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Holiday to Remember

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; prepare; enema; insert; intubate; resin; bodymod; wrap; bandages; mask; display; encase; stuck; cons; XX

As we all know the home of the mummy is Egypt so a trip to see the mummies in the Cairo Museum is the dream of most people who are into Mummification, While visiting if you where offered the chance to become a mummy would you considerate an opportunity to turn your dream into reality, Or could your dream become a nightmare.

It was a Trip of a lifetime. A visit to Egypt, it had always been a dream of mine. I was travailing by myself, today I was visiting the Cairo Museum. The bus pulled up in the coach park, I walked from there to the main entrance of the Museum I paid the entrance fee and walked in to another world. It was an unbelievable sight the giant statues stared down at me, I turned to the right and made my way to the Tutankhamen room. Tutankhamens gold mask stood in the centre of the room were ever I walked the eyes seemed to follow me, I now made my way to the section of the museum that held the Mummies.

One has to pay extra to enter I presented my ticket to the attendant and entered, The first mummy I saw was queen Trye. I was the only person in the room I looked at the Queen she seemed so life-like it was as if she was alive, her eyes seemed to be looking at me it was a strange feeling. The next exhibit was the body of Queen Smenkhkare. The mummies were not as I imagined them at all, they were not dusty or in a state of disrepair, but perfect, I gazed down at the bodes as I moved around the hall, the one thing that struck me was you looked at body's like King Tutankhamen and they seemed rather battered and lifeless but the Queens were perfect. I made my way back to the first Mummy Queen Trye, instead of being completely bound in bandages as I imagined, you could see the shape of her body it was perfect even through it was completely wrapped in bandages it seemed as if she was moulded into shape, her breasts and hips and those eyes it was as if she was watching me.

I lent over the barrier and felt the bindings, it was like touching something made of glass or hard solid fabric, I then touched those starring eyes they were smooth and felt like glass. At that point a voice behind me made me jump, "Can I help you madam?"

I turned quickly, behind me was a pleasant looking middle aged gent. He introduced himself to me as Mr. Habish, the head of mummy research and restoration and enquired if there was any thing he could help me with. I started to explain how surprised I was to see the Queens in such good condition, I went on to explain I was on holiday from England by myself and it had been a dream of mine to visit the Cairo Museum as I am very interested in mummification. Mr. Habish was a very friendly man and showed me all the exhibits in detail, he looked at his watch, "Oh dear! I must go, I have a appointment but perhaps you would like to call again tomorrow and I will show you the rest of the research department" I thanked him and promised to return the following day.

The next day the morning was spent wandering around the Cairo markets buying the odd souvenirs, In the afternoon as promised I revisited the Museum Mr. Habish came out of his office to greet me, as he was showing me around the huge building he asked what I liked best. "It had to be the mummies", I replied, "back home I had this fantasy about being mummified".

Mr. Habish smiled, "Perhaps you would like to see how we prepare the mummies for our displays and perhaps try on some of their clothes?" I hastily agreed, this was more than I could have hoped for it was a dream come true.

We went through a door marked private, several people were working on artifices of various types, we then came to a door in the far wall we entered a large well lit room there was a vast amount of computer equipment down one wall. Mr. Habish showed me some of the original gowns that had been restored, they were beautiful and the workmanship was out of this world. "Why don't you try them on?" he said. I did not need telling twice, the gown was a dream to wear.

"Well" I said, "this is as close as I will ever get be being a mummy I suppose." He looked surprised.

"Do I take it by your last remark that you would like to be mummified?"

"Well I would like to be mummified as long as I could come back, I would not like it to be a permanent thing." I said smiling.

Mr. Habish smiled, "I think I may be able to help you achieve your dream, you commented yesterday how real and lifelike the princesses looked. Well the reason for that is they are living!" I must have looked a little surprised. He went on to explain, "Like minded people such as yourself quite often have the urge to be mummified and due to new technology we are able to put people into suspended animation and they will be fed with special concentrated compounds that produce no waste and yet keep the body in tip top condition, we are also able to stimulate their bodies so all your physical and mental needs are dealt with, in fact" he went on, "they will be better looked after than in real life and they will be on display in our central hall as a centre of attraction and you can see all that's going on and watch the people admiring you and you will be able to hear there comments on how beautiful you look. As you commented the eyes on the first mummy seemed to follow you they did they are real live people living out there fantasies."

Jenny thought about it for a while, what a way to end the holiday to spend the last week as a real mummy in the Cairo Museum before returning home. She looked at Mr. Habish, "Yes I think its a great opportunity, what do we do first?"

Mr. Habish smiled, "Well we have to prepare your body by cleaning out all traces of food and all unnecessary solids, pump in a little compound that will help sustain your body, it may be a little unpleasant and perhaps a little unsettling. Then we bind you up in bandages just as the real mummies were, fit a Death mask and place you in the hall. We could get started right away if you are really keen."

Jenny smiled, "I suppose I should jump at it in case I get cold feet, after all it is a opportunity of a life time."

Jenny was led through to the far end of the research department, Mr. Habish smiled, "I will get my two assistants to come and help you prepare."

Within a couple of minutes two young Egyptian women appeared, the elder of the two introduced herself as Doctor Moshed, "I am here to help you prepare for mummification. Now the first thing may appear a little embarrassing but it is essential, we would like you to strip off and allow us to swab your complete body with an anti-biological compound to kill off any harmful bacteria." Jenny had no problem with this as she understood all about bacteria being a nurse. Doctor Moshed and her assistant swabbed every inch of Jenny's body with the solution, far from being embarrassing it was a bit of a turn on. After about five minutes the two women had finished.

Dr Moshed now asked Jenny to lie on a examination couch she produced two tablets and asked Jenny to swallow them, which she did.

"What were the tablets for?" Jenny asked.

Dr Moshed smiled, "Oh nothing really, they are to knock out all your reflexes and eliminate your ability to move legs, arms or any part of your body but they will not affect your respiratory system or heart, it is our way of making you relax."

Jenny was a little alarmed at all movement being eliminated but I suppose the Doctor knows what she is doing and after all it is only for a week. The Doctor lifted Jenny's hand, "Can you grip my finger or wave your hand or move any part of your body?" Jenny tried to grip the Doctors finger but the tablets had taken their effect her hand was as limp as a dead person and was completely useless, all movement in the rest of her body had been completely eliminated.

The Doctor and her assistant now gowned up and put on surgical masks, Jenny was rolled onto her side and a tube was fitted into her rectum, the assistant pressed a switch on a console covered with flashing lights switches and buttons, instantly a warm liquid was being pumped into her she could feel her rectum swelling then the liquid was sucked out removing most of the solids. This process was repeated six times, each time penetrating further and deeper into her body and dissolving and removing anything it came across inside the intestines, after the last lot had been sucked out Jenny was laid down flat on her tummy, her head and neck were supported in a sort of frame so her nose was not being pressed into the table the assistant now moved a wheeled trolley to the side of the Doctor.

On it were several medical instruments, the Doctor felt along the top of Jenny's spine until she located two vertebra just above the shoulders, a needle was inserted with a local anaesthetic then a small incision across the spine. The Doctor made several more incisions around the spine till the two vertebra were exposed, a small stainless spreader device was applied to the two vertebra, as the Doctor rotated a small screw the two vertebra were stretched apart exposing the spinal cord the doctor now painted the cord with an adhesive resin then a minute electronic devise was placed against the cord. After about two minutes the resin had dried Jenny could feel them working on her back but had no idea what was going on, the doctor now undid the spreader allowing the two vertebra to close together one hundred c.c.'s of solidifying solution was now poured around the exposed spine solidifying within minutes sealing the two vertebra and the electronic devise forever, the skin was pulled together and stitched.

Jenny's body was rolled over she was now lying on her back, the tube still inserted in her rectum, Jenny tried to speak but found her tongue and mouth were also paralysed. The Doctor now lifted Jenny's head placing a shaped block under her neck then lowering her head so it was cranked backwards, straightening the throat. The doctor explained to Jenny that they had inserted a small devise under the skin on her back, there was no sense in alarming her with details but the devise will transmit messages to stimulate parts of your body as we think fit.

She now inserted a tube into Jenny's mouth down her throat and into her stomach, instantly the tube started to suck the contents of the digestive cavity out, then a flushing solution was pumped in. This was repeated several times until nothing remained in her. The same treatment was performed in her vagina washing out any trace of body fluid's. A second tube was inserted inside the vagina and up into the bladder this was drained of all liquid then flushed out six times the tube was left in place.

Jenny was getting a little alarmed at what was taking place to her body but could not do anything about it or even speak, Doctor Moshed lent over her, "Do not worry Jenny this part is almost finished. We are now going to pump into you a clear jelly like solution into your stomach, it will be slowly pumped in till your complete gastric system, that's your stomach, intestines, colon, upper and lower bowel & bladder and all other organs along the way are full of the mixture after about ten minutes the solution will start to solidify till it is quite solid. This will prevent parts of your body sagging with you laying down for so long."

The next second a machine could be heard pumping, Jenny became aware of the solution being pumped into her it was a warm and relaxing feeling. The Doctor and her assistant massaged Jenny's body helping to push the solution through her system, in no time at all it was being drawn out of her rectum with the last remaining bits of digested food and other solids, the assistant now plugged the rectum to stop any further leakage and to allow the passageways to fill completely after a few minutes had passed the Doctor placed her hand on to Jenny's tummy and with her fingers could feel the solid object that was now Jenny's stomach.

The Doctor now pressed two tubes down Jenny's nostrils and into her respiratory tract, a small inflation devise was fitted to the tubes and was inflated around the two tubes blocking off the airway completely, so from now on the only air to reach Jenny's lungs would pass through the two tubes. The solution being pumped into her had completely filled her system and was backing up from the stomach it was only then the pump was switched off and the tube into her stomach was removed. She could feel the assistant holding her tongue with a pair of grips and painting it with a type of adhesive resin she then pressed the tongue against the bottom of Jenny's mouth, for about thirty seconds till the resin set and the tongue was glued firmly in place.

"There," said the assistant "there is no fear of that dropping into your throat and choking you!" She now removed the shaped block from behind Jenny's head aligning the head straight in line with the body.

The assistant now produced a jug of the solidifying solution pulling on Jenny's lower jaw to hold it open and poured it in Jenny's mouth, the solution flowed slowly down Jenny's throat filling on top of what had all ready been pumped in, then over flowing into the airway till it reached the inflation devise around the two tubes in the respiratory tract stopping it from flowing into the lungs the liquid now backed up till it reached the back of her throat. The assistant now closed Jenny's jaw, painting the teeth with the clear resin solution and held it shut for about two minutes until it had set solid.

The Doctor now lent over Jenny and drilled a five mm hole through one of her front teeth, a small tube was inserted and more solution was inserted to completely fill the mouth cavity, some of the excess solution squeezed out before setting between the teeth. This was quickly wiped up the assistant and after about two minutes she pulled the lips open and checked the jaw was completely sealed and glued solid, odd traces of the glue that had leaked through the gaps in her teeth and set were removed with the aid of a dentists drill, she then picked up a small paint brush and painted inside Jenny's cheeks and the inside of the lips with the adhesive resin then closed the lips and held them in a faint smiling position till the risen set.

Jenny could not do anything, her complete body was paralysed as the solution inside her set it seemed to expand slightly and felt pleasantly warm she wondered what was going to happen next. She did not have to wait long, the Doctor and her assistant now turned there attention to her vagina, the tube still in her bladder was now was subjected to the same treatment being filled with the solidifying solution then withdrawing the tube once full and allowing the solution in the bladder to set for a few minutes.

The vagina was now opened up and her clit was teased out of its protective sheath, it was then trapped by a small clamp stopping it retracting back into the safety of the sheath, a scalpel was produced and the top of the clitoris was lanced. A very small electronic device was injected into the end of the clitoris with the aid of a hypodermic needle. Now Jenny may have had all movement repressed but the pain of the injection caused her to black out. Before the clamp was removed from the clitoris, the sheath was painted with the solidifying solution and the clitoris was stretched as far out as possible till the solution set, the head of the clitoris had become a little swollen after the injection and was now painted with the solution and allowed to set.

The clamp was removed, the devise inside her clitoris would cause her to be stimulated about once every three hours to help prevent boredom, the clitoris was now standing well outside the sheath due to the resin, As she regained conscious she was aware the assistant was pumping more of the solidifying solution into her vagina, Jenny could feel the liquid searching out and filling every crevice within her. The tube was then withdrawn then the entrance to the vagina was sealed shut with tape to stop any leakage.

Jenny now had a metal cradle fitted around her head, then she was now lifted from the couch by the doctor and her assistant and stood up, after attaching a wire rope to the top of the cradle to hold her upright and stop her falling over, Jenny was standing upright unable to move. The Doctor now inserted several needles into Jenny's main arteries, to these needles thin tubes were attached and would supply her with all the nutriment needed to sustain life.

The assistant now proceeded to bandage Jenny's body starting at the feet with resin soaked bandages, working her way up the body smoothing them out as she progressed. On reaching the top of Jenny's legs the assistant stopped bandaging, she now removed the tape sealing the entrance to the vagina, to stop the solidifying solution leaking out she pulled the lip to one side of the vagina and pressed her finger inside against the now glass hard solution that filled the inside, she then reached down and with a small paint brush painted the inside of the lips with resin then allowing the lips to close she held them in place till the resin had set she then painted several coats of the resin along the hardly visible entrance, from this point on the entrance to the vagina was sealed for ever.

She looked up at Jenny smiled and said, "There we are, there's no fear of any one making you pregnant now Jenny." Then she continued up the body to the breasts with the resin bandages then stopped.

The Doctor now came over, "Well Jenny we are nearly finished there is a couple of little things we have to do before we finish the bindings. If you lie for a long period of time on your back your boobs will flatten, so I am going to give them a little support by introducing a central core to support them."

At that moment the assistant passed a a large hyperemic syringe to the doctor. The Doctor held Jenny's perfect if slightly long nipple between her finger and thumb stretching the breast outward away from the body then pressed the hypodermic needle into the end of the nipple through the complete breast to the chest wall, Jenny's head was reeling with the pain, the Doctor now started to inject the solidifying solution in to the breast withdrawing at the same time, as she withdrew the needle she kept inserting more solution this left a central core of the solution in the breast from the chest wall to the end of the nipple.

The nipple was held pulling outward from the body to help achieve a better shape and after two minutes the doctor let go of the nipple, the breast stayed in the same position due to the solid core within, the same treatment was applied to the other breast it had certainly improved Jenny's small breasts. The Doctor and the assistant admired the finished work.

Then the assistant said, "She has very long Nipples compared to the size of her breasts, you do not see many women with nipples as long as that!"

The Doctor looked at the Protruding nipples and agreed, "I think you are right we should remove about just over half."

Jenny was not happy at the last remark but was unable to do any thing about it the assistant appeared with a tray, the Doctor lifted a scalpel from the tray and cut around the nipple but due to the hard plastic core could not remove the end, she then reached down and picked up a small hacksaw and cut through the plastic core so removing half the nipple. The same was done to the other breast. "There that's better!" she said. The assistant now continued with the resin soaked bandages up and around the breasts and up to the neck.

Jenny now looked like a mummy, her resin encased body was glistening in the light the assistant knocked the resin with her knuckles, it was as hard as steel and glass-like in appearance. The Doctor said, "Just finish her off and we will put her on display."

The assistant fetched a stool and stood on it so she looked down on Jenny, she removed the cradle from around Jenny's head, the Doctor held Jenny's ridged body to stop her falling over and the assistant started to shave all of Jenny's hair off, the head was then painted with a chemical that would kill off all the hair roots to stop any regrowth. The assistant now encased the complete head in the resin soaked bandages leaving just the breathing tubes and the eyes visible.

As Jenny was laid on the trolley that was to take her to the central hall the Doctor lent over her, lifted her eye lids and held them apart with finger and thumb and dried the eyes with a soft cloth, then with the aid of a small hypodermic squirted all around and over the eye with solidifying solution then dropping the eye lids back in place holding them in the open position till the solution set, "That should keep your eyes sparkling for you Jenny."

The museum was closed as they wheeled Jenny out into the central hall, she was laid next to Queen Tyre. A gold Death mask was brought over and placed over Jenny's head and pressed down till her head was totally enclosed, there was a loud permanent click as the mask locked into place, the two breathing tubes were connected to a airway inside the mask the eye holes in the mask matched up perfectly with Jenny's eyes, she could see surprisingly clearly considering her eyes were coated in the now solid solution. This surly was the ultimate dream thought Jenny for the next week people will come and gaze at me as if I was a real queen. The doctor looked down at Jenny and said, "We will let you get some sleep now Jenny as you have a big day tomorrow being your first day on show."

The Doctor and Mr. Habish admired their latest exhibit, as they turned and walked away the Doctor looked at Mr. Habish, "We did a really good job on Jenny, theoretically she should last for ever, but I still find it hard to believe these young so called intelligent girls come here wanting to be mummified and allow themselves to become mummified as a permanent exhibit on display here! Do they really believe in their wildest dreams that after spending so much time working on them and turning them into a work of art we were ever going to release them, even if it was theoretically possible."


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