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Guardians of the Vault

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; FF/m; bond; wrap; gag; earplugs; glue; cocoon; tease; denial; entomb; cons/nc; XX

Jenny strolled into the bar the building was heavy with cigarette smoke she asked the barman for a half a lager, as she was about to pay a man leaned over, "I will pay for the ladies drink." Jenny looked up a tall man in his twenties stood there. "You have no objection to me buying you a drink?" he asked. Jenny shrugged her shoulders the man introduced himself as "Joe LaMothe or just Joe to young girls like you." Soon he was chatting away telling Jenny he was in town for a night's fun before he moved on and would appreciate a bit of female company while he was in town.

The time was getting on for eleven PM as Jenny got up to go, Joe suggested he walks her home, the couple left the bar. As they moved on down the street, Joe slipped his hand around Jenny's shoulder, he thought to himself 'nothing ventured, nothing gained!' He suggested to Jenny that she accompanied him to his hotel room for a few drinks and a little hanky panky as that is what he was told girls like in this part of the world. Jenny looked at him smiling, "I have a better idea, you seem to be the sort of man I am looking for why don't you come to my house? I have a young friend there called Kim, I am sure she could come up with a few surprises for you before the night's out. Plus I think I may be able to entertain you as well!" Joe could not believe his luck as he thought to himself these girls in Wales sure are a push over and these two are without doubt gagging for it!

It was about a good half hours walk to Jenny's house, she lived within the shadow of Rhuddlan Castle just on the outskirts of the village, roughly on the site were an old Abbey that was supposed to have stood several hundred years ago or so she informed Joe. The two turned and walked up the drive, Joe thought to himself 'this house would not have looked out of place in a horror movie!' Jenny reached up and unlocked the door, inside the lighting was rather dull and the house had a smell of something from a bygone age.

As Joe was led into the lounge, a young girl rose to her feet obviously startled by the pair's sudden entrance. Joe too was startled as the girl looked about seventeen at the most and all she had on was the flimsiest night-dress Joe had ever seen, it was as if she was wearing nothing, the material was so shear that every part of her body was visible even through the lights were not bright. Jenny introduced Joe to the girl, "This is Kim who lives here with me." Joe reached out as if to shake hands, Kim stepped backwards as if shy.

Jenny asked Kim to get a couple of drinks out of the fridge for their guest, as Joe would be staying. As Kim left to fetch the drinks Joe and Jenny sat on the settee in front of an old log fire, "This place sure is very oldie worldly to say the least." Commented Joe.

Jenny agreed, "Yes it was left to me and Kim by our mother so we could carry on her work."

"Oh, what was her work?" asked Joe.

Jenny looked at Joe, "She was a collector, we are here to maintain and increase her collection to the best of our ability!"

Joe just had to ask, "And what does the collection consist of?"

Jenny smiled leaning her head on to Joe's chest. "Oh, I will show you before the nights over!"

Joe heard padded footsteps behind them and then Kim appeared carrying a tray with an assortment of drinks and a couple of glasses, she placed the tray on a small coffee table and stepped back and sat cross legged on the floor looking up at the couple. Jenny poured the drinks and handed Joe a glass. As they sipped the drinks Jenny asked Joe if he was into bondage at all as she found it a great turn on! Joe almost choked on the drink on hearing the question. "Was he interested in bondage?" Was this a dream come true, here he was in a house with two females one in a see through nightie, the other talking about bondage.

"Well yes!" he spluttered, "I have always been interested in bondage, but it is so hard to find a partner with the same ideas and fantasies." he added.

Jenny smiled, "Well look no further. I am sure you will find what you want here."

Joe now sat a little closer to Jenny, placing his drink on the table he reached up with one hand placing it behind her head and pulling her head towards him till their lips met in a lingering kiss, then slid his free hand into Jenny's blouse fondling her small breasts. He started to massage her nipple; there was very little reaction as his finger explored her small breast. Within a minute she stopped him, "I suggest rather than waste your time feeling me here, we retire to our play room were we can carry out our fantasies!" Joe could not believe his luck two women and before the night was out hopefully he would be able to lay both.

At that Jenny got up, "I will go and prepare the room for you, Kim will show you the way I will expect you in a few minutes when you have finished your drink."

At that she glided out of the room Joe gulped back his drink quickly, pouring a second. Kim was still sitting on the floor motionless. Joe got to his feet a little unsteady due to the drink, he crossed to where Kim was sitting and reached down to help her to her feet. As she stood up he pulled her to him feeling her taught young breasts under the thin transparent material, she did not move or react as he pushed his fingers into the flesh of her breast, griping it as if to tear it from her, there was no reaction from her at all. Joe was a little surprised at the lack of reaction from her and he pulled her head towards him kissing her hard on the lips, as he paused to take a breath he whispered to her, "Before the night's out bitch I will have you gasping for mercy as I shag the life out of you and your partner!"

Kim reached down and took his hand from her breast, "Its time to go to the preparation room." With that she led him by the hand out into the hall, as they entered a room on the left Jenny was there, she may not have been a glamour girl but immediately Joe was turned on, this was incredible two girls and him alone in a old house this surly will be a night he will never forget!

Jenny looked at Joe, "I think it is time you took your clothes off so we can start."

Joe did not need asking twice, he ripped off his shirt and dropped his pants, struggling to get the trousers off over his shoes, it only took seconds to get his gear off and he stood there naked with the start of an erection already showing. He looked at Jenny, "Is that little bitch going to remove her nightie?" he commented pointing at Kim. Who in one quick movement slipped out of her nightie, revelling a very young pert body. Jenny also slipped out of her clothes, neither of the girls had any pubic hair, both were very slim and even though she was the younger Kim had the fuller figure. Joe would have liked a little more meat on them, but hell beggars couldn't be chooser's he thought to himself!

As his eyes got accustomed to the dull light of the room Joe could see all around the edges of the room, the walls from floor to ceiling were covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs, what a great setting he thought to himself. Joe asked them, "Right which one of you bitches want to be first to experience my rod of pleasure?"

Jenny smiled, "No I think I have a better idea! Just to enhance your pleasure and prolong the evening we will deal with your body first, that is if you are willing? Then if you are able, when we have finished with you, you can do as you like with us! How does that please you?"

Joe had all ready decided he was on a winner and had nothing to lose, and these two bitches obviously have no idea of how hard he could fuck or what he had already planned for these young bodies so he could afford to let them have a little play with his magnificent body first he thought to himself. Jenny interrupted his thoughts, "Well tell me Joe, how do you feel about mummification?"

"Great!" said Joe, he had always wanted to be mummified, it had been a dream of his all his life but to be mummified by two women who also were in the nude, well this has to be the tops! Kim placed a board shaped as a body on to the top of two trestles and Jenny asked Joe to lie on the board so she could start to bandage him and start the mummification process on him.

Joe could not wait to start; he quickly lay on the body board. Kim passed the bandages to Jenny who starting at his feet bound around the ankles and under the board, she then moved up the body, firstly at the knees binding above and below the joint then above and below the hips waist and lightly over the chest as she did not want to restrict his breathing. Then gently binding across the throat and forehead securing the head to the board underneath, there was now no movement possible by his body at all.

Jenny now asked Joe to open his mouth so she could put a small breathing tube in his mouth, so that he could breath when fully bound. Kim passed her a rubber mouthpiece similar to that used on snorkels. She had unknown to Joe just coated the mouthpiece with super glue. Jenny now placed it in his mouth on top of his teeth, then pressing his lips gently onto the glue coated rubber holding his jaw closed for about one minute. She then checked the lips were stuck down securely. Jenny then turned to Kim who passed her a small dish containing more super glue and a small paint brush and painted the glue in-between the lips and holding them closed in a smiling position until they set.

Joe was enjoying all this attention to detail not realising his mouth was now permanently sealed. Kim now held up a second dish with four rubber plugs, all again coated with super glue. She fitted one into each ear so isolating his hearing. The other two were slightly larger and were pressed firmly into his nostrils, Joe was now only able to breathe through the tube that was secured in his mouth. His hearing gone, a little worry started to creep into his mind as if an alarm bell were ringing in the distance! All this preparation seemed a little permanent to say the least, but no these two country girls wouldn't do anything nasty like that and anyway he had always wanted to be mummified.

Jenny now started to bind the final bandaging; starting at the feet she completely encased them and then working up the body, by the time she had reached his genitals he had a surprisingly good erection on. Kim smiled looking at the erection, "Typical of men!" Jenny then bound around the genitals leaving them in full view throbbing away. Meanwhile Kim was super gluing his eyelids open, when all four lids were solid and incapable of movement she dried off the eyeball, then dripping blob's of glue onto the centre of the eye she placed an Egyptian styled glass eyepiece directly onto the eye, this had the effect of transforming his looks into that of an Egyptian Pharaoh. On the downside it did eliminate Joe's vision completely.

Kim now turned her attention to wrapping each of his fingers in cotton wool so he would have no sense of feeling at his finger tips, the hands were now bound flat to the body. His hearing, sight and feeling had now been eliminated; in fact except for his penis and testicles complete sensory depravation had now been achieved. Jenny continued bandaging up the body till every inch of his body except his genitals were now completely bound.

The two girls admired their latest acquisition that was soon to join all the others that had been collected over the years and stored in the old Abbey vaults that existed below the house. Kim commented that she just cannot understand why these males keep volunteering to become mummified as part of their collection! Jenny to had to admit it was one of life's great mysteries but they as guardians of the vault were here to help these young males achieve their dream and enter the vault. Anyway the final part of the process is now up to you Kim.

Kim smiled reaching down, held his fully erect and throbbing penis easing the foreskin down exposing the full glorious head of the penis and gently squeezing the shaft till a glistening drop of precum appeared from the urethra, she wiped it off with her finger from her other hand placing the droplet on her tongue commenting how sweet precum is compared to the sperm!

"Yes!" commented Jenny, "its a shame he will not be producing anymore after tonight!" Kim now wheeled a small trolley with a tray of surgical instruments next to Joe's body, she then began sterilising the area around the base of the penis and scrotum just before picking up her favourite scalpel.


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