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Hero and Villain

by XVX

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© Copyright 2014 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; captive; bagged; cocoon; mc; cond; superheros; telepathy; bond; chairtie; climax; cons/nc; X

She could not move. She wanted to. But could not.

The blindfold and muzzle. The tightness of the mummy like bag that held her limbs. All suppressed her desire to be free.

A light came on seeping through the blindfold.

"Good morning Ms. Lake." said a voice she despised. Simon. Cerebral Simon.


"Yes. I Know. But you are recovering. Well some say it is recovering. Your hate of me is the last shred of defenses you have left. In fact I wanted to start the day a little early."

"It has been sixty days. Two month since you were declared dead and me murdered. My masterwork of a plan."

"Do you mind if I do a little boasting. We seldom talk. Or rather I do most of the talking anyway. It focuses my mind. "


"That was a nasty thought. Oh well. I want to review. I will be gauging your responses to my prattling so in time I can map your brain. Know all the secrets. Secrets you might know about your boyfriend. Superior Man."

"As you know we share a common origin. He was the high school jock. I was a typical genus nerd. That explosion that killed dozens yet he and I survived."

"He became a flying, nigh invulnerable over muscled brute while I was able to lift things with my mind and telepathically control people."

"But every time he and met. Some X-factor thwarted me. I realized that his body and mind adapt to the situation. Much like calling a play at the line of scrimmage. However after a long period of my absences he seems to reset back to his regular annoying ham fisted way. If I encountered him too quickly. My mind control had little effect."

"I realized I was fighting him on his level. Trying to match brawn for brawn. I needed another tact. Trying to control Superior Man was a great effort and I could not keep it up. No. I needed a new approach. I need to attack him at his heart."

"So I experimented with my powers. Expanding them. I found I could alter the perception of a person slightly. Make them see what I wanted to see. I knew that I would have one chance with Superior Man with my expanded abilities. "

"I have placed a great deal of thought and planning into one moment. I needed to draw you in. Even my most trusted minion. Gromet. He was unaware of my overall plan. "

"So as our hero burst in to save you. I had video camera recording and broadcasting to a live feed over the internet. What the public saw was me willing to surrender. What Superior Man saw was you connected to some machine that would make you have my very same power."

"Superior Man then followed a mild suggestion of an action I knew he would take if prompted. He destroyed the machine. In reality I had you tied to a chair surrounded by gasoline and dynamite next to me. He used his heat vision to destroy the machine but in reality he ignited the gasoline and the building blew up."

"Ahh! But he did not see the trap door we were on. It would take split second timing. I admit we did cut it a bit close. Your hair is growing back nicely."


"It is looking good. Short hair is all the rage I understand. You see I had this revelation. What is a hero without a villain. Just a caped clown that signs autographs at strip malls and car dealerships. I could just vanish and go underground. But I wanted more. I wanted to hurt him in a way he could never suspect."

"Even now he pines away. Unrequited love. They are wondering if he could be trusted. The city has asked him to stand down. Oh yes. What will the people do?"

"Now of course we have not been idle. Oh no. I feed and care for you as he never has. Each day I control your mind and lead you through a rigorous exercise program. You look stunning. Perfect body. Perfect mind. Then I put you to bed. Held tight in a restrictive binding and blind you. Deny you speech. You are hearing me in your mind. You are deaf to the world. Slowly I have been able to enter the deepest pathways of your brain. It takes time. You will be mine Ms Lake."

"As for this moment. I want you fight me. Summon all your will. I need to break your defenses down. Then when you have nothing left. I will make you mine. You will dress in the sexiest slutty clothing. You will be my sex slave. A woman who will do as I ask because my will is everything to her. Even kill. You hear and obey. I will not be ignored like I was in high school."

"You see I have something for you. Allow me to demonstrate."

Bethany Lake felt a growing orgasm. It built up slowly. Like a rising tide. Her body twisted about in her cocoon of sexual ecstasy.

She did not know how long it lasted but she wanted to ride that wave again.

"You liked that. I can tell. But it is time to put you to work…."


Matt was tired and just wanted to lie down. Work was a drag and he could not be Superior Man. A court injunction was against him.

Beth. How he wished he could have that moment back. I was one year to the day. Why? Why?

There was knock at the door that brought him out of his funk.

Matt could not believe his eyes when he opened it. It looked like Beth but she looked like a second street hooker.


Then Matt was hit with a mental attack. He fell to his knees, His head pounded. It did not feel like Simon. This came from Beth. She was trying to kill him.

"Goodbye Matt." She said.


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