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Have Yourself a Mummy Little Christmas

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2010 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; drug; mask; wrap; tape; cocoon; gift; electro; toys; M/f; nc/cons; X

Pattie slowly worked her way to awareness, only to find herself wishing she were still unconscious. At least then, she could pretend this was all a dream.

Awareness found her laying on her bed, stark naked, with a strange women smiling down at her. Pattie tried to cover her nudity, only to discover that her body no longer obeyed her commands, instead lying limp. Even her mouth had rebelled, turning her questions and demands into nothing more than a series of drooling mumbles.

The smiling woman held up her hand, displaying a syringe. “Muscle relaxant,” she said. “Handy stuff, and there’s enough in here for another hit, should you begin to show signs of life before I’m done. Don’t worry, it’ll wear off in a couple hours, and by then, you’ll be nice and helpless. Just the perfect Christmas present for my slaves.”

Still smiling, the woman placed a bag on the bed beside Patty, then began removing items, describing each as it was set aside for future use.

“Like the tape? It’s bondage tape, actually. Sticks to itself, not to skin, so it’s much safer for the kind of long-term use I have in mind. Like the color? The alternating green and red was expensive to custom order, but so fitting for the season, don’t you think?”

The woman’s smile widened as she pulled a dildo from the box. “Now this, I know you’ll just love. Watch.” Holding a separate control in her other hand, she pushed a button. Pattie’s eyes widened as the dildo seemed to writhe and bulge, She had no doubt where that was going, and could only wonder how it would feel.

Next out of the bag was a butt plug, also with it’s own control. “Now, this one doesn’t move,” she was told, “but it does issue a rather painful shock. Not too strong, though. After all, it is battery powered. But I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Next was a set of what looked like patches. “For your nipples,” the woman said. “Radio controlled, like the others, and these deliver a shock like the plug. Again, not too strong, due to battery power.”

Next came a form-fitting rubber hood, complete with painted doll’s face. “No openings, see, except the nostrils. So you’ll be able to breathe, but nothing else. Especially,” the woman continued, removing a small bottle of liquid from the bag, “once I’ve glued your lips together with this.”

Setting the hood aside, the woman softly stroked Pattie’s cheek. “Oh, you’ll look so good for my slaves. And they do deserve it; they’ve worked so hard to serve me this year. And you’re going to be their present, all taped up and ready to play with. I’m even giving them Christmas day to themselves to play with you.”

With a final stroke to Pattie’s cheek, the woman began organizing her materials. “Better get started,” she said. “My slaves will be here later to collect their present, and it wouldn’t do for it to not be completely wrapped.” The woman’s smile turned wicked. “Bet you wish your boyfriend didn’t always work late, don’t you?”

The slaves all agreed that this was the best Christmas present ever. Wrapped in gay red and green bondage tape, with the smiling doll’s face gazing blankly up, their toy lay in the middle of the floor, writhing and humming, while the slaves read their Mistress’s instructions, which had been taped to the mummy’s chest.

According to what they read, the slaves had until noon on New Year’s Day to play with their toy. They could do as they wished with it, but they were expected to take proper care of it also. This meant feeding it via the small tube that protruded from between the painted doll’s lips. It also meant inserting front and rear catheters every night before bed, and also cleaning up any incidental messes made during the day. The toy was to be unwrapped precisely at noon on New Year’s Day, at which time Mistress would be on hand to remove the toy from their possession, and also to praise or punish them according to how they’d treated their present.

Eagerly, the slaves drew lots to see who got what control. Slave three got the butt plug, two got the nipple patches, and one wound up with the dildo control. For an hour, they played with their respective controls, laughing and giggling at how the mummy on the floor writhed, twisted, jumped and spasmed under their control. The unending flood of hums issuing from behind the painted lips amused them as well, the sounds changing in pitch as the controls were wielded at varying strengths. Curious, they decided to see if they could make a song out of the changeable hums, and this occupied them for a good part of their very merry Christmas.


“Aren’t you glad I decided to take off work early for Christmas Eve?” Paul asked with a smile.

Smiling in return, Pattie nodded.

“If you hadn’t,” she said, “I’d be the mummified toy of some slaves somewhere. As it is, It’ll soon be time to unwrap your present.”

“Well,” Paul replied, “not until I’ve finished wrapping it.”

So saying, he took up a roll of gay red and green bondage tape (discount priced, the leftovers from a rather large custom order), and carefully wrapped Pattie’s head, leaving only her nostrils uncovered. Finished, he stepped back and watched the mummy on the floor writhe in sensual helplessness. He could hardly wait to unwrap and use his present, but he had promised her a full day of helplessness, so he was content to wait and let her enjoy her predicament. As he watched, he couldn’t help but wonder what those slaves would think when they finally unwrapped their present.


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