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Hospital Visit

by JSmith7471

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© Copyright 2002 - JSmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/mf; wrap; bandages; hospital; gag; tease; torment; denial; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

“As Tatiana strained to look back over her shoulder, all the while struggling in her bonds. She saw two cloaked figures approaching her. Each figure carried rolls of cotton bandages. She knew that soon they would be covering her. Once that happened, her escape would be impossible.”

“Time for your pills Bob. Open wide.” Said Jill, his attending nurse on day shift, as she strolled into the room. She handed him the pills and a cup of water.

Bob quickly closed the folder containing the latest story he had been working on and placed it on the stand beside the bed, along with his other stories and notes. Jill stood and stared at him with her arms crossed, waiting for him to down the pills. He knew her stern look was a fake. She was actually quite nice. She had long red hair. With a typical redhead’s curvaceous body, cute pert breasts and a succulent round ass. He had been up in the Intensive Care Unit for the last two days because of a minor heart rhythm problem. Becky was back home taking care of her own mom, having chosen not to come, since Bob’s problem was minor. He had assured her he would be ok. This had, however, been a lonely hospital stay.  He was awaiting the results of some tests that would indicate if he was well enough to go home.

While he was chatting with Jill, two other nurses he had met earlier stopped by to see how he was doing.

Suddenly Dr. Nunzio, a partner in his cardiologist’s practice, came storming into the room. He strode directly up to Allison, the second shift nurse and began yelling in her face. “Why is he still here?” He demanded. “I left orders to transfer him to a general floor at 2:00PM. This patient should have been out of here by now.” He grabbed Bob’s chart from her hands and scrutinized it. “The medicine change I ordered isn’t shown on here either!”

Allison tried to explain that the move orders were submitted, but transport hadn’t shown up to take Bob to the other floor. She then told him that the medicine change had been implemented, it just hadn’t been noted on the chart yet. When she finished, he went off on her again. “ Is this any way to run an Intensive Care Unit? I want to speak to the head nurse!” he shouted. He continued on for about another minute. It was obvious to everyone that Allison was almost in tears.

Bob had had enough. “You know you’re in a hospital. The Intensive Care Unit to be specific.” Bob felt the volume in his voice creeping up as he continued. “Maybe you need to quiet down a bit! These nurses are doing a fine job and you, Dr. Nunzio, need to act a little more like a professional. I’m a manager myself. This is no way to behave! You should take someone aside to discipline them.”

The nurses all stared with their mouths open in surprise. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. After a very uncomfortable moment of silence, Dr. Nunzio stammered, “I’m sorry. You are of course correct. Allison, please accept my apologies.” He handed her Bob’s chart, turned and strode out of the room.

He had been gone about 30 seconds, when Jill exclaimed, “Oh my god! Did you see that? Bob, you took the wind right out of his sails. I’ve never seen that happen before!”  Allison had calmed down and commented, “Dr. Nunzio is really a nice guy. He just needs to slow down, instead of going 100 miles per hour, all the time. Thanks for what you did.” 

“No problem” Bob replied.

Michelle, a nurse from the main desk leaned into the door, “They should be ready to transport you down to the General Ward in a few minutes. Can you be packed up to go?”

“Sure.” Bob replied.

Jill and Allison helped Bob gather his things up and said their goodbyes. By 4:00PM, Bob was tucked into his new room. One or two more days of observation and he would be going home.

Later that evening, he walked over to his regulation hospital nightstand and opened the drawer looking for his story notes. After rooting thru the drawer’s contents for a moment, he realized that the folder was missing. He must have left it in his old room. Shit! His latest story, some old stories, old club correspondence and some scans off of various mummification sites were in there. Damn! If the nurses or cleaning people found it, this would be embarrassing. Becky would kill him. They both enjoyed their anonymity in the Mummification and Encasement Club. Bob went to bed that night feeling uneasy. Wondering how to ask for his material back.

He was awakened in the middle of the night by Lori, the night nurse. An attractive blonde, with small, round breasts and a trim figure. She took his pulse, his blood pressure (momentarily elevated), a sample of his blood and left him go back to sleep. As he nodded off, he could hear the nurses out at the main desk giggling and chattering loudly. Business as usual on the night shift. Wonder what they’re enjoying? Probably making fun of some poor, deserving doctor. What luck, Bob thought to himself. The last time he was in the hospital, he was attended by a bunch of older, matronly nurses. This time, nothing but cute hotties!

He woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed. Maybe one more day and night, and he would be going home. Breakfast was already coming thru the door, so he sat up, turned on the news and ate. “Finding everything ok, Mr. Stevens?” Asked the nurse. “Fine thanks.” Bob replied, noting her name as Darla. A buxom, shorthaired brunette.

After breakfast, Bob pushed the tray away and went to the bathroom to shower and clean up. He opened the nightstand drawer to grab his shaving kit. To his surprise, laying on top was his folder. Bob picked it up and flipped thru the papers, checking to see if everything was there. Bob breathed a sigh of relief as he accounted for all of it.

“Everything ok Bob?”

He almost jumped as he closed the folder and quickly shut the drawer. Turning, he saw Allison standing in the doorway.

“Yes, fine thanks.” He stammered. “How are you today? Any ill effects from your encounter with the doctor?”

“No.” She replied. “I did hear, thru the grapevine that this was probably your last night and wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Very seldom does anyone stick up for the nurses around here.” She walked over to him, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks again.” She turned and walked out of the door. Allison had shoulder length, straw colored blonde hair; about 5 foot 4 inches, nice sized breasts on an athletic, lean frame. What a cute ass, he thought to himself.

He couldn’t help but wonder who had returned his folder. How did they know who’s it was? More importantly, did they read it? At least he had it back. No sense in worrying about it. After he had cleaned up and changed, he spent the morning and afternoon watching tv, reading and writing more of his story.

About 4:00PM, Dr. Nunzio showed up to let Bob know that he would be discharged tomorrow at noon. No mention was made of yesterday’s incident, as he turned and walked out. Supper came and went with Bob becoming very anxious for tomorrows release. Later that evening Lori and Darla stopped in to check on him. They noticed his anxiousness and stayed for a while, talking and joking, trying to get him to relax. About 7:00PM, Darla left to get his pills. 

Bob turned to Lori and asked, “I thought Darla was on day shift? I’m surprised to see her here now.” 

“We had some extra duty tonight and she volunteered.” Replied Lori. Bob nodded in reply. Darla walked back in with his pills in a plastic cup and handed them to Bob. He noticed a new pink capsule in addition to his usual assortment. He asked what it was for. “It will help take the edge off of your anxiety. You’ll sleep better and be well rested for tomorrow.” Lori replied. The girls left and by 8:00PM, he had nodded off.

“Bob… Bob. Time to wake up.” He heard someone say softly. He felt a gentle nudge shaking his shoulder. Must be time for my pills, he thought. He opened his eyes and saw Jill and Darla looking down on him. The room lights were on, though dimmed and it was still dark outside the window. He thought he felt some activity or movement down around his legs. As consciousness returned, Bob went to speak, but only garbled noises came out. He sensed that his mouth was stuffed full of something. He then realized that he couldn’t move his arms, legs or anything else. He was totally immobile. The girls watched as his eyes widened in surprise. He began struggling, twisting, turning and moaning as he tried desperately to utter more than just useless sounds. Darla and Lori reached down to hold him still, as Jill suddenly moved into his field of view, to help them.

“It’s ok Bob. Relax and calm down.” Spoke Jill softly. “We wanted to repay you for sticking up for Allison yesterday. The best we had been able to originally come up with was a going away party. The word on what you had done has gotten around. Some of the other girls even volunteered to help with party preparations, when they found out. Then we found your folder. Some very interesting stuff in there. What an interesting lifestyle you have. I assume your wife participates also. You’re a very good author! The girls really enjoyed reading and looking over your stuff at the Nurse’s Station last night.”  She paused to give Bob a chance to digest what was happening. After a few moments, he had settled down.

Darla continued, “The pink capsule that I gave you last night, was a strong sedative. We wanted you out and resting well, while we prepared you.”

Bob cocked his head to the side questioningly. Jill went on, “Once you were out, we moved you out of your room into an unoccupied section of the floor. We didn’t want our plans to be interrupted. You’ll enjoy this. We followed the descriptions for mummification in your stories. Using our hospital issue elastic bandages, we’ve wrapped your arms and legs individually. Your fingers and hands have been wrapped into mitts. The brand of bandage we use is designed to stick to itself. The bandages were wound thru your crotch, around your ass and up your body to your neck. I hope you feel as tight, compressed and helpless as the characters in your stories.”

Bob was hypnotized by the softness of her voice and her description of his cocooning.

“We crossed your wrapped arms over your chest and then wrapped them securely to your chest, under at least 3 layers of bandages. We wanted your arms out of the way for the rest of your surprise.” Smiled Jill.

What more of a surprise could they have, Bob wondered. Up to now, his mummification was very tight. Actually, just tight enough to affect his ability to take a deep breath.

Jill continued, “That movement and jostling you probably felt in your legs when we first woke you, was Michelle and Allison finishing up wrapping your legs together. They did an excellent job! You’re now wound tightly and smoothly together in one solid cocoon of bandages. Oh. We also left your cock out. We wanted to be able to thank you properly and hopefully, keep you entertained. If your mouth feels a little full, that’s because we’ve packed it thoroughly with some cotton cloths and then taped it shut. Can’t have you moaning loud enough to draw attention. We used the same elastic bandages to wrap your head. Your nostrils are open, for obvious reasons and we left slits for your eyes, so you could see your own helpless confinement and add to your enjoyment.” Lori finished. “What do you think?”

Bob moaned, squirmed futilely, lifting his head and feet off of the bed a few times.

“Good.” smiled Jill. “You’re a sight in white, Bob. You may even pick up a few converts to your lifestyle over this.” A few of the girls chuckled.

Bob had been so involved in looking and listening to the girls standing to his left; he barely heard a female voice breath “I’m ready”. Bob saw Jill’s hand disappear out of his field of view, below his arms. He felt something very cool, her hand, wrap around his member. He was warm in the cocoon. Her cool held felt so good. Gently she started stroking him. He knew he was growing erect. A muffled groan escaped his lips. She stroked him for about a minute and stopped. Her finger touched the head and wiped off some of his juices. She looked at him and licked her finger, pushing it in past her lips.

Bob turned his head to the right and caught a glimpse of Allison lying on the bed beside him. “Let me help you Bob.” Said Jill as she operated the controls to raise the top of the bed. This propped him up enough to better see Allison and his erection pulsing in the air.

Allison was nude, lying on her back on the bed. Her breasts stuck out as firm round globes on her chest. Nipples erect. The soft, fine hairs on her stomach stood erect. Her chest moved up and down rapidly, due to her excitement. Anticipation of what was to come rising rapidly in her. It was obvious that Michelle was just finishing up shaving Allison’s mound.  After wiping it off with a hot towel, she dried it and then began rubbing some oil onto her mound and lips. Michelle’s fingers slid down over her Mons between her lips and entered her. Allison sucked a sudden breath in and whimpered. Her heaving chest rose and fell faster as her arousal increased. She cried out, begging Michelle not to stop, as she finally withdrew her fingers.

“Allison volunteered to be your reward. She told us that she’s been dripping wet, ever since she read your stories that night with us.” Explained Jill.
The other girls moved over to surround the bed that Allison lay on, while Jill stayed with Bob.

They each grabbed a roll of 6 inch bandages, from the large pile at the foot of the bed. Each of the girls seized one of Allison’s limbs and began carefully wrapping, starting at the fingers and toes. The bandages wound their way up her arms and legs to her torso. Each turn of the bandage was tight, overlapping the previous turn and neatly applied. Allison voiced her encouragement, making soft, pleasurable noises as the bandages rapidly encased her in the first of many layers. “ Make sure they are nice and tight!” she begged.

After a few moments of intense wrapping, the girls had worked they’re way up to her torso. Allison lifted her hips up off the bed, so the bandages could be wound around her ass, over her hips and thru her crotch. I noticed that the girls were careful not to cover her pussy lips in the process. The girls then sat her up, wrapped the sexy transition of her hips to her waist, continuing upward covering her ribs. The bandages wrapped around, over and criss-crossed between her breasts and up over her shoulders. Her breasts stuck almost straight out. So round and firm. They looked awesome in the confinement of the bandages.

“Look at the juices leaking out of her.” Commented Darla. Lori leaned down, gently spread Allison’s legs apart and dragged her tongue over Allison’s smooth, hairless mound. She moved the fleshy hood aside and sucked Allison’s clit into her mouth. Squeezing and manipulating it with her lips. Occasionally flicking it with her tongue. The tongue’s touch was as light as a butterfly’s wings. Allison’s tightly wound body arched off of the bed in a spasm of raw pleasure as the girls struggled to hold her down. Jill continued to casually stroke Bob’s cock while she watched Allison’s preparations.  Periodically, she would glance at his eyes, trying to gage his level of arousal. As if the pre-cum dripping out the tip and running down the sides of his cock were not enough of an indicator. 

Allison was rolled onto her stomach and her arms pulled behind her. Placing her hands palm to palm, they began by wrapping her hands into an inescapable pocket. He watched the bandages wind up her forearms, past her elbows as they met and up to her shoulders, forming a smooth white single sleeve that fused to the rest of her bandaged body. Allison quietly realized that she had reached the point of no return. She resisted this, for only a few seconds as the single-sleeve of bandages held her arms tightly together. She turned her head and looked at Bob and smiled, “Don’t worry, it’s ok, I want this.” she gasped. By now Allison’s reaction to being mummified and her arousal, were increasing. She was on sensory overload, moaning in pleasure as they rolled her on to her back.

Suddenly, Bob felt Jill’s warm, moist tongue and lips slip over the head of his cock. Slowly stroking the base of his cock with her hand, her tongue dragged round and round the head. Her lips nibbled on the sensitive underside. Fantastic sensations were screaming thru him. He struggled futilely, trying to get his cock away from her mouth. She kept this up until he thought that his pulsing cock was ready to explode. She would then pinch it tightly at the base to prevent his cumming. After he cooled down, she would repeat the process. Bob glanced over and saw that Allison’s mummification was continuing. The girls raised each individually wrapped leg into the air. Bent it at the knee and folded it back until her heel was tight against the back of her thigh.

They then wrapped bandages around her thigh and ankle to hold them in place. Allison was rolled onto each side in turn, to allow the legs to be encased completely. Her legs looked like compressed tree stumps. “When both legs are done, let’s put one more complete layer on her from her legs up to her neck. Making it as tight as possible.” commented Michelle. All the girls nodded in agreement.

As they started this final layer, every wrap that was applied utilized two girls to pull and stretch the bandage tight. Once they had wound the bandages around her hips, they placed Allison in a kneeling position on the bed and completed the final layer up to her neck. Her legs were spread with her pink, moist labia, so swollen and ready, contrasting with the stark white of the bandages. The juices covering her swollen lips created a shine that made them glow in the room’s light.

 Bob was so busy watching Allison’s preparations, he had forgotten about Jill. By now he was only half erect at best. His attention snapped back to his situation as she bent down and began sucking him again.

“This thing needs to be nice and hard for the next phase of our plan.” She commented with a wicked smile. Her tongue traced circles up and down his shaft, before she took him in completely. She rolled his sacs in her fingers, lightly caressing them. Almost tickling him. Always teasing, never long enough for him to cum. After a few more minutes of this, Jill stopped, certain his arousal had peaked. Forming a circle with her index finger and thumb, she slid it down the length of his cock, pushing the hairs to the base of it. With her other hand, she reached over to the nightstand and picked up a 1 ½ inch ACE bandage.

Holding the hair out of the way, she began wrapping his cock at the base. She stretched the bandage very tight as she wound her way up and down his shaft. She wrapped carefully around the head leaving a tip on the end about the size of a quarter exposed. When she was done, she stood back to admire her work. Bob’s cock was now about 2 inches or more in diameter over its entire length. “Only that small area is available for stimulation.” She told him. The feeling was exquisite. It was as if many hands were squeezing it all over. His cock throbbed, trying to expand the bandages, while the bandage compressed it right back in return. His swollen shaft almost ached with pleasure. This thing worked better than a cock ring, he thought to himself.

All of the other girls left Allison momentarily and gathered around Bob. Lori bent down and playfully licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. Bob just about went thru the roof  from the sensation. She then placed her hand around it, squeezing rhythmically and using her thumb to rub circles on the exposed tip. His precum made that easy. Bob moaned into his gag as the exquisite sensations started in his member and slowly traveled down and spread into his groin. “Does that feel nice?” Darla asked. “We weren’t sure if the ACE bandage would rob you of any sensation. Guess that won’t be a problem.” The girls all chuckled.

“Hey, what about me!” asked Allison. “I’m ready too you know!” The girls turned their attention back to their mummified friend. The linen sheet directly under her pussy was wet from her dripping juices. Michelle held Allison’s head still. Gripping it on each side, while Darla began packing wads of cotton cloth into every corner of her mouth. She finished off the gag with a few strips of adhesive tape, sealing her ruby red lips shut. Now with Allison totally silenced, the girls wrapped her head in the bandages. Leaving only her nostrils and eye slits open, as they had with Bob. She looked like a perfect female form. Smooth and white, not a wrinkle in the wrap. Tight, compressed and helpless.

During the head wrapping, Allison squirmed and moaned as Lori reached thru her legs from behind and played with her pussy. Allison’s squirming was almost hypnotic to watch, as she undulated back and forth, moaning into her tightly packed mouth. Lori walked over to Bob and wiped some of Allison’s pussy juice onto Bob’s nostrils. “You know she’s excited about being cocooned with you.”  What an arousing smell Bob thought to himself as he drew a long breath in and savored her scent.

“Looks like we’re ready Jill. How about you?” Asked Lori.

Jill glanced down at his pulsing member and gave it a firm squeeze. “Still erect and ready.” She replied. “The tight bandage is working better than a cock ring.” Jill then opened a condom and unrolled it down over Bob’s mummified member. She smeared some KY Jelly over the condom for lubrication. All the girls positioned themselves on either side of Allison’s bed. Three girls lifted her legs and one steadied her upper body and sheathed arms, as they carefully picked her up.

In unison, they walked over to the end of Bob’s bed and straddled her over it. Their intentions were immediately obvious. Allison’s eyes shifted nervously. She hummed into the gag. The girls moved up the bed and positioned her pussy over his cock. It was obvious they were straining to hold her up. With Jill guiding his cock like a joystick in some erotic video game, they slowly lowered Allison as his cock parted her moist lips.  Allison gasped as Bob’s thickened member parted her lips and slowly pushed into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head, while she uttered a low throaty grown. Bob had no idea that his cock could feel anymore squeezed as her pussy swallowed it completely.

The girls placed a foam pad under each of Allison’s legs to raise her kneeling position as she straddled his hips. This created some pumping room for her. They placed a thin leather belt around her shoulders, buckling it tightly. A rope was tied at the side of each shoulder and run down to the bed rail and secured. This would keep her from toppling over. Now the girls began caressing both of them. They especially focused on Allison’s breasts and her firm, round ass. 

“We are going to leave you two alone for awhile, to get acquainted. Feel free to enjoy each other. Do what you can. We’re not sure if you’ll both cum, but you should be very aroused in a half hour or so. Then we’ll be back” Jill smiled and winked to Bob as she turned and walked out the door. The others turned down and dimmed the lights as they filed out of the room. They both heard the door shut and lock.

Bob and Allison’s eyes met for a moment. Unspoken thoughts and emotions were exchanged in that moment. Bob began slowly pumping his hips. After a moment of this, he realized that Allison was in a better position to control their stimulation. She realized this quickly, after watching Bob’s efforts. He felt the muscles in her pussy begin squeezing his cock in a sensuous rhythm as she moved up and down on his shaft. Her body flexed at the waist and her breasts heaved as she concentrated on squeezing and releasing her pussy muscles to maximize the spreading sensations in both of them.

Bob’s hips twitched a bit as she slowly stroked them both. After about 10 minutes of this stimulation, Bob realized that though it felt incredible, the ACE bandage encasing his cock, wouldn’t allow quite enough stimulation through to let him cum. He suspected that Jill knew this all along and his not cumming, was part of the plan. He chuckled to himself. Here he lay, being pleasured by a beautiful woman, yet allowed no control. He felt like a massive sex toy.

After about 20 minutes, the constant teasing and arousal were taking its toll on Allison. They looked at each other, and he mmphed and gestured for her to not hold back any longer. He could tell that she was climbing to that ultimate peak of pleasure only a woman can know. Her head was now thrown back and she whimpered and screamed loudly into her gag as the first of multiple orgasms shook her body. Her breathing whistled in and out of her nose. Suddenly, the muscles in her pussy exploded, quivering and squeezing his cock uncontrollably. Sending thousands of sensations into his body along every nerve fiber. He was almost at his own peak, but it was not quite enough to push him over the top. Her pussy frantically continued to try to milk him.

Bob moaned loudly with the built up frustration of not being able to achieve his own release. After a few moments, Allison’s orgasms subsided and she slumped down on Bob. They exchanged knowing glances, she wordlessly thanked him, and he nodded in acknowledgement. Each then drifted off into their own world, wondering what would come next. 

“Bravo! Bravo!” Said Jill.  “What a show you two put on.” 

 Startled, they both turned to see Jill standing in the doorway. Her right hand down inside her scrub bottom. She was obviously fingering herself while watching. A small dark stain had spread on the green fabric at her crotch. How long had she been there, they wondered. Jill walked over to the bed, the other girls followed. “I hope you enjoyed yourself Allison. But all good things must come to an end. Let’s get her off of him and back onto her bed.” Ordered Jill.

Allison whined and shook her head no, as they prepared to lift her off of him. His member felt as if it were in a vice as she held onto him, her muscles tightly contracted. (What control she had.) Bob’s eyes locked onto hers and after a few seconds, he nodded his head that it was ok. She calmed down and allowed herself to be removed. Whimpering softly, as his cock slid out of her. She was placed on her back with pillows propping her up so her arms wouldn’t cramp or get sore and she’d be comfortable.

“Play with her as you like. Let her cum a few more times, but don’t unwrap her! Keep her secured.” Jill warned the other girls. “When we’re done, we’ll rewrap her legs together in a traditional fashion”. Darla and Michelle began squeezing and caressing her breasts, while Lori began licking her mound. In short order, Allison was back at a fever pitch of excitement. Satisfied with the girl’s efforts on Allison, Jill turned her attentions to Bob. 

“I’ve been waiting for you for two days you know.” She smiled and told him. Bob mmphed and nodded his acknowledgement. She began taking off her clothes. Her scrub top was pulled over her head. Her fingers slid under the waist band of her scrub bottoms and they slid down to the floor around her ankles. As she stepped out of them, she reached back and released her bra. Her shoulders hunched forward and her bra straps slipped down her arms, stopping at her elbows. She looked up at him and straightened slowly, as the bra fell to the floor. She looked incredible! Firm, round breasts, nipples erect, slight mound at her tummy (very sexy). She put one foot up on the edge of the bed and slid her white, silk thong down her legs. She stepped out of it. Her pussy was unshaven, but had only a thin line of red hair down the edges of her outer lips. Drops of her arousal were glistening in the hair.

She climbed up onto the bed and straddled his heavily mummified body, resting her bottom on his thighs. He grunted as she settled down. Her hands removed the condom. She gripped Bob’s shaft loosely and stroked it while rubbing the tip, in a circular motion with her thumb as before. She looked at him and whispered,  “Still hard after all this time. You need some release.” She whispered.

Bob began squirming and whimpering as she continued. He could hear Allison’s moaning in the background as the girls brought her to a fever pitch. Jill popped the grip clips on the ACE bandage and unwound it with an upward pull. Bob’s cock was free! The rush of cool air felt so good. She stroked him with her right hand, while playing with herself with the other. Her fingers dipped between her lips. They came out drenched with her moistness. She smeared this on his cock and raised herself up to a kneeling position. She was now directly over his throbbing cock.

Jill carefully lowered herself onto him. As his cock started into her, she gasped as the sensations shot thru her. She had been waiting for this since his first night here. She stopped as her pussy bottomed out against his balls. With the bandage gone, Bob was receiving all of the sensations at once. His mind reeled from the overload of fantastically pleasurable sensations that up to now, he had been denied. He felt himself becoming momentarily light headed. His cock throbbed and pulsed inside of her. They both moaned as Jill started squeezing his shaft with her vaginal muscles. Her body moved up and down in a slow rhythmic fashion.

Bob moaned into the packing in his mouth, the pleasure was over whelming. He had no idea he could be this aroused. He shook inside the confining cocoon of bandages. His head tossed from side to side. His eyes shut, he was in his own world. Every time she slowed down, he whimpered and pumped his hips because of the loss of sensation. Though he moved his hips a bit, he still could not maintain the movement. It was just not as effective as her motions. He looked at her and knew the pleasure was building in both of them. Her face was contorted in the throes of supreme pleasure. Head turning from side to side. Red hair being tossed around. Her breasts heaved as she gasped, trying to suck more air in.

Bob had held out as long as he could, but all the earlier teasing and stimulation now conspired against him. After about 10 minutes. He felt the sensation rapidly increasing in his groin. The mummification helped contain the building sensations and focus his eruption up thru his cock into her. His orgasm traveled upward, as he exploded into her. His moans and silent scream, penetrated the head wrapping and was probably heard out in the hallway, as the incredible sensations overtook him. He thought he would blackout from the lack of oxygen as he gasped for air thru his nose. His mummified form shuddered for almost a full minute, before steadying down. His breathing slowly returned to normal.

His orgasm triggered her release as she went rigid and screamed. “Yesss……..” She hissed thru her teeth as her own orgasm spread thru her body. She shook and quivered uncontrollably. Her hands clamped on his thighs squeezing them for all she was worth as she rode him, determined to make this last forever. For a moment, their orgasms fed off of each other. After a few minutes, she began to come down. Occasionally, she would squeeze his cock bringing a moan from both of them.

Jill finally broke the silence. “That was incredible.” She smiled and looked down at him, lying there helplessly. He gestured his pleasure and gratitude up to her with a nod of his head. “But now it’s time to go.” The other girls had gathered around and helped Jill climb off him. One of the girls handed her a towel to wipe herself, while Darla cleaned off Bob.

After a moment, Bob looked over at Allison and saw that her legs were unfolded, straightened and were now tightly wrapped as one, to match the rest of her cocooning. She looked just like a mummy. Bob and Allison exchanged longing glances as the girls slid her off the bed onto a gurney. She was covered with a sheet and wheeled out the door to who knows where. “Don’t worry Bob. We’ll keep Allison under wraps for a few more hours. Then she’ll be released. A refreshed woman.” Explained Jill

“We want you to know that we really appreciate what you did for Allison and all of us.” Commented Jill. She looked at Lori and nodded. The last thing that Bob remembered was looking out the window and seeing the sun starting to come up. It had been a long night. He felt a towel cover his nose, and then a sweet, sickening smell assaulted him. Then nothing.

“Time to get up Bob. Your breakfast is here. After that you can start packing for your discharge this morning.” He opened his eyes and saw Jill standing over him. He tested his arms and legs and found them free. “You must have slept quite well. It’s already 10:30 AM. Did you have pleasant dreams?” She asked.

“The best. Very relaxing.” He answered. “I need to stay here more often.” She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she walked out the door.


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