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In Sleep

by Darkraptor

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© Copyright 2007 - Darkraptor - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; spandex; bandage; wrap; bodybag; encase; cons; X

I love watching you sleep.

Lying in the bed, watching you as you rest, your body still, chest rising and falling in that slow, steady beat. It’s intoxicating to watch, just something I adore. Of course, I already adore you as you are. The perfect mate… cooperative, calm, even tempered, gets along well, loving, all while asking for nothing in return. Your life is dedicated to me.

That’s why I make sure your bedtimes are extra sweet.


Have I ever told you how cute you are walking around in those spandex bodysuits of yours? I think I have many times, yet it seems I can’t tell you enough. The way it just fits your form so well… especially how it grips your butt. I like to come over and squeeze it whenever it glides past me. Usually the color is blue, maybe purple. Personally I go for dark green myself (that’s the color of my suit), but I’m fine with whatever you choose. After all, I love you and enjoy seeing you in whatever color you want.

Occasionally… when that lovely behind of yours glides past… I like to capture it. Place it under my control. That’s why I carry cuffs with me at all times. I know how you like surprises. That’s why I wait until you’re busy doing something (like cleaning dishes) before I quickly take your arms behind your back and cuff them. You’re usually surprised and delighted, much to my delight. But no… the real delight comes in the bedroom after the cuffs go on.

Tonight, I decided to lock you away for the night, but with a special twist. After all, it was our tenth year together. Not many couples like ours reach year ten. You told me when we first met that few things turned you on more then being wrapped head to toe. I don’t have a problem with wrapping other people up. In fact, you actually look really cute all under wraps (with that tight butt and that little bulge near the groin that never fails to appear). Marching you over to the bed, I gently forced you down on it, then cuffed your feet to the posts. While I got the supplies you wiggled, trying out your restraints, seeing if they would hold you securely. When I got back… well, that was when the fun really began.

I removed the wrist cuffs, but kept you pressed firmly to the bed. To my delight though, you weren’t interested in struggling. You went along with it all. You even kept your arms by your side as I wrapped them in place. Truth be told, I wanted to rush through it, rush to the climax. But that had to be saved for the right moment. Hard as it was though, I took my time, wrapping over your tight bodysuit, eventually encasing you in two layers of extra-tight horse bandages. They stretched tightly, compressing you. I still relish the sight of you playfully wiggling in them.

That was when I pulled out the neoprene sleep sack.

You did resist ever so slightly as I began to push you into the bag. Oh, it was playful resistance, meant to tease and make your transition into the bag oh so delicious. Believe me, I enjoyed pushing you in, inch by inch, as you enjoyed struggling. But the deeper you went, the more of you the bag claimed, your struggles became less and less. Your body remembered what it's like to be encased and adjusted as needed.

It ended the way it always does… you being pushed into the bag, the zipper pulled up, belts going around your body, tightening and securing it even more. I'm proud that you simply relaxed and let it all come.

I loved slipping the gag into your mouth, lovingly strapping it down and inflating it to the point where you couldn't talk, but not to the point where your jaws would ache in the morning. And looking into your eyes… I saw that you enjoyed it too. And when the hood went onto your head, clasping it and holding it tightly… you looked at it briefly, welcoming it… but the last thing your eyes saw for the night was my smile, warm and encouraging, just as the leather covered your eyes. From that point, you were in darkness, only two little holes near your nose for you to breathe through.

When the buckles were done and the hood secured… that was when you could truly relax and rest. I lay down next to you, gently moving you into position on the bed. The warmth from the sack, coupled with the warmth of your bandages and your bodysuit was no doubt intoxicating. The tightness, the warmth… all of it lulled your body into a relaxed state. I added my warmth to you when I snuggled next to you, wrapping my arms around your neoprene covered shoulders, fingers caressing your encased head.

Your breathing slowed. You wiggled closer, trying to get deeper into my arms. I welcomed you. We rested together… you nestled next to me like a baby, my arms wrapped around you like a mother. And then, so slowly that I didn't notice it at first, your breathing slowed even more and you went still, now at rest… at peace.

I am awake, looking at that hood hiding you away from the world, sending you deep into your own. I look over your neoprene sealed body, knowing that it's warm and safe. I watch your beautiful body as it rests, knowing that you dream. But the greatest thing about watching you while you sleep… is knowing that you trust me to watch over you, to protect you while you sleep. My love, that is the greatest gift you can give me after all these years we have shared and enjoyed…knowing that you love me so much that you put your life in my hands.

That thought makes me love you even more as I wrap my arms tighter around you.... as I relax… as I watch you sleep.


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