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by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2006 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; cuffs; bodysuit; bodybag; bagged; cocoon; cons; X

This is how it felt to be Ian.


You were in the prime of life, as fit and trim as you were ever going to be. All of life was open to you, its riches and abundance yours for the taking.

Yet life was empty.

Yes, you had a college degree. You had a nice apartment in the suburbs, a steady job, and a nice little world all to yourself.

Yet… you felt empty.

What was the point of life and its riches if you had nobody to share it with? Then, in your mid-twenties, you were searching for a mate, a wife, a friend, to share it all with.

But nobody came. Nobody was Mrs. Right.

Night after night, you went to clubs, bars, restaurants, in hopes of finding the right person for you. But nobody ever came. Nobody came your way.

"Why can't I find anyone?" You wondered. "Why will nobody come forward, accept my offer of a drink, and say I'm cute?"

Dejected, you always went back to your apartment, crushed and with your hope gone just a little bit more.

A year went by, and still nobody came. Your books, your games, and your movies were your only companions at home. But they were poor substitutes for the warm flesh of a living person.

Then… she came.

It was quite unexpected. You were in the local steak house, slowly sipping a glass of root beer. A woman walked up and asked if she could sit next to you.

Without looking up, you said yes. Something, that little feeling in your chest, told you to look at her. And you did.

She was perfect. She was not a professional model, nor was her body one that other women were envious of.

Yet… she was perfect, just as she was. It was as if the two of you were linked to each other.

You could tell that she sensed it too. When she looked at you, looked into your eyes, she was looking into your very soul.

You offered her a sip of your root beer. She accepted.

And both of you smiled.

The next six months were a blur that passed you by in a wave of peace and happiness.

This woman had a wonderful power. When she was near you, you felt up, oh so up and so happy. She could wash away your fears, your terrors, your worries, simply by standing next to you.

And she told you how you did the same to her. How you were a source of magic and wonder to her, how your presence was a soothing balm to her soul.

You were convinced that the two of you were soul mates. It was as if when you met, you said "Oh, there you are. Where have you been?"

There were occasional problems of course. There were some arguments, some disagreements. But both of you stuck it out. You hung in there, refusing to give up.

And the two of you overcame every problem that came your way.
Finally, a year after the two of you met, you decided to be married. The families on both sides were overjoyed at the idea.

"You two are so right for each other!" They said. Both of you smiled. You didn’t need to be told that.

The wedding was a small, simple affair. No need for a huge guest list, no need for a gigantic church. For the fun of it, both of you and the families drove out to Vegas and were married by an Elvis impersonator.

The two of you shared a kiss upon the words "You may now kiss the bride." Though the families and guests stood and clapped, and though the band of Elvis impersonators burst into song, both of you didn’t hear it.

You were bound together in that timeless, magical moment, for when your lips met, everything was absolutely perfect, without flaw, without imperfection.

For one brief moment, the two of you were one.

For the honeymoon, the two of you rented a beach house near the ocean. Next to the endless blue, the green palm trees and the warm sun, the two of you made love and passion as never before.

It was here that you made a surprising discovery about your love.

She was a controller. In her normal, non sexual personality she loved you enough to let you live how you want. But when she was aroused, she loved controlling you, binding you and taking care of you.

You spent two days bound as a mummy while she tended to your every need, while she held and stroked you.

Both of you were in heaven. Pure, loving, heaven.

A month later, your fortunes hit a new high. Your loved one somehow managed to win the lottery.

You were now rich. You had money beyond your wildest dreams. You could get anything you want.

The two of you bought a nice, comfortable home in the suburbs. You also bought lots of sex toys, ranging from cuffs and manacles, to straightjackets and body bags.

But your wife bought one item that she refused to let you see. She told you, with a devilish grin, that it was being saved for a special occasion. Though you were incredibly turned on at the statement, she still refused to let you see it.

"Patience my love." She said. "You will see it soon enough."

She made her move two years later.

By that time, the two of you had everything your hearts desired. You had a house, bondage toys, and enough money to last for life.

It was a calm, ordinary day when she came to you. She said she wanted to talk about an idea she had, one that would serve both of you.

Putting down your book, you listened to her proposal.

She had gotten the idea in her head, and she couldn't get rid of it. You talked quietly and supportively, encouraging her to come out with what she wanted.

Finally, she told you.

She wanted you to become her slave.

She told you how much she fantasized about keeping you restrained, how she would have to take care of you, tend to your every need, and how she would hold and caress you, how she would take care of you for the rest of your life.

To her delight, you said that you loved the idea.

The plans were made. Though you would be allowed to move while restrained, you would spend much of your time in a special device that your wife had purchased.

But still, she refused to let you see it, keeping it in a locked box.

The plans went on. You would mostly stay in the house, always kept restrained by at least a pair of hand and ankle cuffs. Whenever your wife felt like it, you would be cocooned like a mummy.

The two of you agreed on the plan for your new lives. How she would be the loving and caring master, and how you would be the kind and loving slave.

Of course, it was not permanent. If you wanted, either of you could stop at any time, and resume your lives.

The day soon arrived, when your freedom would be gone. When you would essentially be confined to house arrest for life.

There were just a few things you needed to get from your old apartment. Your wife went with you, and she helped you move the items out of the dwelling and into the car.

When the last box was put in the trunk, and when everything was gone, you sighed, looking your old house over for the last time.

There was the clink of metal behind your back.

You turned and saw your wife holding two items in her hands. The sight of them sent shivers of excitement down your spine.

She was smiling, waiting patiently for your approval.

You smiled and put your wrists forward, offering them, and your freedom, to her.

She went forward and gently placed the rigid cuffs onto your wrists. The silver cuffs were lined with a thin layer of leather, which felt so good as your wife worked the device into position.

The cuffs felt so right, so good, as you allowed your wife to lock them down, to take away your freedom, possibly forever.

When the lock was in place, and when the key was withdrawn, you looked at the restraint locked around your wrists. It was heavy, but not uncomfortably so. It kept your wrists in place, so that you could not move them out of its grip.

While you pondered your restraint, your wife bent down and pulled out the leg manacles.

The silver cuffs were old fashioned, with a large cuff, rather then the thin kind found in modern handcuffs.

She placed the cuffs around your ankles, over your white socks. The cuffs were closed, the clasp put into place, and the keys were placed in and turned.

When she stood up again, your ankles were now locked into the old fashioned restraints.

And it felt so good, so right, so perfect. These restraints, these devices, were your friends. They cared for you, kept you safe by taking away your freedom of movement. You were happy to have them safely on you, and they were happy to be locked to you.

Your wife, your mistress, smiled. "Come on honey slave." She said soothingly. "Let's take you home." Like the good slave you were, you followed her obediently, shuffling along as fast as your friendly ankle cuffs would allow.

It was night outside, so you didn’t worry about anyone seeing you. You followed your mistress to the car, where she opened the door and assisted you inside. You let her put the seat belt around you, and you watched as she started the car and drove away.

And so you left your old life, and began your new one.

You arrived at the house. By now you were more turned on then you ever had been in your life. You wanted nothing more then to grab your mistress and make hard and fast love to her.

When she saw your face, she smiled as she realized your desires. "There will be time for that later." She said. "Now we've got to get you inside where you can be tussled up."

Your excitement grew.

After helping you out of the car, your mistress gently lead you to the house. You walked as fast as you could, though your ankle cuffs gently scolded you for being in a hurry.

Inside the house, your wife walked you over to the living room, where she sat you down in a chair.

"Wait here my love." She said. "I'll be back with your new outfit." Grinning madly, you nodded your head eagerly.

As she went upstairs, your mind raced. What device did she have for you? How long would you be kept in it?

Finally, she entered the room carrying the package in her arms. Your eyes were bulging as she opened it, and pulled out its contents.

It was a large white suit, with long sleeves and long legs. It was built out of heavy cotton, and had belts and straps sewn into the suit itself. There were mitts for the hands, and built in socks. A person zipped into the suit would only have his or her head showing.

"This is your new outfit my darling." She said. "You'll be wearing this for the rest of your life from now on. It's a special exo-suit that allows me to restrain you in almost any way I can think of. Now, let's get it on you."

Eager to please her, you stood up immediately. She smiled as she came over and unlocked your cuffs, allowing them to drop to the floor. You whimpered slightly at having your friends come off you. You felt so naked and vulnerable.

"Not to worry my love." Your master said. "You will be safe again soon."

She picked out a white spandex bodysuit. "Put this on." She said. "It will be your underlayer."

You put it on immediately, relishing in the feel of the spandex all over. After pulling the zipper up, you stand ready for your next assignment.

She held up the suit, and undid the zipper in the back. Holding it up, she motioned for you to walk up and to enter it.

Excited beyond words, you walked forwards towards this wonderful device that promised safety and security.

You entered it slowly, putting your arms into the sleeves, and then stepping into the legs. It was a surprising fit. The suit fit like a glove.

While you stood in the suit, relishing in its feel, your wife walked behind you and pulled the zipper up. When it was fully fastened, she took a small zip tie and locked the zipper shut, ensuring that you couldn't get out even if you wanted to.

You shivered again, realizing that you were sealed into this suit.

"How do you feel slave?" She asked you.

"Wonderful mistress." You said in a doped up voice. "So wonderful."

The suit fit like a glove, hugging you all over. It was thick and firm, warm and snug. You felt so safe, so secure in it.

Your wife made the next move. She placed your arms by your sides and began to thread the straps around them, around your body.

Surprised, you nonetheless allowed your wife to continue strapping you up.

The built-in straps were applied all over your body, from the neck to the ankles. When your mistress was finished, you were completely immobilized from head to toe. Your arms were strapped to your side, your legs bound together.

You wiggled playfully, testing out how it felt. The feeling of being bound was wonderful. You felt so secure, so safe. You were protected. Nothing could reach you or harm you. This suit was your protector.

Smiling, your wife went up and gave you a hug, squeezing you to her. You so desperately wanted to squeeze her back, but the friendly suit politely told you that you were not going to do that. The hug of the straps confirmed its message.

"You look so beautiful." She told you. "So white and beautiful." She leaned in close and whispered into your ear, "But I have one more thing to add."

You gave an involuntary giggle of excitement.

Gently laying you down on the ground, she went to the box and pulled out one more item.

It was a bodybag, built of heavy duty white cotton. It too, had straps built in, so that when a person was locked inside, he or she would be further restrained and unable to escape.

Your wife gently worked your bound body into the bag, gently and tenderly closing the zipper and tightening the lacing. You closed your eyes and drifted in ecstasy as the straps were applied, each strap saying "hello", each strap greeting you with a hug.

When the buckles on the straps were done, and when the thick collar was finished, your wife and master gave a sigh of satisfaction. She held up a small mirror so that you could know what you looked like.

You looked so wonderful. You were sealed into a bag, held in place by straps. Your head was the only part of your body showing, the rest of it locked and sealed away under the heavy cotton.

With your body now fully immobilized, your wife managed to lift you up and carry you upstairs to the bed. There she lay you on its soft surface.

You relaxed and allowed your wife to put a soft and supportive pillow beneath your head, and several pillows around your body, creating a nest for the two of you.

She went downstairs and locked the house for the night. You ached for her return. Though you felt safe and protected, you longed for your master to be with you.

She came back, and quickly got into the small next. Taking the comforter, she wrapped herself in blankets.

She snuggled next to you, taking you into her arms and hugging you to her. "You are so beautiful." She whispered. "So precious to me." She kissed you, giving you her love, her care and affection for you.

"And I love you mistress." You whispered back. You wiggled in sheer ecstasy inside your cocoon.

The lights were turned out, and your wife held you close as she slowly drifted off to sleep. You closed your eyes and did your best to snuggle closer to her.

As sleep came to you, you gave a sigh of pure relaxation and peacefulness.

"This is going to be a wonderful life." You thought.


This is how it feels to be Ian.


An average day for you begins with wakefulness. You open your eyes and look around. You are bound in the suit, and in the bag, as you have been for the past two years.

You yawn and wait. Mistress will come along and release you soon.

She appears a few minutes later. She greets you and releases you from your body bag. She rolls it off of you and undoes the straps holding your arms and to your side, allowing you to move in your exo-suit.

"Well honey bum." She says. "Today I want you to vacuum downstairs and fold the clothes from the laundry."

"Yes mistress." You say. "I will do what you want."

"Good! But before I go, I have to retrain your arms."

You giggle with excitement. "Yes master! Please restrain me!"

You eagerly hold out your arms. The beloved manacles are clasped to your cotton covered wrists. You squeal in delight as the locks are tightened and fastened, locking them in place. The process is repeated for your ankles.

It feels so good, this blessed tightness.

There have been blessedly few moments where you are without restraints. You are released for family events, and the occasional vacation, but thankfully you spend the rest of the time bound.

One of the best times is when you are cuffed, spread-eagle, to the bed while your restrictive clothing is washed.

You love those moments. Your wife loves to come in and "have fun" with you while you are helpless to stop her.

You sigh, fondly remembering the last time that happened.

"Slave!" Your master says cheerfully. "Remember, you have chores to do!"

"Oh yes mistress. Sorry!"

Your wife smiles. "That's okay." She leans over and gives you a big kiss on the cheek. "I'll be back this afternoon after work. You have a good day now."

You kiss her back. "Sure thing honeybun."

Smiling, she walks out of the door and off to work.

You sigh happily, allowing yourself a brief moment to enjoy the tightness of the cuffs that you wear.

Then duty calls. Your mistress has given you a task, and you need to complete it.

Luxuriating in the warmth of the suit, the tightness of your cuffs, and the wonderful life you live, you walk off to the vacuum.

This is how it feels to be Ian.



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