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Hosed Honeys

by infest

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© Copyright 2020 - infest - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/m; pantyhose; nylons; catsuit; sheath; hood; oral; climax; sex; cocoon; mast; cockring; first; cons; X

Recap: This is a story about kinky encasement pantyhose sex. A girl from my college class wants to explore her kinky side with me and my girlfriend.

Part 1: “Bored”

I swiped my student card as I passed the cashier in the canteen. Around dinner time it was usually quiet, with only a few students left, dispersed around the establishment. I liked it here. The food was on par, and we were on good terms with the staff. Isabelle followed me with her tray and we sat down at one of the corner tables.

“Quite a shitty exam. I don’t think I’ll pass this one” I talked with a mouthful of spaghetti.

“Nah, you’ll see. We’ll get lucky as last time with prof. Jones, I can feel it!” she exclaimed and proceeded to lick the cover lid of the strawberry yoghurt she just opened.

“You wish! For this one I think I’ll have to practice all the assignments more than the three weeks I’ve spent so far” I continued while washing down the acidic taste of the salad with juice.

“Less partying, more books!” she joked.

“Look who’s talking, party girl! I saw you last Saturday in “El’ Playa”. Bet you were talking with Mitch about the “very interesting” chapter of statistical model variations that will probably be on the oral exam next week. I, of course, wasn’t there, and I did not down those four beers, nor the vodka shot. No ma’am. “And I just gave her that sneaky grin.

“Yeah, that... You know that he’s the best, just until I sober up. But hey, I have needs! I saw you were there at the left booth with Carmen. She’s still doing that silly aerobic group?”

“You bet! And I completely approve. Keeps her in shape. And flexible. And I like that. You should give her a call.” As I finished, I gave her a wink, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough where I was heading. But this was Isabelle, she liked to be teased, because she always knew how to respond. Many did and still do try to pick her up. She crashes and burns them like hell, but she likes the challenge and the play.

“Oh yeah! I can bend like you wouldn’t believe!” She leaned closer to me so that no one couldn’t hear us.

“Nah. You strike me more like a lights off, under the blanket vanilla girl.” I just continued to tease, just like I did for the last three years since we somehow managed to pass the semesters together. Now I knew this would really upset her, because she maintains her appearance of a cool and trendy young woman. While she acts like she spins men around her fingers, I know for a fact that only two or three have really gotten to her, but those guys just play with her until they get bored. I knew she wanted more of life, but her nature wouldn’t allow it for her to properly move forward in that aspect. Forever young syndrome, or whatever. Regardless of that, as a good friend she was a charm, especially as she was a decent student, so we helped each other a lot. Carmen was a bit jealous of her in the beginning, but since then they even hang out together from time to time. It may seem strange, but during the time spent together we developed quite a bit of mutual respect, so we could talk freely about everything. Long hours at the boring classes and vacant in-betweens force young people to entertain themselves.

“Don’t you I can be as kinky as they get! You can’t name anything that I don’t know of!”

Now she returned the ball to test me. We’ve talked about sex practices in the past, verging somewhere between jokes and actual advice. As I didn’t believe that she is even close to my knowledge of all the crazy fetishes that exist, I proposed the following: “Well, as I still have some time before my bus leaves, let’s play a game. Something like truth or dare, but without dare. I’ll ask you a sex related question, and you can then ask me. We’ll see who can “outkink” whom. I think we’ll be done in no time.” I just laughed, also leaning towards her across the table.

“Oh, you’re on. Shoot!”

“Ok, I’ll start easy. Have you ever used a vibe?”

“Hah, I own two! My turn. Have you ever done it in a public place?”

“It was a quickie on the beach. I’ll admit it was pitch black and no one in sight, but it still counts. OK, now something harder. Were you ever blindfolded and gagged?” I saw her shifting in her chair thinking of an answer.

“I was both, but not at the same time. We’ll just agree that it counts! What about you? Were you ever bound and at the mercy of the other?” she smiled devilishly.

“I was tied to bed, but usually I’m the one doing the tying,” I returned a wink.

“Oh really, I think I’ll have to ask Carmen about that!” she laughed and teased me.

“Be my guest! Have you ever done a three-or-more-some?” I knew I got her here. She sat silent and just smiled at me, thinking.

“Almost. One time. It was some time ago.” It was clear that she still had some residual emotions from that event so I pressed on.

“Just of curiosity, the third party was male or female?”

She bit her lower lip and looked down, then back up to me. “A girl. And you don’t need to know anything more.” She smiled. “But that was two questions! Now I get two!”

“Oh no,” I pretended to look scared “Shoot.”

“Have you ever worn female clothes during sex?” I was shocked for a moment, as I do wear pantyhose, and they are regarded as a “female” garment, but more importantly, why would she ask me something like this? Unfortunately, before I could resemble my cool, she’d got me.

“I knew it! I could see it on your face. Spit it out, I want to know.” She was really into torturing me. If I’ve learned something in life, it’s that you don’t argue or ruin away from a bully. You just play along and they’ll lose interest.

“Yep I did. There, I told you I was kinkier than you!” and I just grinned confidently.

“Ok, ok, you win. Poor Carmen! Ha ha ha!”

“Oh, she’s really into my kinks, she even surprises me sometimes. I guess I’m a lucky guy!”

“So she’s fine if you come home with a nice dress and bra? Ha-ha!” I saw that she won’t let it go, so what the hell.

“Well actually, regarding the aforementioned clothes, there’s just one item actually that we “use” as we play.”

“Oh, yes?” she leaned closer again.

“I’ll tell you, but first tell me why did you even ask if I’d worn female clothes?”

“Well, you see… Last week you might have left your phone on the table when you went for a coke, and at that very moment a notification came from eBay that your items are shipping. I might have accidentally clicked on it, you know…” she was blushing.

“Oh really, so much for privacy these days! And what did you see?”

“Well, I saw some pantyhose and a leotard, and then closed it so as not to get caught looking.”

“And you thought…?”

“I thought that you were buying for Carmen, but on the other side, you can get pantyhose in every store, so why would one need to get them online?”

“Because some good quality brands you can’t get in regular stores.”

“So, you’re saying that those were for Carmen?”

“I’ll just say that those were bought for mutual pleasure” I said, and just continued to look in her eyes, waiting for her reaction.

“The pantyhose? For sex?”


“Like these?” She reached inside her pants and pulled up her waistband with her thumb just a bit above her pants, so I could see. It was nice to know that she wore some black pantyhose under her pants.

“Well, yeah. But we use only the sexy ones” I grinned.

“You mean like stockings?” she was puzzled.

“No, I mean like regular pantyhose, but they have to be really smooth and silky to the touch. Shiny too.”

“Ok, so you like, wear them, both? What’s the big deal?” she was inquisitive.

“The big deal?” I was avid. “There is no better feeling when making love while your skin is encased in a shiny silky layer of pleasure. When you feel the tightness of it on your whole body your senses are heightened and every touch becomes so much more sensual”. Her gaze was locked to mine and we sat in silence for like, 20 seconds.

“Ok, if you say so.” The skepticism was easily detectable in her voice, but I could see she was imagining it in her mind.

“Wait, what did you mean by whole body? Pantyhose cover your legs and butt”.

“Take your cell phone, open image search” she looked me a bit askew but did as I told her.

“I’m listening”.

“Enter pantyhose encasement sex”.

I did it. I told her. At that moment I was getting very nervous. What will she think of me? Of Carmen? Shit! The fetish clouded my judgement again.

The next few minutes I was slowly sipping my juice and tracked her facial expressions as her fingers slid over her phone. My hands were shaking. I couldn’t quite make out her thoughts as only her eyes shifted from a squint to wide open, while occasionally she’d bit her lower lip.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!” She exclaimed nervously while panicky pushing the volume down button on her phone. It may have taken her only two seconds to mute it but I could clearly hear a woman excitedly moaning from the speaker before it went silent.

“I said photos, not videos, you silly!” I tried to keep it cool, but damn, she was watching encasement videos across me! She smiled and checked if someone figured us out. She looked back at her phone in her lap and then turned it to me to take a glimpse of it. She found a hot well-known encasement sex clip I’ve blown many a load to. A hard erection was not a thing I’d planned, so I redirected my gaze back at her and gave her a wink.

“So you like that,” she kept her gaze on me as she put the phone away.

“You wouldn’t believe how good this feels until you try it out”, I blurted out, not being very convincing.

“Carmen too?”

“Skeptical at first, now she’s hooked as I am.”

“You know that now I have an image of you both dressed up in pantyhose.”

“I bet it looks hot! You should try it out.” I was teasing her.

“You’re a bastard, you know. You did this on purpose.” I could feel her harsh gaze.

“I’ve got you interested. Nice.” I still tried to play it cool. My heart was pounding.

“Yeah, knowing damn well that I can’t just try it out. Oh wait, I’ll just grab a guy and say, hey, let’s fuck, but you’ll have to wear my pantyhose from head to toe. He’ll think I’m loco!” and she kicked me under the table. “I'll get you back for that.”

Well, my secret was out, and I was worried, but I trusted her. As the last patron slammed the door as he left, we were startled back to reality. It was 7 pm so we returned the trays, did some more small talk while we went outside and each of us went home just like any other day.

Part 2: “Suntan”

“So, did you choose anything good?” I was browsing through the fridge, grabbing me a fresh pale ale.

“Nah, come here and help me out” Carmen was laying on the sofa and she played with the TV remote, browsing through the movie library.

While sipping the fine brew, I came and stood beside her, admiring her curves. She wore one of my t-shirts that fit her loosely, but oh my were her thighs defined in her shiny black opaque tights.

“Can I get a sip of that?”

“I don’t know... It’s damn smooth. Just too good to share, you know?” I gave her a wink.

“You really sure?” she gave me that sad puppy look.

“Nope. Mine.”

“Really? I know something much smoother”. Quickly she shifted herself towards me, leaned back and started to caress my thigh with her shiny black pantyhosed feet.

“Maybe... Still not selling”. She lifted her other leg so that she could work me with her both feet. As she felt up my growing bulge, I was mesmerized by her. With her legs slightly apart, I’d got a nice view of her ass and crotch, tightly encased behind the black nylon. I looked at her lower waist to check for panty lines but instead it looked like another middle seam was underneath.

“You got another hose beneath?”

She just smiled, and lowered her waistband a bit, just for me to see the waistband of the suntan hose underneath the black ones, all while stroking me with her feet. I’d become rock solid in the instant.
“I knew you’d like that.”

“I guess we’ll stay at home this evening.”

“You wanted to go out?”

“Not any more. Not. Any. More!”

Through the thin fabric of the t-shirt I could clearly see the contours of her nipples, so I guess she had the same thing in mind.

“Excellent!” She exclaimed while she jumped up, grabbed my beer and went to the kitchen table, “because we’re having guests.”

Now that was a surprise. “I don’t remember calling anyone.” I’ve leaned on the counter while she just smiled. “So, you’ve arranged something. Well there goes the other thing I had in mind for today.”

“I’ll make it up to you dear, don’t worry” she said playfully as she took the apple from the bowl and returned to me.

“So who’s coming?” I was inquiring as we sat together on the sofa.

“Oh it’s Isabelle, we’ve run into each other two days ago and went for a coffee. She promised she’ll come to visit today.”

“Well... OK, I guess. I wonder if she’d finished the assignment we talked about yesterday”. In that instant, I remembered that she is aware of our kinks. I could only hope that she’ll keep it to herself. Carmen would kill me if she knew I told that to somebody that knows us. Alas, now there was nothing I could do except making it worse so I decided not to think about it.

As I deducted that the fun time with Carmen has to be rescheduled and we can only wait for guests, we decided to kill the time with some blockbuster on Netflix. She cuddled up to me so I could caress her mesmerizing legs. I would spend more time following the shimmer from her thighs down to her reinforced toes than watching the screen. She knew what she was doing to me and liked every second of it.

We had watched maybe a half an hour into a movie as the doorbell rang. Carmen quickly put on some black high-waisted hot pants and her slippers and headed down the hallway.

“Oh, hi dear!” Carmen greeted her at the door.

“Hi guys!” Isabelle waved to me from the hallway and gave a short hug to Carmen.

“Hey, what’s up?” I waved back, put the remote on the table and went to greet her.

“Come, sit with us, we’re watching some sci-fi flick. You want something to drink?” Carmen was leading her. “I could love some red wine”.

“Red wine sounds perfect,” Isabelle said while she took off her shoes and sat down on the sofa. I got to the storage and took another nice bottle. Just with a few twists of the corkscrew the cork was out, and I poured the fragrant liquid into wide glasses.

“There, my ladies. I’ll stick to my brewsky.”

“Each to its own, cheers!” as Isabelle exclaimed the toast, I noticed that she was quite nervous. Strange, as it was much unlike her. Maybe something bothered her, so Carmen invited her.

After some small talk and few glasses, we all were in quite a good mood. I was partly listening to them, partly watching the movie, and partly checking Carmen’s legs, thinking of what I’ll do to her when we’ll be alone again. Isabell, on the other side, had a red sweater and tight black pants, her usual attire. While she looked a bit shaky at first, Isabelle was now completely relaxed and engaged in conversation with Carmen.

“I’m not a fashion guru, but that t-shirt is way too big for you” Isabelle laughed.

“I know, I took it from Dave. It really matches with my outfit.” Carmen smiled and looked at me.

“It’s a great outfit! And I like your pantyhose”, Isabelle shifted herself on the sofa. Suddenly, I shifted my focus to them.

“I know, right, so tight and shiny. Makes my legs really stand out. You know, they were a gift from Dave.”

“Oh, really? No guy ever bought hose for me.”

“They are a part of the usual attire we have at the aerobics class, and I wanted some nice ones for support. Told him he can pick a pair for me.”

“So he actually went to the store and bought them for you?”

“No, he ordered them online, like most of the hosiery I own.”

As they talked pantyhose, I was keenly listening, while at the same time pretending to watch the movie.

“So did you get the pair the sales girl recommended?”

“Yeah I did, I took the black ones” and she took off her cotton footsies so that we could see that her feet toes were indeed encased in sheer nylon material. I was starting to get really uncomfortable, yet at the same time quite aroused.

“How’s the fit?”

“Really good! And she wasn’t lying, those do feel quite nice.”

“Indeed, she knows a lot about pantyhose. Do they sag or stay in place like proper hose?”

“They seem to stay put. The wide waistband of the control top comes quite high and holds everything in nicely.”

“Splendid! I was planning to get myself a pair. I was wondering about the waistband and gusset type but unfortunately it can’t be seen on the packaging.”

“Oh, you wanna’ see?”

“Gladly, if you would be so kind!” I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears; Was I about to get a peek at a hot girl in hose? Here? Now?

To my complete astonishment, Isabelle slowly stood up and unbuttoned her pants. She held onto them for a few moments and then quickly took them off. I was speechless. Isabelle was standing there in her black control top hose just a meter and a half in front of me. I could see the shining light reflect from her reinforced toes all the way up to her waistband that was covered by her sweater. My heart almost gave up at the sight, but the shiny opaque fabric on her control top showed signs of her panty lines. Too bad she had panties underneath, I thought to myself. Well, you can’t have everything, but, nevertheless, even this is something to remember. Who’d know that she had such killer legs. Too bad she wears pants all the time.

“Gosh, those really look nice” Carmen exclaimed while examining Isabelle’s hosed figure. “Do they have a classic cotton crotch or a back panel?”

“I think that the panel comes at size four and above, and this is size three.” Isabelle turned around to display the seam that was splitting her juicy but cheeks. I don’t know if it’s the work of her hose, but her ass was quite on par with Carmen’s. At this moment, I was really hoping that I managed to hide my raging hardon as I changed my seating stance on the sofa.

There was a moment of piercing silence as Isabelle turned again to face us. Carmen quickly responded as she saw that she was quite anxious as she was hiding her gusset with palms crossed in front of her: “Come, let me show you my hose collection”.

As she took her by the hand and led her to our bedroom, she abruptly turned to me: “And you behave in the meantime, mister!”, and gave me a wink just before locking the bedroom door behind them.

Part 3: “The tease”

“Did you see it?” Carmen asked as she turned back to her.

“See what?” Isabelle was confused by the enigmatic question.

“The tent he’s forming in his pants! I thought he'd lose it when he saw you in pantyhose”.

“Now I get it! They really do a number on him, don’t they?” she laughed.

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe how much!”

“Then we sure did get him”.

“Yeah, we got him good. He must be squirming out there right now”.

“When you’ve asked me to help you to tease Dave for telling me about your thing, I never would have guessed that pantyhose could have such an effect on someone”.

“I’m glad I’ve convinced you otherwise. I’m in your debt. Besides, before you offered to show off the pantyhose I thought you wouldn’t go through with it.”

“I thought so too, but then I thought what the hell and now I’m glad I did it. Shit, I’ve left my pants on the sofa. I can’t walk like this in your apartment”.

“No worries, I’ll get them for you. But My dear, with such killer legs, you could walk like this anywhere”.

“Oh, thank you” Isabelle blushed a bit, “but you can’t complain either!”

“This is the power of layers, girl” Carmen pinched her hose at her knee, pulling the top nylon layer away from her leg with her fingers. “They shade my legs perfectly black, beige or bronze as the occasion demands, hide all the blemishes, and sculpt them in shape.”

I thought that your pantyhose have an odd color and texture. You are wearing two pairs?”

“I do that often, one for support and the other for the shine, especially when it’s colder.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that you’re always in pantyhose, no matter the temperature. I bet they cost you a fortune with all the runs?”

“Well, the better ones do last longer. Dave already thinks I’m showing you my hose assortment, you want to see them for real?”


Isabelle sat on the king sized bed while Carmen took a big plastic bag full of pantyhose from the closet and emptied it on the bed.

“That’s a lot of hose you got there! I don’t even own a third of it.” Isabelle was surprised.

“Those are just the suntan ones, my dear” Carmen laughed. “Feel free to check them out”.

“Those are really nice! I love the shine and the texture” Isabelle was sliding some pairs on her hands to check them out. She checked some other pairs as well, but then, one particular pair caught her attention. “And what do we have here?” Isabelle singled out a pair. “I see the cotton crotch has been nicely cut out on this pair”, she gave a wink to Carmen.

“So you weren’t pulling tricks on me, you really do it in pantyhose?”

“Yeah. It’s quite amazing once you get the hang of it.”

“But I don’t get it, it’s just pantyhose!?”

“Well they really rev him up. I’ve never seen somebody get so hard so quickly. Cums harder too, and most importantly, he recovers in no time. At first, I didn’t get it either, but his lust was making me horny so I went along. After a while I realized that I also became hooked. I must have subconsciously connected hose with sex, and it’s a real power trip since.”

“OK. But don’t they itch and get in the way?”

“I thought so too, but Dave told me to get rid of my old pantyhose and bought me new ones. At first, I was angry that he spent so much money on them, but when I put them on, I could understand why. Those feel like a second skin, like a protective layer that warms you and caresses your whole body. Your touch senses are heightened, especially when both are wearing. As for getting in the way, you just have to make sure they fit and that the gusset is large enough”.

“Oh…” Isabelle’s voice was drifting away while she gazed at the silky suntan pair in her hands.
“Is something wrong Isabelle?”

“No… I… I’m just happy that you found something that fulfills you both….”

Carmen sensed that Isabelle was feeling a bit down. After all, Isabelle hadn't had a steady relationship for years now, so could only imagine the devotion and affinity she and Dave shared. Quickly she thought of a way to cheer her up. “You know, if you feel up to it, we could change the plan and tease Dave even further!”

“Count me in!” her mood improved instantly, “what did you have in mind?”

“Well we told him that I’m showing you my pantyhose collection, right? Let’s change into different hose and ask him to choose which are sexier!”

“Oh you’re a bad girl! Pick some for us!”

“You want black or skin tone?” Carmen was holding some pairs in her hands.

“I’ll stick to black”.

“OK, then I’ll take a suntan pair”

Carmen gave Isabelle black Wolford neon’s, and took a gobi variety for herself.

“Wow, those are really nice. The legs and feet are even pre-formed.” Isabelle was checking the pair for a few moments, then she swiftly took off the hose she was wearing. At the same time, she noticed that when Carmen took off her hot pants and black hose, she kept the suntan pair on. The pantyhose had a beautiful oil shine effect and were quite high waisted. They were so sheer that without the shine and the waistband, one would have to look hard to notice she wore them. The gusset was round but unusually large and made of the same material as the rest of her hose. At that moment Isabelle realized Carmen wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“So, you’ll keep the suntan ones you already have underneath?”

“Yeah, they keep me tight and shiny. Besides, those are Dave’s favorite” Carmen slid her fingers from her thigh down to the knee. Then, when she rolled up the legs of the Wolfords to put on, Isabelle checked again to confirm that Carmen wasn’t wearing any panties under the suntan pair. She’d already pulled one hose leg above her knee, but she paused for a bit.

“Oh god, they’re so silky, like a velvet skin…” Then she rolled up the other leg to the shadow toes but paused again. “So… You don’t wear any panties or did I miss something?”

“Oh no, they just get in the way. Those pantyhose are so silky and smooth that I prefer it this way. It’s also a bit of a turn-on, if you know what I mean.”

“The ones I own are not so soft on the skin…”

“You never wore hose commando style? You’re missing out, dear.” Carmen was happily explaining as she was pulling up the waistband of her shiny suntan Wolfords.

“I’m also worried that the hose are too revealing, you know.”

“No way, look,” Carmen turned to her on the bed and spread her legs wide. “It is opaque and will completely cover your pussy and ass”. She slid her fingers over her gusset and then made a slow circle along the gusset seam. Isabelle was trying to keep it cool, but the sight of a girl maybe even more beautiful than her, spreading her shiny legs and practically touching herself made her heart beat twice as fast. As she had pulled the waistband of her hose up high before, the gusset sat firmly against her skin and even showed a glimpse of the shape of her labia. She could even notice the gusset seam of the pantyhose Carmen wore underneath, as it was bigger and wider.

“But it’s just my opinion, and you know I like a little bit of kink” Carmen laughed.

“Oh, I’m no prude either!” Isabelle rose just a bit to quickly remove her panties before she rolled up the other hose leg.

“I’m not looking” Carmen was smiling and peeking while pretending to have her eyes closed.

“You think I’m embarrassed? I could even ditch the shirt and go out just in my bra and hose! There!” She took off her sweater to expose her lovely bust that was secured in place by a black bra.

“Oh yeah? And what about like this? I bet you’ll chicken up!” Carmen dug deeper into the pile, and pulled out another suntan pair, however this one had the cotton gusset cleanly cut out. Quickly she turned her back to Isabelle, and Dave’s loose shirt was off. She pushed her arms into the pantyhose legs and expertly pulled her head through the crotch and lowered her waistband down.

“There we go.”

She turned around and finished adjusting her waistbands so that they overlapped a few centimeters. The 40 denier hose were a bit opaque, but her areolas and nipples were easy to distinguish.

Without hesitation, Isabelle raised her left eyebrow: “Black pair, please. With the opening.”

Carmen gave her a grin and took the black Wolfords from the pile in the closet. “There, not too sheer, not too opaque, but shiny as fuck!” With her pantyhosed hands she had already rolled up a leg when she stood in front of Isabelle who, in the meantime, took off her bra. Her sizable, round and perky tits were ready to be encased in shiny nylon.

“Arms front!” Carmen commanded as she pulled the hose along her hands.

“Arms up” Carmen instructed as she lowered the waistband over Isabelle’s head.

“You’re quite the expert, aren’t you? Isabelle smirked.

“You could say that I did this a few times” Carmen winked. As her head was through the gusset, she stood up so that Carmen could help her to align the seams and waistbands.

“Funny. My tits are flat now”.

“Yeah, but your nipples are sticking out proudly. I guess it doesn’t feel bad.”

“Feels tight. But nice and silky. It tingles a bit. And stop looking at my breasts!”

“Only if you stop checking mine out! So, ready to blow his mind?”

“Oh shit, I have to show myself like this?”

“I knew it!”

“Shut up, I’m going!”

Part 4: “Showcase”

I was fucking berserk. They’ve locked themselves in the bedroom while I’m out here alone. They probably try on pantyhose! Shit. Should I go listen in at the door? I’m no kid. What would I say if they’d suddenly open the door and found me crouched at the door handle? I’d better watch the movie so that this boner goes away. Damn it, hope Isabelle didn’t catch it. Carmen knew exactly what she did to me! I’ll get her good later. I should better get another… OH… SHIT!

I wasn’t sure If I was seeing correctly, or if the beer had gotten to me. They came out of the room and slowly and seductively walked towards my sofa. I was paralyzed. I’ve seen Carmen encased many times before, but having another girl encased beside her was quite a ride. What I found most delightful and shocking at the same time is that Isabelle didn’t have her panties underneath anymore. If I’m right, those aren’t even the same hose anymore. They both changed them. How did Carmen get her into it? She must have told her something about our games, did she? Okay Dave, play it cool. Play it cool. This is your chance.

“So Dave,” Carmen was sliding her pantyhosed palm over her outer thigh, “we were looking for some nice hose for going out tonight, but we have a quandary. We can’t decide whether we should wear suntan or black pantyhose, and we got a bit carried away. Can you tell us your opinion?” Carmen was hot and seductive as ever, but damn! Isabelle was also freakin’ hot. She tried to play it cool but I could see that she was nervous from the way she covered herself with her hose-covered hands.

Is this a trick? Should I make a move? OK, I’ll just keep playing their game and see what they’ve got.

“Well, I like the black hose a lot, but suntan is my favorite shade, so I choose that.”

“Oh I won!” Carmen exclaimed. “Let’s get dressed.” And she pulled Isabelle by her hand back to the bedroom. I heard them mentioning matching dresses and shoes before the door was locked again.

“The fuck?”

I was furious. I had a raging boner. I wanted to fuck them into oblivion! And now what? They present them like… like that, and now we go out? I don’t want to go out. Shit. I could break something. The movie was ending, and I switched to the ball game to cool off. I couldn’t even get ready to go out as my clothes were in there too. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and wipe off the precum that was forming on my cock as it withered. What a mindfuck. Imagine if I made a move on Isabelle. Then I remembered that Isabelle was also using her hand to hide her gusset. Fuck, she didn’t wear any underwear this time! “Oh, I don’t know how she got her into this, but Carmen will pay for this torture!”

“Have you seen his face!?” Carmen exclaimed.

“You mean when we got in the room or when we went away?” they both laughed.

“Not so loud, he’ll hear us laughing!”

“He was like a kid that had just dropped his ice cream.”

“Yeah, I’ll never hear the end of it, you know. But it was totally worth it.”

“I saw him trying to shift to hide his boner again. Do pantyhose really turn him on that much?”

“Yeah, if I feel horny, this is my go-to outfit. Makes him ready in no time.”

Isabelle sat again on the bed and took some black hose from the pile to examine.

“Ok, so how does this nylon encasement sex thing work? I mean, if I may ask, since you started the subject already. I imagine you wear hose like we are wearing now, but a crotchless version.”

“Basically, we take several pairs of pantyhose, bodystockings and catsuits. Then, depending on the mood we could layer them up on our legs, arms and heads. Often, we incorporate some toys or bondage if we feel like it.”

“I see.” As Isabelle continued to examine the black pair Carmen sensed that maybe she could reformulate the reasons behind our fetish.

“Ok, I’ll explain it in another way. Take the hose you are currently wearing for example. How do they feel?”

“They feel good, I guess…”

“They make you feel tight and protected, yet also exposed and vulnerable. The shine and smoothness casts an image of a sex goddess. The fabric provides a heightened sense to touch. And the semi transparency, especially if you wore a mask, gives a dash of mystique. And as the fabric is so skintight, every curve of your body is emphasized. Also, if you would layer this up, the tightness simulates a whole-body bondage, so all your senses are amplified.”

“Well, now when you say it like that, I do feel a bit amped-up wearing this! So, all I need are several of those Ouvert pantyhose?”

“Only your imagination is the limiting factor here. You can buy crotchless hose, or cut them yourself. They don’t even have to have holes: I can’t count the times I got off myself in seamless pantyhose and a hosed vibe or magic wand,” Carmen smiled.

“I heard about those. Aren’t they expensive?”

“Some are, but worth every dime” Carmen opened a drawer and took out a Fatal Neon pair. “Those are my favorite brand, if you want to check them out”.

Isabelle was amazed by the shine of the received pair. “Those are really glossy. Damn, there are indeed no seams here. Aren’t they a bit too small?”

“That’s the key, those stretch like hell, so they are amazing for toys and foreplay.”

“Can I try them on?”

“Oh, sure, be my guest!” Isabelle quickly took off the hose on her legs, and began to expertly roll up the legs of the seamless pair, despite that her fingers were trapped in pantyhose. Soon her legs were encased in the shiny delicate fabric up to her thighs, so she stood up to pull up and adjust the wide waistband.

“I can see why you like them. They feel like a breeze on the skin”.

“Told you so”.

Isabelle slid her fingers down her legs all the way below her knees, then backed up along her inner thighs. Then she faced Carmen.

“Is my pussy showing through?”

“Just a bit. You’d have to spread your legs wide for someone to get a good peek,” Carmen laughed, “but they are quite a bit revealing.”

Isabelle lied back on the bed and lifted her knees up to her chest. With one hand she held her left knee, and with the other she covered her pussy.

“You mean like this?” She looked at Carmen who had her gaze set between Isabelle’s legs, and continued without waiting for an answer, “So, let me get this straight. Dave told me about the pantyhose games you play, and you confirmed that he wasn’t just messing with me. Moreover, you invited me to tease him in return. And now, I’m in your flat, encased in sensational pantyhose without any underwear, while your boyfriend is having a massive boner behind the door. Even more, I’m wearing a pair in which you’ve cummed before, right?”

“Well I… I’m sorry if I made this awkward. I thought…” Carmen was a bit on the edge now, not knowing what her guest’s intentions are. Her eyes kept shifting between Isabelle’s eyes and crotch. Slowly Isabelle moved her hosed hand up to support her right knee. Now her lips were on full display through the seamless nylon. As Carmen couldn’t take her eyes off her, a growing darker spot started to dull the shine of her pantyhose, indicating that her pussy was dripping wet inside.

“Do you want to... I mean, have you ever... touched another woman before?” Isabelle asked.
Suddenly Carmen was shocked by the question. “No... I mean... Do... Do you want to be...?”
The girls sat on the bed silently for a few seconds just staring at each other. Carmen slowly stretched out her pantyhosed hand to cup Isabelle’s left thigh, sliding her hand up and down. “Oh God, you’re completely wet…”

Isabelle just left out a moan and grabbed her hand with her own. “Don’t stop...”

The girls started to lightly touch each other, which turned to gentle caresses. Bit by bit they explored their pantyhosed bodies as they fell flat on the bed full of pantyhose. Their hosed hands soon found their way all over their bodies, legs, breast, neck, lips... Carmen sensed that her guest was ready for more, so she got on her knees and turned around to get into a 69 position over Isabelle, teasing her by swaying her bottom.

“It’s not fair, you have two pairs of pantyhose on, I can’t lick you proper...” Isabelle couldn’t finish the sentence as Carmen lowered her crotch onto her face. At the same time, she buried her face between Isabelle’s legs, basking her senses in the mixture of warm pussy juices and the scent of the thin nylon fabric. The stretchy nylon conformed easily to Isabelle’s pussy lips under the relentless workmanship of Carmen’s tongue. Overwhelmed by the licking sensation, Isabelle had a hard time to focus on Carmen’s gusset. Despite this, Carmen was grinding herself and enjoying the wetness and warmth of her mouth between her legs.

After several minutes of the sensual licking, Carmen turned around to face Isabelle, finally allowing her to catch some breath. She locked on her gaze as she used her hosed index and middle finger to slowly circle and rub Isabelle’s clitoris. The pleasure bud reacted happily to the nylon friction and she soon came in a pre-cum state. The fingers went a bit down to find the entrance of her pantyhosed pussy.

“Now I will pinch and pull the hose so that we get some leeway here” Carmen was lustfully pulling the seamless fabric of Isabelle’s hose between her fingers. Now she could easily push her pantyhosed fingers almost all the way through the seamless hose inside her pussy. Slowly at first, but picking up the pace, her fingers went deeper bit by bit with every move. As Isabelle’s moans became louder and faster, she knew that the peak was near, so she used her thumb to stimulate the clit as well. After several hard, rhythmic spasms of the vulva and increased wetness followed by shallow breaths she knew that Isabelle was cumming hard, and she liked it. Finally, she gave her a few moments to recompose herself.

“That was fucking amazing!”

“Told you, girl.”

Isabelle moved closer to Carmen and started to caress her pantyhosed tits. “Shouldn’t you also change into seamless pantyhose so I can return the favor?”

“I’d love to, but I think that we should include someone that, by now, has some serious blue balls issues. What do you think?”

“Do I get to see Dave in pantyhose?”

“Oh, you’d like that?”

“Well, it’s only fair that after all this I get a glimpse.”

“A glimpse? We could make him our encased nylon slave tonight if we want!”

“Let’s put him in pantyhose then!” Isabelle met her gaze in delight.

Carmen stood up but suddenly stopped and turned to Isabelle: “Just so you know… I’m on a pill so we don’t use or even have rubber condoms.”

“That sucks, cause I don’t have any with me either. But wait, are you actually saying that you’d be ok with me fucking Dave?”

“Would you rather sit on the sidelines or join in on the fun?”

“You know I’m already fuckin’ wet, thanks to you!”

“Right on girl, let me just find something appropriate for him and we’re set”. Carmen searched a bit in a nylon pile and in the wardrobe until she had singled out some additional pairs.

“Now just follow my lead” Carmen said while she took several pairs in her hand and moved to the door.

Part 5: “Slippery”

I heard the bedroom door opening. A nylon goddess came out. A second one followed her. They took slow, seductive steps as they approached me. Silence was disturbed only by the ball game on tv that, in this moment, no one here cared about any more. Then I saw that Isabelle was wearing a seamless pair. She was wet between her legs so I could easily make out her pussy lips. There was also a dark spot on Carmen’s gusset. This can only mean one thing. Unless I come in my boxer shorts beforehand.

“Now, dear” she talked to me “you see, I’ve heard you’ve been pretty talkative with Isabelle last Monday, haven’t you?”

I started to put it together now. “I might have said this or that...”

“You’re a bad boy, and you know that girls talk. We’re lucky that Isabelle is our good friend. Imagine if this got out.”

“Well I didn’t...”

“Silence! We will both punish you tonight.” I was a bit perplexed.

“Because of you, Isabelle here now needs her nylon therapy. And you, mister, will be our pantyhose slave. Your sole task is to please us and do as we command, is that clear?”

“Um…Yes ma’am!”

“Very well, now put all those pantyhose on! On the double, slave!” Carmen threw the hose at me and gave me a wink.

“We await you eagerly in the bedroom. Don’t make us play alone, ‘cause we won’t wait long!”

They went across the room as if it were a catwalk, and they were the models. Hot pantyhose models, in this case. Meanwhile, I made a quick inspection of the bunch I was given. One black nylon 80 den catsuit. Very shiny, with feet, gloves and hood attached. The hood has eye and mouth opening, and there’s also a crotch zipper, as well as the main one on the back. One suntan stocking, and one suntan pair with sheath.

I quickly undressed, and rolled up the legs of the sheathed hose. After many years, I got the hang to putting on pantyhose in no time. My stiff member was eagerly awaiting its nylon layer hardening even more in the process. The black catsuit was next, and once you are wearing some hose, the next layer just slides on effortlessly. It took some time to adjust the gloves, but once I was satisfied, the stocking was next. The single stocking was, of course, for my head. With it set, I pulled the hood over my head and closed the back zipper to secure it all. The suit was quite tight fitting, so it emphasized my body, and tucked my belly in a bit to look sharper. As I’d already wasted too much time, I headed for the open bedroom door.

As I got there, two nylon angels were lying on a bed filled with several pantyhose. They caressed each other with their shiny hosed bodies intertwined. A sight to behold and remember.

“About time!” Carmen broke off and sat on the bed edge. Isabelle followed her by sitting beside her. “Damn! That shiny catsuit fits him nicely. Kinky. I like it.” Isabelle was ogling me. She definitely saw my nylon bulge as she gave me a wink.

“Kneel here!” Carmen pointed at the floor beside the bed. “You will worship our legs!”

As they pressed their feet in my face and chest, I started to caress them and suck on their shiny pantyhosed toes through my mask. I saw them kissing passionately as they were lying on the bead next to one another. Every time Isabelle shifted her legs, I was trying to catch a glimpse of her pussy through the seamless hose, but to no avail.

“I see that we have some activity here” Carmen exclaimed as she started to rub my shiny bulge with her foot. Isabelle didn’t waste a moment to join in as well.

“We’ll need to explore this phenomenon further. Come here so we can take a better look.” They moved apart so I could lie between them on my back as Carmen suggested.

Now the caressing properly started. Their pantyhosed hands were all over me. As I caressed their faces and tits they would occasionally slide their hands and legs over my tent, making me even harder in anticipation.

“I think I have identified the problem” Carmen was rubbing her hand across my member trapped in the catsuit.

“The problem seems to be very big and hard,” Isabelle added as she also felt the whole length of my cock from the tip to the balls through the catsuit.

“We must take care of it immediately! Would you please do the honors of releasing it from his confines?” Carmen pointed at the zipper.

“Gladly!” Isabelle pinched and slowly opened the zipper just enough to expose my pantyhosed cock and balls.

“Oh, he’s wearing pantyhose on his cock?” Isabelle exclaimed while grabbing my cock at the base and caressing it with her other hand. The tip of the pantyhose sheath was already wet with my pre-cum.

“No, he’s actually wearing special pantyhose underneath.”


“I’ll show you”. Carmen took another bag out of the closet and took out some pantyhose. She took a really sheer and shiny suntan pair and stretched out the panty part.

“Here, look, they have an attached sheath for his cock. He is wearing a similar pair.” Isabelle took the hose and sled her fingers over the delicate fabric.

“There’s even an extension for the balls. So, this is like, for foreplay?”

“Foreplay, sucking, fucking… whatever we want! We use nylon instead of rubber condoms.”

“Wait, so he actually fucks you with this on?”

“Didn’t I just make you cum with my hosed fingers through your pantyhose?”

“Oh, and some!”

“So you’ve got to lube the nylon sheath up a bit first, or it becomes slippery if he cums in it after a blowjob. Then it’s go time; I can cum multiple times easily from the nylon on nylon friction. Even thinking about his nylon clad cock makes me horny again.”

“I see. Fits him nice and tight.” Isabelle was sliding her hosed hand over my shaft.

“And amplifies his sensations. I see that he’s liking it very much already. But we don’t want to spoil the fun too early.” Carmen took a cock ring and pushed it down to secure it at the base of my cock. Now I had a full raging hard-on as the blood was trapped at the base of my penis. The outlines of the glans clearly contoured the already tight shiny nylon sheath as it was stretched even more.

“What’s the purpose of that ring?”

“This will make him last much longer, and his cock will be harder. It also helps to secure the sheath in place.”

“Can he cum through the sheath?”

“The cockhead part of this sheath is reinforced so it will ooze slowly through. Look, it’s already wet from the precum below it!” Carmen laughed as she continued: “on several occasions when he wore a really sheer and thin sheath, he could shoot his cum right through the nylon fabric. However, I know he shoots the biggest loads when he’s balls deep in my pantyhose lined pussy, is that right nylon slave?” Carmen was slowly stroking my hosed cock as she grinned. She knew exactly how I liked it.
“Now let’s get it properly wet.”

Carmen took a single suntan and black stocking, and gave the black one to Isabelle: “this is for your face” and pulled her stocking over her head.

“Those have a lot of stretch, so your nose won’t be squashed” Carmen laughed “except when you give a deep blowjob!”

Isabelle also encased her face and gave Carmen a wink. “This feels funny. It tickles my nose!”

“Let the slave work his tongue on you while I take care of him” Carmen commanded.

Without hesitation, Isabelle positioned herself over me and I was finally greeted with her wet pussy lips behind a seamless nylon barrier. I didn’t have much time to properly examine Isabelle’s shaven labia, but it felt heavenly as she lowered herself on me, so I started to suck and lick like a madman. Meanwhile, Carmen grabbed my sheathed cock and started to lick it upwards along the shaft. After several good licks she held the base of the cock and began to suck the tip of my cock through her mask. Slowly she worked it up deeper and deeper into her pantyhosed mouth until the stretched nylon prevented further penetration. I felt the tight seal of her lips riding up and down my shaft, but the ring took care that I didn't get overexcited.

“There!” Carmen said after she was satisfied with her blowjob. “You also want a taste, Iz?”

“You bet I do!” Isabelle lifted herself from my face and took over my cock from Carmen. She instinctively gasped to suck my whole length, but was surprised as her mask prevented my cock from going deeper.

“Masked blowjob is a skill you learn with a lot of practice! I suggest you practice on some toys later.” Carmen laughed as she slowly stood up and took down her gobi Wolfords revealing again the suntan pair underneath. She lied on the bed and spread her hosed legs.

“Kneel here slave!” she ordered me while pointing at the rug in front of the bed. I obeyed, and she leaned back to support herself on her elbows while putting her shiny feet on my shoulders, providing me with a full view of her wet sheathed pussy.

“I’ll be needing some tongue attention here, slave.” Carmen pointed at her crotch for me while giving a wink to Isabelle.

“What kind of gusset is that?” Isabelle asked as she touched Carmen’s pussy through the shiny nylon.

“It’s similar to Dave’s, but the sheath here is wider and longer, and is positioned right between the legs over your pussy like a regular gusset so it goes in easily.”

“I found the gusset of your pantyhose a bit strange before when I saw you change, and now I know why,” Isabelle laughed.

“I knew you watched!” Carmen gave her a wink and continued “We fucked a lot through seamless pantyhose before, but they can stretch only so far, so he can’t fill me with his whole length. Those are way better.”

Not wanting her to wait long, I dug my face between Carmen’s thighs. I knew already how she liked her clit to be licked through her hose and I gave it all through my mask. After making the area even more wet with my tongue, I amped up the action by inserting my pantyhosed finger in her pussy sheath. Her muffled responses of approval could be heard as she was kissing Isabelle through their masks. I felt a hand caressing my head and pushing it harder against Carmen’s hosed cunt. It was Isabelle. The increased pressure set off a chain sequence that put Carmen into orgasmic state. As soon as the first contraction started, she interfered with my licking to push her fingers into her pussy. She knew exactly that her hosed pussy had to be filled, and clit rubbed to maximize the duration of the orgasm. Isabelle and I watched in awe as she rubbed several orgasms with her pantyhosed fingers deep inside her pussy.

Part 6: “Indulgence”

As she came back to her senses, Carmen lifted her legs again to present her soaked cunt to me: “I need your hard cock in me now!”

I didn’t waste a moment and aligned my rock-hard nylon member with her pantyhosed pussy. As the nylon fabric was soaking wet, my cockhead spread her lips with little effort as it went inside. With each thrust, the glossy fabric of her sheath stretched and flattened the contours of her pussy, while my cock went in deeper. After several thrusts, I was all the way in, to the cockring at the base.
Isabelle was enjoying the view as Carmen was moaning in pleasure. She cupped her hosed fingers over Carmen’s breast and rubbed her own clit through the sheathed crotch of her hose.

My pace was steady and firm, and I knew she likes a constant rhythm. I only started to push harder at the end, while keeping the pace as her familiar moans started. She was close to cumming. The pressure of her legs on the small of my back complimented her loud moans. Both Isabelle and me watched how my hosed cock glided into her pantyhose lined pussy because my precum and her juices lubed everything up nicely. In all the pleasure I lost track of time, but as her moans got louder, I knew the moment was here: I felt the contractions of her vulva on my cock as she exploded. The swishing sound of wet nylon on nylon rubbing drove me even more hard. I gave her my whole length while she orgasmed.

I was still rock hard when Carmen signaled me to stop. As my sheathed cock sled out of her pantyhosed pussy, part of her sheath also came out, but she had quickly reinserted it with her fingers.
“Fuck, that was good!” Carmen was still catching her breath.

“Oh, fuck it. I’ll take the morning after pill. I want to try this. Do you have a spare pair for me as well?” Isabelle was ardent.

“You can find those in the bottom-first drawer there,” Carmen was pointing at a wardrobe.

Isabelle eagerly took out a pair and examined it profoundly. After a close inspection of the attached nylon sheath she rushed to take off her seamless hose and put those on. Quickly but carefully she slid on the ultra sheer pantyhose, pulling the high waistband just under her tits.

“So, should I just push this in or?” She was fiddling with the sheath that was hanging beneath her legs.

“I usually use my vibe to push it all the way in, but now it’ll be faster if you just push it in a bit with your fingers and Dave will get it into place with his cock” Carmen explained.

“Mmmh…” Isabelle moaned as she used her fingers to push the nylon inside.

I lay on the bed on my back. Not wasting a single moment, Isabelle also lifted and repositioned herself in the cowgirl pose over me. Without a word she grabbed my cock, and after confirming it was still hard, she positioned her sheathed pussy over it.

“Wait up, let me lube it again a bit, it will slide better in” Carmen halted her while she poured a bit of lube to my cockhead while Isabelle held it. “There, rub the entrance of your pussy to make it super slippery, then you can start riding it.”

Isabelle lowered her pussy slowly onto my cock, and soon the tip was already inside her.

“Now slow and steady, with each thrust he will align your sheath into position inside you until his cock fills you completely.”

“Mmmmmh…” Isabelle moaned and bit her lip as she expertly thrusted her pelvis. “I feel it going inside… Fuck, this feels good!”

Her pussy lips were clearly visible through the wet nylon encasing her labia as she was slowly riding me. Every time she went down, my cock went deeper in, lubricating her pussy. She totally liked the friction, so I was into her balls deep in no time.

“This feels fucking hot!” she moaned while increasing tempo and vigor. I held and caressed her firm pantyhosed tits as she rode me like hell. In that moment I saw Carmen behind us through my mask. She was recording us fucking with her mobile phone. Slowly she circled us, so Isabelle was coming into full frontal view.

“You like that pantyhosed cock, do you, you nylon slut!”

“Yes, fuck yes! Oh fuck, you’re taking pictures?” Isabelle exclaimed while she continued to pound me like a jackhammer.

“Yeah, show me how you ride that cock! I want to see you cum!” As Iz kissed me, she had to lean forward, so Carmen got a full view of her sheathed pussy riding my pantyhosed cock.

“You slut! Oh god! Oh god!” Isabelle increased her tempo and began to arch backwards as she was nearing her climax. Carmen immediately used the opportunity to get a few close ups of me filling her pussy. I felt her firm grasp on my thighs as Isabelle started to breathe fast and shallow while arching back. Carmen quickly found Isabelle’s clit through her sheath with her pantyhosed fingers and started to rub to stimulate her even more. “Ohhhh mmmmmmmm….” We knew she came good by the many spasms she exhibited while still mounted on my cock. Finally, I felt her grip loosen as she came back to her senses. As she slowly lifted herself up from my cock, her sheath stayed firmly stretched inside her pussy, wet and shiny from all the precum and lube.

“That was the best fuck ever!”

As soon as Isabelle got up, Carmen grabbed my cock to slide off the cock ring, still holding her phone.
“Do you want to cum, slave?”

“Yes mistress, please!” I begged for a release.

“Then show us your biggest load!”

I really wanted to use this opportunity to fill Isabelle’s hosed cunt, so I stood up by the bed.

“Please lie down on your back, mistress,” I spoke to Isabelle.

Immediately, she obeyed. The shine reflected off her pantyhose as I spread her legs and her wet pussy welcomed me. I put her legs on my shoulders as I was savoring the sight of my cock sliding again in her tight slippery nylon hole. Right from the start I went in full length as she let out a moan. I started slowly as I knew I wouldn’t last long without the cockring. The tension rose as I picked up the pace while her moans became higher and higher pitched, only this time I cared only for my own pleasure. The sound of nylon rubbing on nylon finally took me over the point of no return. The load that was about to explode was cultivated the whole freaking afternoon! I rammed her hard as I synchronized my thrusts with the spasms. The reinforced tip of my nylon penis sheath ballooned as I lost count of the times I cummed inside her nylon filled pussy.

“I want that nylon member sucked clean!” Carmen ordered her as I pulled out. I stood again by the bed as Isabelle sat on the edge. She held my cock firmly as her lips clasped around the head. As my cock was semi-hard, her sheer mask didn’t allow her to suck me properly. That was quickly remedied when I lifted her mask just enough so she could suck my cock. Promptly I filled her mouth again. As I felt her tongue caressing my glans as she sucked, the familiar rush came over me. I was getting harder again, so she grabbed the base of my cock with her hosed fingers to stroke it alongside her sucking. I felt my cock fully stretching my sheath again, so I pulled it out of her mouth, and lowered her mask as it was before. Only this time I grabbed the pantyhose on her cheeks, and stretched it fully over my pantyhosed cock. She was surprised a bit, but understood immediately that she has to continue to suck it through her mask. Her lips take it all in, but as I released the fabric, she also had to fight the stretch. And she did it like a pro. At the height of it, I erupted again while holding her head tight. I don’t know how much cum passed through the sheath and her mask, but she kept sucking and swallowing.

“Quite the expert!” Carmen commented. Sitting in a lotus pose, she rubbed her pussy while continuing to record.

Last drops were oozing out of my cock as Isabelle expertly worked it. Finally, I was done. The girls lied down next to me, one on each side. Carmen grabbed the sheet and covered us. We cuddled a bit, still in our pantyhose, and fell asleep. We woke up in, like, two hours. It was already midnight.

“My pantyhose gusset is still soaked” Isabelle exclaimed as she took off her mask

“Totally worth it” Carmen added.

I enjoyed the view as the girls took off their hose and replaced them with fresh ones, but only on their legs unfortunately.

“I’m glad you came by” Carmen turned to Isabelle who was pulling up her panties over her hose.

“It was freaking amazing! It seems that I’ll have to update my pantyhose collection.”

As we all agreed that it was late, Isabelle put on her clothes and thanked us again for the wonderful evening. As she went home, we hit the shower and went to sleep.

“Now that was the best gift I ever got in my life” I was caressing Carmen’s hair as she was lying next to me.

“Yeah, she’s a great girl. And I’ve got us a souvenir!”

“Oh yeah?” I was excited. Carmen took her phone and opened the gallery. She had a crisp video of encased Isabelle riding me and cumming from our encounter just hours ago. I took a screenshot of the part where she was sucking my hosed cock through her mask and sent it to her with the message “Welcome to the nylon club!”


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