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The Happy Couple

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; FF/mf; vetwrap; wrap; bandages; susp; cuffs; hotel; oral; toys; climax; cons; X

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The happiest day of their lives was almost upon them. Less then two months, and Robert and Natalie would be husband and wife, ready to begin a new life together. 

But they weren’t there yet. They had the ceremony to plan, guest lists to write and a location to plan. With all the planning that was needed to get a marriage ready, it was amazing to think that the happy couple hadn’t been driven insane yet. 

If you were watching them at the current moment though, you would think that they were close to the breaking point. 

“No!” Natalie all but shouted into the phone. “We want blue silk dresses for the bridesmaids! Not red ones! Blue!” She gritted her teeth. “Now, how many blues did you order? TWENTY FIVE?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH IT’LL COST TO SEND THEM BACK AND GET REPLACEMENTS?!” 

Her soon to be husband was having no better luck with his duties. 

“What do you mean we can’t get the church?! We reserved it over three months ago! Canceled? Why? Burned down?!” He slammed the phone down in frustration. Taking off his glasses, Robert wiped his eyes, trying to get the sweat out. 

Putting them back on, Robert watched his soon-to-be wife practically yelling into the phone at the gown company. Apparently the batch of bridesmaid dresses were wrong. Again. 

He sighed. Nothing was going right. The location of the wedding had to be changed, the dresses were all wrong, the food and drink caterers hadn’t been chosen, and they had to get everything done in less then two months. 

Natalie gave up and slammed her phone down as well. “Arrghh!” She shouted. “Why can’t these people get a bunch of freaking dresses done correctly?!” 

“I know the feeling. The church we wanted burned down in an accident.” 

“Oh no.” Natalie moaned. “We wanted that place so badly…” She collapsed on the couch. 

“I really don’t know what to do Robert. Nothing’s going correctly. At this rate it’ll take years to get everything planned.” 

Robert went over and sat down next to his fiancée. Putting a reassuring arm around her shoulder, the two sat there for a few minutes. 

A thought came to Robert, and he smiled. Looking at Natalie, his eyes were big. She noticed it too. 

“How about a little playtime to take the stress off?” Robert proposed, a devilish grin growing bigger. 

Natalie grinned and raised her eyebrows in excitement. 

A half-hour later, Natalie lay on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. She was wrapped head to toe in dark blue vet wrap. Robert was an expert at mummies, and he made sure that his fiancée was nice and comfy. He had left her mouth unwrapped. Being able to talk with each other was a big turn-on for both of them. 

Robert played the role of the hungry predator. He softly and quietly crawled onto the bed on all fours, naked as a jaybird. 

“Where’s my prey?” He said in a playful voice. “Where is she?” Natalie giggled. Although she was temporarily blinded, she could still hear perfectly. 

Very slowly, Robert slid up to his fiancée and began to embrace her bandaged body with his. His limbs went around her and locked together, squeezing her in a gentle and loving embrace. 

Natalie sighed as pleasure swept over her. She felt so good, so fulfilled. Wrapped and safe in the arms of her future husband, she felt protected and content. 

Robert surprised her by leaning forward and performing a deep and passionate French kiss on her, his tongue going deep into her mouth. 

Natalie responded by kissing him back as best she could. Time ceased to exist as the two loved each other with unsurpassed passion. 

When he could hold back no longer, Robert positioned himself above Natalie’s mouth. She felt the fleshy tissue of his genitalia enter her mouth. Smiling, she happily sucked and tickled him with her tongue, the sounds of his moaning signifying her skill at oral sex. 

After a minute or two, she increased the speed to full blast. She felt Robert shudder and moan with pleasure as he climaxed. She tasted his seed. Mmm… sweet and tasty. 

Robert collapsed next to Natalie and took her immobilized form into his arms. He held her close to him, as tightly as he could withought hurting her. 

“Damn, you’re good.” He whispered, tired and sleepy. But now he had to give Natalie her reward. Pressing the remote control, he turned her vibrator on to low. 

Natalie moaned for a full ten minutes as the vibrator took her to an inevitable climax, which she expressed with a full fledged shriek of pleasure, her body thrashing and fighting against the bandages restraining her. 

Finally, she came back to earth and quieted down. Robert cut away the bindings near her arms, and the two held each other, two warm bodies comforting each other. 

“Oh.” Natalie sighed, drifting away on clouds of calmness. “That was so good. We…” She yawned. “…Should do this more often.” 

“Yeah.” Robert agreed, his eyelids growing heavy. With what remaining wakefulness he had, he reached for the end of the bandages that encircled his fiancée. Working slowly, he unwound the wrappings and released her from her soft prison. 

The two hugged each other as sleep took them both. As his consciousness slipped away, a thought came to Robert. Small and fantasized it was, but it struck him with surprising strength. He thought about it for a moment. Did he… no, he couldn’t… could he? 

Putting the thought aside, he let sleep take him and he joined his fiancée in the land of dreams. 

The next two months were a mad rush of activity. A small church in the hills was chosen as the site for the wedding. The corrected dresses were gathered and fitted. 

The only odd thing that happened was when Natalie overhead Richard on the phone, obviously reserving some place for two people. She listened hard, but couldn’t figure out what he was reserving. She smiled. It was probably their honeymoon trip. 

The day before the wedding, there was a very brief moment of calm. Richard and Natalie spent it by enjoying a picnic on the beach, watching the yellow and red sunset before them. 

Munching on a sandwich, Richard turned to his soon-to-be-wife. “Honey?” He asked. 

“Yes? Natalie asked as she finished swallowing some ham. 

“I just want to be clear on something. You like it when I wrap you, right?” Natalie smiled and nodded. 

“OK. Just wanted to be sure.” Natalie’s expression was one of amused curiosity. 

“Why do you ask?” She asked him. But no matter how hard she tried to get the answer out of him, Richard only smiled. 

Soon, the sun had set completely. “Come on honey.” Richard said. “Let’s go home. We’ve got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!” With both smiling, the two got into the car, and drove off down the long road back to the house. 

Night passed quickly, and before Natalie knew it, the big day had arrived. The sun was shining brilliantly in the sky, with no clouds in sight. Without waiting, the two quickly drove to the small church in the hillside. The aged white paint still shone brilliantly in the sunshine. 

The guests began to arrive within an hour. They came and took their seats inside the church, waiting for the ceremony to begin. 

For Richard, it was a very exciting, but nervous time. His shy, public fearing demeanor had a good hold on him, and it was taking all of his willpower to get the nerve to go out and take part in the ceremony. 

For Natalie, the time was one of happiness and excitement. Her beloved Richard was officially going to wed her, after a year of living together and learning all about one another. She focused her attention on her white silk dress, making sure that it was as beautiful as she could get it. 

Finally, the moment arrived. Bride and groom appeared at the end of the walkway. The organ music began to play, its deep brass pipes playing a powerful rendition of “Here comes the bride.” 

The two put their arms together and slowly walked down the aisle, past the smiling faces and the roses that were carefully tossed behind them. 

The moment itself in front of the priest went rather quickly. Later on, Richard would wonder why it went so fast. 

“By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife!” The priest said. “You may now kiss the bride.” 

Richard took Natalie in his arms and lifted her clean off the floor, twirling her in his arms. Natalie couldn’t help but smile as he kissed her on the cheek. The guests clapped and smiled as the two went down the aisle and out to the waiting limo, complete with trailing banners and the words “Just married” written in the back window. 

As the limo drove away, the crowds waved goodbye as the happy couple went off to begin their honeymoon. 

Inside the limo, Natalie and Richard held each other and kissed as lovingly as each could master. 

“Oh Richard, that was wonderful!” Natalie said. “It couldn’t have gone any better then I imagined!” 

“I’m glad.” Richard said, the biggest grin spread across his face. “Now, you ready for our big honeymoon?” 

“Am I ever! Where are we going?” Richard smiled. 

“You’ll find out. I’m sure you’ll love it!” 

A few hours later, the limo pulled up to a large mansion hidden deep within the mountains. The white marble glistened and welcomed the couple who walked in through its doors. 

“Oh Richard, this is beautiful!” Natalie said. “What is it? Newlywed hotel? Bath and spa? Bed, breakfast, and spa?” 

Richard’s smile barely concealed his excitement. “Actually,” He whispered in her ear, “It’s better then all three combined.” 

At that moment, a female butler came into the waiting room. “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Raveloe I presume? We’ve been waiting for you. Mr. Raveloe, we have all the accommodations you’ve requested.” 

“Excellent. Can you show us there right away?” 

“Certainly sir. Please follow me.” The female butler led them through several hallways and stairs until they reached a locked room, marked “52”. Withdrawing a key, the butler opened the room and let them walk inside. 

Inside, it was quite sparse. The room was colored blue, with some candleholders set on the walls, along with mirrors positioned on all sides of the room. Two very large hooks hung from the ceiling, both obviously designed to hold many pounds. 

“Why Richard!” Natalie said. “What is all this?” 

“It’s our honeymoon suite.” Richard said. “Do you like it?” 

“Well… I don’t know! What does it do?” 

Richard smiled. “That’s the big surprise honey. This is not your usual hotel.” Natalie gave him a very interested look. 

“This is… how should I say it… a bondage hotel.” 

Natalie looked too shocked to say anything. Finally, she found her voice. 

“Are you serious?” she asked, with barely concealed excitement. 

“Of course.” Richard happily replied. “After all, what better way to celebrate our marriage, then by spending some quality time together?” 

“What exactly did you have in mind?” Natalie asked. 

“Well, remember when I asked you if you liked being wrapped?” Natalie could barely contain her excitement as she realized what was going on. 

“So I’ve arranged a week-long stay here at the hotel, starting with a three day mummy session.” Natalie shot into her husband’s arms, her excitement and joy overwhelming her. 

Richard held her, then gently pushed her back. “To begin with, both of us need to get prepared separately.” 

“Awww…” Natalie moaned. “You mean we can’t get wrapped together? 

“Nope. We have to be separate. That way, we’ll be overflowing with excitement upon seeing each other.” 

The female butler came into the room. “If you could come with me sir, we’ll get you ready.” Richard nodded. 

“I’ll see you soon honey.” He whispered into Natalie’s ears. Then he followed the female butler out of the room, his smile still as big as ever. 

Natalie was left alone in the room. While she waited for whatever was going to come next, she inspected her wedding dress to see how worn it was. She was hoping to keep it in good condition, should she ever need to use it again. 

The door opened and another female butler came in. “Hello Mrs.… Raveloe, is it?” Natalie nodded. 

“Ah good. My name is Cindy. I’m in charge of preparing you for your stay. If you’ll come with me, we can begin.” Her warm inviting voice was too sweet to resist. Natalie followed Cindy out of the room. 

Cindy led Natalie through several hallways. As they walked, Natalie couldn’t hold back some of the questions she wanted to ask. “So… how big is this place?” She asked. 

“Our hotel extends six stories underground. We have more then enough room for over five hundred guests.” 

“Isn’t that a bit dangerous?” Natalie asked. “What if there was a fire, or an earthquake?” 

“Don’t worry Mrs. Raveloe, we take all the necessary cautions when we have guests. Every room and hallway is equipped with fire sprinklers, along with flame resistant paint. The foundation and building materials of this hotel are built to withstand a size seventeen earthquake.” 

Natalie breathed a sigh of relief, her fears abated. “Don’t worry, we haven’t had a single casualty in over fifteen years of service.” Cindy said. “Ah, here we are!” 

They had reached a steel door marked “Mummification. Women.” Cindy pressed a button and the door slid open silently. Inside was a mummy fan’s dream. 

There were many tables set inside a huge room, along with benches and support systems that allowed the staff to wrap a person in any way imaginable. 

“This is our state of the art wrapping center.” Cindy said. “We can wrap any guest in any position or style they wish.” Natalie was barely paying any attention as she eagerly looked over the guests already in the room. 

There were several mummies lying on tables, patiently waiting to be carried to their rooms. Several more were being wrapped in thick, warm rolls of the finest cotton. A few more dangled in harnesses from the ceiling. 

Cindy smiled. “Now, your husband requested specific wrapping for you, so let’s begin.” 

Cindy gently led Natalie to a bathroom and gave her a small pill. “Take this. We need to make sure you’re properly cleaned and flushed before we wrap you.” The pill was a laxative. 

Ten minutes later, Natalie came out of the bathroom. She was tired, but flushed out. “Now, we need to give you an injection.” 

“An injection?!” Natalie said. “But I hate needles!” 

“This will only take a second.” Cindy said, pulling out a small syringe. “This injection will fill you with a state of the art mixture that we’ve developed. All need for food, toiletries, and water is suspended for several days. In this case, four. That ensures that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your stay withought having to worry about being prematurely cut out.” 

Cindy’s skill with needles was superb (she admitted that she was a former nurse). After the injection was over, she led Natalie over to a corner of the room. 

This small corner had a large hook dangling from the ceiling. A blue harness was lying against the wall. “What is this?” Natalie curiously asked. 

“A suspension system.” Cindy answered. “Your mummification is a suspension one, meaning that you’ll be dangling in the air as a mummy. This harness will allow you to hang for several days withought becoming sore or chafed by the straps.” 

Without waiting for instructions, Natalie began to slowly take off her wedding dress. “Oh, that’s not necessary.” Cindy said. 

“You mean, you intend to wrap me while I’m still dressed as a bride?” 

“Oh yes. Your husband requested it. He was very specific.” Natalie thought this was a bit odd, but decided to go along. 

“So, what do I do?” 

Cindy opened up the harness. “Well, you can step into this for starters, but you will have to take off that large umbrella part before we can put the harness on." 

Natalie complied, taking off the large, billowy dress and carefully placing it on a table. 

Natalie walked up to the body harness and slowly stepped into it, feeling the straps going around her body. Under her arms, around her chest, and into her groin. When the device was on, Cindy went to work on tightening the straps around her body. The device hugged her body tighter and tighter as the straps were tightened. 

Finally, the last straps were finished. Cindy indicated the mirror closest to her. Natalie looked at herself. 

She was an odd sight. A woman in a full-fledged bride dress, wearing a body harness. What was next? 

Sensing her unspoken question, Cindy took a remote control in her hands and pressed a button. The large hook descended from the ceiling, directly above Natalie. “Now we hook you into this.” Cindy said. 

Stepping on a small stool, Cindy took some very tough straps that were at the top of Natalie’s harness and quickly placed the straps around the hook and tightened them down. 

Certain that the straps were tied down tight enough, Cindy pressed another button on the remote control. The hook slowly moved upwards, carrying a surprised Natalie with her. 

When Natalie’s feet were five feet off the ground, Cindy stopped the hook. Natalie gently dangled in mid-air. “Comfortable?” Cindy asked. 

“Oh yes. Very.” Natalie replied. She couldn’t remember ever wearing a harness like this one. It was soft and padded, and so light. If she closed her eyes, it felt like she was wearing nothing at all. 

“Well then, now we can start the fun part.” Cindy said. She went over to a nearby locker and pulled out many rolls of white bandages. “Wrapping you up nice and tight. But first, we need to put your billowy dress back on." Cindy took the billowy dress and carefully put it back around Cindy's waist. 

Walking next to Natalie’s dangling form, Cindy picked a roll of bandages at random. “I’m going to start wrapping your legs, Ok?” Natalie nodded her approval. “If you want me to stop for any reason, just say so.” 

Confident that Natalie had given her approval, Cindy took some string from her pocket. Placing Natalie’s legs together, Cindy wound the string around Natalie’s legs, making sure to tie her large frilly dress down as well. 

When the string was pulled tight, and the lower part of the dress was held in place, Cindy took the first roll of bandages and began her task. 

Dangling in her harness, Natalie watched as the bandages were slowly wrapped around her feet. The tight bandages were going over her shoes and white silk socks. Then the wrapping went upwards, towards her knees. 

Cindy didn’t talk while wrapping her client up. She hummed quietly as she focused on her task. Following the husbands instructions, she made the bandages as tight as she could, effectively binding Natalie’s legs together in an inescapable vice. 

The frilly dress was a challenge to wrap. No matter how tightly Cindy applied the bandages, the bulges were unmistakable. Cindy thought quietly to herself. How could she overcome this obstacle? Perhaps some extra layers were needed. Yes, that would do it. More nice and tight layers… 

The bandages soon encased Natalie’s legs and waist. Cindy didn’t stop for the harness straps. She simply wrapped over them, truly sealing Natalie in her harness. If she really wanted to get out, it would take a long time to cut her out. 

Within half an hour, Natalie had been wrapped up to her neck. It was truly a bizarre sensation. Dangling above the floor, wearing a harness, and being wrapped up into a tight and warm cocoon of white bandages. Curiously, her arms were not wrapped to her as she had expected. Oh, they had been wrapped up, long length silk gloves and all, but they hadn’t been wrapped next to her side. She wondered why. This was something to puzzle over. 

The last part of Natalie’s body to wrap was her head. “I’m going to wrap your head, but leave your eyes uncovered.” Cindy told her mummified client. “You will still be able to breathe, but you won’t be able to talk. So if you want me to stop, hum three times.” 

Natalie nodded. “Go right ahead. This feels very good.” Her eyes closed in relaxation. 

Smiling, Cindy resumed her wrapping. Natalie’s hair and white silk veil was slowly encased and compressed under the multiple wraps of white bandages. She was very careful around Natalie’s mouth and nose. They were wrapped over firmly and tightly. Natalie’s eyes remained closed, and she made no effort to stop Cindy. 

Placing the last bandage down and gluing it in place, Cindy stepped back to admire her handiwork. Natalie was completely bundled up in her new protective cocoon, perfectly relaxed and content. Her bandaged arms dangled freely at her sides. 

“You look very attractive Mrs. Raveloe.” Cindy observed. “A perfect mummified bride. You could be the bride of the mummy, if I do say so myself.” Natalie tried to thank her for the wonderful compliment, but found that she was unable to, for her mouth was bound shut. 

“Well, I should do one more layer, then you’ll be finished. That OK with you?” Natalie nodded. This felt good, being wrapped up tight like this, becoming a package to unwrap by someone else. Becoming encased in another layer was going to be a joy. 

Cindy took another roll of tight and thick bandages and began to wrap up the helpless Natalie in another layer of wrappings. It was much easier this time, and she was able to move quickly, but carefully, making sure each wrap was tight and secure. 

Ten minutes later, Natalie’s mummification was complete. Bound in two layers, wearing a bride’s dress, and a harness, she was held very securely and firmly. The tightness of her mummy skin was intoxicating. It was taking most of her willpower to stay awake. 

Smiling, Cindy gently lowered Natalie to the floor and unhooked her harness straps from the large hook. She carefully lay Natalie on the ground and left her there as she went to get something. 

Natalie lay on the floor, dreamily waiting for her caretaker to come back. She didn’t mind the wait. She enjoyed lying here, safe and snug in her cocoon. It was almost womb like in a sense. She felt safe and protected, as if nothing could harm her while she was in this protective skin. 

Cindy came back with a black hand truck. Putting it flat on the ground, she carefully rolled the mummified woman onto the hand truck. 

Producing some black vinyl straps, Cindy tied Natalie onto the hand truck to ensure that she wouldn’t fall off once they got going. 

Grunting slightly under the weight, Cindy managed to get the hand truck up again. Natalie moved slightly to the side of the truck, but her straps checked her movement and held her safely in place. 

Confident that her charge was safe, Cindy moved out of the mummy room, taking Natalie with her. 

They went through the corridors and hallways until they were back on the room that Richard had rented. Inside, Natalie got a big surprise. 

Richard was there waiting for her. But he wasn’t standing there. He too lay strapped to a hand truck, bound and wrapped in bandages, a perfect male mummy. A few black pieces of cloth stuck out around his collar, indicating that he had been wrapped in his tuxedo. Surprised upon seeing her husband’s condition, Natalie tried to smile. But again, her bandages kept her mouth firmly shut. 

“As Mr. Raveloe specified in his reservation, the two of you will stay together for three days in your current position.” Cindy said. “We will suspend both of you from the ceiling and check on you periodically.” 

The two attendants moved Richard and Natalie under the two hooks. Richard’s attendant pressed a hidden button in the wall, and the two hooks came down ever so slightly from the ceiling, close enough so that the harness straps could be attached to them. 

Moving quickly, yet carefully, the straps from Richard and Natalie’s harnesses were attached to the two hooks. When the straps were down tightly, the button was pressed, and the hooks withdrew to the ceiling, taking the mummified couple with them. 

“Now for the fun part.” Cindy giggled. Taking another roll of bandages, she and Richard’s caretaker got onto hand stools next to the dangling couple. Working quickly, she began to wrap the bandages around both of the dangling mummies. 

With each pass of the wrapping, Richard and Natalie were drawn closer together, their warm, bandaged bodies pressed up against one another. 

The wrapping went on for several minutes as the happy couple were wrapped together, up to the armpits. 

When the wrapping was finished, Richard and Natalie were firmly secured to one another. They were unable to separate or get loose from each other. But of course, both of them didn’t want to leave the other. 

“Now for the last fun part.” Richard’s attendant said, smiling. “You may be wondering why we left your arms free.” She reached into a small belt pocket and withdrew two shiny objects. 

Richard and Natalie looked on with amazement. Handcuffs! 

“We left your arms free so that both of you could embrace each other throughout your three day stay in this position.” 

Getting onto the stool, Cindy took Richard arms and gently led them around his wife’s back. Then with a quick motion, she put the cuffs on his bandaged hands and locked them in position. Richard was now unable to move his arms away from his wife, for they were now held in a position that was very convenient for lots of hugging. 

Cindy moved until she was behind Richard. Knowing that she was next, Natalie held out her mummified arms. Thanking her for her help, Cindy drew Natalie’s arms behind Richard. She took the other pair of handcuffs and gently applied the steel restraints to Natalie’s bandaged wrists. 
With a final snap, the restraints were cuffed in place. Now Natalie was unable to move her arms away from her beloved husband. 

With the two of them attached to each other, and with their arms locked around each other. 

“We’ll let the two of you get settled in.” Cindy said. She leaned in close to Natalie and whispered into her ear, “Guests who do this report that the sex afterwards is the most passionate and intense they’ve ever had. You’ve got something to look forward too.” 

Natalie smiled under her wrappings. She could sense that Richard was smiling as well. 

Cindy and the other attendant walked to the doorway and dimmed the lights. Smiling at the dangling couple inside, they closed the door. 

As soon as the door was shut, Richard and Natalie instantly began hugging each other, their bandaged bodies squeezed by each other. Although they were unable to speak, the passion and the love that bound both of them did not need a voice to communicate. 

Soon the two began to get sleepy. Natalie tried to stay awake, but the emotions and the love flowing through her immobilized form was putting her to sleep. 

She hugged Richard tightly, her handcuffs clinking with the movement. She drifted off, wonderfully content. 

“What a wonderful way to sleep.” She thought. “Bound to my hubby, being held by him, and wrapped up as a baby.” 

Then sleep took her, and she drifted away to wonderful dreams.

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