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Hotel California

by Mummified

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© Copyright 2009 - Mummified - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; wrap; plastic; cocoon; gag; bdsm; cons/reluct; X

This is a story about a song we all know and have most likely sung in a drunken stupor at some karaoke bar. Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave, to be exact. Set just outside of Vegas, this small 3 storey hotel was a beautiful sight. Although it was not as grand as the Luxor or the palace, it had its own appeal of being a nice quiet place to relax to or so our poor Eddie thought.

Eddie had heard from some other gents at a poker table about this place called Hotel California. They said it was the most erotic place they had ever been and wondered why people would ever leave, with woman like that why would they? Intrigued, Eddie asked, “Where is this hotel your talking about? Is it part of the Luxor?” pointing his thumb over his shoulder towards the Luxor hotel lobby. The gentleman spoke for a while longer and then after Eddie was through spending his money at the poker table he hailed a cab, got in and said, “Hotel California please”. With a grin the driver nodded and drove off.

As Eddie walked into the hotel, he soon realized what those men were talking about… all the woman were spectacularly beautiful, and the women in the lobby, were wearing next to nothing. Most of what they were wearing was sheer enough, they might as well not be wearing anything at all. Eddie knew right away that he was in for a great week away. He signed in and his bags were taken away for him. The lovely lady walking him up to his room asked if she could interest him in a massage after dinner free of charge as it was his first visit to the hotel. “Of course, that would be awesome!” exclaimed Eddie, they reached the room and then she left him to settle in.

After a nice relaxing shower and fresh change of clothes, Eddie was ready to go have dinner and couldn’t wait for his massage. He chuckled to himself as he thought about how long a time it was since he received a massage. He thought, if the masseuses look anything like the woman he had met in the lobby, he was really going to have to concentrate on keeping his manhood in check. ‘Maybe this is a rub & tug’ he thought.

He walked downstairs to find the dining room completely full. It sat about 60 people or so, and they were all Female. The woman all turned as Eddie walked in the entrance to the dining lounge. A few gasps and giggles later, a table was cleared in a corner of the room somewhat out of the way and Eddie was seated. The Hostess spoke, “We have mostly woman customers that come here… sometimes you men feel like a piece of meat when you are sat in the middle of the room… I just want your stay here to be as comfortable as possible”.

He replied, “Oh thank you. I don’t mind being noticed, in fact I rather like it” but that was a lie. He was not being noticed… he was being starred at by the whole room! The single man ordered his meal, enjoyed his ice cold beer and within 4 or 5 minutes a few woman started coming to his booth and talking to him. It seemed like he was at the playboy mansion or something because these woman were all stunning. Eddie finished his dinner, said good night to his new friends and headed back up to his room for his massage.

The door opened to room 206 and 4 young woman were there waiting for him. “Come in, we won't bite… .Hard” one of the girls said followed by all of them laughing.

Eddie was already beginning to feel himself getting harder. He walked in and closed the door behind him. The girls got up and helped him undress to his boxers. While they were about to take them off, he was a bit too shy and did not want to take those off right there in the middle of the floor. The girls led him to the bed where they began to massage him. Once he was in bed, he felt his boxers sliding down his legs and he just smiled. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and one girl answered it. It was a beer from the bar for Eddie. A woman he had dinner with wanted to send it up for him. It was gladly received and Eddie took a big drink of it. His massage continued. Just as he was completely relaxed, Eddie started to feel pressure on his arms.

“We're doing this for your benefit Sir” one woman said as she pulled his two arms together. Quickly a zipppppppp sound was heard and Eddie could not move his arms.

“What the HELL is going on?” he said in a confused, angry tone.

The women then did the same thing to his feet and did not say anything to him.

A woman walked in the door and came over to the bed. She was dressed unlike the others, mostly in leather and pvc. She had thigh high boots on with a 5 inch heel, stockings and garter. She looked so sexy but she looked like she was a total bitch. “What the fuck is going on here?” Eddie said, now quite angry.

“Well Edward, to be honest, we are going to tie you up and use your body for sex!” the woman said with a smirk on her face.

Eddie started to smile and said, “Well that’s not so bad I guess”. Now settling down a little more, under the impression that this was it, he was just going to get fucked by a bunch of woman, Eddie had no problems.

“Ok ladies I will co-operate, you just tell me what you want me to do and I will do it” he said.

The mystery woman then said, “Ok Edward, we are going to release your feet but not your hands. We are going to give you a robe to put over your shoulders and then we are going to lead you down the hall to a nicer room than this.” He nodded and with that, they cut his legs loose. He stood up and the woman covered his head with a pillow case. “This is so you don’t peek, the last few men who came to visit us always saw around the blindfold” the mystery woman said.

They all exited the room and walked down the hall towards the elevator. Only Eddie and the mystery woman boarded the elevator and the other woman dispersed. A shiver came over him as he suddenly heard nothing and felt alone until the ding of the bottom floor.

The pair walked down the basement hallway, cold on Eddie's feet and a loud clicking sound from hers. They reached their destination and entered another room. By now Eddie was beginning to wonder what he had got himself into. “Miss I am starting to feel a bit uncomfortable now, can you please tell me what’s going on” he asked.“

“You almost got my name right Edward” the mystery woman said.

“Almost? What do you mean almost?” he asked.

“You will be calling me Mistress from now on, nothing more nothing less!” The mystery woman exclaimed.

“O.K.” Eddie said with a giant smile on his face.

The mistress then instructed him that she was going to be wrapping him up like a mummy so that they could play some bondage role playing. Never participating in any sort of bondage other than the ‘ol tie me up with a tie game, Eddie was so excited he started to grow through his robe.

The Mistress led him to a bed and had him sit on it. She placed some towels in between his ankles and his knees and told him to hold them in place. She then began to wrap him up from his ankles to his thighs. After making sure that she didn’t miss anything, she continued upwards to wrap the mid and torso sections fully up to the arm pits. Eddie started to feel some pressure on his hands again, she was cutting the zip tie away.

“Thank you, that’s so much better,” he said as he shook his hands out to get the blood flow back to normal.

She did not reply, she just wrapped each arm from the fist she had made his hands to his shoulder and back over to the other side.

Once all was wrapped, she put his hands to his sides and wrapped his upper torso again and locked down his arms to his sides. She took the pillow case off his head and began to wrap his head. He looked around but couldn’t really make out anything as the room was very dark. She wrapped his entire head and carefully cut out some holes for his eyes, nose and mouth. The mistress went out of sight for a moment.

Lying there in the dark, all tied up, Eddie thought to himself, what the fuck is going on?

“Hey so when is this sex happening miss?” he asked which was answered quickly by the crack of a leather whip on his thigh.

“My name to you is Mistress” she replied.

“Ok, ok holy shit. You don’t have to beat me to have sex with me you know” he complained.

“I am almost done with you my dear Edward, and I have no intention of having sex with you. You are simply a source of income.” the mistress said, striking fear into Eddie.

Before he could speak, Eddie felt a gag shoved in his mouth and clipped in the back. It was in the shape of a penis, how humiliating. He let out a few screams through the gag, but it did nothing.

The Mistress took a few rolls of red duct tape off a shelf and began to wrap the tape around and around his already mummified body. She wrapped his entire body head to toe, leaving only eyes and nose open.

Now completely immobile, Eddie lay on this bed in the dark unable to do anything at all.


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