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Hi There!

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2006 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/?; slave; bond; latex; wrap; bandages; casket; encased; buried; cons; X

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Oh, hello there!

Who am I you ask? Oh, no one in particular. My name's not important, considering where I am right now.

Where am I you might ask? Well, that's simple. I'm currently ten feet underground, lying inside a casket. Oh, and I should also mention that i'm mummified from head to toe in four layers of white bandages.

What am I doing down here? Oh my, what a story. Best to go back to the beginning...

For the past five years of my life, I've... I'm sorry, was, a slave to the most wonderful man i've ever met. I was homeless at the time and down on my luck.

One day I woke up to the cold air and started walking through the country, trying to see if there was someplace out here where I could belong. I passed by a large house about five miles out of town, surrounded by endless fields of grass.

He was reading on the front porch when he saw me. I must have looked pathetic, with filthy clothes, a distant, gazed look, and the general impression of one who has nothing left.

But instead of just watching me, he went out and asked if I needed a place to stay. I was so delighted that I immediately said yes. And so he took me in, gave me a place to stay, food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, and most importantly... his love.

After just a month, my love for him overwhelmed me. I told him I would gladly do anything he asked me to. My love for him was so deep that I would follow him to the ends of the earth.

He was so surprised and delighted at my proposal. He gladly accepted my offer and I thus became his personal slave.

Unlike many of those sex stories you read about on the internet, our relationship was one of love, trust, and friendship. I was all too happy to constantly wear that latex body suit, the corset, and the gag. When he gave me his love, when he held me, stroked, and kissed me, I sometimes thought I would die from happiness.

And I wasn't forced to do anything. When he cuffed my latex covered ankles in the morning, he would often ask me if I preferred the narrow, modern style of cuffs, or the old, clasp type (if you're curious, I always chose the clasp. So containing!). He would then smile and lovingly cuff me, then hug and kiss me, telling me that I was so beautiful to him.

Every night after the day was finished, he would wrap me up, either in blankets, comforters, or whatever was on hand. When I was finished, I was little more then a pillow for him to rest his head on. But he called me his beloved teddy bear. He would often go to sleep, holding my wrapped and tied form to his chest.

I never slept better in all my life then when I was wrapped and held by him.

Our next five years together were ones of supreme happiness and devotion to each other. A few other slaves came in as well, but they became part of our family, our beloved sisters and brothers. He loved us all unconditionally. He always had a smile, a grin, or a joke to share with us.

And of course, he had his love.

But... sometimes life can be cruel.

My master died a week ago. He died of a heart attack. It was during the night, when all of us were asleep in master's bed. While the others held master while they slept, master had wrapped and held me while both of us slept.

When I woke up, I found that master was gone. All of us, his slaves, cried for hours, clutching the body of the wonderful man who had given us so much, had given so freely without thinking of getting anything back.

Yesterday, we had the funeral. We lay our beloved master to rest. But it was not a single funeral. For it was a double funeral.

I had known master the longest out of all of us. I love him so much that I can't stand to be without him. I long to feel his arms around me again. And I felt weak, very weak. Deep down, I know that my time on this earth is very limited. The end was coming, and coming very soon. So I talked to my fellow slaves, and we came to an agreement. I would follow my master to the grave.

The night before the funeral, I took off my clothes for the last time in my life, and lay down on a table. My fellow slaves came to me, and they gently bound and wrapped me in these bandages that now contain me.

I was wrapped head to toe in four layers of these soft, smooth bandages. When the last strip was stitched in, and when I lay still, I was ready to be buried with master. Such an honor was given to me.

My fellow slaves carried my bound and mummified form to the backyard, where we would bury master. I did not see any of this, for my eyes are sealed forever behind these wrappings.

I was placed into a plain wooden coffin that I had picked out the night before. The other slaves were very gentle as they lay me down, tucked me in, and placed a pillow under my head.

I was comfortable, and I was calm as they placed the lid onto my coffin, and nailed it down.

I heard little of what happened next, though I can easily see it. I was lowered into the deep grave that had been dug. I was to lie at the bottom. When the coffin came to rest on the earth, my master’s coffin was lowered onto mine.

When both coffins were in the grave, dirt and earth were poured on. This went on for an hour, until at last both master and I were sealed in.

That was yesterday. Now, I lie here in my coffin, bound and wrapped to the point of immobility, just as master always wanted. I am at peace here, wrapped and secured. I cannot move, nor will my body ever move again. These bandages are comfortable, warm, and soothing. I feel very safe, very protected. I am safe within my cocoon.

And though my body may be still forevermore, I have found a freedom that few have, or ever, will find.

So that’s my story. Do you like it? I hope you do. Do you think I’m mad? I wouldn’t be surprised if you think so. But you do not know the true depths of love, love that one is willing to die for.

How much longer will I last here in my private coffin? I do not know. Probably another day or two. After that I will slowly slip away from this physical life and re-join my earthly master on the other side. Already he has come to me. I've felt his presence, felt his warm touch on my shoulder.

I've felt peace and happiness, the kind that I only got when he was with me. And i've heard him too. When I was dozing a few minutes ago, before you came down here, I saw him in a dream. He was just as he was in life. Happy, caring, and loving. He was so delighted to see me. He told me that I would be with him in heaven soon, where we could be together forever if we wished. With the love that I felt, I have no doubt that it was him.

What of the other slaves you ask? Well, we talked before I was wrapped and buried, and they all agreed that when the next one was close to dying, the others would bury him or her in this same grave, on top of us. The process will continue until all of us are together again in this grave.

But for now, this is a private place with my lover and master. Though he has passed on, I still love him dearly. And I will soon be with him, and we will be together in love forever. I suppose you’ll be wanting to leave now. After all, it is quite dark in here. I don’t mind it, but you might.

Oh, so you’re going? Very well. I hope you have a happy and enjoyable life ahead of you. May you find much love from others, and may you give love as well. A person gave love to me, and I was truly blessed.

Oh, one more thing. Before you go, could you please rub my crotch? Yes, I know it sounds weird, but… well…y ou know…

Ohh, oh yes! Oh yes, pleasesseeeee keep doing thatttttt…. OH! OH! OH!


Phew… thanks. You have no idea how incredible that was. I think… *gasp* I’m going to sleep now.

Goodbye, and farewell!


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