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Haunted House

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2013 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Spiderwomen/f+; capture; envenom; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; susp; tease; torment; transform; cons/nc; X

Jenny was in Science class, with her 4 friends Kelly Christy Sally and Emma. As they spoke they noticed a strange new girl enter the science class in front of them. She sat down quietly next to Jenny, as the only empty chair left in class. She wore a dark black scarf tied over her hair, black silk shirt and long black skirt.

The others laughed and whispered, but Jenny didn’t. She had been the new girl in town a year before, and knew how hurtful those comments were. She turned to the new girl and introduced herself.

The girl smiled. “I am Charlotte, Charlotte Drider”, she said. “We have just moved here.”

Jenny smiled. “I’m Jenny, nice to meet you! Are you here by yourself?”

Charlotte sighed. “No. It’s just me and my 3 aunts, oh and my pet Webby. They are nice, but I get so lonely, because we move all the time”.

“Oh, I’m sorry to see hear that,” said Jenny. “What do your aunts do?”

Charlotte was a little vague. “Well, they are all widows... one works as a dressmaker, another makes traps.... er... well, I suppose you could say nets and the other, she’s kind of a gourmet chef...”

Jenny sensed something was amiss with this girl, but she couldn’t place it. She seemed pleasant enough, and indeed chatted on about herself and her 3 aunts all afternoon. There was no mention of her father or mother but she did yearn for a best friend and sister, which Jenny could understand.

The other 4 girls ignored Charlotte; indeed they thought she was weird. But Jenny kept talking; she kind of understood loneliness being adopted herself. She found herself telling Charlotte this, whose eyes opened in surprise. “Oh, so you don’t really have anyone either?” Jenny found herself saying “No, I suppose not” which was quite true when she thought about it. She had adopted parents, but she was alone. Her parents had died when she was young and shd been in foster home every since.

At the end of the day as Jenny got to get up to go home, Charlotte stopped her. “Jenny, it is actually my birthday today. “Oh... err... happy birthday”. Jenny muttered.

Charlotte smiled. “Actually would you like to come to my house for dinner? You and your 4 friends?”

Jenny was taken aback. “Oh, sure. Girls?” The 4 other girls looked at each other and all mumbled sure, so surprised that they couldn’t think of an excuse to say no.

“Great!” said Charlotte smiling ear-to-ear.”I live at 20 Station Lane, see you at 7pm.” And with that, she strode out before the girls could say anything.

The girls all looked at each other, that address was the local haunted house. Charlotte had just moved in...

At 7pm Jenny gulped as she and her 4 friends stared at the old house at Number 20. It was extremely quiet and very dark, with just a very dull gas light at the front door. Jenny summoned her courage and knocked on the front door. Nothing. She tried again. Nothing.

As she pushed on the door it opened quietly. Jenny stuck her nose in the door in the open room, and then went in. The 4 girls followed her. Jenny called out for Charlotte, her call echoed through the house. Again and again she called, but there was nothing. Just then the door slammed shut. Jenny turned around to open the door but there was no handle! It was a solid oak door with no chance of opening it... the windows too were sealed shut and shatterproof as one of the girls tried to break it with a chair.

In the dull light the 4 girls realised they were trapped. Luckily they each had a small torch in their purses. Jenny pulled them together, “We need to find a way out. Let’s split up and meet back here in one hour”. They agreed and all went in 4 directions – Kelly into the cellar, Christy into the back of the house near the kitchen, Emma Sally and Jenny split up as Emma went into the first floor, Sally the second floor and Jenny into the attic.

Kelly quietly sneaked into the cellar. She hoped to find a window or door to get out. As she slowly descended down the steps, she tripped over something on the stair and fell headlong into the darkness. Thankfully she landed on something very soft at the bottom. As Kelly went to get up she couldn’t & found she was stuck to the floor, on a 1 foot thick sticky silken sheet. The more she tried to free herself, the more enmeshed she became in the tangled sheet. Finally exhausted, she lay still as she rested. Just then she felt vibrations on the web, as if someone or something was coming towards her.

In the dull torchlight, which had fallen near her but was out of reach, Kelly was horrified to see a giant female orb weaver spider hunched over her. Before she could scream it drew a thick silken mass from its spinnerets and quickly stuffed it into her mouth with its front legs, muffling her cries. Then the spider picked up Kelly up in 4 legs and quickly spun her around and around, spinning liquid silk at a torrential rate over her body, and guided it with 2 legs. It solidified into a thick 2 foot cocoon, extremely sticky and flexible, and encased Kelly from her mouth to her feet in a white silk cocoon.

With her long blonde hair free from the cocoon Kelly trembled as the spider inspected it with its front legs. Suddenly it picked up her cocoon with 4 legs and thrust her head near its spinnerets. A thick silk band was drawn out and quickly wrapped over and around and over her head in a blur, until it was completely covered in a silk hood with only her eyes visible. As she looked at the spider, Kelly saw a collar with “Webby” on it. Now helpless inside her cocoon, the spider picked her cocoon up and climbed upwards through a hole in the roof...


Christy passed into the dining room. Again it was all quiet but 5 places had been set at the dining table, with 4 large body-size serving trays. “Strange”, thought Christy, “weren’t we invited for dinner? Where are the 8 places?”

Just then Christy heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen. As she walked in again there was no one there but the noise got slightly louder. It came from behind a door on the other side of the kitchen. Christy went across the kitchen and opened the door. It was extremely dark inside, Christy switched the light on. To her horror she found a girl inside, bound inside a sheet and heavily gagged. She had been making a sound through the gag. Christy rifled through her pockets and found a knife, she cut the sticky gag away from the girl’s mouth.

“Help me, help me” the girl cried. “We must get away”.

Christy tried to calm her down.”I need time to cut you free”, she said.

The girl calmed a little, “I’m Jacki, but hurry. They’ll come soon...”.

Christy started cutting the sheet.”Who are they?” Jacki answered “The 3 aunts”

“Why are they keeping you here? Twisted sickos. Stupid place for a dungeon anyway..” Christy muttered. “What’s wrong?” Jacki had frozen.

A soft chuckle came from behind her. “It’s not a dungeon... it’s our LARDER”. Christy turned and to her horror found a tall spiderwoman with 6 arms, 2 legs and cropped white hair smiling at her. She wore long back gloves on each arm and was naked with boobs exposed.

“Hello there, I’m Shelob” the spiderwoman smiled “Why are you taking our dinner? And Jacki, tsk tsk tsk, you should know better...”

Jacki trembled and knelt down. Shelob smiled “Good girl. And who might you be? Never mind, I’ll just call you dessert...” she laughed. “Now, I’d suggest you be a good girl and lay down..” Christy scowled.

She held her knife up to slash Shelob, who just smiled. Before she could react, a thick web line had been cast from Shelob’s arms to drop the knife and wrap up her hand in a thick silk mitten. Another one quickly wrapped over her mouth and around her head gagging her perfectly. Shelob laughed and laughed. “Now you 2, I think we’d better all relax.” With all 6 arms aimed she sprayed webbing all over Christy wrapping her up in a thick cocoon and regagging Jacki thickly over her mouth. She expertly caught both girls’ cocoons in one arm each. “Now, just to make sure, you two stay quiet...” Shelob bit them both through their cocoons on the shoulder and injected venom paralysing them.

As both girls flopped inside their bindings, Shelob hung the cocoons from hooks in the larder and got ready to serve dinner...


Emma opened the door to the main dressing room and found a room full of lovely silk dresses and scarves. They were exquisitely beautiful. As she entered the room, the door closed behind her. A voice quietly called out “Welcome”. As Emma turned around a tall woman stared at her. “I am Arachne, welcome to my parlour. Do you love my work?”

Emma was stunned at her appearance, but even more at the quality of the dresses. “Yes, it is so beautiful...” She sighed, and touched some of the dresses. Immediately Arachne’s demeanour changed “How dare you! They are mine alone... you will pay for that...”

Emma turned as Arachne came towards her. She gasped, Arachne was naked with long back gloves, and her bottom half was a spider abdomen and legs with large gaping spinnerets. As she turned to run Arachne spun a thick web-rope from her spinnerets around and around Emma’s body, bringing her to the ground. As she tried to get up Arachne spun thick silk webbing over her arms from her spinnerets over and over her torso until she was helpless in a seamless web straitjacket. Arachne also lashed thick webbing ropes over her ankles so she couldn’t move.

Arachne stood over her. “You thief, you wanted my things to take... well now I will take you!”

And with that Arachne pulled a large thick white scarf rope from her spinnerets and quickly wrapped it over Emma’s mouth a few dozen times until she was securely gagged. She then spun a thick cocoon over Emma’s body to keep her secure so only Emma’s hair and eyes were visible.

Now calm, Arachne chuckled. “Yes, that’s better...maybe you will be useful after all... as DINNER!”


Sally walked into a dark room. In the glimmering torch light she saw what looked like figures stuck to the wall. As she got closer she realised in horror that they were women, caught inside thick cocoons, and perfectly still. Some were completely cocooned, others gagged and wrapped heavily in silk but none moved or made a sound.

“Do you like my collection?” a quiet voice chuckled. “I wouldn’t try and run, but you can if you wish...” Sally spun around but there was no one behind her. The voice laughed and laughed, “I’m here, I’m here...” Too late Sally looked up as a large spiderwoman dropped from the roof above her and knocked her to the ground. She sank her fangs into Sally’s shoulder and then leapt away, onto the wall and up on the roof.

Sally saw some blood trickling down, but she suddenly felt dizzy. “Yes the poison is starting to work” chuckled the spiderwoman. “By the way you can call me Spidra, I like my meals fresh...”.

Sally’s vision suddenly went blurry and she fell suddenly, clutching the desk. “Ahh yes, very nice indeed. Well well well, let me help you...” Suddenly a silken rope lashed around her neck, Sally tried to pull at it but it was too strong. The spiderwoman crawled down to the ground and stood up

“Ah yes, you are mine now...” she grinned. Sally tried to call for help, but the spiderwoman quickly spun a thick gag over her mouth with her arm spinnerets. “None of that, please... no that won’t do..”

Sally collapsed on the ground completely paralysed as the spiderwoman stood over her. Spidra has 6 gloved arms and large boots on her legs, but was naked apart from those.

“Hmm, you are very nice indeed. Tell you what, since you like my collection, you can join it. Hmmm..”

And with that she wrapped Sally in a thick cocoon, including covering up her head. She suspended her from a web rope in the middle of the room, and left her dangling...”Ahh my masterpiece....”


Jenny entered the attic. There she found Charlotte sitting quietly. Charlotte’s eyes lit up, “Oh you came! You came! My present...”

Jenny was confused. “No I didn’t bring a present. Why weren’t you downstairs?”

Charlotte smiled, “I was waiting for you. You were so nice, not like those other girls... so they came for dinner... and will become it! But you are OK, as you are my present”

Jenny shrank back. “What are you talking about???”

Charlotte smiled. She pulled off her head scarf, showing her hidden 6 eyes and that she had no hair. She pulled her shirt off, revealing large boobs and also 4 hidden arms. Finally she ripped her skirt away revealing her hidden spider abdomen...

“Relax Jenny... you are mine now...”. Jenny shrank back in horror from Charlotte.

Charlotte grinned, “I need a sister.” Jenny turned to run, but Charlotte quickly spun webbing over her feet and she fell. Charlotte continued to spin webbing from her spinnerets over Jenny’s body, particularly wrapping her arms and legs as Jenny’s struggles became less and less as the tight sticky silk cocoon restrained her movements until she was completely bound.

Charlotte stood over her. Jenny screamed. “I wish you hadn’t done that, I hate noise”. With that Charlotte webbed up Jenny’s mouth. “In fact, I’m really disappointed. Goodbye Jenny..” And with that she sprayed webbing over Jenny’s head until she was just one large sticky cocoon.

Leaning over she bit hard on Jenny’s shoulder and injected her venom. She stood back and waited.

Soon the cocoon tore open and a different Jenny emerged. Charlotte smiled, “Hello sister Widow, you are Jenny no longer.”

Widow’s 4 new arms burst out and she ripped her clothes off. With glowing red eyes and sharp fangs she hugged Charlotte and said, “I’m hungry”

Charlotte smiled. “Yes lets go down to the dining room, I believe we have a feast ready...”

As they went down to the dining room, her 3 aunts brought their booty and catches with them as 4 cocoons lay on the serving table...



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