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Happy Halloween

by JayJay

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© Copyright 2006 - JayJay - Used by permission

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It was late evening on a Friday night when I finally made it to the bar. Nothing fancy, just a plain old sports bar stumbling distance from my house. The place was pretty crowded save for one empty seat at the bar. Obviously my day was about to get better as I sat down next to a gorgeous brunette with a stunning body. Perfectly proportioned, fantastic face, lovely long legs, nice breasts, a little small but nice, late twenties, early thirties maybe. She must have also been getting off work as she was still wearing nylons a medium length skirt and a fairly conservative blouse.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken? Mind if I sit down?" she looked up, a little startled and took her purse from the empty chair and moved it to the floor in front of her.

"Stools all yours Victoria, nice to meet you." Hmm, things are looking up, I thought as I returned the introduction and kept the small talk brewing.

Two hours later things were definitely going well. We shared dinner, drinks, stories and hadn't had a lull in the conversation all night. By midnight we were both loosening up; I'm sure the growing bar bill had nothing to do with that; and the conversation had moved to the upcoming holiday and how Halloween was her favorite of all holidays. We started talking about crazy parties we had been to, bizarre costumes we'd seen which suddenly took on a life of it's own.

It must have been the alcohol cause she let on about the various costumes she had worn in the past and how much she liked to shock the other guests with her revealing or outrageous outfits. Almost accidentally she started talking less about the costumes and more about the fetish that gave her the idea. She suddenly stopped mid way through her next revealing sentence realizing that she may be divulging too much too quickly. She was stunned and didn't quite know what to do or how to get out of the corner she had backed herself into. She sat there quietly desperately thinking of a way to get things back on track.

I let her squirm for a little bit and then prodded her along a bit more. "Wow, that's a pretty creative wardrobe. A sexy Schoolgirl, escaped convict, Egyptian Mummy, I think those would be my favorite three. Of course the year you went nude covered in paint, I wish I had been at that party. I bet you really turned some heads all dressed up?"

"Yeah, the body paint took a long time though and it cost a fortune to have it done professionally." She started to warm back up again and the embarrassment started to fade. "I didn't really have the money and I wasn't seeing anyone who volunteered to cover the costs. So my roommate and I made it a little 'do-it-ourselves project' and painted each other. Unfortunately we must have used the wrong paint because halfway through the night it started to peel and we had to make a quick exit."

The emotion was starting to return as she became slightly more comfortable with where the conversation had progressed. "The mummy was a total disaster. I was seeing this guy for like three months and he was totally non-fetish. He tried to wrap me but I kept coming unwound. We kept adding safety pins to hold things in place but soon I just gave up and borrowed a bathing suit and went as a runway model."

"Well, I guess when you push the limits of fashion you are bound to experience the occasional wardrobe malfunction." My curiosity was growing, this hottie has a dark side, I couldn't help wonder what else was hiding behind those big blue eyes. "So Halloween's only a month or so away, you most certainly have planned out which fetish you're going to exploit this season."

"I was thinking cat-girl, I've got this awesome vinyl body suit that fits like a glove. I've wanted to try on my stripper police uniform. I would have to buy the uniform, but I've got handcuffs, leg irons, and all the accessories, but none of my girlfriends will let me arrest them for the night. I really want to try the mummification, unfortunately I am flying solo again this year, no boyfriends, and I really can't do the costume justice on my own and I really can't believe I am telling you all this when we've just been introduced. We just met a few hours ago and already I am telling you intimate details about me, this can't be a good thing."

"Nonsense, people generally hide that kind of thing and let it stew. Then when they do reveal all their secrets it usually divides them in half. Besides, what's wrong with a little harmless bondage mixed with some 'dressing for pleasure' or a little role playing." This was going too well. The more we talked the more at ease she felt. This girl just got better each second. The conversation continued getting hotter and sexier and pretty soon it was "check please." We left the cars behind and meandered back to my place. After a night of passion the breakfast conversation started where dinner left off. We dug through my sorted past and soon she learned we had much more in common then initially thought.

Before she left at lunchtime she was begging me to mummify her for Halloween. Her company had just finished a big contract and was going to remodel the office. Since they had wrapped the project up early and needed to clear people out of the building while they remodeled, the owner decided to lay off most of the office for the month of October. Normally a lay-off for a month before the holidays is a bad thing, but he was throwing in full pay and benefits while the office was overhauled. Basically it was a big vacation during her favorite holiday. She had planned on attending 2-3 parties a week all month long and up until this morning didn't have a thing to wear. Before she left she made me promise to keep her mummified the entire time.

One tall order

It was mid September and Victoria had just laid down the law. Her request was simple to ask for but had wide ranging implications. "Egyptian mummies stay wrapped for thousands of years, all you have to do is keep me under wraps from the first of October until the office is remodeled. You're an engineer, you'll figure it out, and all I ask in return is a little insurance so that I know you'll let me out." She showed up a week later with a video camera, a long contract and a notary to witness the whole thing. The contract stated exactly that. I was in complete control of her and her outfit until the office was finished. Even if the remodel was not complete on time, I did not have to let her out until then or if she was in mortal danger or experiencing health problems. The only requirement is that she attends all the parties and I dress as something that fit with her outfit.

"What's your insurance? This clause here at the bottom, what's that all about? How are you going to ensure that I don't just mummify you for life and entomb you in the basement." In the last week I had been doing tons of research and started building up the supply cabinet. I had most of the major problems worked out. The whole idea was getting pretty elaborate. She had done some long term bondage before, even long weekends in total sensory deprivation, but a month, as a mummy, without release, certainly Guinness Book would want to hear about this.

"Have you figured out how to keep me mummified all month long without interruption?" It was a valid question. I had two weeks of planning and purchasing and wasn't absolutely sure it would work. As much as I wanted to answer yes, I had to admit I had not. "Well don't you worry, by the time you figure that out, I'll have figured out a way to keep you honest." That had me worried. She knew my fetishes and I was sure she was coming up with a plan as diabolical as mine.

The Journey begins

The Monday morning started out early for Vicky. She had multiple early appointments with her doctor for her long-term confinement. Even though the first party was not until Friday, I had to make sure it lasted and was not too uncomfortable. I planned everything in stages and left time for her to get accustomed to her new skin. Starting Tuesday we would begin applying things little by little until the first party Friday after work. Her doctor was very apprehensive but finally went along with the plan. He first inserted an IV in her, which she could attach to a nutrient bag each day for her daily diet. Next came the catheter that would allow her to relieve herself whenever nature called. After that was a combination enema butt plug that would let her take care of business for the next month.

She saved the best one for last as a dildo shaped tube was inserted between her legs. This would help get her through her period, which was due in about 3 weeks. This device was hollowed out and had a special locking top that would lock onto the dildo and through two piercings in her lovely lips. The drain tube was routed to the same bag as her ass; she hoped there was some way to keep the fluid from oozing back into her after it entered the bag. She left for the doctor with two plastic bags between her legs tucked into pockets sewn inside her skirt. Her next stop was the dentist. He would apply a special coating to her teeth to keep them from decay. He had also made a mold that would fit between her jaws to prevent her from biting her tongue or grinding her teeth while covered.

Monday was a long night, as she grew accustomed to the intruders invading her personal space. Tuesday was the official start of her month and she wanted to show her appreciation for what was about to happen. I had barely gotten in the house from work when she eagerly pushed me into the bedroom. Slowly she undressed me then secured me to my bed in an X shape, each of my limbs drawn taught to a corner of the bed. She placed a bunch of pillows under my head and began to strip. My penis was quickly rising to watch the show and see her naked body one last time for the next four or five weeks. Soon she was naked except for her stiletto heels and the plastic bags swaying between her thighs. She soon crawled in bed and sucked and nibbled my member to the most mind-blowing orgasm.

Soon after my exhausted body went limp. She placed a blindfold over my eyes and a rubber gag in my mouth. A short time later she began playing with my limp dick rubbing it and playing with it but it was much too early for round two. What she actually was doing was much more sinister. She quickly installed a ring around the base of my balls and then a series of rings around my penis. Although she had the radio playing rather loudly, I could hear a camera flashing at regular intervals and then a familiar clicking noise. I was beginning to panic but realized that if she were willing to become my slave and mummy for a month, a little playtime with my CB-3000 the night before would be okay. Next I felt a cool liquid getting poured and massaged all over the chastity tube. I felt cool air all over my body as my penis tried to awaken in its cage. Every so often she would return and I would feel her caressing my entrapped genitals and a strange coolness all over them. This continued every couple songs for about two or three hours.

She had draped a blanket over my body and was standing on top of me. Her luscious legs spread wide above me with the half full bags held in place by the tops of her stockings. "You had asked about an insurance plan, well this is it. The double locking dildo between my legs has a special purpose." She had already unlocked the hasp from her lips and unscrewed the top from the dildo. "I am placing the keys to your chastity belt inside this dildo, then I'm locking the top back on and locking it inside my body. The keys to this dildo are in the house, or my house, or the neighbors, or at my twin sister's house that I hate, or at least they are someplace, they could be anywhere they could be buried in the backyard, I could have ate them. You will need my body to free your penis and my mind to tell you where the keys are hidden. Without both, you are as trapped as I soon will be. Therefore I know you won't do anything crazy since you'll be just as anxious to get me out as you will be to get free." 

She dangled the keys taunting me for a minute, then placed them in the cap, screwed it in her vagina then locked the hasp through her lips. "To make sure you can't escape your little chastity device, I went one step farther. I have been pouring layers and layers of thick liquid latex all over your hairy balls and cage. I told you to keep them shaved but you were too busy. You insist that I stay shaven, but you didn't mind being a fur ball."

She was absolutely right, I don't think I had shaved since before we met and my penis was a hairy mess. Surely the latex had glued to every last hair and would be impossible to remove. "To make sure you were in complete denial I have added some short lengths of chain and a few layers of fiberglass screen into the mix. On top of all that is a metal sphere, which will prevent you from even trying to remove that mess in your crotch. Your sex life will be on hold well after I am released. As an added bonus, my sex life has to wait as well. The dildos locked in my ass and crotch are linked together and secured by a key that is liquid latex into that mess between your legs. I can't remove either the butt plug or the dildo until you have uncovered the second key from that pathetic hairball"

I was in a panic. I certainly didn't see this twist coming. She certainly had devised a near foolproof way to make sure I kept my end of the bargain. "So here's how it works. My mummification starts tonight just like the contract says. Keep me as long as you like but at least until after the 31st. When I am free from my mummification I will get the keys to my dildo top or tell you where you can find them. Once the cap to the dildo is removed you can remove the metal sphere from your dick and begin the task of releasing the penis cage, the quart of latex and all the other little gems I've added to the mix. Once you remove it, I can get the last key and I will be able to remove the last of my chastity toys. Pretty imaginative don't you think. Are you ready to play?"

She was such a tease and loving it. We were both sexually useless to each other and would spend who knows how long or if I would ever be able to remove the tangled web from between my legs. When she unlocked my arms and pulled back the covers I was finally able to see what remained of my member. My crotch was covered with a steel sphere roughly about the size of an orange with a large lock dangling down from the bottom. It was completely entrapped and did not have the slightest sensation under all of its trappings. For now I couldn't be concerned cause it was my turn to play.

While I gathered my toys together she rewound the tape and played the entire three hour-long recording while I prepared her. I got to watch my own body descended into chastity as she locked the metal tube and ring arrangement around my organ. She then placed the key for her plugs against my balls and used my pubic hairs to tie it in place. Then poured thick layer after layer of bright pink liquid latex all over making sure every millimeter was buried. After about three layers she started wrapping fishing line, small link steel chain, and thin cotton strips all around the mess. Gradually she began molding and smoothing the surface filling in the gaps and working the latex chunk as smooth as it would go. Then she applied one last latex layer and covered it with shiny sequins and glitter then locked the metal spheres around the original chastity belt and was finished. I debated whether it was worth ever letting her loose as I would surely never be able to remove the mess now clinging to my balls.

Her Turn

While I started my October Journey into chastity and bondage blinded and almost unwillingly, Vicki's entire trip would be consensual, public and she would get to see each step of the way. We started that same night but with a new batch of Latex. I had purchased several five-gallon buckets of liquid latex. The latex was flesh colored to make her appear naked and featureless under all the layers. We started by dipping each hand into the bucket up to her elbows. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail with a large silver ring woven into the end. The long dark ponytail was tied up and out of the way while I applied coating after coating to her face.

Soon her lips, eyebrows, and nose, disappeared under wave after wave of latex encircled her face. She kept her mouth open wide and avoided talking so her lips would not stick to each other. Between facials similar layers were applied to her feet slowly filling in the gaps between her toes. While her feet face and hands dried, her dildos slowly became buried under each subsequent coating. After about the third layer I placed dental gel in the mold of her mouth and closed her jaw around the mold. Within seconds her teeth were glued solidly shut. I then squeezed her lips together and they stuck almost instantly. She struggled against the new mouthpiece quickly realizing that she would be unable to speak a word while she was mummified. The mouth gag muted even her muffled complaints. Next I took her hands and gently squeezed each finger against the next transforming her five outstretched appendages into one flesh colored flipper like device.

"What do you think so far gorgeous? Looks like it's going to be a long month for both of us. You may have finished with me, but I am just getting started." I then grabbed a bunch of yellowish looking beanbags. "Implants. As I wrap you up, it's bound to constrict your features somewhat. So these silicon bags will enhance your figure and also make you less aware of when you are being fondled and squeezed." I coated her ass and tits with a couple layers of latex and then positioned the bags on the freshly coated areas. "I don't know if I should call you J-Lo because of all the junk in your trunk or Dolly Parton, but either way I think I like you as an E-Cup."

I quickly repeated the process covering her entire body with and additional five layers of latex. Soon her body became a featureless, sexless human form with heavily contrasting black hair flowing out the back. The tubes leading to her colostomy bags disappeared into her smooth sex and randomly filled with fluids as the liquid latex began shrinking up around her body. "Tomorrow night is a latex fetish party. We will convert you from an androgynous human to a latex mummy live on stage." Her head was swimming, she was on her way to becoming a mummy and I had made arrangements to do it in front of a crowd.

Once she was thoroughly dried I allowed her to inspect herself. Her hands were now smooth and featureless. You could not distinguish one finger from the next. Her mouth had disappeared into her chin nose and cheeks. Only her eyes remained uncovered under the mass of latex. Her newly added tits and ass had seamlessly blended into her real body and as I fondled and smacked each one, Vicki could not feel a thing. Her feet had been transformed into thick clumps of latex and vaguely resembled an old pair of flesh toned Converse high tops. She spent the night spread eagle on the mattress with each latex covered limb locked to a corner of the bed and one chain locked to her ponytail.

She was snapped out of her trance Wednesday afternoon as I attached a posture collar around her neck. "I'm taking every precaution to keep you alive. Tonight we add the first layer to your mummy outfit and I don't want to wrap your neck too tightly." I quickly secured the collar with a couple of buckles and proceeded to unlock her from the bed. She had been attached to her IV all night and after 72 hours had nearly filled both bags. The bags were nearly bursting at the seams and she was begging that I empty them both before we left the house. The two inflated bags were nearly as big as her thighs as I pulled her towards the door. With each step the full bags gained momentum and swung farther and more out of control between her legs. 

We arrived at the club and socialized for a few hours until about midnight when the main show started. We were introduced on stage as a stagehand wheeled a large drum of latex with what appeared to be an old-fashioned clothes ringer. A tray of ace bandages arrived next and the plan started to come into focus. The ace bandages were dropped in the drum and allowed to soak. They were then unrolled through the ringer squeezing the majority of the liquid latex out. Each bandage would be stretched and pulled around her body and as the latex in the bandage dried it would have ten times the constricting factor that the latex alone would have.

By last call her body was wrapped in five layers of bandages and breathing had become nearly impossibly. With the assistance of the club owners we were careful to wrap her body to accentuate her recently added ass and tits. Her arms were left free to move about but with five layers of bandages attached they were only there for effect. The ends of each bandage disappeared into the other and her body appeared to be covered in one continuous ribbon of latex encrusted cloth bandages. The only feature not covered was the long black ponytail, her deep blue eyes now struggling to look through and small cutouts on her face two small holes for her nostrils and the heavy rubber bags dangling at her knees. "Looks like your about to make a mess" exclaimed the owner as he reached down and gave each bag a squeeze forcing the fluid back up the tubes deep into all her cavities. She was helpless to resist and feared if the rest of the month would be equally hard to endure.

Upon arriving home from the bar her ponytail was locked to the headboard and a long spreader bar was locked between her legs. I removed both bags and administered several disinfectant enemas to make sure the waste material squeezed from the bags didn't do any damage. She was then left to sleep off the rest of the night. Her hands were still free but were stiff and useless and she could do nothing to free herself, even if she wanted to. By Friday she was anxious to be free. She hadn't even attended one party and was already begging for release.

Unfortunately nobody could understand a word, or at least pretended not to understand. After the party, myself; dressed as an Indiana Jones wannabee; delivered Vicki to the basement. It was sparsely decorated and she could wander around all day with no hope of release. "This is your new home. The door locks from upstairs and the chain locked to your ponytail will keep you from venturing too far. Slowly over the next few weeks we will add things to your outfit, but the latex mummy is here to stay".

He was right. This outfit was not coming off. It was here to stay and stay it did. During the day and night she was condemned to be alone in the basement. In the evenings she would sometimes be allowed up to lounge around the house and serve; as best she could myself and any guests who wanted to "meet my mum". Time past very slowly and she wondered how long she could last before she went completely insane.

The second week I wrapped thin strips of cotton around her body giving her a much more realistic look. The cotton strips also served to secure her colostomy bags to her the insides of her thighs and hide them from view. It also forced her to wobble back and forth as she walked else her "fat" thighs would rub against each forcing contents back inside her each time the bags were squeezed or rubbed. As the night progressed the cotton became more tattered and torn and more authentic looking. By Saturday night she was a mix of torn strips and spilled beverages as men and women both came to check her out by the hundreds. Each night there was a best costume contest and we were winning almost every one of them.

The third week I felt she had too much freedom and felt she needed some constricting. I was beginning to feel a little sadistic and vengeful for the unplanned confinement of my genitals. Initially I had planned to go easy on her, but that all changed when I found my crotch covered and locked away as it was. Her arms, sides and thighs were covered in a fresh layer of latex. Soon her latex arms were laid alongside her and quickly attached to her body and rapidly frozen in position. Before the next round of parties a tighter layer of dirty cloth strips was wrapped around her body and her arms were no where to be seen. Slowly she was sinking out of control. She was able to walkabout but that was it. She looked spectacular but wanted it to all end. She spent the next week still wrapped in the tightly bound strips with her arms glued to her sides.

Before the next party came a bigger surprise. I arrived with a large piece of plywood rough-cut to the shape of a pencil thin person. Near the top of the head was a large hole. The plywood had a slight ledge at the feet and was leaned against a wall in the basement. There were two smaller holes near the butt. Her rubber bags were removed and she was asked to stand on the thin ledge by the feet. The rubber hoses were inserted thru the board. A long balloon was slipped over her ponytail then glued to the back of her latex skull. The rubber balloon-covered ponytail was then threaded out the back and clipped to a turnbuckle on the back of the plywood. Using more Ace bandages she was wrapped onto the plywood and soon every ounce of material was gone. She and the plywood form were then placed on a dolly then wheeled away to the next weekends of partying.

With each passing week and day she spent less time upstairs and more time confined to the basement. While she loved the isolation and solitude, she was beginning to fear what was happening in the big picture. I arrived one morning announcing, "its Devils night!!" in my most evil voice. Dressed for the occasion I arrived wearing an all red body suit with a red cape and six-foot metal red pitchfork. I even had the long tail trailing behind me. In the other hand was a five-gallon bucket. Tonight would be the night.

"I warned you that each Halloween my neighbors and I dress up and gather at the end of the street passing out candy. A few days prior we decorate the empty lot at the corner and leave the display up all week long. Tomorrow night we light a small fire pit, drink some beers and pass out candy to all the kids that come round and you are going to join us". With that I open the pail and revealed the stark white compound inside. "Plaster, fast setting. The bandages you are wearing will absorb this stuff like a sponge. You'll cure in plenty of time for the party tomorrow." She tried to exert her last ounce of struggle but she was defeated a month ago. She stood there attached to the board, as her body became a pillar of stone white plaster. She could feel the heat through the layers of latex and knew she was doomed.

Once she was cured I attached the IV bag and her drainage sacks and proceed to carry her upstairs. I had built a simple pine board casket and locked her inside with the top hinged open. My neighbor and I then placed her at the end of the road and bolted her up against a telephone pole in our annual holiday display. We had witches in the trees and ghosts all around. Our street always went all out during Halloween and kids and adults flocked to see the display.

She would be left out all night as part of the display. She had never been so frightened. Teenagers came in the night and tried stealing part of the display and wound up throwing toilet paper into the trees which made the scene that much spookier. She spent the entire next day waiting to be rescued to no avail. She spent the next night watching all the boys and girls trick or treat on her most favorite night of the year with a front row seat standing in her personal coffin. She was left out all week long until the neighbors and I cleaned up all the displays that weekend. I was sure she was furious after being left outside all week, but that would just be the start of it.

Coming Home.

When I got her back to the house I asked her if she could hear me. She blinked and we began to converse. "Do you remember what you did to me the first of October? And you remember the terms of the contract?" I removed my pants and showed her my manhood still tightly confined beneath its steel trap. "Do you have any regrets? Are you enjoying yourself? Well I hope you are because I have a few bits of info for you. First off, I can't tell if you are saying yes, no, or what, I was just messing with your head. Secondly, the night I had you mummified at the latex club, the owner considered my predicament and determined the longer I waited the easier it would be to remove. So I am really not in a big hurry to let you out of this encasement. And once you are out, we will both have a long wait to relieve our selves. The second bit of news is that your company had a bit of a problem during the remodel. It seems the contractor accidentally set fire to the place and it burnt to the ground. Rather then try and rebuild, they decided to move their base of operations to Seattle . They knew how much you hate the rain so they have created a very nice severance package for you. A generous 401 K plan and a two-year pay continuation. I used some of that money to buy you this exquisite Egyptian replica sarcophagus."

The sarcophagus was huge and it took some effort but I was able to get her inside and mounted to the bottom of it. My neighbor and I then carried it into the living room, set it on the floor and then covered it with a thick plate of tempered glass. Once the glass was in place I sat on top of the glass and spoke into the microphone. Small speakers inside relayed every word to Vicki inside the coffin.

"According to your employer, you have direct deposit, so the severance checks and 401 K will continue without your signature or any input. Therefore your body and financial interests are all set for the next two years."

Vicki began to panic; she realized I was seriously considering keeping her locked up for the next two years.

"All you really need is a roof over your head and you are set. So I got this big piece of glass and now not only do you have a roof, but a skylight as well."

Suddenly a second person sat directly on the glass. She couldn't tell who it was but judging by the fishnets and thong, they had a very sexy ass.

"So, since you have a roof over your mummified head, your twin sister and I sold your old roof." To her horror the smiling reflection of her hated twin sister looked her right in the eye and planted a deep rich red lipstick kiss on the glass in front of her.

"Your so predictable and stupid how did I end up with all the brains and all the good looks? Your boyfriend and I started hanging out as soon as you disappeared. He eventually showed me what you had done to him and I could do nothing but sympathize. So I went to your old hiding spot under the rock behind the mailbox and found a whole collection of keys." Vicki's failsafe plan was quickly failing.

Nicky reached over and began to unlock the massive padlock holding the steel sphere over my penis. Once the sphere was removed the CB-3000 was still in place, but free of any chains or latex. "It took a lot of work and an ton of effort, but we managed to free his penis, prevent him from orgasm, sell your house and take over all your assets and still keep you locked in your favorite fetish."

Nicky removed the CB-3000 and my deprived member quickly sprang into action. She laid face down on the glass removed her thong while I took her from behind. "Today and everyday here after you can watch as your favorite Egyptian Prince makes mad passionate love to me on the glass top of your sarcophagus and you wait for us to release could happen."

The physical pounding on the glass top echoed inside her tomb as she shrieked and writhed motionlessly sealed inside her own fate. After what seemed like hours she heard a loud thud that promptly awoke her from the dead. Her eyes snapped open as I was apologizing for the less then gracefully tipping her against the garage wall. After spending a week outside in the Halloween display, she was so relieved when I came to pick her up; she had fallen asleep on the short walk home. The sudden thud against the garage wall had awoken her to find her safely back in my garage. I turned on the radio and began disassembling the Pine Box.

"I have good news and bad news my dear. The good news is that the Latex Club loved your little mummification so much they made this beautiful sarcophagus in the hope to lure you back for a repeat performance. The bad news is covered in all this plaster you are only good for display and a live performance is not in your immediate future."

She was happy to be back in the sanctity of the garage, but was growing more anxious by the second to get out of her self-imposed imprisonment.

"The good news is your boss called about a week ago and gave a status report on the office remodel. The bad news is they found some structural issues with the building and won't be able to move back in until Thanksgiving, or maybe December. The good news is that thanks to the club I have this fancy new display case to keep you in and you won't be embarrassed by this poorly constructed Pine Box. The bad news is we will both continuing suffering until your office is completed."

Vicki began to panic. She was so relieved that her sentence was approaching it's end only to have her hopes crushed that she would be stuck for another month, possibly longer. She could do nothing to protest. Her body was frozen in disbelief and her limbs had grown weak from the weeks without mobility. She could sense only the slightest hint of movement as she was transferred to the marvelously carved and decorated sarcophagus. She was then moved into the living room and placed in the center of the room in the middle of all the couches. A large semi spherical mirrored light hung from the ceiling. She could look at the reflective bottom of the lamp and see a distorted image of the entire room. A large round glass top was placed over the box sealing her inside. This would remain her view for the rest of her entombment. Over the next two months she was the centerpiece of the many dinner parties I had in her honor. She could see everything taking place and could occasionally recognize the faces of those who came to see her.

She had lost track of all time in her imprisonment. One morning Vicki's view of the ceiling changed. She was aroused by the sight of a Christmas tree and a very fetish Santa dressed in red PVC with white trim all over. It seemed every morning for the past week was a new nightmare. Once the roof had caved in from too much rain and she drifted out of the house and started flowing down an endless stream to the ocean. Another time robbers had broke in and sold her to a local museum for part of their Egyptian display. Once the house had even caught fire and she slowly burnt to a crisp as the building collapsed around her. This one had to be the most disturbing as a classic figure from her childhood removed her glass covering and began cutting away her casting. Slowly pieces of her latex body were uncovered from the plaster cast. Soon only the back of her casting gently cradled the rear half of her body. Gradually her limp frame was carefully extracted from the remaining plaster. Vicki's thoughts ran rampant through her brain "Everything felt so real. Maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe Santa Clause had really come to her rescue. How absurd she thought, there is no Santa Clause! Why can't I just wake up she screamed."

Once she was removed from the box and moved to the kitchen table, Santa returned carrying various knives and scissors. Little by little he cut each bandage loose and peeled back the thick layer of latex from her legs working his way up her body. "This feels so real," She continued, "If only it were real. I can almost feel the cool breeze on my legs." Santa continued about his work peeling back her hairy and unkempt crotch. It had been nearly three months without shaving and her normally perfectly manicured bald pussy was lost in a sea of black curls. He moved onto her waist and arms cutting them free from her body and moving them to her side. "My arms. They are moving. I can feel my arms moving. I can't move them. They're too heavy. This must be another nightmare. Why can't I wake up? Why won't he let me out? Please make it stop." As her arms were freed I moved to her neck cutting loose the posture collar and peeling back her face unveiling the beautiful vision that I had not seen in 90 days.

"Merry Christmas Vicki! I've waited a long time to unwrap my gift. I hope you enjoyed your stay." I removed the Santa cap and fluffy white beard and reached down and kissed her on the cheek. She tried to smile but her dental mold and latex lips were still glued tightly shut. It took a long time but I was finally able to open her mouth and kiss her properly as her rigid body slowly started to regain some movement. After a few hours she realized that I had not removed her ass or breast implants and had essentially left her incased in a not very revealing two-piece bikini. "I thought it only fair that as long as I was stuck in latex, you should be too. Therefore you get to keep your big breasts and round rump until we have managed to get this thing off my dick."

Recovery from the mummification was a slow process. The two months spent as a rigidly wrapped body had taken their toll on Vicki. Although her body was still very tone, she was quite weak and required a very intense workout schedule to get all of her strength back. It would take about a week to cut loose the mess from my crotch and to release the both of us from our remaining latex items. We had managed to get loose just in time for a New Year's Eve party.

After a couple hours of fantastic sex, she dressed in a very skimpy dress and was the hit of the party as many of the guests discovered she had just been released only a few days before. By the end of the party she was beginning to miss her massive E-cup breasts and was begging me for implants or some other way to have a much bigger permanent cup size. She wanted her next long term mummy session to be the real thing, no more fake breasts. "This women is amazing" I thought to myself. "Only a week after being encased for three months and she is already planning her next adventure once her strength returns. Amazing!"



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