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Heaven and Hell

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2012 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/mf; wrap; mum; bandage; cocoon; torment; cons/nc; X

Once upon a time, there was a man named Kenny. Growing up, he had heard many stories about Heaven and Hell, and how the good and the bad would go to their respective places after death. But he had never given the matter much thought, never believing in an afterlife. So he went about his life, unconcerned about what was to come.

However, when Kenny died, he was surprised to find himself in the afterlife. He was even more surprised when a divine guide came to show him both Heaven and Hell, so he could choose his final destination.

They first went to Hell. It was a bare, boring place built of grey concrete, with nothing to stimulate the senses. And there were many there, all restrained in various ways, but most were mummified, wrapped up head to toe in wrappings that they would never escape from. And as far as Kenny could see, everyone was struggling and fighting with each other, trying to escape from their bondage. Those who still had some mobility were struggling to run, but tripped and fell on those who were mummified. In anger, they would then kick and attack the mummies, who were helpless and unable to fight back.

Kenny was horrified. This looked like a terrible place, and he didn't want to stay here. He begged his guide to take him to Heaven. Anything would be better then Hell.

The two went to Heaven. But Kenny was horrified to see that it was exactly the same as Hell. It was built of grey concrete, and was filled with people restrained and mummified, a state in which they would remain forever. People were struggling and wiggling, trying to escape from their restraint, even though it was futile.

"I don't understand", Kenny said to his guide. "Heaven looks just like Hell. How can that be?"

"Take another look", his guide told him.

Kenny did so, and it was only a few moments that he noticed that Heaven's inhabitants were acting differently then the ones in Hell. Here, they did not try to escape. Instead, they seemed to be constantly getting closer to each other, rubbing and cuddling up to each other. The few who were not mummified went from mummy to mummy, hugging and holding them, stroking and comforting them.

"The souls in Hell think only of themselves", the guide told Kenny, "while the spirits here focus on helping and comforting each other".

Kenny was then asked where he wanted to go. Having seen both, he chose Heaven.

He did not resist as he too, was mummified and placed with the others in his eternal home. But unlike those in Hell, he knew the secret to happiness, and even in his eternal bondage, began his work of comforting those around him.


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