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Health Spa Hijinks

by Dr. Destructo

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© Copyright 2008 - Dr. Destructo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; wrap; bandages; cocoon; tickle; encase; mudbath; stuck; cons/nc; X

Author’s Note: This story is inspired by the American sitcom, “Hope and Faith”.


“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Charlie?” asked Hope as her kids loaded up into the minivan.

“Absolutely,” insisted her husband Charlie. “Between your support of the PTA sponsored carnival, the school play, and helping me out in the office, you were due for a day just for yourself to unwind, relax, and recharge. We’ll be back a little after dinner time, and the kids’ll be tired for riding all those roller coasters, leaving us to ourselves. A little champagne… and a little candlelight…”

“Mmmm, I’d like that,” said Hope as they exchanged a quick kiss before Charlie went to the minivan, started it up, and pulled out the driveway to the amusement park, with the kids waving “bye”.

Hope’s sister Faith arrived as they left, running 100 miles an hour, it seemed.

“Ready to go?” asked Faith. “Time’s a wasting, you know.”

“Go? Go where?” said Hope.

“To the private day spa appointment I reserved, my silly sister of mine!” teased Faith. “Remember? You told me Charlie was giving you the day to unwind for yourself, and what better way than to spend it with your dear, adorable sister of yours who spent an obscene amount of money to make this appointment at a chic private day spa?”

Hope paused and looked at her sister Faith. The two couldn’t have been more opposite in look and demeanor. Faith, a platinum blonde beauty, stood 5 foot 3 inches tall with a slender and sexy build, blue eyes, and was the jet-setter of the family and former soap opera star. She was always the free spirit who lived impulsively and relished every moment. By contrast Hope was literally the grounded “Super Mom”, standing 5 foot 7 inches tall with an average build, blonde hair, blue eyes, and while attractive in her own right, she rarely garnered the attention lavished onto Faith.

“All right, fine. I’ll go. Let me pack some for the spa,” said Hope.

“Already did!” said Faith, showing Hope’s gym bag.

Before long the two sisters were on the road, and reached the secluded, upscale part of down and parked in a small, secluded office complex. There, displayed proudly, was the sign for the exclusive day spa.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Faith.

“It’s nice,” admitted Hope. “But we haven’t even been inside yet.”

“Right this way!” insisted Faith happily as they entered, greeted by an extremely good looking man of Hispanic descent with bronze skin, stylish dark hair, dark eyes, and wearing a tight white t-shirt with the company logo on the corner of his chest and black casual slacks.

“Hello, welcome,” greeted the attendant with a seductive Spanish accent. “I am Juan, your personal spa servant for the day.”

“Thank you,” said Hope, impressed by his good looks and well manners.

“Wait, wait,” interrupted Faith. “Where’s Antonio? I especially reserved Antonio for today.”

“Ah yes, well, I must apologize for Antonio. He is away attending an unexpected emergency,” explained Juan. “But please, as a token of our apology, this session will be free, so you will get your next private session with Antonio.”

“Okay, great,” said Faith. “Where to first? Massage? Aroma treatment?”

“I have something better in mind,” said Juan. “Please change and meet me in the herbal room.”

A few minutes later Hope and Faith entered with Hope wearing a simple white workout t-shirt and gray cotton shorts while Faith was in a tight pink tank top and extremely short black shorts. The room was well decorated with soft padded carpeting on the floor, with an alluring aroma inside from the various flowers and plants adorned. Upon entering the room, Hope and Faith each took off their sneakers and socks in compliance with the courtesy sign posted. Hope then noticed a series of sticks in a row of small, custom fitted cylindrical containers. Upon closer inspection, Hope noticed that there were layers upon layers of gauze wrapped around each large stick and being soaked in some type of liquid with a soothing aroma, like jasmine or honeysuckle.

“Ah, hello, I see that you’re ready,” said Juan pleasantly. “We’ll start with a relaxing and soothing herbal wrap to remove the impurities in your skin and allow to you better relax. Who shall be first?”

“Right here!” happily said Faith, volunteering Hope. Hope glared at Faith for it, but then realized that she now had to follow-through and not be rude to their polite attendant.

“What shall I do?” asked Hope.

“Just stand there and relax,” explained Juan. “Put your legs together and hold your arms out, please.”

Hope complied, with Juan taking the first stick out of the barrel that looked like a giant sized stick of cotton candy, but was a lime green colored gauze that was about two feet in diameter. Juan pulled off the end and placed it on Hope’s ankle and began winding it around Hope’s legs, wrapping them tightly together. Within three revolutions Hope’s legs were wrapped up in the cool yet soothing damp gauze, with Juan running out around her waist before taking another stick and continuing the process before stopping at her armpit level.

“Wow, this is awfully tight,” commented Hope.

“Shhh, he’s a professional who knows what he’s doing,” insisted Faith.

“Please place your arms together at your sides,” asked Juan politely.

“Okay,” sighed Hope, reluctantly complying. The moment when she placed her arms at her sides, she noticed her arms were stuck to the gauze, and it didn’t help that Juan took a third stick and wound it around her torso again and again before stopping at her neck. Hope looked down in disbelief, seeing her entire body wrapped up tight in a cocoon of herbal gauze with only her head and bare feet protruding out. After Juan finished expending the stick, he gently lowered Hope to a padded resting mat and placed her head comfortably on a contour pillow.

“Me  next! Me next!” insisted Faith excitedly. Juan smiled and nodded, repeating the process as he wrapped up Faith next, laying her down gently next to Hope on an adjacent resting mat. Juan then turned on some New Age music and lit some aromatic lanterns.

“I’ll check up on you two soon,” said Juan, leaving the two blonde cocooned sisters behind as he closed the door.

Faith sighed happily and laid in contentment, while Hope’s expression seemed visibly perturbed. Hope even went so far as to struggle a bit, bucking back a forth subtly with her frustrated expression remaining.

“Hope, honey, what’s the matter? Relax, for once,” said Faith, not even opening her eyes as she rested.

“I can’t move,” muttered Hope.

“Just relax… unwind… and let the herbal wrap work its healing properties on you,” said Faith calmly, resting peacefully. Hope would do no such thing, and began struggling some more, even grunting a little bit as she rocked back and forth.

“Hope, honey, please, relax, will you?” insisted Faith, still laying there seemingly comfortable in her herbal wrap gauze cocoon. “You’re creating negative vibes.”

“Look, was all of that herbal wrap really necessary? I’ve been to a day spa before and they don’t wrap you up completely like this. Have they ever done this to you before?” questioned Hope.

“Of course they haven’t… they…” answered Faith before opening her eyes to an alarming epiphany; she just allowed some stranger to tie them both up!

Faith immediately began kicking and struggling on the floor, but the tight cocoon of gauze that went from her neck down to her ankles was too strong and too tight. Faith flexed her legs and kicked, but couldn’t get loose. She tried working her arms up, but couldn’t either; they remained bound in place at her sides.

“Just relax, you said… me next, me next, you said,” muttered Hope sarcastically as she struggled.

“Shut up… shut up…” replied Faith, struggling as well. The two sisters kicked and fought, but couldn’t get loose.

Faith wiggled over to Hope and maneuvered her head to her cocoon, where she tried ripping the gauze apart with her teeth. Faith bit and pulled again and again, having no luck in ripping it off Hope’s body.

“And?” asked Hope.

“It’s kind of tasty, actually,” remarked Faith.

“I meant you getting me out of this!” reminded Hope.

“Oh, that. No. This stuff’s really strong,” replied Faith.

The two struggled and rolled about on the floor trying to get loose, before rolling back into each other as they wiggled about and squirmed. At best, they were able to kick up with their legs to get into the seated position before wiggling back to back together, holding each other up.

“Well, what do we do now?” asked Faith. “Neither of us can get out of these cocoons!”

“I have an idea,” said Hope. “If we can push ourselves up back to back, we might be able to hop out of here and get help.”

“Hop out of here?” questioned Faith.

“Do you have a better idea?” replied Hope.

“Do we do it on three?” said Faith.

“One… two… THREE!!!” grunted Hope as the two sisters pushed up against each other back-to-back, getting from the seated position to the standing position. Hope and Faith could barely remain upright, leaning forward to maintain their balance as they slowly tiptoed to the edge of the wall. Using it for support, they maneuvered themselves inch by inch to the edge of the doorway under the door suddenly swung open, knocking them back down onto the soft, padded carpet floor.

“OOOOOOPPPPHHHH!!!” exclaimed Hope and Faith, falling on impact.

“Well, well, well, trying to escape, I see,” commented Juan. “I must say that you two are the loveliest captives I’ve had in quite some time.”

“Who ARE you?” questioned Hope.

“All things will be revealed in due time,” answered Juan. “But first, I must prepare you two for something else so you don’t have another heroic escape attempt.”

“Um, you could just lock the door,” offered Faith.

“I could,” agreed Juan, his harmless smile turning more sinister. “But this is much better.”

Juan knelt down and began tickling Hope and Faith’s bare feet. The two women screamed in terror from the insane tickling, with their toes wriggling as they bucked and struggled desperately trying to escape their cocoons. But Juan had wrapped them up tightly and the gauze didn’t give, keeping them restrained.

“STOP! PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!!!” pleaded Faith with Juan continuing his tickle torture of their bare feet. Tears streamed down Hope and Faith’s face as their faces turned a bright flush red; they couldn’t breathe as they coughed, fighting for air until mercifully, each of the blacked out from the lack of air.

Several minutes passed, with Hope first regaining consciousness and found herself in a tub of some kind filled up to her neck in mud. Hope tried to get up but couldn’t, and couldn’t move a muscle in her body. Hope looked around and saw Faith still out cold, lying flat on a padded weightlifting bench with her body strapped down to it in a cocoon of sticky, tight white gauze wrap from her shoulders down to her ankles, with her arms pinned at her sides and legs together.

“Faith!” called out Hope. “Faith, wake up!”

“W-what?” said Faith, reviving to find herself wrapped up tight in another cocoon. Faith struggled and kicked, wincing when she realized she couldn’t move. Faith looked over from the bench, seeing her sister trapped up to her neck in a tub of thick mud.

“Ah, you’ve awakened,” greeted Juan, entering the room.

“What is this stuff?” demanded Hope. “I can’t move a muscle in this goop!”

“That would be the spa’s special mud treatment, my dear,” said Juan. “Your skin looked so dry when I undressed you that you needed it. Of course, I changed the water to powdered mud mixture ratio to make it much, much thicker.”

“What?!” shrieked Hope. “You undressed me?”

“Yes, and I might add that your body is VERY lovely. Your husband is a very lucky man,” added Juan, turning his attention to Faith. “As for you, my dear, you needed some more of the herbal wrap treatment to remove those impurities in your skin. You’ve been using that artificial tanning spray which does terrible things to such beautiful skin.”

“I KNEW IT!” exclaimed Hope. “I knew it was fake!”

“Look, who are you?” said Faith, testing her bonds again.

“I am Juandisimo,” introduced Juandisimo courteously.

“The Gentleman Bandit? You?!” realized Hope.

“Hope, you KNOW this guy?” exclaimed Faith. “I didn’t know you knew hot guys!”

“I read about you in the paper,” explained Hope. “In the police beat section.”

“Yes, at your service, my dear beautiful ladies,” said Juandisimo. “Antonio left for a family emergency, but forgot to cancel his appointments, so I’ve been filling in my own special way.”

“What’re you going to do with us?” asked Hope nervously.

“Me? Nothing at all,” said Juandisimo. “I’ve taken what I needed and will be on my way. But fear not, lovely ladies, in a few hours the cleaning crew will be in and free you.”

With that, Juandisimo blew them each a kiss and walked out, leaving Hope and Faith struggling to get free.  


Charlie and the kids got back home later than expected, having grabbed a late dinner after spending all day at the amusement park. While Sydney and Hayley went upstairs with their assorted prizes won, Justin flopped on the sofa and turned on the TV. Charlie arrived last, surprised to see that Hope and Faith weren’t home yet.

“Justin, what did I tell you about watching too much TV?” reminded Charlie and he took in the leftovers into the refrigerator. “Turn that off now and get cleaned up for bed.”

“But Mom and Aunt Faith are on TV,” explained Justin.

“What’re you talking about?” said Charlie. “What do mean Mom and Aunt Faith are on TV?”

Charlie sat down and saw “Action 7 News” flashing on the screen, reading “SPECIAL REPORT - THE GENTLEMAN BANDIT STRIKES AGAIN” with his wife Hope and sister-in-law Faith wearing only towels being led out of the health spa by police. Hope was visibly covered in a layer of what looked like mud.

“Dad, why is your jaw open like that?”



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