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Ilsa's Toy

by BP

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© Copyright 2009 - BP - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; cocoon; tease; breathplay; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

Ilsa had a fetish
Ilsa wanted a toy
but all she had to work with,
was an unsuspecting boy...

"I want you to be my sex toy for however long I want." Tyler, Ilsa's boyfriend, had been coaxing her for a while now, trying to get her to let him in on her secret sexual desires. She had been hinting every now and then that she "wanted to try something new", and had some "sexy ideas" she wanted to try, but she had not had the guts to really ask him to play with her... until now that is. At first, Ilsa's boyfriend was a bit confused, and he replied with a generic "you know I'll always be your sex toy, baby," so Ilsa began to elaborate on her kink. She explained that she wanted to put him into some form of inescapable bondage and use him as her sex toy for an entire evening, or until she was satisfied, whichever came first.

Ilsa and Tyler had indulged in some light kinkiness (usually initiated by Ilsa) in their sex life before, but Ilsa had a much stronger kinky side than she had let Tyler see. Their average sex session was a bit short for Ilsa's taste, as Tyler was usually only good for one screw before being done for the night. While Ilsa enjoyed it, she was beginning to want more, and she knew she wasn't going to get it if it was left up to her boyfriend.

It had originally entered her mind as just another random sexual thought, but over time she began to fantasize about it more and more until she had a rather in-depth sexscapade planned out in her head. It started when she realized that once her boyfriend got off, whatever sex scene they were having would immediately end, and so she wondered, what if she were to tease him, play with him, and basically milk him long after his first orgasm had taken place, regardless of whether he wanted it or not. She began to fantasize about completely taking away his mobility, his senses, and his ability to end a sex scene whenever he wanted to. It took her a while, but she finally decided to spring the idea on her soon-to-be-prisoner.

Tyler chuckled a bit until he realized that his girlfriend was being completely serious. She really wanted him to be completely at her mercy, and what scared him most was that she actually planned on being very short on supply in that particular area. Mercy, that is. Still, she seemed so earnest about it, and it seemed to really turn her on.

"Well," Tyler said as he smiled weakly, "I suppose I'd be crazy to turn down a good screw, even if it is followed by a bit of friendly torture." When Ilsa heard this, her eyes lit up and a big, wicked smile crept across her lips. "When are you planning on doing this?" Tyler asked, slightly afraid of the answer.

"As soon as you'll let me," Ilsa replied excitedly, "but remember, it has to be on a night where we don't have any plans, because you never know how long I might want to keep you for myself."

This sent a chill down Tyler's spine, but he had already agreed. "Tomorrow night," he said slowly, "should be alright."

Ilsa giggled with excitement and kissed him, "Yay! I can't wait! And trust me sweetie, it'll definitely be fun." As Ilsa said this, Tyler had to wonder who would really be having all the fun.


Tomorrow came all too quickly for Tyler, but he was sure that Ilsa's day had dragged by as much as his had flown by. Ilsa had gotten home from work before he had, and so she had had plenty of time to get her supplies ready. Ilsa was sitting on the couch in nothing more than a lacy black pair of panties and a bra. A smile crept across Tyler's face when their eyes met and he could feel his pants changing dimensions already. Ilsa slowly stood up and walked into their bedroom, motioning for Tyler to follow her. Tyler slowly followed and when he got inside, Ilsa closed the bedroom door behind them.

"I'm surprised you actually came home today," Ilsa giggled, "if you were smart you would have just drove on by, but that chance is gone now babe. Strip." Ilsa was obviously in a teasing mood tonight. "I bet you're wondering exactly how I'm planning on restraining you," Ilsa said as Tyler began taking his clothes off, "well, you'll find out soon enough, but until you do, I don't want any peaking." With that, Ilsa pulled a blindfold over Tyler's eyes and tied it off behind his head. "Now fold your arms like this," Ilsa made his arms to fold parallel under his chest, straitjacket style. "Now," Ilsa said as she suddenly grabbed a handful of Tyler's manhood, "I don't want you to move a single muscle, understand?" Tyler nodded meekly and Ilsa let go of him.

Now Tyler could hear Ilsa picking at something, and then he heard a familiar hissing sound that he didn't recognize at first... until he felt Ilsa stretching a sheet of plastic wrap across his chest. Tyler was surprised at what Ilsa was doing to him, but remembering her vice grip on his balls earlier, he did as he was told and stayed perfectly still as Ilsa wrapped the plastic around and around his body from his neck down to his waist multiple times. Tyler had not expected plastic wrap to be so strong, but he slowly realized that he was becoming less and less able to move his arms in the slightest. Ilsa must have wrapped his upper body at least seven or eight times (and very tightly!) before she began working her way down his legs. When she came to his special parts, she made a hole in the plastic each time she wrapped around so as to let his erect member stick through. Considering the bizarre way he was being restrained, Tyler was slightly surprised that he was still so aroused.

When Ilsa reached Tyler's mid-thigh area, she stopped wrapping and told him to sit down on the bed. Tyler did as he was told and Ilsa stood nearby and steadied him. Tyler was thankful for this since he was blindfolded and had nearly toppled onto the bed a couple times. Once he was settled on the bed, Ilsa made him lay down and propped his feet up on her shoulders. Tyler wondered what she was doing this for until he realized that she was now in a perfect position to tightly wrap the rest of his legs without worrying about him losing his balance and falling over. Ilsa wrapped all the way down his legs, back up to his waist, and back down again before continuing to even wrap Tyler's feet together! Tyler was now completely covered in plastic from his neck down to his feet, but Ilsa wasn't done yet; she now proceeded to wrap up and down his legs and feet all over again. Tyler tried to count the layers and by the time Ilsa stopped wrapping, he figured his legs were now covered in the same seven or eight layers that his upper body was.

Once Ilsa was done mummifying her boyfriend's body she slowly slinked her way up the bed and untied his blindfold. When Tyler looked down at his body, he realized that Ilsa had used black pallet wrap. Every inch of his skin was covered in shiny black plastic, and so tightly that he could barely bend his body. "Now I'm about to complete your bondage and wrap your head, but I suppose I'm going to have to leave you some way to breathe, right?" Tyler nodded quickly. Ilsa giggled and stood up on her knees, straddling Tyler's body. "Right or left?" Ilsa asked. Tyler noticed that his captor was holding something in her hands behind her back. "Right or left?" Ilsa said again, more imperatively. Tyler quickly let out a weak "left" and Ilsa held her hands out. "Smart choice babe," Ilsa said revealing a pair of panties in her left hand, and a sock in her right, "I wore both of these all day, but I have a feeling you'd like the taste of my panties a bit better." As she said this, Ilsa shoved her panties in her boyfriend's mouth and sealed them in with a short roll of the black plastic wrap she had been using.

"Now it's time to finish up the process of making you completely helpless." Ilsa said as she rolled something small in between her fingers. Tyler realised what it was when Ilsa leaned down and pushed two earplugs into his ears. He listened to Ilsa's voice getting quieter and quieter as the ear plugs expanded in his ears. He could barely hear her as Ilsa told him that the only part left of his bondage was to wrap his head, and that he was in for a long night after that. Tyler watched as Ilsa picked up the short roll of plastic and brought it up to his face. She began at his neck and wrapped up under his chin, circled over his head a few times, and then simply began wrapping around and around his head with just as many layers as she had used on the rest of his helpless body, while of course leaving a hole over his nose for him to breathe through.

"Now the fun begins," as Ilsa said this, she realized that she may as well have been talking to herself since the chances of her boyfriend hearing anything she said to him (unless it was shouted) were pretty low. Now that the task of wrapping her boyfriend was behind her, Ilsa took a moment to admire her handiwork. Where Tyler had been just moments ago, now there was only a long, shiny, black mummy, not a single bit of skin showing, with the obvious exceptions of his still fully erect member and an opening over his nostrils. Ilsa slowly crawled over her mummy and draped her body over her shiny new sex toy. She danced her fingers playfully across Tyler's chest and shoulders and then continued to let herself touch every part of his poor, bound body.

Now Ilsa decided to start working on her toy, so she began touching Tyler's exposed parts ever so gently. She could feel him moving in his bonds slightly, and she reveled in the fact that that was just about all he could do to help his situation. She continued touching him and tantalizing him, rubbing his nipples through the plastic, teasing his cock, running her hands over his plastic-wrapped head and body, and teasing his cock some more. Finally she began rubbing her sex against his, slowly building up to a firm grind. She could tell that Tyler was getting impatient and after a few more grinds she began to let the tip of his manhood enter her. She lowered herself in such an agonizingly slow way that she began to wonder if Tyler could go insane from such torture.

Finally Ilsa let herself slide down onto Tyler's cock and began moving up and down his shaft in a slow rhythm. Tyler was chomping at the bit to get off and he began trying to hump against her. Ilsa was really enjoying the control she held in the situation, she sat still for a moment and watched Tyler try to move against her but eventually he gave up and sat still. Ilsa leaned in close to Tyler's ear and spoke to him, "you need my help to get off don't you sweetie?" Tyler could barely hear her words as he nodded his head meekly. "Why don't you let me hear you beg for it now," Ilsa said loudly so that Tyler could hear her. Tyler began whimpering loudly and he felt Ilsa begin moving up and down again. Ilsa began moving faster and faster, grinding Tyler toward his first orgasm of the night.

Tyler thought it would never happen but he was finally seeing stars. Ilsa knew he had climaxed from the way he shuddered and twisted under her but she kept riding him for a few minutes after, just because she enjoyed making him squirm. Finally she stopped her assault on Tyler's body and lifted herself off of his shrinking member. Tyler thought that she was going to let him out of his cocoon now but Ilsa simply put her arms around his body and laid there next to him. Tyler wriggled against her trying to let her know that he wanted out.

"Oh come on now baby, remember our deal? You're completely at my mercy until I'm satisfied," as soon as Ilsa said this, she heard Tyler moaning pathetically from inside his plastic enclosure. Ilsa got up and watched as Tyler twisted and struggled to try to get free. "Go ahead baby," Ilsa said as she leaned in close to Tyler's head, "you know I didn't just wrap you with all those layers because it turns me on, although it did. I wrapped you this tight so there's no chance of you wriggling your way out of there. I'm going to be back in a little while, so you may as well just lie there and enjoy yourself." Ilsa laughed to herself as she walked over and closed the bedroom door and then sat down in a chair quietly and began to read one of her favorite bondage erotica novels. Tyler moaned loudly for a minute before suddenly becoming very quiet. Ilsa assumed that he was listening to see if she had really left him, so she made sure not to make a noise.

Ilsa watched the clock on their bedside and read for about fifteen minutes or so. For some reason, she liked knowing that he didn't realize she was still in the room, and she really enjoyed watching Tyler's slight struggles, but what she enjoyed most was the thought of torturing him some more, which is what she was just about to do. She slowly stood up, made her way over to the bed and got as close as she could without touching the bed and letting Tyler know she was there. She kept watching as Tyler twisted and turned every few seconds, trying to get free, until suddenly she leaned down and took his penis completely into her mouth. Ilsa had to laugh when she felt Tyler jump and heard a loud mmph from his heavily gagged mouth.

Although Tyler's heart was probably already racing from Ilsa's surprise, she allowed him no mercy and began sucking him as well as she knew how. Since Tyler wasn't trying to pull away or anything Ilsa knew that he still wasn't too sensitive to be pleasured... yet. Tyler was moving his hips subtly so Ilsa kept a rhythm with him. Ilsa knew this second one would take a bit of doing to coax out of him, but with Tyler so securely bound, she knew that she had all the time she could possibly need.

Ilsa must have been hitting all the right spots because Tyler was beginning to move against her mouth a good bit faster than she expected. As Tyler began softly moaning from his confinement, it urged Ilsa on to suck him harder and faster. As Ilsa worked on her captive, she became very horny and began grinding herself on Tyler's plastic-bound legs and feeling this, in turn made Tyler even hornier. After a few more minutes Ilsa felt Tyler's body begin to shudder and his cock finally shot it's load into her mouth. Ilsa let her lips stay latched over Tyler's cock for a few more moments before finally letting go and laying down next to him again.

Tyler was relatively calm for a while as Ilsa continued to lightly touch and knead his manhood with her hand, but after a while he began squirming around and making soft muffled sounds in Ilsa's direction. "Aw what do you want?" Ilsa asked Tyler as he wriggled. Her captive began twisting and flexing in ways that (Ilsa supposed) were meant to indicate that he wanted out. "You don't want out do you?" Ilsa asked, leading her boyfriend on. Tyler nodded. "Aw you poor thing," Ilsa began as she sat up on her haunches next to her helpless prey, "you still just don't understand your position do you?" Ilsa was now talking loudly so Tyler could hear her and with a very commanding tone, "just look at yourself, you're not even a sex slave! All you can do is just lie there and wiggle, all you are is a sex toy, an object whose purpose is my pleasure and nothing else."

Ilsa's little speech was doing exactly what she hoped it would; Tyler was just about at half-mast. Ilsa knew it would be a struggle (no pun intended) to get her captive hard again, so she decided to pull a special trick out of her bag. She slowly crawled up until she was kneeling with her vagina directly above Tyler's face. "Does this smell sexy to you baby?" Ilsa asked as she lowered her wet sex directly onto his nose. She could feel him moving underneath her as he realized that all he could breathe was her strong, hot scent. She let her weight rest on him and smothered him for about twenty seconds before lifting up and sliding back down his body. As her leg brushed his shaft, she could tell that he was getting a bit more solid by the minute, and she knew she was only inches away from a good hard ride, but she needed just one more trick to get her there.

Now Ilsa and Tyler had tried a little breath play once or twice before. Ilsa particularly remembered the time that she held her hand over Tyler's mouth and jerked him off from behind; he really seemed to enjoy that, and he did the same to her a week or so after. Ilsa had a slightly more devious plan this time though, and she didn't know if Tyler would really like it or not. "Hell with it," she thought, "he's my sex toy tonight, if he doesn't like it, he'll just have to deal with it!" Ilsa grabbed the longer roll of black wrap and tore a length of it off. "You're going to want to get a deep breath for this baby," Ilsa said, and with that, she stretched the sheet of plastic tightly over Tyler's face, blocking off his only remaining source of air.

Ilsa's plan was working better than she had hoped. Whether Tyler was enjoying this or not, his member was growing to full size as quickly as it ever had and Ilsa was very pleased. She was counting the seconds in her head and she pulled the plastic away after the most uncomfortable twenty seconds Tyler had experienced so far tonight. Ilsa couldn't help herself and took a moment to climb onto Tyler's cock before once again telling Tyler to take a deep breath and pulling the plastic across his face. Ilsa knew that by the time Tyler's air had been cut off for about 30 seconds, he would have an honest struggle going, and so she began counting to herself. She continued to ride him until she finally lifted the plastic up and gave her poor slave a much-needed breath. Unfortunately for Tyler, Ilsa replaced the plastic sheet just as quickly as she had taken it away.

Ilsa's body was beginning to shudder as she felt her orgasm closing in on her, and the sight of her boyfriend sucking hard against the plastic just seemed to push her even harder. Just as she felt her orgasm hitting her, she felt the same orgasmic tremor go through Tyler's body and she grinded against him as hard as she could to ride their climax out together. Ilsa pulled the plastic away from Tyler's face but still continued moving against him in a slowing rhythm until they were both motionless, except for their heavy, post-orgasmic breathing.

While still sitting on his hips, Ilsa slowly began to peel away the wrappings from Tyler's head so he could relax with her. She had to giggle when she saw his poor sweat-soaked hair appear from under the plastic. It took her a while, but Ilsa finally got up the strength to get up and cut Tyler out of his bonds. She had held her boyfriend captive for over an hour, much longer than any sex session Tyler had ever volunteered for before. Tyler could barely speak, even after Ilsa took the gag out of his mouth. As the pair lied there in a lifeless heap, all that could be heard was Tyler's voice, weakly whispering, "next time it's your turn, you've got a bit of payback coming for all that sweetie."


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