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Her First Mummification

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2009 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; wrap; plastic; cocoon; bfold; gag; nipple; toys; orgasm; cons; X

“Shall we begin?”

Nervously, she nodded. This had long been one of her greatest fantasies, and now, thanks to him, it was about to come true. Now, with growing excitement, she watched him prepare.

She stood, as commanded, beside the bed, the air cool on her naked flesh. Also as commanded, she had attached clamps to her nipples, the chain moving gently as she breathed, the dull throb from her hardened buds only heightening an arousal already growing from the simple thought of what was to happen next.

Finally, after what, to her, seemed an unbearably long time, he turned. In his hands he held a simple roll of saran wrap, the sight of which caused her heart to flutter. Smiling gently, he knelt before her.

“Feet apart,” he said softly. As if automatically, her legs spread, feet at shoulder width.

Still smiling, he placed the end of the roll against her left ankle and began wrapping his way up her leg. With agonizing slowness, the wraps worked their way up her leg, not quite tight enough (in her mind), yet snug. He worked slowly, smoothing out each wrap as he went, and a smile came to her unbidden at the thought of how much he loved her legs. When the wrap reached her upper thigh, he cut it off, smoothing the end, then repeated the process on her right leg. This time, however, he did not cut off the end. Instead, he took up the butterfly vibrator he’d given her, setting it gently but firmly into place between her thighs.


Immediately, her left hand reached down to hold the butterfly in place. Taking up the wrap again, he passed it between her thighs, pinning the butterfly in place.

“Remove your hand.”

With the wrap pulled snug, the butterfly remained nestled in place. He next drew the wrap up to the small of her back, then twisted it so that it now fed around her waist. Taking her right hand, he placed it over the twist to hold it in place, then passed the wrap around her waist covering the twist and allowing her to remove her hand. Now the wrap moved downward, covering her ass. At the tops of her thighs, he once more passed the wrap between her thighs, around her left thigh, then back between her thighs and around the right, before cutting if off and smoothing the end.

As he stepped back, she glanced down. Her legs, encased in the clear plastic, reflected the light, shining softly from ankles to hips. From between her thighs, the wire from her butterfly emerged from beneath the plastic, the control dangling between her legs.

“Legs together now.”

At his soft command, she placed her legs together, feeling the plastic stick slightly on contact. Kneeling, he placed the end of a new roll against her left ankle and began wrapping. Tight this time, fusing her legs into a single column. Realizing her helplessness had now begun, she felt her knees grow weak, and had to grasp his shoulders to support herself. His only response was a soft smile as the wrap worked its way up her legs, over her hips and up her waist. When he cut the wrap and stepped away, she was wrapped from ankles to just below her breasts. Though tight, the wrap did nothing to interfere with her breathing, which had grown steadily deeper as she felt herself sink further into helplessness.

“Arms out,” As he wrapped each arm, she marveled at her situation. Gently at first, then with all the strength she could muster, she tried to pull her legs apart. How, she wondered, could something as thin and flimsy as saran wrap hold her so strongly. If he wrapped her upper body as thoroughly as her lower, she would find herself more helpless than she’d ever been, as helpless as she’d always dreamed of being. Just the thought sent a shiver through her.

Her arms wrapped, he next placed them against her sides. She shuddered, anticipating the completion of her wrapping. Instead, he took up a folded piece of cloth, holding it to her lips. When she opened her mouth, he carefully filled it with the cloth. A single strip of duct tape covered her lips, holding the cloth in place. Puzzled, she looked at him with questions in her eyes. After the elaborate wrapping, why such a simple gag? His smile reassured her, while doing nothing to lessen her confusion. She could only watch as he took up yet another roll of wrap.

Starting at her thighs, he wrapped her arms against her sides. Carefully avoiding her breasts, he wrapped to her shoulders, then down again, all the way back to her ankles. Cutting the wrap, he stood, then gave her a gentle shove, causing her to fall back onto the bed. Next, he turned her until her head dangled over the edge of the bed, pulling up a chair and sitting with her head between his knees. Smiling down at her helplessness, he asked softly, “Are we ready to finish this?”

Finish? She stared, puzzled. You mean we’re not done yet, she asked quietly. Her question was answered when he placed the end of the wrap over her sealed lips, making a quick, tight turn around her head. Now the simplicity of the gag revealed itself to be only the first step of her silencing.

Shivering, she closed her eyes, feeling the wrap begin to encase her head. She felt pads placed over each ear, securely held in place by the wrap that followed. Suddenly, her world became silent except for the rush of her blood, the pounding of her heart. When his hands finally left her, her entire head was encased in wrap. Blind, deaf and mute, she could only lie helplessly as she awaited whatever came next.

Gently, he maneuvered her to lie in the center of the bed. Next, she felt the butterfly spring to life on what had to be its lowest setting. Already highly aroused by the sensation of helplessness, that low, insistent buzzing between her thighs soon had her writhing, though the tightness of her bonds reduced this to something that more resembled trembling.

Lying helplessly, she awaited his touch, but nothing came. Twisting her head, she sought with blinded eyes and deafened ears to find him, but it was as if he had vanished. She was alone and helpless, and the thought brought a brief panic to pierce her arousal, causing her to fight against the wrap that held her so tightly.

Her struggles ceased only when the butterfly increased its buzzing slightly. Only his hand at the control could have caused that change, and she felt shame that she had believed, even for only a moment, that he would abandon her like this. He would never leave her, and now she somehow felt his presence hovering over her, watching, protecting. Instantly, her struggles ended, and she melted, surrendering totally to the feelings waiting to fill her.

Slowly, her arousal grew, fueled by the buzzing between her thighs; fueled even more powerfully by the sheer helplessness of her situation. Never before had she been rendered so completely without control, and she reveled in it. Unable to move or control her body, she turned inward, seeking that place she knew awaited her. Almost immediately, it seemed, she was there.

Sub space. That warm, almost magical place where only he could send her. Here, the world ceased to exist. Here there was only her, and she belonged only to him. Here, the fire of her passion became unleashed, coursing freely throughout her trembling, helpless body.

Then came the need. Slowly, almost unnoticed at first, fueling and fueled by her passion and her helplessness, it grew, tugging at her senses, making every sensation more acute. It was a need for release. Not release from her bonds. This need was for the release of orgasm. Lying helpless, with only the buzzing of the butterfly and the throb of her clamped nipples for company, the need slowly began to control her.

Soon, her body began to twitch, long, undulating tremors that passed along her wrapped form. Slowly, the twitching grew, until her whole body seemed to pulse as it struggled, not for freedom, but to cum.

Within, her world was darkness, shot through with the red flares of her desire, her need. Surely, she thought feverishly, this couldn’t last. Her need, so great now, could only find fulfillment in one way. Only his words could bring the release she so desperately craved.

For a second, she froze, then her struggles resumed, even stronger. His words! Without his permission, she couldn’t cum. But she couldn’t hear him! How could she cum if she couldn’t hear him tell her to?

Somehow, this thought drove her need even higher, causing her to thrash in her bonds. Trapped, unable to move, speak, see, hear, unable to cum, the realization drove her passions higher than she’d ever dreamed possible, until she felt that she must surely explode.

Somehow, through the sensations that bombarded her, she felt a soft touch at the side of her head, a slight easing of the tightness there. She could feel the pad drawn away from her left ear, not much, just enough that she could hear the words she so desperately craved.

“Cum for me, my love.”

At these words, she exploded. Her body writhed and twisted, her helplessness seeming to amplify the force of her orgasm. Over and over the waves engulfed her, pounded her, shattered her into a million pieces. Slowly, the fire built until, with one final, searing flash, it carried her away.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, she opened her eyes. Her head, she discovered, had been freed, but her body remained in it’s tight cocoon. Nestled between her thighs, the butterfly now lay silent, and the clamps no longer adorned her nipples. Glancing over, she found him sitting beside her, smiling gently.

“Welcome back,” he said softly.

Her lips moved, but no sound emerged. It was as if she lacked the strength even to form words. He smiled his understanding and simply watched as her body, the nerves overloaded by the force of her orgasm, occasionally sent spasms racing through her. It was as if her body, unable to handle the full power of her release, had locked her nerves at the moment of orgasm. Now, those nerves seemed to be sending periodic bursts of delayed pleasure through her, causing her to twitch helplessly in her bonds.

Eventually, the spasms slowed, then ceased, leaving her laying limp. Slowly, her lips moved, as she summoned the strength to whisper the only words that seemed to matter.

“Thank you Master.”

Smiling, he stretched out beside her, drawing her helpless body to him and holding her. Smiling, safe in her bonds, safer still in his embrace, she closed her eyes and let another kind of darkness take her. But even as sleep claimed her, she wondered, would he unwrap her now, or would he send her, once more, to that special place. Her body shivered slightly at the thought, then relaxed into the sleep of one totally fulfilled.


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