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The Halloween Trick

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2003 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; spandex; bagged; wrap; gag; cocoon; display; public; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

This all came about when me and my Wife Donna realized we were arguing over a stupid subject, Sex. I know she had many thoughts going on all at the same time, Job, as for the Job for now she's now working at a Travel Agency part time, but it's kind of cool because she gets all kinds of deals. Other problems are Money and most important Health, and I'm sure there's other thing if I were to press the issue. When we talk it seems like everything's okay then it blows over for a while. Then just when things get on roll something always comes up. 

So one day I come home from work and I noticed the computer is still on, so I asked how she was doing on her Job hunt, she replies I didn't look for a job today, I replied oh. She then says you know how we been having problems with our sex, I answered Yes puzzled, thinking to myself what now. And you know I don't really have the same interest in Bondage as you do, so I decided to book us on a Cruise, I answered a Cruise, what kind of Cruise. Her reply was come on give it a chance, the Cruise is on the last week of October, which is Halloween. I said were going to take a Cruise on Halloween, my wife replied Yes it will be fun. So she continues explaining things and I have to say I wasn't thrilled. 

The first thing was that since the Cruise was on the Halloween Week there was a Big Costume Party on Halloween Night that every one had to attend. Also for the Two days before Halloween you had to stay locked up in your Cabin, only coming out to eat. She said this was done so that us being a couple could put our minds together and Design our Costumes, and making something we both accomplished together. I said that sounds great but I hate Dressing up for Halloween Party's that's why we never go to them. My wife then said yes I know but no one knows who we are, and just imagine what we can do during the first part of the Cruise. My reply to that was like what, and then as a smile formed on her face, she said well you know how you like Bondage, pack your stuff and will see what happens. I then said can I pack some of your Tight Dresses too, as she smiled and said yes I was turned into a giddy teenager. My wife then said can I finalize the deal otherwise I might miss the chance to book us. I then said I guess so it can't be that bad, plus I never went on a Cruise. 
The following morning she went to work and tied up all the loose ends, the only thing was she had different plans that I would soon find out.

As the Day arrived for us to depart we had everything packed and ready to go, I then asked don't we have to get supplies for our Costumes to take with us, her reply was No they supply all the Materials for the Costumes. I then said okay we better get going. After arriving they put our Luggage in our Cabin which was gorgeous inside, and then we preceded top side to watch the departure. As we lined the railing's I couldn't help but notice that just about all the Passengers were beautiful women seminally between the ages of twenty's to late thirty's, the only men seemed to work on the ship. I turned to my Wife and said I don't see any men, where are they. As she laughed she turned to me and said there probably in there cabins getting sick, I then started laughing with her as we both watched our departure. 

Soon we made our way back to our Cabin which had a view of the Ocean and sliding doors that opened to the Deck where two very nice padded reclining Lounges awaited us. It was really nice and the whole thing became relaxing, I was then thinking what a great idea my wife had. She then came over to the Sliding Doors and closed them, then as she pulled the blinds closed she told me to turn on the air because it was going to get hot in here. Then she took my hand and we made our way to the shower, then we made our way to the bed where we played for hours like a couple of newlyweds, it was a great afternoon. We continued to have fun and made love just about every chance we had, we also did it in some strange places. At the same time we were having fun I still thought about the Bondage idea that seemed to disappear from her mind. I never really pushed her to do it to me before and I wasn't going to start now, so I basically wrote it out of this Vacation, which it didn't bother me that much because I was truly having a great time. 

What I did notice was that it was the first day of lock down and that Halloween was in three days. I must have been having way too much fun because I still haven't noticed any men on this Cruise other then the crew, which was strange. By this time I really didn't care, it was just strange; I was with my Wife and having a great time. So in between the thoughts and ideas and asking my wife when the supplies were coming for our costumes we got caught up in the moment and made Love and played around. As the time passed Halloween Night came fast and it was only hours away, I asked what's up here we didn't received our supplies, we weren't aloud to bother anyone or talk to anyone and the doors were on lock down for the past two days, what were we going to do, she then smiled and said I know you didn't want to go to some stupid Costume Party.

As it became Halloween my Wife said it's time, I said what are you talking about we can't go any where. She said No that's not what I meant, let's go take a shower together and then I'll explain. As we dried ourselves off my Wife said you have your stuff right, I said the Bondage stuff, she replied yes the Bondage stuff. With a smile on my face I said sure, she then returned the smile and told me to get it and to bring it to her. As she dumped the overnight bag on the bed she said wow you have a lot of stuff, some things I've never seen so I'll have to experiment with that stuff, after hearing her say that I could feel him growing, then she takes him and says you won't mind if I experiment with some of this stuff would you, I replied No! My Wife then reaches down and takes my favorite Bondage item which is a Double Lined Spandex Mummy Bag with internal Sleeves, Black and Tight with a half zipper in the back and a zipper where it counts in the front. 

While holding it she unzips it and tells me to sit on the edge of the bed, she places it under my feet and works it up my calf's, at this time he's growing rapidly and she says my this does turn you on. She continues to work the bag up me until she reaches him, then slowly she goes to her knees and strokes him a few times then slowly runs her tongue all around him until he's totally excited, then she stops and says I have work to get done, which kind of sounded strange but I paid no mind to it. She then told me to place my arms down at my sides as she worked the bag up to meet them, I never really used the Mummy Bag because it had a rear zipper and I wouldn't have been able to get out of it if it was to get zipped up. As she worked it up me she put an arm in each sleeve and continued to work it up me pulling it tight as she went until she passed my Shoulders with it, then making her way behind me she took the zipper and pulled it up until every part of the Spandex Bag Tightened around me, right up to my neck. 

At this time so early into her plans I couldn't move much, with the zipper up around my neck I could even slide my shoulders out of the sleeves. I was totally at her mercy and loving it, she then sat me back on the edge of the bed and then went behind me to find some thing, when she appeared in front of me she had the Ball Gag that I brought with me in her hand, she then says we can't have you making any noises now can we. After Gagging me she stands back and looks and says don't go away, smiling as she left the bedroom for the Living room. It seemed like I was there for a while, then as she made her appearance she was fully decked out Hair done, wearing one of her Tight Dresses, Heels, Pantyhose, every thing and looking Hot and Sexy. She came over to me and said how do I look, as she laughs and says Oh I forgot you can't talk, and then she brushes up against me. I was sitting there thinking to myself this can't be happening, some one wake me up, on second thought don't. She looked excellent in her Dress and played the part as well. 

Then she ask me what's all these White Spandex Material Strips for, there's a lot of them and there stretchy and pretty wide to, then with a smile on her face she says remember the experimenting well here we go. Yes I don't think your secure enough for my plans, I'm thinking to myself what's that mean. Then starting at my feet and stretching the Material as she goes she wraps the material round and round pulling it fairly tight as she goes overlapping it each time around until she finally runs out of that piece, which didn't run out until it reached my knees. Then she tied the loose end to another piece and continued where she left off again pulling it tight as she went on her way. By the time she finished with that piece my ankles all the way up to my upper legs were wrapped.

Taking a short brake she sits me back down on the edge of the bed and unzips the zipper that's holding him back. The restriction of the Double Line Spandex Mummy Bag made it impossible to move, knowing this my Wife reached in and took him firmly in her hand and worked him through the opening. Once she had him out she wiped the small amount of pre-cum off and looked at me with a grin and said you're in for a real Halloween Treat tonight. As I looked on as she went and got some more White Spandex Strips, I couldn't imagine what that was supposed to mean. 

She then stood me up again and  tied the two pieces together and continued where she left off, taking it around and around overlapping it and pulling it as she went, until that one too ran out. Now looking down I was starting to look like a real Mummy the only difference was I had an erect Cock sticking out. She then took another and tied it to the other leftover piece and continued up me, this time covering my hands, lower arms and elbows, I was unable to move them. Then she got another piece and continued where she left off, this time getting the rest of my elbows, then continuing up my arms. 

Now stepping back and laughing a little she looks at me and says one more should do it, she then takes one more and continues up the rest of my arms as she makes her way up to my shoulders. As she slowly nears the end of the Spandex Material she starts crossing it back and forth around the top of my shoulders and a little around my neck, then as it runs out she ties the loose end off, and says don't move an inch as she giggles, then stands back to admire her work. My Wife then comes over to me and says I did a better job then you thought I would do, I hesitated then shock my head yes! She then sat me back down and started routing through the stuff that was left from the bag, she then glanced at me and said you know you can't even tell you have a Mummy Bag on under that, the only thing that's Black is your Feet, the rest looks like White Bandages. Now what should I do next, well since there's one more White Spandex strip I'm going to wrap it around your neck but not tight just snug and I will tighten it when it overlays your Gag, then I will take it around and across your eyes just once so that you can actually see things through the Spandex but no one can see you. Now for the other problem and your wondering what problem is that, well I have an idea. 

She comes over to me and says I know you can see me, so you see what I'm holding; yes it's a large bag of assorted Condoms. Now the first thing I'm going to do is find that big long tapered Black Condom, ah' here it is, as she starts to slip it on him I could feel him growing with her touch, as he grew she worked it down him until it reached his base. After she reached the base of my Penis using her fingers she worked some of the pre-cum around the top of the Condom to act as a natural lubricant, then she pulled it down my shaft until the tapered point was the only part sticking up. After doing this she took the rest of the Condom and worked it completely over my Balls which held them tightly in place, it was a little uncomfortable while she was doing it but it felt good afterwards. Her next words were, that should keep you from producing Sperm for a while, then she says and that's not all I have a few rubber rings that I think you were experimenting with that I found in the other compartment of the bag, my guess is you use them to stay erect and large longer, so I must use them to. I then feel her sliding one rubber ring on at a time; all I could do is moan with excitement as she strategically put each different size ring in the proper places. My Wife then stood back and said you're in for one hell of a Halloween.

Now while I'm getting dressed I'm going to explain something to you, and right about now your wondering what, right. Well here it is since we were having problems with sex and me not wanting play and experiment and having issues of my own, which are now fine I decided to do something for you that you'll remember for a long time. First thing is with me working at the travel agency I was able to book nice Cruises and I worked out other things that helped me in figuring out what I was going to do for you. I found out that there was a Cruise Ship leaving for this Tropical Island to shoot a several Porn Movies, and that they were taking 30 Gorgeous Women between the ages of Twenty Five and Thirty Five. Each Woman would then be tested and judged in different surprise settings with only 10 getting lucrative contracts. While booking it I talked to a few of the women and most of them said it was going to be exciting, and that there were big contracts waiting to be signed, they then mentioned that most of them would do just about anything to make that kind of money. When I asked them what type of  Movies they were all of them had answers, one said there's going to be Hardcore, then one said there was a couple of Extreme Bondage, then all at once it came together in my head and I said to myself this is going to be it. 

Oh I forgot to tell you one of the things they have to do is wear either Tight Dress, long or short and they must be as Sexy as possible, there will also be many wearing Erotic Costumes which will add to the Halloween Party, and of course were going. I then thought to myself what is she talking about, then I remembered some things she said on different days of our trip, like her saying who cares who knows us and all those other things like the fact that there's No men on this ship except the crew. Oh yes something else the Women think this is a Private Party put on by the Reality Show which means they'll think there being watched or judged so I would expect them to go all out to impress the judge's, which you and me know that there are know judge's. Also the full deck is off limits to anyone else including the crew unless it's an emergency. If your wondering what I'm going as I'm wearing one of my real Tight Dresses and yes that means I'm going as a Mistress, I could feel him growing again after that comment, then she says that's right you just sit there and  think about that. You know I didn't think performing this type of Bondage was going to be this much fun, I was wrong I'm having a great time, I didn't realize that putting you in this type of  Bondage and doing a few extra's things would get you so much bigger and thicker, what have I been missing.  Oh yes incase your wondering your going as a Mummification Bondage Slave to satisfy who ever wants your services.

 Here's something else for you to think about, as I'm finishing up. This letter I wrote is going to be in a glass frame hanging next to you, it reads. (Use your time wisely and make the right choices, this person was put here for your Pleasure, use him in any way you want, utilizing different positions is a plus. Please if you choose to go the full distance please be careful, as you can tell for your piece of mind we have supplied a rather large variety of condoms large, contoured tip, ribbed, ticklers, glowing ones and assorted colors and flavors. Also for your added pleasure in the basket you will find other toy's to play with for yourself and to use on your Sex Toy, some of these things are Cock Rings, Massagers, Vibrators, Elastic slip knots to tie his balls up with, there's No limits to what you can do. If you choose you can team up with someone you meet and both of you can be satisfied, but remember if you remove his Gag you have to keep him quiet, at all cost, any noise can go against you if we hear anything but Pleasure. What ever your mind can drum up, you're now the one in control.  Of course I signed it, (Will Be Watching).

I think we have wasted enough time it's 7:30pm and it's time to set you up, that's another thing remember the comfortable Lounges right outside our sliding door, easy access all planned out. And let's not forget that view of the Ocean. I think your going to have one Hell of a night, but don't worry I won't be far, just remember it's all for you, and you better save some for me. As I heard her Heels walk across the floor, away from me I could feel myself getting more excited not knowing what to expect next, I then tested my Bondage by squirming and moving around. Then I heard something being rolled across the floor towards me, as she got closer I heard her say I think to start things off we're going to put you in this rolling, rocking office chair. When she got to me she stood me up then turned me and sat me down in the chair. I then felt her tying something around my shoulders, then my lower arms and waist followed, then she finished up by tying my knees and ankles to the swivel base of the chair, I could not move an inch. I then heard her open the sliding door, and then she pushed me through. As she backed into our Cabin closing the door behind her she paused and whispered I'll be in hear watching, perform well. 

As I struggled to free myself I heard voices coming towards me, I stopped moving around and this thought went through my head, my God I'm in public and I'm tied up, instantly this erotic feeling came over me, then at the same time I was scared. I froze thinking that they would pass me by, as they did one stops and say's look at that Christy. Christy then says what, the other one speaks up and says this person set up in Mummification Bondage and his Penis is showing but it has something on it. Christy comes closer and says maybe it's a manikin it is Halloween you know, the other one speaks up and says yes and maybe it's a test. Christy then says there's only one way to find out if it's real, Christy then tells Mandy to check it out, but adds remember be gentle they could be watching. 

As they made there way closer I knew this was going to be the first of many, as my body started to quiver with anticipation.  As Mandy stood next to me, she leaned down and touched him, when she did he flex to show his excitement, I couldn't do a thing about it. As I laid there aroused and immobilized Mandy turned to Christy and said he's real, come here and see for your self, the only thing is it has a Rubber Black Condom that covers everything including his Balls. As the Moon reflected off the Sea I could see threw the Spandex Blindfold that my Wife fitted me with, and as Christy came closer I could see that she was wearing a Shiny, either Latex or PVC Long Dress like a Dom would wear, I assume for the Halloween Party. 

When Christy bent down to touch him I could see something else shiny in the Moon light, except this was in her hand, and then I heard a noise like a chain being tugged. Just then Christy wraps her hand around him and squeeze's firmly, which makes me squirm. Then I hear her giggle and say yes your right my slave he is real. While holding onto him she bends down again and whispers into my ear and say's this is a screening test for the Movie isn't it, I motioned No with my head. Christy releases him and say's to Mandy these are those test we have to over come, we have to play the part.  The thought passed threw my mind that right behind me watching in the shadows was my Wife. 

Christy then tells Mandy to come closer tugging at her chain, I could see by the out line of her body in the Moon Light that she was wearing a very Tight Dress that was tight right down to her ankles like a Hobble Dress, very appropriate for a Halloween slave. I then hear Christy say Mandy put your hands behind your back, then from what I could see Christy tied them together, and then Christy says now will show you some action. Christy leans over and says softly your one of the Actors aren't you, as I started to motion No she quickly took him in her hand and started squeezing him again, while saying don't you lie to me this my career your playing with, then using her other hand she flicked the top of my Penis, which hurt like hell. Then while still holding on to him she asks this is a test isn't it, and then Mandy speaks up and says you could be right because look at the things around him, there's a Basket full of different types of toys and an assortment of Condoms. There's also a note basically telling everyone to have their way with him and to utilize all positions and toys that are supplied, with a P.S. please clean him up for the next time, which there are Baby wipes and clean towels provided under the Basket, it's also signed (Will Be Watching) . 

Me hearing someone else reading that sent chills up and down my spine, knowing that my Wife went all out for me. So thinking to myself rather quickly she's going to hurt me either way, I just started to nod Yes when she started to tug at him hard at first, then she paused and said this can be Rough for you or we can make it Erotic and Arousing, it's your choice, so I will ask you once more is this a test, I instantly nodded Yes. Christly then tells Mandy I told you, there probably filming now so let's get on with it. Christy's voice then becomes a little more force full and a bit louder as she tells Mandy to go to her knees.

Mandy now on one side of me with her hands tied behind her back and her legs being held together by her Hobble Dress, she to was at Christy's mercy. Christy then gets a cushioned chair and pulls it up next to me, then once she got comfortable she leaned across me and grabbed Mandy's leash, as she pulled Mandy closer Christy took the leather strap and started un-snapping something. Then I felt her put something around the base of my Penis and she pulled it tight and then I heard it snap shut, it was so tight he was standing straight up pulsating into the Moon Light. I then hear Christy say to Mandy don't move to much you might rip him off, then to test it Mandy leans back giggling as she pulled him towards her, as she leaned back he stood at attention pointed towards the Moon lit sky. 

Christy then removes the supplied Black Condom that I was wearing and reaches into the basket of gadgets and says to Mandy look there is some Astro Glide here; I think we should lube him up and play. She then poured some over his head and worked it around, then without warning starting out slow stroking him, with me not being able to do anything about it I had to enjoy it and I was.  She then moved her hand faster with every stroke until I was on the brink of  Cumming then instantly she stops and says to Mandy ah" do you want to play too. Christy then cleaned him up and went over to Mandy who still had her hands tied behind her and was kneeling next to me, Christy then leans over and whispers your going to enjoy this Mandy is such a Vixen when she's tied up, Christy then un-snaps the Leather strap around the base of my Penis, and then she pushes Mandy's head towards my already erect Penis, Christy then says open wide to Mandy as she tries to fight off the force fullness push that Christy has initiated. 

As Mandy's mouth closed in around him taking him deep into her throat, I could sense that she too was getting aroused by her moan's, for a split second I realized that she was in the same predicament as me, Hands tied Hobble Dress on keeping her legs from movement and lastly an erect Penis in her mouth gagging her so she couldn't make a sound. That split second thought put me over the edge as I could see in the dark of the Moon lit surroundings a shadow looking out at me through our Cabin glass doors, as Christy pushed Mandy's head back and forth on my shaft until Mandy took over by herself and Christy backed away, as Mandy went faster and faster moaning each time, she forced my body to go in to motion as well.

As our body's became one and I was about to explode Mandy decides to stop instantly, then without hesitation she puts her mouth just over the head of my Penis and starts to suck as hard as she could, it felt like I was hooked up to a vacuum and sounded like it to, then she continued with this technique as she took him in and out blowing me faster and faster until my body tensed up and we started to pump as one, she let out a moan as I exploded in her mouth filling it up as she continued to suck it out of him milking him dry. As quick as it started it was now all over, they cleaned me up like the instructions said and went on there way, I could hear Mandy saying to Christy that was a Halloween Treat. 

As they walked away I heard the sliding doors open up and my Wife walked out, how was that my dear was that not a treat, it was for me I enjoyed every moment of it, so much that I to came since I had toys of my own. You'll never guess what else I brought to help us enjoy our Vacation for years to come, that's right a Digital Camera. Your probably thinking she wouldn't of Taped it right, wrong every moment and it's so high tech it works in practically No light, this Video is going to be great, eight glorious hours of taping ranging from, well let's see that one took a little under an hour so you have plenty of time for other segments to be added, and yes all those pretty Women. As I'm aware you need some time in between to re-produce your sperm, so I'm going to roll you in for a twenty minute brake, so enjoy your free time! 

I must have dozed off because when I awoke I felt the cool breeze of the Ocean passing me by, and I knew by the star lit sky I was out on the deck again. All the sudden I hear my Wife's voice say good you're awake enjoy, and then the sliding glass door closed. As I laid there I heard a pair of Heels walking up on me, at first I thought it must be my Wife playing around. Then this voice speaks up and says what do we have here, well needless to say I know my Wife's voice and that wasn't it. The voice then ask are you one of the Actors will be working with on these Bondage films, remembering the last time I said No, I took a chance and nodded No again probably to my Wife's surprise. The voice then says there's a lot of stuff set up around you for this not to be a test, you could be lying and this note is signed Will Be Watching, I think that's all the proof I need. Just then she comes up to my face and says I think your going to want to see me, as she slides the Blindfold down over my Gag, she says you have beautiful blue eyes, all the better to see me with as a smile formed on her face. 

As I looked at her body fitted into a Tight Red Spandex Dress that revealed every curve, she was a beautiful Red head with green eyes accompanied by rear seemed nude Pantyhose, a pair of 5" Red Stiletto's Pumps and Red Spandex Gloves that went up to her elbows. As I'm checking her out she notices and says you like what you see don't you, I nodded yes and she smiled. I'm going to tell you my name so you don't forget that I was already given a screen test, my name is Andrea. Would you like to be un-tied, I nodded yes because I instantly thought for a second I would be able to get back at my Wife by tying her up. But Andrea giggled and said do I look stupid, you're tied up for a reason. 

Part Two

Then she said enough talk, she then takes her right Gloved hand and firmly squeezes him, and says your going to do everything I say now aren't you, I nodded yes and she said good. Her force full voice and the caress of her Spandex Glove aroused him almost immediately. To my liking she started stroking him slow, while doing so she leaned over and pulled the Basket over to her, let's see what's in here. Her left hand comes out with these colored rings and she says these will do fine. Very carefully she starts sliding one at a time down my shaft, my you're growing right before my eyes and I really haven't done anything yet. By the time she was finished I couldn't believe I could get that big all over again, and it felt like he was bigger then before, pulsating with her every touch. 

When she finished with that she again went back to stroking him this time starting out slow then occasionally speeding up, this was driving me threw the roof. She continued this on and off for about fifteen minutes, then she stopped and went to the back of the lounge chair, she then released this button and the back went down so that I was now laying flat. As I laid there she straddled the top of the lounge exposing her crotch less Pantyhose as she stood over me facing my feet, she then eased her self down so that she was sitting behind my head, still facing my feet. Then very softly she says I'm going to remove your Gag but don't get use to it and don't make any sounds or I will put it back, then using her right hand she reaches behind my head and loosens the strap on the Ball Gag so that it drops down to my neck, at the same time her left hand immediately covers my mouth. 

With her left hand over my mouth she moves her right hand down to my Cock and grabs him firmly, repeating to me these words, make a sound and I will squeeze him even harder. Then she lifted her self off the lounge and straddled my face as she eased her self down her Spandex Dress began to slide up as she squeezed him harder, now sure that I would not make a sound she took her left hand off my mouth and continued down until her pussy was at my mouth. She then says your going to do a good job on me aren't you, before I could say anything she starts to stroke him fast while still squeezing him, before I know it my tongue is working her Clitoris. The faster she stroked the faster I licked and the more she moaned. Then as she positioned her self better she leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down him like a Popsicle, as she did he flexed with every lick. 

When she was done tasting him she decided to slowly take him in all the way, as he slid in her warm mouth Cock rings and all, I was truly amazed as she took him in and out a few times before stopping. Then as I laid there totally helpless she carefully removed each cock ring one at a time, as I paused while she removed them I heard her say you better be thinking of pleasing me better this next time around. Then she wrapped her hand around him and jerked him off making each stroke faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore and I submitted and stuck my tongue in her as far as I could, as her body tensed up I continued to search out her spot with my tongue, until she went a step further and switched from the Hand job to a full fledged Blowjob that started out slow with her taking him all the way in then dragging her teeth lightly down him, not only was it Erotic it was amazing. I couldn't help but to force my tongue deeper inside her as I tried desperately to please her. I could tell she was enjoying it by her body language and moans, she was becoming quite wet. I was this Mummified Sex Toy that she controlled just by the simplicity of her actions, then as she slowly  came to a stop with my tongue still inside and the weight of her ass on my face, unable to say anything, she says this is going to be fun, remember my name when it comes to picking the finalist. Then she takes him back in her mouth, rolls her tongue around him a little and starts sucking him with every stroke, as she did I immediately picked up where I left off, sticking my tongue deep inside her. 

How fast she went seemed to control how fast I went, as she continued to go faster so did I. As I found my body loosing control Andrea Explodes in my mouth, as she explodes I lose it and Tense up preparing to explode as well, just as I'm about too Andrea takes her right hand and wraps it around the base of him and squeezes so tight that I go through the motions of Cumming, but with the restriction of her hand squeezing nothing's coming out. While I'm still going through the pumping motion, not paying attention Andrea gets off my face and immediately covers my mouth, after doing so she places the Ball Gag back in my mouth and pulls it tight and buckles it up. Andrea then says to me now that we got that out of the way we can get back to business, see since you have cum already and I've stopped it you'll be able to last for a longer time. As she works to keep him hard, she knows quite well that he could go down since he's basically cum already. 

Reaching down into the Basket she grabs a Condom which turns out to be a French Tickler, she giggles as she opens it and works it down my shaft, still basically hard, Gagged and Mummified she pulls her Red Spandex Dress up and straddles the lounge right over him. Andrea then lowered herself down until he slid inside her, as he slowly started to go down she started to pump slow at first, and then picked up the pace, as she continued I could feel him getting aroused. She continued to go faster and faster and he continued to grow, maybe it was me but I could swear he was a lot larger then before. We most have pumped for fifteen minutes straight, she then stops and manages to turn her self around with out taking him out so she was facing my feet, I never felt anything like that before. 

She then put her hands on my ankles and started pumping while leaning towards my feet, she continued to pump faster each time until our body's tensed up and we both exploded for a second time. Andrea then said remember me as she cleaned me up and walked off into the night. When she was out of sight the Sliding Door opened behind me and I was pulled in. My Wife then says I see she took your Blindfold off, she was beautiful and the Video looks great. Since I was Blindfolded before my wife got Dressed I didn't have a chance to see what she was wearing, she was wearing this Gold and Black stretch Spandex/Nylon Dress that went above her knees, and it was extremely Tight, she also had on a pair of seamed Black Pantyhose on with 4" Heels that laced up her ankles she was Beautiful and Sexy, and me not being able to do anything at all. My wife speaks up and says I still think there's time for a couple more treats, you have performed well for the camera. Let's see that treat took a little more time, it was one hour and fifteen minutes. You must be tired so I'm going to let you rest for a while, as I shook my head No to tell her I can't do it anymore, she again Blindfolded me and I dosed off into a relaxing sleep.

 I was awoken by voices standing around me, but I tried not to acknowledge them and stay still. I had a quick thought of how my Wife got me in position again, this time making sure not to wake me; I also thought she was great for putting all this together and supporting me on my Bondage Fetishes. As I'm laying here thinking just about anything, other then listening to the voices around me, because I thought if I started to get caught up in what they were saying I might become aroused while there standing there, and for a moment I did hear a Women say, this must be one of the props for the Bondage Flicks. I relaxed as they appeared to lose interest, then as I heard them starting to walk away a different women's voice says, you know that was pretty extreme for a prop. I start to hear heels walking back towards me and a voice say, that note is signed rather weird (Will Be Watching) and what about the Basket of Toys and Condoms, me thinking there's someone watching alright. It could be away of weeding us out, there's thirty Gorgeous women on board there's No way were all going to make it. 

As I hear a voice say, yes your right but he certainly don't look real, the Mummification Bondage is done way to perfect. When I heard that I knew they were going to have to touch me to see if I was real, as I tried to think about nothing to hopefully control him from showing any arousal I staid perfectly still, thinking I would get out of this one. Just then I hear one woman's voice say if this is a test will show them something to put on film, if not some one went a long way to dress a manikin up in Bondage for Halloween, so let's not disappoint them.  After I heard that I felt myself starting to lose control as the blood started to flow to him, I couldn't believe it was happening all over again except this time two other women and probably a different scenario. As I waited in anticipation to see what was to come I felt the Lounge get bumped, then a voice says look unless that's got some kind of pump attached to him I think he's real and he's been listening. Then without warning I feel this body leaning on my legs restricting me even more from movement. 

Now almost totally erect I feel this warm tongue run up and down him, which instantly sends chills running threw my body, as the chills flowed so did the blood, here I was growing right in front of there eyes just by the touch of her tongue. As she continued with her tongue I heard this other voice talking as she moved closer, she was right across from her friend on the other side of the lounge. She speaks up and says in a Dominant voice your doing fine my pet, but you need to work him as if it's a screen test, as if I didn't know what that meant. Then the licking stops and this voice says give me those scissors out of that Basket, the same voice then says it's obvious to us that your real and you're here for a reason so you remember Rachael and Rhonda, and if I were you I wouldn't move an inch while I make this cut. Just then I felt cold steel brush by my cock as I heard the scissors cutting the material, then Rachael the Dominant one says look who wants to come out and play. 

As I laid there feeling a little breeze I feel these fingers with rather long nails go threw this now widened hole and a voice saying now this shouldn't hurt a bit, as Rachael's fingers found there mark she started to work one ball at a time threw this small hole, which didn't seem to be connected to the hole where my Cock came threw. As I squirmed around from her trying to squeeze my ball threw this seemingly tiny hole, I felt a pair of hands push down on my chest and say take it easy they'll be plenty of time for squirming. As I relaxed Rachael said that's right calm down, then she got one of my balls threw the hole and then continued to work the second one threw, until she finally had both of them out. Then Rhonda says here use this, all the sudden I felt this Elastic thing go loosely over my sack slightly pulling my balls together, then the looseness became tight as I felt the Elastic Band being pulled tight, then I felt it cross as she pulled it and worked my sack threw the Elastic for a second time. I then heard Rhonda say, see I told you wearing that Hair Band would come in handy.  Rachael then says yes your right his balls are tied up rather nicely, and as you can see they won't fall back threw the hole we added. 

Now look what I found supplied in the Basket, a Silicon Cock Ring with a vibrating attachment included, we definitely have to put this on him for a while. As I felt my Balls heating up and my Erection growing with every bad thought I felt this tight Ring being forced down my Shaft until it bottomed out at his base.  Then both of them bent down and kissed me on my cheek and said if you will excuse us we have some planning to do, but we will stimulate you while we discuss our plans, then one of them turned on the vibration device and took him in her hand, as the vibrating noise hummed away her hand started to jerk him off ever so gently.  As I was about to cum everything came to a complete stop, as I heard there heels walking away. Never in my whole life was I ever subjected to such sexual and erotic escapades, then after a bit I heard there heels making there way back to me. I must have been in shock because I couldn't feel him but I knew that he was larger and thicker then ever. 

As I felt the Vibrator go on again I heard Rachael say wow he's really turned on, then Rhonda speaks up and says and it looks like he's happy to hear us. I then hear them say if there secretly filming this it's going to be great stuff, we'll be shoe inns for the parts. Here I am totally tied up like a Mummy with my Wife looking on and two women thinking there trying out for parts in a Bondage movie, it doesn't get any better then that. As the talking came to a stop I felt two pairs of hands putting pressure on chest area, then I felt the lounge shift from side to side, leading me to believe that they were kneeling on both sides of me. Rachael then says we are going to remove your Blindfold in a little while so that you know who we are, just in case, for now were going to play for a while. No sooner said I felt this soft hand wrap around my Cock, I instantly got erect and excited, as she squeezed. As he continued to grow in her hand she went from squeezing to jerking him off, slow for a while then fast, then she would stop. 

Rachael then told Rhonda to lower the back of the lounge putting me in a laying position, instantly I thought there's know way I'll be able to go through this again, and they were going all out to satisfy me knowing what was at stake for them if they failed in front of the camera. As the back of the chaise lowered the Hand Job stopped, then I felt the foot end of the chaise being lowered which seemed to bottom out hitting the floor. Then I felt someone straddling my ankles squeezing them together, as there Ass rested on my feet, then Rachael says were going to remove your Gag, but before Rhonda removes it I'm going to lean over and wrap my teeth around your shaft and apply a little pressure, if you make any attempt to yell out I will bite him off do you understand, just nod yes if you do! I nodded yes and her teeth soon surrounded him. Then as my eyes focused into the Moon light I glanced down at my feet to see a beautiful Red Head laying up my legs with my shaft in her mouth. I then looked over to my left and saw a blonde that was poured into this shiny tight baby Blue PVC dress that formed to every curve. 

As I followed her with my eyes she soon went out of sight as she made her way behind me, then she bent down and slowly removed my Gag. As my mouth began to open to say something I felt Rachael's teeth tighten around him, which said to me she wasn't joking. Soon after Rhonda worked her tight dress up her body and straddled the lounge positioning her body right over my face, as she began to lower herself down Rachael tighten her grip which instantly opened my mouth. When Rhonda touched down my tongue was eagerly waiting as it slid inside her, she responded with a soft moan. As my tongue slid in Rhonda, Rachael in perfect rhythm released her tight grip and began to blow me, changing her speed from slow to fast. Rachael dictated the way I would satisfy Rhonda, the faster Rachael went seemed to be how fast I went down on Rhonda. With Rhonda in this position I was still unable to make any sounds, except for the sound of me eating her out, I was mummified and loving it. 

As Rachael continued to go down on me, she hit the switch on the Vibrating Cock Ring and moaned with delight. I worked Rhonda using everything I have ever learned on pleasing a woman until finally she began to moan and pump in perfect harmony, for me it all came to an abrupt stop when I felt Rachael turn off the Cock Ring and removed it. Then while Rhonda was in her groove pumping away while my tongue found the right spots, I felt Rachael take him at the base with a firm grip and repentantly told Rhonda to pump faster and faster. As Rhonda moaned and pumped as fast as she could her body leaned forward as Rachael helped her take my man hood in her mouth deep to keep her from screaming, as Rachael still controlled me with her tight grip. Rhonda started to quiver as she took me in and out, and I to started to shake as I got ready to explode, but as I got closer Rachael's grip got tighter and I went through the motions without Cumming, but for Rhonda it was a totally different story as she squirted and exploded with a couple of orgasms, or at least it seemed that way because she just kept on Cumming, then finally collapsed on top of me. 

Rachael then said I'm going to Gag you again and let use rest for a while, but my little Mummy doesn't think he's done yet it's early and there's still plenty of treats to be had. As he slowly went down being denied the chance to cum I thought to myself the Wife must be loving this. I to exhausted fell a sleep a short time after, when I awoke my face was cleaned and I was sitting up again in the lounge as if nothing happened. Two figures appeared from No where, and looking into the Moon light I could tell by what they were wearing that it was Rachael and Rhonda, Rachael says oh' your awake, lets get started. Just then Rhonda leans down and says to me you were great I've never been eaten like that, Rachael then speaks up and says sure he was he's performing for the cameras. Then Rachael says to me I think you have been laying down way to long it's time to change your position, Rachael then tells Rhonda to get the hand truck that they passed in the hallway. While Rachael untied me from the lounge Rhonda returned with the hand truck and parked it next to me. Rachael and Rhonda got me up and managed to move me on to the hand truck, as I felt me being pushed across the deck I heard Rachael say stop right here. I was then pushed against this solid beam and held there by Rhonda; Rachael disappeared for a moment then return with the material that held me to the lounge. 

While Rhonda held me up against the beam Rachael took the material and stratigely tied me to the post, putting it around my shoulders, elbows, hands, upper legs, lower legs and feet. When the finished I watched them back away with smiles on there faces, as they looked me up and down and admired there work. Rachael then walked up to me and whispered it's time for you to remember just who I am. Rachael then tells Rhonda to undress, as her tight Blue dress came down my eyes widened with excitement. Rachael then removes her pantyhose and stretches them apart, a foot in each hand, she then tells Rhonda to put her hands behind her back, when she does Rachael grabs them and slips the two hands into one of the foot holes, quickly she works the rest of the pantyhose up her arms until they reach her shoulders, using the other leg she quickly wraps it around her upper arms then works it down to her hands then crosses it around the front of her pulling her hands close to her butt, then she takes it around her again but this time she crosses them around her Tits pulling them together then she tied off the lose end. 

As Rhonda struggled to get free I began to wonder if she even expected to be this involved, I think Rachael was performing a Dominant Role thinking she was auditioning in front of a camera. I know my wife was watching and loving what was going on, but as reality set back in I was unable to move an inch. Then without warning, Rhonda I guess getting very aroused about being in Bondage herself leans forward and starts blowing me, all I could do is moan in Ecstasy as she picked up her pace. Then as I looked behind her I saw Rachael pull up a chair, Rachael then sat in it and pulled something from her purse, as she bent down behind Rhonda, Rhonda continued working me not knowing what was about to happen. Then I looked down and saw Rachael putting both of her feet inside Rhonda's making sure she couldn't close her legs, Rhonda felt it and tried to pull away from me but Rachael pushed on the back of her head forcing my cock back into her mouth. Being forced must have sent Rhonda into frenzy because she picked up where she left off. But this time I heard a buzzing sound coming from Rhonda and as it got louder Rhonda went faster and sucked harder. 

From what I could see it looked like Rachael was holding the cards, or should I say a Vibrator, I watched as Rachael worked it in and out of Rhonda which turned me on as well. Soon all of us were in perfect harmony pumping and moaning together as one, the sucking that Rhonda was generating was pushing me over the edge I didn't know how long I could last, then as Rhonda let out a loud moan her body tensed up and with in seconds as I felt her tightening her grip on him I too tensed up as we came together. For a couple of seconds he just continued to pump out cum filling her mouth as she pulled away. He just stood Erect normally going down after Cumming, so Rachael noticing this tells weak kneed Rhonda to help her untie me from the pole, as they untied me from the pole I could feel my legs giving out and I started to slide down the pole. Grabbing me quickly Rachael tells Rhonda to start stroking me to keep him aroused, as he stayed hard in Rhonda's hand as she jerked me off, I noticed that it was beginning to bother me, basically because I never had anyone continue to work me after Cumming so I didn't recognize this weird feeling, almost like I had to go to the bathroom. But they were in control and I was tied tight and gagged as well, unable to do anything and they were not stopping, so I had No choice but to ride it out. 

Rachael then told Rhonda to stop for a minute and to pull over the lounge, then putting up the head rest part into the sitting position Rhonda locks it in place, then goes to the foot rest section and drops it so that it's almost touching the ground and locks it, now they worked me to the lounge and placed me in it so that I was sitting up with my legs straight out. As Rhonda quickly went back to jerking me off, Rachael was getting ready. Rachael then goes to the basket and retrieves a Condom, opening it we all noticed it was glowing in the dark a bright green, as Rhonda stopped jerking me off, they both giggled as Rachael slid it over my Erect Cock. Rachael then says I hope those camera's are still rolling because I'm going to milk you like a cow. Rachael then straddles the lounge and lowers herself guiding him in, which that weird feeling I was having was intense as I squirmed as she slid him all the way in, Rhonda smiling seeing me squirm spoke up and said go ahead move around that will add to Rachael's pleasure. Then as Rachael began to pump I could feel her contracting her muscles as she went up and down on my shaft, as if she were using her hand to milk a cow. All I could feel was that he seems thicker and bigger then ever with every pump she did. Rhonda then walked up behind Rachael and lifted her arms up in the air and slid her Dress up over her head, then using the same pantyhose that Rachael used on Rhonda, Rhonda took Rachael's hands behind her back and tied them tight, me still inside of Rachael she was unable to move or elude Rhonda's intensions as she spurted out No Rhonda. 

As Rachael kept saying No she continued to pump, the only problem was that she said No one to many times as Rhonda quickly gagged her using the Ball Gag that was overlooked in the Basket. I couldn't believe I wasn't exploding inside her, experiencing all of this, I can say that the weird feeling went a step further as I began to feel as if I was having something happen to me that I've never experienced before. While Rachael seemed to be totally tied up, Rhonda stopped her from pumping and leaned her down on my chest removing my Shaft from inside her, as Rachael thrashed and moaned threw her gag. Then while holding onto my Cock Rhonda removes the Elastic band from around my sack and gently works my balls back threw the holes that were made earlier, Freedom as they relaxed in there place. Then without waiting Rhonda placed a hand on Rachael's shoulder and worked her back while using her other hand to direct my shaft back into Rachael, as our moans passed by our gags Rachael began to shiver and started to pump uncontrollably squeezing her inner muscles with every up stroke. As Rachael slowed Rhonda started playing with Rachael's nipples, squeezing them and flicking them as she pleased, which immediately sent Rachael into a pumping frenzy which sent me also into a fast pumping motion as well. Then finally our pumping motion became as one and she squeezed going up and I moaned going down, as the quivering started, Rhonda's orgasms began to flow, as for me I came like never before and then as Rachael kept to her promise, continued to pump never stopping until I came again, then making sure I was empty she continued to pump slowly until he finally went down inside her. When it ended I was exhausted and just about to dose off, the last thing I remember is watching Rhonda untie Rachael and a real cold wash cloth wiping my Shaft. 

When I woke up I found myself back in our Cabin with the sliding doors closed and the long curtains drawn tightly closed. As I looked around at the darkness candles began to luminate the room setting a relaxing atmosphere, as each candle was lit a silhouette of a woman appeared then vanished into the darkness. As the room brightened from the lighting of the last candle I could see my Wife standing there with a glass of wine admiring what she accomplished. She strolled up to me wearing this Tight Black Dress, Black Gloves that went to her elbows, Black Pantyhose that seemed to have a design running down them and a pair of 4" heels that laced up her ankles. As she made her way over to me she whispered oh" wait until you see the Video's of your Halloween adventures. Then as she walked pointing to the corner of the room I could see that the Camera was still rolling, she then bent down and looked threw the viewer and adjusted it so that it was pointed directly at me. It seemed like the evening aroused her so much that she had plans for the last video, and me still on the lounge gagged and Mummified for her pleasure. Making her way towards me walking directly in front of the camera, she starts talking about how the last video almost lasted for three hours and that she was going to work on keeping me her slave until the video tape ran out. I couldn't believe my Wife was going to be the finale, yet in my heart I was glad that it was going to be her. 

All night I was brought close to Cumming by different beautiful woman thinking they were landing rolls in Bondage Films and a couple of times I was made to cum, which those two times were truly amazing and erotic, yet for some reason I was looking forward to finishing the evening with my Wife. As these thoughts passed threw my mind reality set in as I watched my Wife carry a chair from the dining area and positioned it next to me. Lifting me up she carefully turns me and sits me in the chair, then reaching into the overnight bag she pulls out a Spandex Hood and places it over my head pulling it down over my gag, thin enough to breathe threw but snug. Then I felt something go threw the Hoods rings  pulling the Hood snug around my neck, then I felt something being crossed across my eyes and tied behind my head, I was now totally Blindfolded. 

As I sat there not knowing what to expect next I felt my wife's hands touching me around my shoulder area, then within seconds I was being wrapped to the chair, I tried to move around but as I moved she wrapped, causing the movement to slowly stop as the wrapping finished at my feet. Since my wife took her time I was beginning to get aroused once again, she must have noticed because she ran her nails up and down him causing him to flex with excitement. Then I felt her put her hands on my knees as she lowered herself to the floor. Then I felt something being poured onto my cocks head it was cold and thick sending chills down my spine, immediately afterwards I felt her hand wrap around him and begin to work the thick liquid in as she began to jerk me off, slowly at first making sure she covered him completely. Once he was covered she picked up her pace causing him to stand at attention while her hand slid up and down him rather quickly. Then as she slowed down I heard her voice say you must be wondering what I put on him I moaned as she replied Honey, sticky and hot. 

She was right because while she was jerking me off he was becoming warm. Then I heard her say I know you like Honey let's see if I like it, then I felt her lean against my knees as her tongue started to run up and down him licking the honey off, while my moans tried to escape the gag. The licking stopped as I felt her lips kissing the top of him, then as her lips became firm she worked him into the little hole that she made with her lips and forced him all the way in till she reached his base. It seemed to me that she to was having a good time as her one hand gripped his base as she picked up the pace, taking him in and out in perfect rhythm. After a while her other hand found playtime as she worked my balls threw the hole that Rachael and Rhonda made. While blowing me she began to roll my balls in her hand, then she switch to a massaging motion which sent me threw the roof, nearly working me to the point of No return. Almost like she knew that I was about to cum she suddenly stopped and reached into a glass and retrieved a piece of ice, she then used the ice to cool him down by rubbing it all over him until he started to go down. 

Once he went down she let out a giggle and said you're not thinking of relaxing are you. As I sat there resting I could feel her untying me from the chair, still unable to move I tried to stand but couldn't. Then out of know where I'm stood up and worked onto a hand truck which is then tilted back and I'm rolled somewhere and removed from hand truck and placed against a wall. Soon after I feel something stretchy being wrapped around my shoulders, then as I felt it getting tighter I tried to lean away from the wall but was pulled back as if I was tied to the wall, I couldn't even slide down the wall, I was being held up by something, the more I moved the tighter it got. I rested for a moment thinking what was next, then I felt the wrapping again except this time it was my feet, now they were also tied to something. Now standing with my back against the wall unable to move my upper body or my legs or feet, then I feel my wife putting her hands on each side of my waist as she leaned against me. She removed her hands from my waist and slid her body down mine until she reached the floor. She began to jerk him off until he became aroused again, once aroused she took something and tied it around the base of him forcing him to stay hard, she then took my balls and tied them up to stop the production of sperm. 

Knowing what could happen from previous times I knew that I could go for a while but I would go through the motions of Cumming and nothing would happen. Now standing there Mummified, Gagged and Blindfolded with my Cock and Balls tied up, I felt the warmth of my wife's mouth as she consumed my cock all the way to his base, my knees buckled as she took him in and out. As she got into rhythm she placed a hand on each side of my hip and began to move me back and forth causing me to pump in rhythm with her, my pelvic area was the only area I could move. As we stayed in perfect rhythm for quite sometime the moans became louder and my body became tense, wants she realized I was close she stopped and tightened the ring that was surrounding my base, she immediately picked up where she left off going faster and faster until I couldn't control myself anymore, then I exploded in her mouth, or at least I thought I did pumping away until I was finished. As my body went limp Donna went and got a chair then untied me from the wall and sat me in it, telling me not to move. All of the sudden she removed my Blindfold and there she was standing in front of me looking seductive and sexy, she placed her hand around him and said look after all that he's still standing, then she slowly started stroking him. Then using her other hand she slowly worked her Tight Dress up revealing her crotch less Black pantyhose, as she straddled the chair she lowered her body down guiding him in her warm tight hole as I let out a moan. Once she reached bottom she sat there for a second then started rocking in place, she never did that before, but I knew it felt good as she continued to rock. 

After doing that for a while I realized I was hard but had No urge to cum, that all changed as she went from rocking to pumping, slow then fast. Again she was doing something different she began using her inner muscles, squeezing him with every up stroke, I was in heaven and loving it. I noticed that in her hand she held the remote to the video camera, she pointed it and hit zoom, and we were now up close and personal another Bondage Sex Video. As the video recorded us she started to moan and grunt as she pumped even faster using all of her muscles. As I glanced over at the camera trying not to cum, my wife said you like being on camera don't you, then I watched the zoom lens as it focused again, this time she hit the zoom for a close up of me, watching it turned me on so much that I began to pump as fast as my wife, lunging him deep inside her hitting her G spot with every pump. I could feel her becoming very wet as he slid in and out of her. Then without any notice she stopped and got off me leaving me there close to Cumming. Then returning with a glass she reached in and pulled out an ice cube, she took it and began running it up and down my shaft until he seemed to be frozen. 

As I sat there with chills she backed up to me as to sit on my lap, but instead she straddled the chair with her back to me and worked him in, he must have been like a Popsicle because as she slid him in all she did was grunt and shake. Once she was perched on top of him she sat there shaking as her nipples became noticeably hard piercing threw her tight dress. As the chills went threw our body's she again began to pump, slow then fast until finally getting into a rhythm, she must have pumped for ten minutes straight. With me getting ready once again I started to moan louder then I was before, her voice spoke up and said No not yet.

She stopped once again and got off me; she then went to the camera and turned it towards the bed. Using the hand truck she stood me up and rolled me to the bed, where she positions me right in the middle. Standing at the side of the bed she got undressed revealing a crotch less Teddy that looked fantastic on her, my eyes widened with delight as she made her way onto the bed. While running her fingers up and down him she worked on releasing any items that restricted his flow, while undoing them she whispered boy am I going to Fuck your brains out, and that in it self turned me on because she very rarely cursed, then these words came out, and if you think Rachael milked you try you haven't seen anything yet.

Then without any hesitation she straddled me and worked him all the way in, resting she laid down on my chest as he grew inside her, as a little time passed she pushed herself up putting her hands on my chest. Then she started out slow going up and down as she leaned back and grab my ankles, this went on for awhile until she leaned forward and started pumping like a mad woman, thrashing her head from side to side picking up speed as she went. Since I was starting to bounce up and down on the mattress, we became one as the rhythm started to pick up, we continued this way for a while until my body started to tremble inside her as my Shaft became a Vibrator, she then looked and smiled and said now baby now as she moaned with every pump until I couldn't hold back and I exploded inside her like never before, but she didn't stop she continued pumping until I came again, still not stopping she slowed her pumping down but used her inner muscles to squeeze every drop out of him until he was empty.

Now that's a Halloween Treat!

The End

Story By: Jim Williams
Email: [email protected]


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