due to the tight copper ring that was now invisible, trapped in the expanded penis, as I gazed down I thought it might burst. A faint hint of precum appeared, I just had to suck it off, at that point Gromet passed out.

I now looped a thin nylon cord around his balls, the sort fishermen use, it had a breaking strain of over two hundred pounds. I then screwed in to the woodwork around the door, two brass eyelets threading the nylon in and out on the eye hooks, then around the door handle, the cord was stretched to its maximum. His balls were under quite a bit of tension, you could almost play a tune on them! The two balls trapped in the end of the scrotum by the thin nylon that was threatening to cut in, all it needed was for someone to open the door and we would see what would give first, the thin two hundred pound line or who knows? I thought to myself as I left the room, leaving Gromet bound to his bed with his gigantic penis throbbing every now and then, like a machine on tick over.

Meanwhile back in town Brooke arrived at the Hotel and was greeted by Toran, he explained he had hundreds of stories for her but they were in his room, perhaps if she fancied coming up to his room they could discuss them over a drink. On reaching the room Toran poured two drinks, handing one to Brooke which she downed in one. Toran smiled knowing the drugged drink would soon take effect, it was about two minutes later Brooke felt her limbs getting tired and she sunk down on a adjacent chair. Toran now told her she was in his power, he removed her clothes with no problem, lying her out on the floor. He was one of the worlds greatest rope binders ever, he had different diameter ropes for different parts of the body.

Firstly he dragged the two coffee tables almost together, then lifting Brooke up onto the tables rolled her on to her tummy so her boobs hung down between the two tables, then with a thinner cord started to bind each breast from the chest wall downwards, binding tighter and tighter till both breasts were completely bound, just leaving the top of the boobs and the nipples showing. Now he greased her arse and forced in a rectal plug, to the outside was a small nipple, he attached a small pump and inflated the inner core making Brooke’s eyes water in the process, he then sealed the plug with epoxy resin rubbing it into the surrounding skin making removal rather difficult. She was now rolled over, her once proud boobs now stood up like two pillar, he unmercifully pulled the right nipple upwards then with thin nylon bound the nipple, squeezing it till it was about two centimeters long and thinner than a pencil, plus being very painful. Toran admired his work of art.

Now picking up a large vibrator, much bigger than most, greased her love tunnel and slowly forced it in causing even more tears as the monster forced its way in, almost tearing the tissues till it disappeared inside. A special tube attachment was now fitted to her clitoris, this was a little more difficult, he first had to suck the clit into the tube, holding it there as he closed a clamp at the far end to stop it slipping out, now when the vibrator started this section would be amplified one hundred fold, driving the female to the point of sexual and mental exhaustion for several hours without stop. Now her meaty lips were spread with a layer of super glue and pinched together, just to stop the goodies slipping out, after all he did not want her to become frustrated due to lack of stimulus.

He now bound her quite well preserved body for her age mind you, it was obvious it had taken quite a bit of punishment over the years but it bound well, soon he had her completely bound in coiled rope, she really was a work of art, a sort of rope mummy for want of a better description. He collected all his and Jenny’s bits into there respective suitcases and left the room. Just as he was leaving he turned and pointed the remote control device at Brooke lying on the bed, her body gave a jolt as the vibrator kicked into life, he left after turning the dial to maximum.

He met Jenny downstairs they jumped into Brookes Rolls Royce and drove the airport. The aircraft was now several miles out, as Toran as a special treat was going to allow Jenny to join the three mile high club. Meanwhile Brooke had been discovered by the staff, who after a lot of effort managed to remove most of the ropes from her body, allowing her to dash home in tears to tell Gromet what the nasty Jenny had done to her. She dashed into the house, running up stairs calling his name as she went, she reached the bedroom door yanking it open to be greeted by Gromet. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A sound to stretch the imagination.

Meanwhile Jenny had joined the three mile high club thanks to Toran and were heading for their love nest in darkest Wales


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