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The Hall of Min

by Pinky Roosevelt

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© Copyright 2009 - Pinky Roosevelt - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/statue; bond; sex; caught; MF/f; wrap; bandages; cocoon; encased; entombed; toys; tease ; denial; cons/nc; X

Hemsut walked down the stone passageway. While it was searing hot outside, the deep tunnels of the building were cool, almost chilly.

It was the time of ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh ruled the land. Hemsut was one of the lucky inhabitants as she was royalty and lived in the lavish splendor within the palace walls instead of outside in the heat and sand as so many slaves did.

Hemsut was heading to the Hall of Min, god of sex and fertility. While life was easy for her and all needs were tended to, she was young, beautiful, energetic, and bored with the stale monotony of her life. She craved some stimulation.

She wore typical palace clothing. Fine, silky robes, delicate sandals and, for her, way too much heavy gold jewelry. Her long black hair was woven into a ball to the back of her head and adorned with an elaborate head piece. As she roamed the halls, she felt trapped and controlled.

She arrived at the Hall of Min. In the center of the room was a life size marble statue of the god. He was posed seated in a very stiff “L” position. As was the norm for this god, a huge erect stone penis stood out from him. Hemsut had heard that if a woman were to sit on the statue and let the penis enter her, it would come to life and provide intense sexual pleasure. Above the statue were chains. The Queen supposedly would have herself bound in place for hours on end. So she had heard. Of course, only the very elite in the palace were allowed here, and fewer had the right to even touch the statue. Hemsut was allowed to pass into the room, but touching the God’s penis was absolutely forbidden to her. And this was driving her over the edge. The rules and constraints of her daily life were stifling. She would take charge of things tomorrow.

The palace was most active in the cool evening. So Hemsut slept through the night and began her adventure at daybreak. She had some authority over a portion of the palace slaves and enlisted their help. Most aided by clearing the area and ensuring absolute privacy for her. She made her way over to the chamber of Min. Once there, two loyal slave girls helped her remove her robes and her massive load of gold necklaces, bracelets and such.. Her head piece was taken off allowing her luscious and long black hair to flow down to her shoulders. She moved to the statue and the slaves helped her up to its lap. From the ceiling they attached the chains to her wrists preventing her from any escape.

A lubricating oil was dripped onto the cold stone penis and the slaves gently lifted Hemsut’s body over it, allowing it to enter her vagina. Her body quivered as she felt the god’s staff slip inside her. The chains were pulled tighter and her arms raised helplessly into the air. Then the slave girls tied a soft rope around her waist and then around the waist of the statue, pulling Hemsut in tighter with it. With that, they exited the chamber, not to return for several hours.

Hemsut was left alone with her stone lover, trapped in place. She began to move her hips in and out, letting her feel the hard penis move inside her. It was a little difficult with her hands chained in the air, but it was incredibly exciting and arousing. She wished that the stories were true, that the penis would come to life and fuck her. As she continued to hump the statue, it did just that. She was startled and her eyes opened wide as she felt the penis start to throb and move. She thrust her body against it harder and faster as the tension began to build towards climax. Her hands reached up and clutched the chains as she pounded her body onto the god of sex. Finally, a massive orgasm fired through her body. Sweat was beading up on her delicate skin and she shook uncontrollably from the intense wave of pleasure.

After what seem to be an eternity, she slumped down. The penis was still moving and probing her vagina. It wasn’t long before she started humping him again. She was amazed how quickly she was aroused again. It was as if there was a sexual energy emitting from the statue and the penis that flowed into her body. And she was bound there, unable to escape his sexual embrace. Her hips continued to rhythmically fuck the god. The penis reacted and seemed to grow even larger and more vigorous as it fucked her back. Soon she flew into another massive climax. Her breathing was heavy, her heart pounding and her body was now dripping with sweat. Her black hair was a total mess, clinging to her wet face as her head kept lurching back and forth. Her eyes and mouth were clenched shut as she again began pounding her body at the statue. Now the orgasms were becoming fast and furious. All sense of time and space had left her as waves of pleasure tore through her.

She was unaware that her arms were being freed. They seemed to move involuntarily around the chest of the sex god. Now that she was free to move, her tongue began to lick the statue’s neck and chest. She also didn’t notice that the rope tying her in place was also being removed. Finally, many hands lifted her body from the penis which appeared to be as lifeless and hard as always.

A voice said, “You have desecrated this chamber. You will be punished”!

In her sexually inebriated state, she hardly heard the words. But she soon understood that it was not her loyal slaves that were around her. It was the palace guards! They had caught her!

Hemsut was locked, still naked, in a cell for the next two days. Once she came back to her senses, she realized the danger she was in. The Pharaoh, Khonsu, was a fair and just man, but the Queen, Sakhmet, was a vicious woman and not would not at all appreciate that the chamber of the sex god was violated. Hemsut feared that she would be badly punished for her act. Possibly even banished from the palace. While she felt trapped inside, it was much safer than the world outside. She might not survive out there.

The next day, she was to be brought in front of the Pharaoh and the Queen to learn her fate. She was to be left naked. The guards put on a metal collar around her neck with loops on both left and right. Chains were attached to each side leading to staffs held by the guards.. Her hands were chained behind her back and a long chain ran between her feet.

She was led into the main royal chamber this way. As bad as it was for her now, it also felt very erotic to be marched into the large room with everyone staring at her chained and helpless naked body. Her vagina was actually getting wet as she stood before the Pharaoh.

“You have violated the Chamber of the God Min” bellowed the Pharaoh. “Normally, I would decide your punishment and fate. But since Queen Sakhmet is the one granted full access to the god of sex, SHE will pass judgement upon you.”

This was bad, thought Hemsut. The Queen disliked her and now was about to decide a punishment. She thought for sure she would be banished, But something worse was decided.

Sakhmet stared angrily at her. “You are guilty of this horrible desecration! The only fitting punishment is to be mummified alive for all eternity and tormented for all time as specified by the ancient scrolls.”

Mummified! Even though she would be entombed alive, it was a death sentence. How could this be happening, Hemsut thought to herself. How could she have been so foolish?

The guards pulled her away to the preparation chambers below.

For a full day, she was kept in a small dark cell, still completely naked. The priests of the mummification chambers made her drink a huge amount of a horrible green liquid. It burned her throat and irritated her insides. They also gave her an enema with the same fluid. She was fed no food and given no water. They were obviously clearing out her entire digestive system.

She became weak and tired after hours of being locked up and food deprivation. Finally, the priests came and led her to the main preparation chamber. There was a large vat of the green liquid in a rectangular stone container. The priests forced her into it and held her down. She thought they were killing her right there as her head was held under. Unable to hold her breath any longer, she opened her mouth and the vile liquid poured into her lungs. They pulled her out just in time and pressed her chest, expelling the fluid. She was gagging and choking, sprawled out on the hard floor. Her body had been totally immersed in the horrible stuff. Her nose and eyes were burning. Her chest hurt. Her skin was raw. Her hair was soaked.

After a few minutes, the main discomfort started to leave her. They grabbed her arms and led her to another part of the palace, deep below the surface. Where the dead were ultimately entombed. She was so very fatigued that her fear was muted. But as they went farther and deeper down, her heart began to pound with terror.

They finally arrived into the final room. Her massive stone sarcophagus was waiting there.

First, they secured her hands and arms crossed over her chest, wrapping them tightly in cloth bandages. They laid her on a slab and wrapped each leg separately and then both together. They continued with her entire body except for the head and waist. She had kept quiet, but now was about to start pleading and begging for mercy with the hope they might still free her. She never got the chance as they shoved a wad of material into her mouth and tightly began wrapping her head. Her eyes and nose were still left exposed.

They stopped for a moment as the head priest brought forth a large wooden container. They chanted in words she did not understand as two stones were taken from the box. They were both carved in the shape of penises. They continued to chant as they were covered in oil. Then they inserted one gently but forcefully into her anus. The next one was then placed into her vagina. Hemsut could not help to feel her vagina and ass stimulated by the hard dildos. They completed wrapping her waist and she was totally mummified except for her nose and eyes. The chanting continued on and she felt an amazing thing. The stones inserted in her began to move and throb just like the statue’s did. Her body began to move with the pulsing organs.

As she began to actually enjoy her predicament, they wrapped her eyes shut. She panicked as her vision was now gone and further wrapping reduced their voices to only a slight muffle. The panic increased as they filled her nostrils, the only part of her body left untouched, with some sort of fast drying putty. She could not breath! They put the final wrapping around her head, completely covering every inch of her body. She fought against the wrappings, twisting her torso and trying to kick as the priests lifted her struggling body into the sarcophagus. She could hear the thud and feel the vibration of the heavy stone lid slamming into place above her. She was about to die!

Or so she thought. Unable to breath, her lungs shut down and her heart stopped beating. But she did not lose consciousness. Her body did not die. The green fluid that had been used on her was keeping her flesh alive. Fear gripped her as she realized that they were indeed mummifying her alive.

She struggled in vain to free herself, twisting and turning. Rocking herself back and forth hoping to loosen the wrappings to no avail. She was imprisoned. Even if she managed to wiggle out of the fabric, she could never possibly lift the heavy stone lid of the sarcophagus that required several slaves to put into place.

After some time, she finally just lay there in despair. She began to take notice of the stone penises still moving inside her. Her panic began to subside as she felt the arousing sexual power of the penis stones. She could not fight or escape the erotic feeling she was getting from the constant throbbing and stimulation in her ass and vagina. The stones were relentless and were bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She let go of her fear and despair and allowed herself to be fucked by them. As she got within moments of climax, the stones stopped.

‘Damn!’ She thought to herself. ‘Why did they stop? She was so close to coming’.

And then they began again. She immediately responded by rolling back and forth, trying to achieve an orgasm as fast as she could. The stones swelled inside her, twisting and turning, driving her to another climax. But just as before, they stopped dead before she could come. She lost touch with the fact that she had just been entombed and instead waited for her next chance to climax if it should come. All she wanted was an orgasm and nothing else could enter her mind.

The stones began moving. It was if they knew just what spots to hit. And they again kept moving her closer and closer to the edge. And again they just stopped short. This was to be her fate. A living mummy sexually teased and tormented for the ages. Unable to think about anything but the next remote chance to come, seemingly unable to grasp the futility of it all as the desired orgasm would allude her for all eternity.

The slaves moved the sarcophagus deep into the tomb. They worked for weeks sealing the tomb with huge marble slabs and filling the adjoining chamber with tons of earth.

Queen Sakhmut had her revenge and none who heard about the punishment ever dared enter the Hall of Min again..


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