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The Helpless Mummy

by Tigon

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© Copyright 2011 - Tigon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-m; Fff/m; catsuit; costumes; bandage; diapers; mum; wrap; gag; caught; hum; cons/reluct; X

First off I am an 18 year old male and am a small size for my age, my name is Tom. I live with my mom and two sisters. One sister (Sarah) is 22 and the other (Ashlee) is 16. Since my dad died at an early age so it is just us 4, and we are a pretty close family. Every Halloween we have a tradition where we stay in and have a small party, with just family. The big fun of it is to surprise each other with what our costumes are at the party.

It was a week before and I was still unsure of what I wanted to be. After some debating with myself I decided to go as a mummy. Since we like to go all out on our costumes, I did just that. To start off I went to a dance store and bought a tan spandex hooded bodysuit. At a medical supply store I found some long rolls of muslin-looking tape, which stuck only to itself, and it stuck well. As crazy as it sounds I also bought a package of goodnights, since my costume would be hard to get off I wanted to be sure I wouldn't make a mess in case I had to go.

The day of Halloween I got home from school and after eating some food and checking my email I got started on my costume. I first slipped on the goodnight and then my bodysuit; it fit great to my form. I then put the hood up and got it all situated. Starting at my feet I wrapped each leg individually all the way up, I then did the same with my arms. I wrapped my torso and up to my neck. From the neck down I looked like a mummy. I then wrapped the tape all around my head so only my mouth and eyes were showing.

Since I still had about twenty minutes until the party, I decided to take the time to do a little self-bondage. I am a huge fan of being tied up, but I keep this very secret and do it only in private. I first stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth and wrapped some tape around my head, securing the gag in place. I looked in the mirror and you could not tell I was gagged underneath. I then wrapped some tape around both legs securing them together seamlessly. To be safe, I set my scissors on the bed knowing I could reach them. I wrapped some tape around each hand in a loose fist, assuming I would be able to open them easily. With the tape roll attached to my wrist, I crossed my wrists and using the bedpost got the tape rolled around my wrists a few times, binding them together.

I fell carefully on the bed and looked at myself in the closet door mirror. I looked nearly like a mummy, bound tightly to be put in a sarcophagus. I looked over at the clock and seeing that I still had 15 minutes, laid back and enjoyed my situation.

I awoke to a knock at the door and quickly realized I must have dozed off. I then remembered that I was tied and gagged, it quickly dawned on me that I could not get my hands free. There was another knock on my door and then it opened, revealing my older sister Sarah. Sarah I noticed was dressed as a ballerina from head in a bun to feet in ballet slippers; she wore pink tights, leotard and tutu. She walked in and commented on how great my costume looked; except that I was not quite complete to make me look like a real mummy.

I tried to ask her to release me but it only came out in mumbles. She then stated that she would of course help me, having misunderstood my mumbles. She sat me up, which I was helpless to stop, and using a roll of tape wrapped it around my upper torso many times, fully securing my arms to my chest, banishing any hope of my escaping. Sarah used to scissors to cut the tape and patted the end down on my back. I was mumbling the whole time but she just thought I was talking to her casually and thanking her.

She then walked to the door and told me she would get my mom to help carry me out to the main room for the party. I was nervous, embarrassed, and excited all at once. Sarah thought I meant to be bound and gagged for the party, and so I would probably stay that way.

Soon my mom walked in with Sarah, my mom was dressed as a little kid, and she had on light green footy pajamas, a bib, had a pacifier on a ribbon around her neck, and had her hair in pigtails. My mom giggled with excitement on how I looked and soon they carried me out to the living room and set me up on the couch. Upon hearing the commotion, my younger sister Ashlee walked out of her room, Ashlee was dressed as a pirate, complete with eye patch and toy sword.

Ashlee and Sarah both sat next on either side of me and everybody commented on how good the costumes looked, I just sat quietly in my bonds. When mom went to put a movie in, Sarah and Ashlee both took advantage of my binds to tickle my sides. I squirmed as best I could and tried to make a noise to get my mom's attention. My mom turned around and told me that since I chose to be helpless, I would have to deal with what came with it. They tickled me a little bit longer and then settled in for the movie.

Even though I did not intend this I was loving every moment of being tied up in front of my family. About halfway through the movie my sisters asked about snacks and drinks. They paused the movie and all got up to go to the kitchen. Ashlee called back at me asking if I was coming, but then giggling stated that since I was tied up I should just wait there. They returned in a little while with sodas and pizza. My mom asked Sarah to remove the tape holding my arms so I could eat. Sarah then asked if she could just remove the tape from my mouth and feed me. My mom agreed that this was a perfect idea since I was a mummy and I shouldn't be mummified anyway.

As Sarah removed the tape around my mouth she realized I had my mouth stuffed with a hankie. She removed it and noted on how I really went all out to gag myself and then asked if I did this just for the costume or if I really liked being tied up and gagged. I hesitated to answer when my mom told me to answer her truthfully. I took a deep breath and admitted that I did really like it. I blushed as I said this. Both of my sisters giggled and my mom told them to hush and then noted how it should be a very fun night for me as she was going to make me stay tied up all evening.

Sarah drank her soda from a glass and gave me mine with a straw, Ashlee drank hers from the bottles (she thought it made her more piraty), and my mom being in character, drank hers from a large baby bottle. She fed me pizza and gave me soda, and joked about how I should probably wear the bib and not my mom, but my mom jokingly guarded it saying that it was part of her costume, not mine. We continued with the movie and our dinner, me being fed by my sister. I was loving every moment of it, even if it is a bit embarrassing.

After the first movie my mom suggest we go out for ice cream. I was disappointed about the idea of being untied but excited for ice cream. My mom then asked Sarah to help carry me out to the car, that is when I realized I was going to go tied up. They set me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. I tried to protest but my mom just told me that since I wanted this I had no choice but to stay like this, and she could put the gag back in. I accepted my fate and just hoped nobody saw me. Sarah and Ashlee got in the back seats, mom started the car and off we went.

When we pulled up to Sonic it did not seem busy. My mom ordered what we all wanted and as we waited we chatted. My mom put me on the spot and asked me why I liked being tied up. My mom said she understood and that she could accept my desires without any problem. When the attractive girl brought our ice cream she commented on all of our costumes, especially how I was tied up. My mom told her that since I loved being tied up she would just have to feed me the ice cream, to which the waitress replied that I could probably use the bib to eat it. This time my mom agreed and while the waitress was still there she put the bib around my neck and spoon fed me the ice cream. The waitress, my mom, and my sisters laughed at the situation, and if I was not so embarrassed I would have found it funny.

We drove home after we finished the ice cream and my mom joked about stopping by my friends house, that would be really embarrassing. When we got home my sisters laid on the floor and me on the couch, I rested my head on my mother’s fleece covered lap as we started another movie. Somewhere during the start of the movie I dozed off and awoke about halfway though. I saw that both of my sisters were sound asleep on the floor with blankets and pillows. I mentioned to my mom that I was thirsty and since she did not want to get up and her bottle was nearby she used that to give me a drink. I told my mom I was not a baby but she just told me that this was easiest to do lying down, so there I was tied up and laying on my mom's lap as she fed me juice from a baby bottle. I thanked her for the juice and started to close my eyes. As I was about halfway to sleep I felt her slip the large pacifier in my mouth, and I was too tired and comfortable to bother fighting it. Besides, it was nice.

When I woke next my sisters were standing over me giggling at the pacifier. I spit it out and told them to shush. After a bit Sarah asked me if I have tied myself up before. I giggling said that I had a few times, but not much. I told them about how I did not intend to be stuck tonight but that I was too well gagged to let Sarah know. Sarah laughed a lot about how she had tied me up against my will, thinking she was helping me. My mom laughed at it but then got a serious look on her face and told me that it was very dangerous to do so on my own, and that she did not want me doing so. She told me that she or my sisters would be willing to tie me up but that it is careless to do so on my own.

She then said in a lighthearted way that since I was a naughty boy she was going to give me spankings, 18, one for each year I am old. Before I could protest she had me turned over and was swatting my goodnights covered behind. They were not hard and I was giggling through it all but after a few I felt a sudden urge to pee, and after 10 spanking I could not help but let go into the goodnight. Thankfully I had it on and it did not leak. When my mom finished she commented how it was smart of me to wear a diaper as my costume would be hard to get off. My sisters at this point were rolling in laughter on the floor, both from me receiving spankings and the idea of me in a diaper. My mom quickly shot them a look and told them they were not too old to be put back in diapers. I was of course embarrassed.

As it was getting late my mom announced it was about time for bed. She unwrapped the tape holding my legs together so I could walk with her into my room to get my costume off. My sisters hugged me goodnight and said they could not wait to tie me up. In my room my mom helped me unwrap my arms and get my bandages off. Since my hands were really stiff from not moving for hours, my mom unzipped my bodysuit and helped me out of it. I was rather sore from being tied up a long time so my mom insisted she change the goodnight and put a fresh one on. I was embarrassed but so tired that I did not bother to argue. I crawled into bed wearing a diaper and drifted off to sleep, thinking of the tie ups to come now that my secret was out in the open. Thanks to my carelessness, I could and would be tied up much more often.


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