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Helping with Research

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; shave; prepare; intubate; latex; cocoon; encase; tube; stored; entomb; cons/nc; X

Jenny as usual was short of money, most junior nurses were in the same boat; as she thumbed through the Hospital magazine an advert caught her eye.

"Short of money! Help with medical research. Phone Bio Lab EX 157734."

Jenny looked at the advert, well that seems a worthwhile cause and a way to make money at the same time. She picked up the phone dialled the number and a voice answered, Jenny asked for details as to what the research involved. The voice the other end said it was all very simple, it was to do with space research and it was easy money, it paid fifty pounds sterling for the weekend. As far as Jenny was concerned Fifty pounds cinched the deal, Jenny thought about it for a moment, well that should be interesting its Saturday tomorrow, they said they work all weekend I will give it a try.

Next morning Jenny showered and dressed, after a bite to eat she decided to wander over to the Bio Lab, which was only a short distance from the nurse’s quarters. On arriving Jenny walked into the reception, she smiled at the lady behind the counter.

"Hi my name is Jenny, I phoned yesterday about helping with some research."

"Oh yes, if you just fill in this form then go through and see the team in the other room."

Jenny left the form on the receptionist desk.

She entered the research section and was soon chatting to Doctor Lake and his assistant a rather tall well groomed women, They explained the research program was to do with space suits and travel etc. If Jenny wanted to join as a volunteer she was welcome and don't forget its fifty pounds for the weekend.

"Right what would you like me to do first," said Jenny.

Doctor Lake’s assistant said, "Well first we will have to examine you, I take it you have no objection to a short medical."

"No," said jenny.

"Right I will have to ask you to strip and lie on the table."

Jenny was a little embarrassed but thought, 'What the hell think of the money'. She lay on the table and they first examined her back from head to toe, "Can you please turn over and lay on your back". Jenny turned over, the assistant checked every inch of her body, and she looked at Jenny. "Well basically you are OK, but if you want to go ahead I am afraid you will have to have all pubic and under arm hair removed."

Jenny thought about it, "That's no problem shall I shave it off now?"

The assistant looked at her "No, if you agree I will do it for you. It’s easier for me to completely remove all your hair for you, I can do a more thorough job."

Jenny nodded a little apprehensive, the assistant produced an electric razor and started, she was very effective and removed all the hair from Jenny’s armpits. She then shaved her forearms until all trace of hair was removed, she then turned her attention to Jenny's legs working her way up from the feet, the assistant then quickly removed all Jenny’s pubic hair from all over the pelvic region, she inserted two fingers into Jenny's vagina, stretching the skin and running the razor over the taught flesh removing every last trace of hair.

Jenny was getting turned on by the time the razor was switched off, the embarrassment had been replaced by a nice warm feeling inside her body, the assistant used a small medical vacuum to remove all lose hair. "Just lie there Jenny until the Doctor returns."

After a few minutes Doctor Lake reappeared, looking down at Jenny he said, "I see you are all cleaned up and ready. In order to test various types off space suit and methods of transferring astronauts over the vast distances of space we are developing some new techniques from old ideas, you will realize we cannot afford for you to contaminate the equipment by accidentally passing urine or solids, so we will first be giving you an enema and we will be washing out your stomach and bladder. Then we will be in inserting catheters, is that ok?" Jenny nodded, this was a little more than she had bargained for but at least she was being paid.

The assistant first turned Jenny over and proceeded to insert a large tube into her anus, after about one minute a ring around the tube inflated inside her preventing it from being withdrawn, then a liquid started to flush Jenny's insides. This went on for fifteen minutes or so till there was nothing left within her, the ring was left inflated. Jenny was now turned over, the Doctor bent over her, "Now Jenny this is going to be a little uncomfortable, we are going to pass a small tube down your throat and into your stomach, this will clean out any food then we will flush your system out".

As they tried to insert the tube Jenny gagged several times, so a local anapaestic was sprayed in the throat then the tube was passed down into her stomach. As Jenny lay there she could feel the contents of her stomach being sucked out then being replaced with a sterilizing solution several times, this too was sucked out leaving the inside a empty void.

Two tubes were now gently inserted up her nose till they arrived at the back of the throat; the nostrils were sealed with a soft resin gel. The Doctor fed a small tube into Jenny’s uretha, he seemed to struggle for a minute then he gained entry to her bladder, this too was flushed and drained and the tube left in place. Now her vagina was filled with the same soft resin.

Jenny’s mind was awash with all the strange feelings that was happening to her body, partially turned on, part fear but it would soon be over. The doctor and his assistant now inserted two drip feed tubes into each arm and one into the main vein in the neck, the assistant lent over her, "It won’t be long now Jenny, the tubes we have now inserted will monitor your condition and feed you if you get hungry. We will soon be finished I will just put these earphones on you the music will relax you."

Jenny needed to relax, what was happening to her was more than she bargained for. After a few minutes the music started to play it did help her to relax. The Doctor now spoke, "Right Jenny, I want you to gently get off the table and walk over to this stand."

Jenny with the help of the assistant got off the table, the assistant carrying all the tubes walked the short distance to the two-foot square stand on the floor. The assistant now started plugging in all the tubes into a small consul. Jenny stood there wondering what would happen next. The first thing she noticed was the machine seemed to be doing her breathing for her. The Doctor said, "We are just going to close your eyes for a while, I just want you to stand still, legs slightly apart and your hands slightly away from the body with your fingers pointed outstretched".

Two plastic shields covered Jenny’s eyes, she adjusted her stance as advised, at that moment a machine lowered from the ceiling. As it reached Jenny it travelled up and down her body spraying a fine mist of latex, Jenny was quite relaxed, the soft music was playing and the latex was giving her body a warm glow. After about fifteen minutes Jenny was completely covered by the latex, it was about five inch deep all over her body. Looking at her she looked like an Egyptian Mummy, the spray now stopped and the machine disappeared back were it had come from. Inside Jenny tried to move her arms but the rigid layer held her quite firm as if she was in a jelly mould, the soft music was very relaxing. In fact Jenny was so completely relaxed she began dozing off.

The Doctor now walked up to the mummified girl and wrote on the outside of the latex, "Specimen female test number six. April 1st 2000." He then pressed a button on the consul, the platform that Jenny was standing on slowly lowered through the floor down into an underground stainless steel storage room.

The assistant commented, "I wonder if we will still be working here when she is opened up? What is the plan for her?"

The doctor looked at his notes, "She will be reactivated in twenty years. Eight months before she comes out her body will be automatically inseminated with sperm and she will be made pregnant. After she is removed from the latex she will be allowed to give birth normally, then she will under go all sorts of physical and mental tests, that will last for about six months and test if the long term system on conveying astronauts by mummifying them seems to work. She will then be dissected for more research. After all, her sacrifice is a small one and will more than likely save the lives of many others, I think we have done her a great favour as she said to me earlier she was interested in mummification.

Part Two

It was Monday morning, Sue was due to start her new job as a Lab Technician in the Bio Lab recently built within the grounds of the hospital. No one seemed to know what went on there but it was well funded, as Sue walked in and was directed by the receptionist to go straight through to the Lab as Doctor Lake's assistant, a Miss Rose Ward was expecting her. Rose greeted her warmly and started to explain what Sue was expected to do. "In addition to the paper work once a week you will be expected to to enter the vault and check all the samples stored in the vault, monitor all the instruments and record data. If anything was not going to plan or was outside the prescribed limits, she would have to inform Dr Lake who would then decide what action to take."

Both the women were having coffee when Dr Lake walked in, Rose looked up, "This is our new Technician Miss Sue Roberts."

Dr Lake looked her up and down, "You will have to be very precise here. We have specimens that must last for the next twenty years on more, I will show you around once you have got used to our procedures, you will be in full charge of the specimens and I will expect you to report to me daily on their condition."

For the next two weeks Sue busied herself with the vast amounts of paper work, Doctor Lake walked in one morning. "Good morning Sue, you seem to be on top of the paper work. Today I will show you our vault and the specimens and show you how to monitor them and keep them in good condition.You will soon realize that this part of the job is of vital importance."

Sue stood on the small platform alongside Dr Lake in the middle of the room, Dr Lake activated a button on the control panel the platform started to descend into the vault. It was brightly lit and along one wall on the far side of the room were six cylinder approximately two metres high and about one metre wide. Each cylinder had a collection of tubes and wires connecting it to its own console, which in turn was a mass of gauges and flashing lights. "As you see Sue." the Doctor explained, "Each of our specimens is being fed through the tubes and their minds are being stimulated electronically, they are all people who volunteered to help with our research into space travel."

The dreadful truth was now beginning to dawn on Sue. What she was looking at were living people entombed in some sort of rubber or plastic, every now and then one of the specimens would move a little, but the mould they were encased in held them quite rigid as if they were living within a giant jelly.

Sue asked the Doctor if anything goes wrong how long does it take to get them out? The Doctor looked at her, "Nothing can go wrong, its all electronically controlled, I suppose if one started to die we could get them out in about six hours and dispose of them. Then we would just have to get a another volunteer to take their place."

"I do not think you understand me." Sue continued, "what I mean is if one of them became ill surely we can get them out to treat them?"

The Doctor hardly batted an eye as he replied, "If it was to help our research we could advance the timers." he said pointing to a set on electronic timers mounted on the wall, "But that is most unlikely to happen, anyway it all seems well down here lets get back on top, I have a lot of work to get through today."

When Sue got home that night she was deeply troubled by what she had seen in the vault that day. She decided to wander over to the nurses club and have a drink to cheer herself up. As she sipped her drink she could overhear two other nurses talking, they were talking about a nurse called Jenny Wise who had disappeared about two months ago. The one nurse commented, "I find it hard to believe she got a transfer abroad so quick, she was quite happy here and she confided in me the day before she disappeared that she had lined up a spare time job at the Bio Lab Helping with Research." Sue left the bar and walked towards her room, could it be the same place? Who were the people in the vault and did they really volunteer?

Next morning Sue was at her desk facing the usual mountain of paperwork, as the weeks passed she would go into the vault to check on the specimens by herself. Some how she found it very hard to believe that these people had volunteered to spend the next twenty years of there lives entombed in a block of plastic in a underground vault. As her suspicions and curiosity mounted, she made it her business to learn as much about the encapsulation process and how it was done and how it was possible to reverse it. She studied every note book and report in the office she could lay her hands on.

As she laboured through the paper work she was finally creating some sort of order. With each specimen file was a sealed envelope only to be opened when the specimen was revived or had died. It was friday evening just before Five O'clock Sue turned to Rose. "I am falling behind with some of this work, I will be taking a couple of files home to finish if that's all right?"

"No problem," said Rose "I like a person who is keen."

When Sue got back to her flat she pulled the notes out of her bag, amongst them was a sealed envelope marked 'Specimen: Female #6, April 1st 2000'.
She looked at the Envelope for some time, after a while she went over to the cooker put the kettle on and as the water boiled she held the envelope in the steam and gently praised the gummed edge open. The contents included a lot of statistics but then appeared a photo of a young blond women. Underneath was a hand written notation, 'Jenny Wise: aged thirty four: Weight 54 Kg.' The next line on the card sent a shiver down Sue's spine, especially the last two lines which read, 'On being released in the year 2020, she will be inseminated allowed to live six months then dissected'. Sue was stunned to say the least, this is her, this is the missing nurse - I have to get her out.

Monday morning Sue went to check the specimens in the vault as usual, she looked hard at specimen number six, the faint outline of the person within could just be made out. I am sure you are Jenny Wise she thought to herself. It would take about six hours to to release and revive a specimen, how would she be able to spend six hours down here without the evil pair Rose or Dr Lake finding out what she is up to? It seemed impossible, she had to come up with a plan that was foolproof and would work first time as there would be no second chance or she would be specimen number seven!

Sue decided on a plan, It was no use tying to kid every one while spending six hours down in the vault and besides there might be alarms fitted when the revival process starts. The plan had to be a little more drastic than she first anticipated. About three o'clock Sue turned to Rose and said, "I am going to finish early tonight as I want to make an appointment to see my doctor."

Rose looked up, "Oh dear is there something the matter?" asked Rose all concerned.

"Oh its nothing much I just have not been sleeping well lately and I want to get something to make me sleep."

"There's no need to see your Doctor, you can have a bottle of these. I use them all the time they are just like a knock out drops, you will be asleep before you know it."

"Thank you!" said Sue putting the small bottle into her bag.

That night when she got home she finally had her plan worked out in her mind but would have to test it on herself just to make sure it works. Next morning was Saturday, her day off, she awoke at 8:30am, opened her bag & took out the bottle, she emptied one of the tablets into the palm of her hand and swallowed it. The next thing she knew, she was waking up and the time was 3:30pm. She thought to herself, wow!!Tthese tablets really do work, don't worry Jenny the cavalry are on the way.

Monday morning Sue walked into work as usual but deep down she was quite nervous, today is the day she thought to herself. The morning went pretty much as normal, first job of the day is to check the specimens, back upstairs and start on the never ending pile of paperwork. Rose looked at Sue, "Well did you sleep any better with the tablets this weekend?"

Sue trying to keep her voice steady, "... Er, Yes I was out like a light. No problem at all, I would say the tablets work better than I hoped".

Dr Lake was in his office working away, Sue got up to make the tea as usual. She put out three cups poured in the tea, she then dropped two of the sleeping tablets in to two of the cups then walked into the main office, she first placed her own cup on her desk so there was no mix up. Her heart was pounding so loud she was sure Rose would hear it, the doctor came out "Tea time again" his usual comment.

All three sat around Rose's desk chatting and sipping the tea, Rose looked at Sue, "I have been talking it over with Dr Lake and we both agree you would benefit from a spell as one of the specimens, It would only be for a short term. You would gain first hand knowledge that the specimens suffer no pain and with their mental implant they live their wildest fantasies!"

"And enjoying every minute I might add." said Dr Lake.

At that moment Rose said, "I am so tired this morning." She then slumped across her desk, Dr lake looked at Sue and started to rise Sue's heart was going like a steam hammer, the Doctor took one pace towards her then crashed to the floor. Sue reached inside her bag and produced a roll of clothes line, she dragged Rose off her desk and tied them together, double checking all the knots as she did not want them to wake up before she had revived the specimens.

Sue dashed over to the platform in the centre of the lab pressed the button, it seemed to take a life time to lower her into the vault. Sue switched on the main revival computer and advanced the timers. Within seconds there there was an electric hum as the equipment came to life, the connecting tubes pulsated as the drugs were being pumped along them and into the subjects held in there plastic tombs. After a while the outer plastic seemed to be dissolving, Sue jumped on to the platform pressed the button to take her back to the office. She double checked the odd couple as she did not want to end up in a jelly mould herself as the Evil Rose had planed, then back to the vault.

Sue was dashing around the vault trying to speed up the process. The moulds were dissolving as she watched, several hours had now passed, Sue was trying to remove lumps of plastic from the mould marked Female test #6. Parts of the mould had dissolved quicker than other parts, the woman's face was almost clear, her breasts were protruding from the mould. Sue reached up she was quite warm, her breasts was almost clear of the plastic and was firm to the touch with long nipples. 'In about one more hour I should be able to get you out', she thought to herself. Sue returned to the office, Rose Ward was just beginning to stir, she double checked the cords binding the dastardly pair, the last thing she wanted at this stage of the game was either Rose or Lake getting loose.

Rose opened her eyes, "What's going on why am I tied up?"

Sue smiled, "Its no use struggling and don't you worry your little blond head, I have plans for you. But at the moment I am rather busy trying to wake up my colleagues as I am going to need their help."

Sue now dashed back down to the vault, the plastic mould surrounding Specimen #6 was almost clear. Sue looked up at her she may have small breasts but she was perfectly formed and no trace of body hair. Sue returned to the computers and followed the on screen instructions. She now steeped up on to the platform alongside Jenny and gently touched her face. "Come on Jenny we do not have a lot of time left. Come on Jenny wake up!"

Panic was beginning to set in. She started to withdraw the tubes from out of Jenny's mouth, as the tube came clear Jenny coughed and spluttered then opened her eyes and looked around for a second, then said, "Is it four O'clock all ready?".

"I am afraid four O'clock has come and gone quite a few times since you arrived here." Sue then went on to explain what had taken place and what had happened to her as she removed the remaining tubes and monitoring pads from Jenny's body. Then between them they helped the other five people out of their rubbery tombs. None of them could believe they had been imprisoned for so long.

They all made there way to the office level where Dr Lake and Rose Ward struggled to free themselves. The group separated the couple and forced them to stand while they undressed them, the breathing tubes and other bits and pieces were fitted to their bodies. They were then placed in a lovers pose, joined together in more ways than one. The plastic spray then went to work and entombed the pair, Sue informed the group she would ring the authorities first thing in the morning.

The following morning Sue and Jenny returned to the Bio Lab. "Well Jenny the first thing we have to do is see the happy couple are well." The two made there way to the vault, Doctor Lake and the evil Rose Ward stood entombed in their plastic mould, every now and then just the slightest movement could be detected.

Sue started the programing computer, "I think a little sexual stimulant will help them to pass the time." She then proceeded to program new thoughts into Dr Lakes brain, it would cause him to have endless erections, but then just as the computer got them to the exciting bit, the program would cause the erection to fail.

Jenny asked Sue how long would the program run for, Sue just smiled and pressed the enter key.


I would like to thank me dear Cyber friend Jonathon for all the help and advice in compiling this story as without his valuable help this story may never have been finished .


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