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Informative bondage

by ImperialWrapper

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Hello! As I am willing to make a series or something, I'd first like to tell the people reading this website about how they can do bondage easily on their own safely or atleast amuse them with my own idiotic attempts at selfbondage/mummification. I have a story prepared about my own attempts when I was young.

Here is my 'story': 

Ever since I was young I’ve been interested in bondage. As a child I’d look at those superheroes being tied up just before they would magically escape and defeat their greatest foe. This has led me to become a bondage enthusiast, mummification being the start of it.

In my first ‘story’ - since this will be an informative one - I’ll tell about how, as a 17/18 year old guy, I’d tie myself up and ‘pleasure myself’ using a selfmade device. If you want to see a fantasy/made-up story about a guy/girl getting mummified in an unrealistic way, hit that X button on the right screen. I am going to tell you how I tied myself up in a pretty realistic way and what it meant to me.

My first ever selfbondage experience was when I was 15 years old. I had been scrolling the internet for a long time looking at whatever mummification videos, stories and pictures I could find. It was a mummification picture by Akira Lane, using white vetwrap and ALOT of straps that really got my attention. I started counting the number of straps, where they placed it and one night I decided to go for it:

“I was terribly horny and as I didn’t masturbate more than once a month (never felt the need to fap) I was shivering with excitement. This was my absolute dream and as I was having a rough time with school and personal life, this was going to be my escape time, away from worry. I first started to tie up my ankles whilst I was naked using straps. I can remember so dearly that when I tried to finish up the third leather belt around my knees (I was already wiggling/struggling) I couldn’t stop my body from orgasming. I orgasmed just by thinking about how tight I would tie myself. One might say my first try on self mummification was crude at best… so I perfected it.”

Two, perhaps three years later, I had perfected the way I mummified myself. As explaining entirely is going to take me quite some time and nobody is interested in that, I’ll explain briefly what I did:

“I would take a fleece blanket and started to roll in it and as my body became a giant wrap, I would start to strap down myself from ankle to chest using at least 10 leather belts. Not to forget all the random bits and bobs I added to tighten it (think about self made hoods, gags, long socks and sometimes tight boots). You might think I have a cloth fetish by now, but no, it was just the most easy, cheap and least risky way I had at the time. Finally, coming down to the orgasm device, I used an old electric razor, removed some front parts and then taped the electric device to a cardboard cylinder. The cylinder would go like a hose over my penis and the device would very loudly/fast move the cylinder, forcing myself to orgasm whilst tied. Of course this method is still very crude/escapeable to whatever technique my future partner would wrap me in or let me wrap him/her in (Yeah, I’m bisexual).”

I have never been caught by my family whilst doing such a scene, but I believe they noticed the leather belts all around the house slightly moving from place every now and then. I tried my best to keep this idiotic weird fetish of mine to myself, to not bother anyone else with it and I hoped it worked so far.

Other than cloth mummification, I’ve also tried doing some less heavier bondage, just strapping my feet whilst masturbating, or applying some tape/hood whilst fapping. What I tried as well was self hogties. Hogties are - in my opinion - the most restricting slave activity one can imagine. Whilst mummified your hands and feet are often very comfortable placed, allowing the slave to be in this position for quite some time (from just 30 minutes to a whole day). Hogties are in comparison very very uncomfortable, if you’re a guy especially. To be sure we have the same idea of a hogtie: ‘the slave has his arms tightly tied behind his back using ropes, belts or an armbinder (whether you go extra far by tying the elbows to each other makes it even more uncomfortable) the feet/ankles/knees are tied together preferably in tight (ballet/heeled) boots and the feet are drawn behind your back as well.

In general, your whole body is being forced into an uncomfortable position and for guys even worse as most of the times you laying on your stomach, with your face buried into the ground, arms/feets behind your back and your PENIS/BALLS being CRUSHED if you have a boner. This is why hogties aren’t great for guys, but more fun for women as you can push in some fun toys as they can still lay on their bellies.

Anyway, I would often wear boots and start by strapping up my ankles, knees and rest of my feet as I found then place my arms in the self made armbinder with belts. Getting in that armbinder was going to be hard, getting out just as hard. As I hated not being able to cum whilst tied, sessions would often just take 10min bound on the floor. I know… I suck at being a slave…

Since I am a switch (switch between dom/sub), I HATE being a complete slave and HATE being a complete dom. Some subs/doms prefer the humiliation game, but as a slave I like to still be respected, but played with like a slave, as a dom I’d treat the slave with respect, but still keep in mind that he/she has to obey me and my desire to keep him/her as a toy, used as a toy, played with like a toy.

I hope you liked this boring informative story! More coming up if the owner decides to.


(PLEASE let me know whether I should provide more fantasy stories :3 )

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